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Last week my husband told me that after the generational prayers I did with you, I am now more optimistic, that I have changed and I also feel different, I do not understand what happened but now I feel better and closer to God.

I wanted you to know I had a breakthrough that I did not expect!It had to do with feeling rejected, but come to find out it was a lie.

I was seeking a ministry God had not directed me to. It was really God closing me off and I thought it was people! What an amazing revelation!

They actually are very loving towards me, so rejection wasn’t making sense.

I don’t think I would’ve seen or heard this, if I hadn’t had the prayer before hand. Since then I have had so much more joy and peace.

I also had a gal from our church approach me to pray for her infertility. I used to pray for many people but set that aside a few years ago to receive healing and deliverance myself.

I thought I might use some CDs on blessing the womb but I didn’t have enough time to receive them and instead of being fearful about it I checked in with Holy Spirit and instructed me to use the same format as Aslan’s place used for me. I felt my heart get so warm! I knew Holy Spirit wanted me to depend on him and trust him that he had instructions on how to help this woman. I had just listened and participated with Paul Cox video of revealing the Morning Star. Interesting. In the past I would experience a lot of gripping fear….probably because I put it on myself instead of Him.

He told me the morning of prayer, to focus only what was connected to infertility as I went through her family line….so that’s what we did. Of course Holy Spirit brought up more than just infertility. I think his instructions were so I would not be overwhelmed.

Both of us felt the presence of the Lord working physically, giving visions, words of knowledge etc. but I asked non-leading questions as you did so it could all be lead by Him.

I also realized I felt discernment on my back left part of my head and leave when each one was gone. Yay, such a helpful tool!!!
She felt her heart area get warm during prayer and grow bigger afterwards!!!

Also when we prayed for her womb she said she felt things moving around!!! We are believing God for healing!!!

I wanted to say a huge Thank You for all your amazing, anointed prayers. We’ve been using them for years as
a jumping off point into the Holy Spirit prayers God would give us at the ministry rooms, and then I bought your
book with the lion on and now we use that as well. I prayed through it myself and several of the other ministers
too. It is so, so good and we’re very blessed to have found your ministry.

I have been benefiting from your two Exploring Heavenly Places books.

Yesterday I believe God told me to expect something new that day. In the early evening I was out with my son’s children and while at the playground I started thinking about $900. Then later that evening my son tells me his wife got a deposit of $900 from the Canadian Gov’t for child benefits.

Then when I got home I read in your book about 900 year gaps in visits from Melchizedek. The interesting thing is I had decided to do something unusual with my reading in that I started vol 2 by going to the back part of the book to read about Melchizedek first as I had just finished volume 1.

Then I had an encounter with who I believe to be Melchizedek. I got the impression He came to heal my brain but today I believe He did something more as I feel more spiritually alive and aware and prayed with another level of authority and demand on the promises of God.

I wanted to tell you about using Come Up Higher  as a transition tool for our church.  I’m on the leadership team of a local church in Europe.  In the past year we’ve had the original pastor and his family return to our country and then our subsequent pastor found he wasn’t cut out for the job and left after about 6 months.  We’ve been through quite a bit of turmoil as a body and have had to change locations eight times (various hotels, retreat centers & my house) in that time as well.  Needless to say, we’ve been limping.

But the core team of people are really good and open to things of the Spirit.  There have been a lot of issues of hurt, rejection, etc that happened as a result of the original pastor leaving.  During our team meeting I suggested using the generational prayers for the church – they agreed to it and we met for several hours.  Before going I felt the Lord point out specific prayers and who on the team should read them.  We went through them slowly, identifying the issues that were linked to each prayer.  The various ones took responsibility for each prayer (eg: Double-Mindedness, Inertia, Ungodly Elders, etc.), took it to heart and really seemed to identify with it deeply.  As a result of our time together, God pointed out some actions He wanted us to take (financial remuneration to someone who’d been promised work, but actually was used for free).  We agreed on an amount and had a check made out and someone from our team went and apologized, asked forgiveness for the misuse and hurt.

Long story short, we saw immediate results!  People have been returning to us that have been gone for months.  The flow of the service is filled with His presence again – in a new & fresh way.  We as a team are more unified.  There was clear change and our seems back on track.

Then it was my turn to preach (we rotate) and they asked me to speak about the generational prayers and the courts of heaven.  I did, it was a super special time and I suggested a follow-up night of prayer at my place.  We met last Monday evening and 15 people attended.  We spent hours and used about 7 or 8 of the prayers as a group.  People again identified with the spirit of the prayers, it wasn’t just rote repetition.  As the evening wore on the sense of stuff lifting was amazing.  The atmosphere became lighter and by the end it was like a party.  I believe if we’d stayed longer we’d have seen the Spirit do indescribable things.  People have asked for more; all in all I’m thrilled.

I’m sure you hear and experience the results and effectiveness of the prayers all the time, but I felt it important to give the glory to God in this and to say thanks to you for all the years of hard work.  I find Come Up Higher is brilliant because it gives the background and history to the prayer and helps people understand what it’s all about, therefore identifying and going deeper.  Thanks for that book in particular!

Written by a friend of Aslan’s Place

Obsession is a strong word. Hollywood has made millions on movies centered on this theme. Fatal Attraction and Sleeping with the Enemy come to mind. Yet, the word pales in comparison to the mental persecution and torment that I have suffered over food for more than 40 years. In fact, stories about my ravenous desire for milk as an infant suggest that I came into the world with this problem. I can recall stories told to me by my mother who laughingly claims that I was put on non-fat milk at 6 months of age because of the insatiable appetite for food and resulting weight gain. Although my earliest memories of binge eating were at the age of 10 years old, I know that I was born into captivity. I am free from that prison today and the journey has been painful. The battleground for the mind is not to be underestimated. Why I had to endure the mental anguish for so long is still a mystery to me, BUT GOD knows and He held the key that brought me into freedom.

My story is not one of intense physical trauma and abuse, but rather a life of hidden captivity in the unseen regions of evil that had the power to completely immobilize my thinking so that my mind believed that unless I was “normal” I could not exist as a human being, much less as a Christian. As a young Catholic girl who loved God, I remember praying myself to sleep at night in the hope of waking up without appetite and desire for food. I knew He had the answer and I believe that it was this knowledge that ultimately kept me alive. In the early 70s, no one spoke about eating disorders, binge eating, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia or anorexia to the extent that it is today. The diagnosis and treatment for such ailments were just not available. So, I lived with the feeling that I was different until college, where I found “group therapy” and people who were in similar states of anguish. Throughout elementary school, I played sports so that I could eat and maintain a normal weight. An introduction to drugs helped me cope in high school, because the appetite and desire for food was raging out of control. After a binge, solace came in the form of diuretics, laxatives, amphetamines, and exercise in a variety of combinations depending upon how deep into the pit of compulsion that I had plunged. I was secretive, my weight was normal, and the façade remained intact. Distorted thinking caused me to agree with my unseen captors. I hated myself and therefore, God must hate me too, which is why He had stopped listening to me and there was no reason to believe I would have answers. I wished for death every day.

By the time I enrolled at UCLA, the amount of food that I could consume would boggle the human mind. This behavior, coupled with a grotesquely distorted body image left me feeling as if I had plunged into the “land of no return.” Yet, having been abandoned by God, I believed the answer was in the halls of this great university, specifically in the realm of science. My degree would validate my normalcy. In addition, I agreed to be part of a doctoral study for bulimics and anorectics and knew that my answers were at hand. I had found like-minded prisoners; I was able to freely talk about the torment, the pain, and the suffering. No one would judge me because we all “knew” what each other lived with – an unseen enemy who, with a flick of a puppet string, could plunge us into such depths of despair and destruction that the first bite of food was sudden doom. The seduction to eat was so strong at times, that it literally personified the insatiable desire and appetite that left us feeling helpless and out of control. The only avenue was to succumb to a binge and hope that we did not kill ourselves in the purge. The opening of the abyss in Revelation 9 had nothing on us; we felt as if we were being manipulated by something far greater.

Therapy was quite informative. I learned about triggers, repressed memories, and coping mechanisms. There was even a “breakthrough” when I associated a memory of my father telling me, at the age of 11, that he would kill my mother if she came after him for child support. This, in turn, tracked with my earliest memories of binging and therefore, I had made great progress. Although the epiphany brought much emotional awareness and healing to my struggle, the fear that had driven me merely took a backseat to other negative emotions soon to emerge. I graduated from the group “healed.”

Shame is an unspeakable foe, whose only desire is total annihilation of the human soul. This is the jailor who threw away the key. Unable to keep the self-loathing and self-hatred at bay, I could not look in a mirror and see the fit and trim young woman that I was. Stepping on a scale meant victory or defeat in increments of 0.2 ounces. Victory meant that I had been given the ability to not eat for two or three days and thus my good behavior was rewarded with weight loss, whereas defeat meant “solitary” confinement that manifested as a binge-purge cycle that was isolating and torturous. I became quite clever at concealing my habits. No one saw me binge – ever. An ample supply of appetite suppressants and laxatives accompanied me at all times, ready to bring any situation under control lest my weight climbed by 2 lbs. A weight gain of 5 lbs. meant a forked path. One avenue led to turning down all social engagements and minimal public contact until weight loss was accomplished. No one wanted to see my grotesque body was my rationalization. The second path led to testing the boundaries of my confinement by consuming massive amounts of food as I helplessly gave myself over to my unseen tormentors in the hope that I would live through my self abuse and regain control. I hated myself for being weak.

Life continued in this way until I was married and pregnant. Sheer excitement at the fact that now I had been given license to binge in public without fear of judgment or criticism because I was “eating for two.” With my last child, I gained 85 lbs. and came to the realization that if I wanted to be around to raise them, I would have to abandon the drugs. Resignation and despair took their places in the lineup, but were kept at bay with my reconnection to God. His promises of healing brought new hope into my tortured existence. I was a new creation, filled with His Spirit and all my enemies were vanquished at the Cross. As a baby Christian, I learned to hear His voice and began to know His ways. The voracity for food turned to an appetite for His Word. During the early years, I received much deliverance and healing prayer conquering every devil that raised its head and every negative emotion that had a voice. Yet, in the very depths of my soul, the mocking laughter of “the” tormentor caused me to pause. The presence of God protected me during the day, but at night, the oppressor plotted revenge. Plagued by nightmares, the eating disorder was rattling the chains.

When the honeymoon phase of salvation ended, an unlikely tyrant emerged – the Church. Over the next 17 years, I remained clinically “obese” and torn between two camps of Christian teaching. Obesity is an “acceptable” sin in the Church to some and yet to others it falls under the blanket category of “gluttony.” Ad nauseam were the sermons on this topic and in an attempt to be a good and faithful servant, my captor was named, so I went after it. I sought deliverance, laying on of hands, every healing ministry that afforded itself to man and was left with only one conclusion – my name was Legion II (the sequel). The pigs would get fat off the gluttony that was cast out of me. Yet, within the inner recesses of my tortured mind, the cruel voice of evil sounded loud and clear, “You are a failure. God doesn’t love you. You cannot serve Him looking like this. So, how can you be saved?”

My anguish only magnified. I contemplated giving up the Christian life. There was no comfort to my suffering and I believed my accuser. Well meaning pastors told me to “die to the flesh” with prayer and fasting. The only problem with fasting was that it was a MAJOR trigger that would plunge me into binges that made Solomon’s lust for women look like monogamy. All hope was not lost, however, as the blessed Holy Spirit comforted me by pointing me to those few ministers who were overweight and having a powerful impact on His Kingdom. Unbeknownst to these, it was their service that kept me believing that God did love me. I was in mental hell, tormented every waking hour, and convinced I was a hypocrite, but, if He could use these people so mightily, I reasoned, then He could use me (maybe).

With a shred of hope still intact, my life was anything but happy. My appetite and desire were far from healthy binding me up in a vortex of death and sucking me into the recesses of the Underworld with such stealth that I was able to convince myself that hiding from the world until I received a miracle was what God wanted. I turned down social engagements, sent my husband to events with the kids, wouldn’t engage in activity that would draw focus on my appearance and felt guilty that I still hated myself. I felt as if I had never been prayed for or had healing. Hiding behind the pretense that everything was normal, I made jokes about being overweight, convinced that embracing it would turn some proverbial tide toward acceptance of a new identity and myself. I stopped asking for prayer, unless I was being plagued to the point of insanity and only then would I ask for help, but never in the area of “my secret besetting sin.” The prison had become my home now, I reasoned, and the completion of my healing would take place in Heaven.

A month ago, my enemy overplayed its hand. The smug conviction that I would never be fully effective in my position in God’s Kingdom drove this entity to unwittingly reveal a key. I had been meeting with Dr. Paul Cox for generational prayer for issues that began to surface over the past year. Hidden areas of captivity were being exposed and I was amazed at what the Lord was revealing in our sessions. Having developed an element of trust with this minister, I dared to set up another appointment in the hopes of being set totally free. I asked God what the agenda would be. One word came to mind – Abaddon. Familiar only with the Revelation 9 reference, it made sense that the entity who also claimed the name Apollyon and holds the key to the Abyss, would therefore hold the key to the abyss that I was stuck in. BUT GOD had another plan. I searched the Bible for every Hebraic and Greek reference to the word “abaddon” and three verses emerged that would bring the miracle that I NEVER would have believed possible – Proverbs 27:20[i] – “Sheol and Abaddon are never satisfied, nor are the eyes of man ever satisfied,” Habakkuk 2:5 – “Furthermore, wine betrays a haughty man, so that he does not stay at home. He enlarges his appetite like Sheol, and he is like death, never satisfied,” Proverbs 30:15-16 – “The leech has two daughters, ‘Give,’ ‘Give.’ There are three things that will not be satisfied. Four that will not say, ‘Enough.’ Sheol and the barren womb. Earth that is never satisfied with water. And fire that never says, ‘Enough.’” Armed with verses and notes, I arrived for my appointment and we began to pray. The Bible search had led me to believe that a part of me was captive in the place called “abaddon.” Dr. Cox discerned that I was actually toggling between Abaddon and Sheol (Prov. 27:20). Never being satisfied was the hallmark of the affliction and a quick word study revealed that the “appetite” in the next verse was actually the word nephesh or “soul” (Hab. 2:5). Lastly, the third verse defined the demand that emanated from the insatiable desire of the soul (Prov. 30:15-16).

The next step was to get out of this place of torture and bring wholeness to my soul. But there was one last piece – Dr. Cox discerned that swine DNA had been incorporated into my generational line. He described how a pig, when it eats, has an insatiable appetite and proposed that this contamination could be empowering my condition. Although this seemed odd, I did not find it outlandish as recent genetic studies are leading scientists to hypothesize that archaic genes from the Homo lineage entered the modern human gene pool via interspecies mating (Scientific American May 2013). Eager to move forward, he led me in prayer to pull me out of the place of captivity and remove the foreign DNA, but my excitement soon diminished, as this was the most unremarkable session that I have ever had in my entire life – pre- and post-Christian! Although the revelation was flowing and the process was all quite interesting, I would have expected some sort of emotion to be evoked. After all, the depths of despair, anguish and torment that I had suffered for most of my life were more than tangible. This presence had been overwhelmingly invasive and unquenchable. I left his office thinking that I would have to be more diligent in my research and meet when I had more knowledge.

Over a month has passed and I am no longer obsessed with insatiable desires for food. There is no prison in my life. The debilitation is gone. Seven days after our meeting, I wrote, “I woke up feeling for the first time since I was 10 years old like I was a ‘normal’ person.” Since the session, I have been triggered and overeaten, even forced a binge, all to no avail. There is no captor, no jailor, no torment, nor bondage. What occurred is nothing short of a miracle. My eating behavior is completely normal and I have effortlessly begun to lose weight. God provided a way out of the suffering and pain. The battle has been won. I am free!

[i] NIV

When I got Come Up Higher (CUH),  It answered 1,010 questions plus! I could not read it fast enough! And although I had done the prayers in your Prayers for Generational Deliverance Manual many times already, this time with the understanding of how they came about, with the positional understanding in the spirit realm I learned, these prayers seemed even MORE powerful to me than before.

I tell everyone, the material in CUH is beyond PhD level. No one else is teaching at this level in the Body. NO one. This is the cutting edge of Christian Revelation of the Kingdom of God and His creation in writing besides our precious Bible.

I know there are people on the vanguard having incredible experiences of Heaven, of Hell and coming back to tell us about it. But in CUH you are teaching us in great detail how these revelations happened to come about and these paint a picture of the macrocosm of creation down to the microcosm as well and the laws of both natural and spiritual realms interlace seamlessly!

We see the manifold wisdom of God displayed in the creation unveiled throughout the universe which speaks of ‘deep calling unto deep’ deeply, beautifully, grandly, expansively, most complexly: “How Great He Is!” Oh, worship HIM!

Not only that, by virtue of your sharing with us how the Lord spoke to you in a dream, or an unusual experience of your own or in a group or through a friend’s dream or prophecy, you are painting a very clear picture of the Spirit filled lifestyle! It is 24/7 not only Church on Sunday morning!

Not only that, you are teaching by example how in the unity of the brethren, by the testing out of prophecy in the company of prophets with believers; how by the waiting on the Lord; how by the using of the many of the Body’s gifts and that it’s ok to be human, God brings about Revelation from the Throne today! God is still speaking today to His people!

I so admire that you admit that you don’t know or understand everything that is going on with you all the time. You have to depend 100% on the Lord and others to give you understanding or the interpretation of these communications, some even a long time later on…

This teaches one who is in the same place hearing things that they are ‘ok’ and not going crazy! When you say that you often think you may have to go to the Dr. with some of these ‘spiritual burden bearing pains’, that is teaching too. It helps people learn to discern pain!

I believe that any one that has a prophetic gift, or an intercessory gift or leaning discernment or learning how to hear the voice of God, should use this book as part of their spiritual equipment for training. This is high level discernment training necessary for end time battles!

CUH is a “heavy weight” book! It is heavy in Holy Spirit’s anointing, heavy in the depth of His revelations, each a spiritual Truth that the Lord has revealed to His end time generations as He promised in His Word. It is heavy in the prolific amount of adventures the Lord took you on through the years.  I can’t put it down!

I have loved how CUH has integrated the spiritual principals of the Word of God with science and the physics of space, matter, and quantum mechanics as naturally as Jesus walking through walls. It’s naturally supernatural. It speaks to every fiber of my being. It resonates with every song of my spirit. The great thing is that you teach these scientific principals and the spiritual truths in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

As I go through a chapter I marvel how much each one applies to my life and my families’ generational lives. With all my heart I grab hold of Holy Spirit’s flow and Grace meanwhile lifting my clan and Husband’s clan before Abba’s Throne. I listen carefully along the way as I repent and renounce to see if the Lord would say or highlight anything else. It’s been a wonderful spiritual experience with the Lord to go through these prayers and come up higher with His Spirit guiding me along the way.

My heart soars and thrills knowing that our Savior’s precious Blood is doing a Miracle of Cleansing all the way back to Adam and that in the High Judicial Court of Heaven, Jesus’ Blood is being applied, completely erasing those sins from our entire family line!

Knowing that every prayer is pure scripture is a confirmation of how serious what we are doing is. There is a legitimate procedure required before the Throne of God and we are being led correctly in this throughout this book! This is a powerful weapon. Additionally, the thoroughness and the degree to which the repentance is addressed in each chapter is very comforting and reassuring, leaving no stone unturned, no crack for the enemy to regain entrance!

The enormity of this redemptive act and the ripple effect of subsequent consequences thrill me and throw me into laughter! It’s like breathing clean fresh air after being in a stagnant, stinky room! Or like when you have had a stuffy nose when the antihistamine hits and you can breathe again!! It’s a HUGE difference that you feel! A difference that you “sense or discern” in your spirit by knowing what has happened but you also feel or sense a difference in your being!

When I first did these prayers, I began to notice changes in my life, very subtly different at first like: from rejection to favor, or from injustice to justice. These I NOTICED immediately when they happened! Since one is so used to the negative, when a shift happens in situations of long standing rejection or injustice or sickness, one notices when freedom happens!

Through the years I can report that promotions happen, increase happens, deliverances happen, healing happens, before long you can’t keep up with the many changes. But change for the better happens! Before long, only goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life!

Here is where we are now! Enjoying His Goodness and His Favor and stepping into His destiny in our new season with Joy! What could be better? We have moved from loosing personal battles shadow boxing exhaustingly, to victory and battling victoriously on behalf of others and for the nations with God and Hidden in Him.

In essence these prayers are removing the legal ground the enemy has to harass you and steal, kill and destroy in your life! No more shadow boxing! Therefore we can move freely to do the will of God unhindered by the enemy because there is nothing of his in us that he can use with which to legally come against us. Hallelujah! This is huge!!

This is a great place to be! If we can dare to change our circumstances by doing these renunciations we are being proactive with God and are taking the next step to get out of where we have been in our past. We are in warp drive to the next level with God! Then on to His destiny for us!

We are saying: “Enough is Enough!” to the enemy of our souls! “Enough is Enough!” to the tormentor! We are closing doors to the past, to our generational past, to circumstances we may not ever understand or know specifically about but that have impacted our lives negatively.  Especially if we are stuck! Now through this process, most come to an end and we are set free to enjoy our destiny in God, even if we have been at war with that!

These prayers starting with Prayers for Generational Deliverance Manual and followed now by Come Up Higher, have completely changed my life and my family’s lives and we are living in our Promised Land! My children have not had the wars I have had at all; they are at a level much higher than either my husband or I at their ages.

These prayers have improved the overall status of many of our clan on the earth now by bringing their level of prosperity higher. This happened by the Lord raining opportunities into their hands that would not have been possible without these renunciations. Those that have been willing to work the opportunities have prospered!

So as one stands before the Throne of God representing one’s family line, these prayers have a huge ripple effect on so many hundreds of people on the earth now. We may really not know exactly how many we are praying for until Heaven, but God does and He will show us one day!

You can come up higher and bring your family along with you too! This is reward in itself and brings much joy! Praise the Lord for His redemptive work and the continued Power of His Blood which it will never loose!

– Victoria

I thoroughly enjoy the Exploration Sessions!  Through Paul and his team’s direction,  I experienced  finding an ungodly gate in my living room and closed it.  As well as a ungodly gate in my best friend apartment and I told her how to close it.  

Also, I learned how to be sensitive to the direction of the Holy Spirit speaking to me through the sense of seeing, hearing and touching.  In one session Pastor Paul said “Did you feel that?”,  and then I felt such a force that plunged into my core so strongly I could not move off the couch.  Later that day, I went to work and I could not stop saying Hallelujah all the way to work.  What a marvelous release I felt and the joy to say Hallelujah!  I am inspired and excited that Biblical Discernment is real, practical and tangible.  Thank you for all that you do may the Lord continue to bless your ministry!

Hello,  Just thought I would take a moment to share with you how things have been going after my prayer session with Paul Cox.  Since that time I have had a deep abiding peace that hasn’t left and most of the mental torture I have been going through for years has melted away.

It seems so different not to be battling the awful opposition I endured. Now I expect the same terrible feelings to come back or plague me but they are gone. During the prayer I felt nothing significant but later realized that deep generational strongholds had been released from me.

So I am very thankful to The Lord and for the strong discernment and deliverance gift that has been entrusted to you.  Thank you for serving The Lord and others for a His glory.

I attended one of your public events for the first time in January, where Paul Cox talked about the Keys of David, among other things.

During the first few days of March, I experienced an enormous amount of enemy warfare against me. And I felt led to use the Keys of David I had received by faith. With these, I opened a door to heaven, with incredible results. I immediately felt a huge amount of fire and wind blazing toward me, and I actually was knocked over onto my bed from the force of this. Yet … it was also so very gentle and loving too. And the brutal attack I had been experiencing ceased as this fire blazed on me for a good 15 minutes or so. And even though it was so powerful, I just giggled in relief as I lay there praising God for His faithfulness and love for me.

I do believe there could have been a seraph behind this heavenly door, sent to help me. Oh yes, and during these same 15 minutes, I strongly felt something arise from my spirit (abdominal area) and center itself all the way to my heart and stay there. I really believe this was the Morning Star arising in my heart, with healing in [her] wings! Because my frayed nerves were so dramatically calmed right then and there.

This was after being hit with panic for hours and hours beforehand. And I quite literally could not feel fear at all for days afterward, even when I “checked” to see if fear was still there.

So, I really wanted to thank both Paul and Brian for hosting such wonderful events for us as you do. And let you know that these really bear lasting fruit, although I’m sure you already know this. And so, I bless you this day and onward!

I was a religious Christian who was thrust into personal and territorial deliverance. It all started when the furniture in my house started moving, by itself. Until I later realized, it was just a spirit; one of many that entered via a gateway in my home.

The things the Holy Spirit told me about spiritual matters did not line up with what I was taught in church. I was so confused. Then I learned many years ago I was not going to learn how to do deliverance in a traditional church because of the belief that Christians do not need deliverance.

This website has been such an amazing resource for me, especially as I search for more answers. It also gives me the much needed confirmation in spiritual matters that most people would consider totally crazy. The material is also current and relevant to the times that we are in.

I love how Aslan’s Place is also constantly seeking for more revelation and then sharing the thoughts, lessons, and strategies you have taken the time to document and make available online. Honestly, I was experiencing warfare burn out and was so frustrated with spiritual attacks.

The Holy Spirit directed me to the Aslan’s Place website. I spent some time reading articles and other resources and I feel so refreshed, relaxed, and encouraged. Thank everybody at Aslan’s Place for stepping out of the box and blazing a trail for others to follow. May God bless you all.

I am a prayer minister and have been following your videos consistently for about two months. The conference on Hearing God’s voice was so concise and well ordered that it helped me in praying for two different clients. The Spiritual warfare and biblical basis was so helpful. I expect to re hear those again. Your last discernment class was something that the Lord showed me more about Idolatry which you had gleaned and I have had several other believers reflect some of that to me as a theme. I so appreciate your teaching and the web work that you do. It has under girded me as an intercessor and prayer minister. Thank you for all your teaching and sharing. I am praying you will continue.

Hello 🙂 I wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I appreciate your website! In short it connected the dots for many things for me, it brought such confirmation to me and understanding that took me to a whole other place in God.

I attend a church that is called to equipping the body of Christ and activating the gifts of God. God has given our house many prophetic words similar to what he shared with you. For example 2 years ago every time I prayed with others I would see colored diamonds, I didn’t fully understand why until I read your articles online. AMAZING!!! I have to pace myself when I get on your website, because it is so good I can’t stop reading! The first article I read was about the traumas, and God began to show me the control room he was going to take me too, and I saw the GRID, even though at the time I didn’t know what I was seeing, until I read the Season of lights!

I am in awe with what God has revealed to you guys to share. I feel like Satan has been completely exposed, he has no where to hide. Our church a few years ago touched on breaking the sound barrier, but until I read from your page that our DNA is a song God gave us, I realized it is our song that breaks through the sound barrier! I am studying psychology and it is breaking down the brain, DNA, cells, neurons, and all I can say is WOW, the science connected to the revelation you have written is a fierce weapon of truth that slays the enemy. I am an intercessor and dreamer, I have been left frustrated in prayer because your seeing what is going on, but I literally had a dream that our church was at a “stalemate” with the enemy. I will tell you, reading your prayers has opened my understanding on how to pray more effectively for myself and others.

I can’t thank you enough for sharing your wisdom that God has revealed to you, because it is elevating the body to new levels. Every 90 days our church does a 12 hour time that is called Exousia, and last time the message was about exponential multiplication, it was great, reading your articles about the earth being made up of numbers connected this message even the more. I shared some with my pastor what I have read online, and I could see the look of YES on her face when I was sharing. She asked me to write down what I am learning. You are the lines to all the dots God has given. I laugh because when I pray I always hear the words align and shift. My friend a few years ago heard the Lord tell her about dimension bending, just absolutely AWESOME!!! I just wanted to say thank you, and share with you what God is doing through your ministry.

I had not been sleeping and prayed the prayer in your book regarding Aligning the Heart; I have been sleeping like a baby ever since. Also, I have had a pain around my left shoulder blade for over ten years which I thought was due to computer work. I prayed the prayer for misogyny and it is gone. I will have to fight the enemy to keep it gone as he is trying to convince me it is not. I feel the misogyny is from my childhood and from some of the effects in my adult life from others. THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing these truths to us. I would like to learn more about discernment so listened in on May 28th session. I hope to do it again. Again, thank you and God bless your ministry and in all you do!!

I have been following the articles and prayers coming out of Aslan’s Place for several years now, I have always found them helpful and interesting.
Another tool that helped me immensely during my counseling session was the Discernment Webinars that I have had the opportunity to watch online.
I could understand the terminology that was used in the prayers and what people were seeing while they were praying for me. I would recommend all of these tools if you are considering counseling.

I have finished “Come Up Higher”. I purchased it as an eBook and downloaded it to my Kobo eReader. This was an ideal format for me particularly when I travel.

What can I say, the anointing and power to destroy yokes of bondage in my life was more than I anticipated. As I read some of the chapters my spirit would leap because I could recognize some of the problems that the book described.

Sometimes as I prayed the prayers I was astounded at the new lightness I felt particularly about generational deliverance from Druidism, my ancestors came from England, Scotland, and Germany. Other times it felt like something was being pulled out of me and off of me. The prayer on being released from different dimensions was very powerful. It seemed that cords had been wrapped around my legs and the Lord pulled them off. I have a new level of confidence that I did not know was possible. It is like I am in a whole new world and I am learning how to spiritually walk again. In the past I had to really battle to pray in tongues as I would easily get discouraged because it seemed like I was bumping up against barriers. Now I can pray freely and worship freely.

My level of discernment has also sharpened. One afternoon on the weekend I was lying down in my recliner. I perceived through a picture that the Lord gave to my mind that there was a large cable attached to my heart that went up out of my house all the way over to the place of my grandmother’s birth in Scotland. I knew it was evil. I don’t know what it was but I asked the Lord to sever that cord (cable). A picture immediately came to my mind of it being cut off from my heart and I began to shake all over for about 30 seconds to a minute. I then asked the Lord to pour in His healing balm to fill up the places vacated by the enemy and peace came over me.
My thanks and blessings to all who helped Paul put these prayers into a book. I can truly say I have never been impacted by a book like this before.

Feel free to share my testimony on line with my name included.

God bless the Ministry of Aslan’s Place,

Lee Kern

Biblical exploration is an exciting meeting where the Presence and Power of the Lord is
displayed. It has allowed our group to grow by leaps and bounds as well as connected us together in a
profound way. Many have experienced breakthroughs and deliverance through our time together.
Most importantly it has increased intimacy with the Lord and each other.

-Amybeth Berner

I wanted to thank you, Paul Cox, and team for all of your help. It is a unique feeling to wake up this morning without all this “stuff” in and around. There is definitely some still there, but now I can separate it out. I also wanted you to know that for the first time in my life, I know that I am a daughter of God. I feel an unbreakable tether tying me to God. Never having felt like anyone’s daughter, being one of God’s, well, there are barely any words.

We covered a lot of ground yesterday in the session, but the greatest take-away by far, beyond all expectation, was the change in my perception of God. I have spent 37 years serving a harsh, demanding, and distant God. (Just like my dad.)

I’m sure that my image of God has modified some over 37 years – I have pursued God hard all that time, have received a lot of deliverance and done a lot of deliverance with others – but yesterday the veil came off. I am in the process of becoming acquainted with the True God.

I am so grateful to Melissa for her journey, for who she is, and for the ministry she shares with others.

My testimony is from the first time I did ministry with you. I flew out there for 5 days to train.

When getting ready for the first appt. I asked the Prayer Minister; where are the other intercessors? You said, “You are it!” I was scared spit less.

We ministered to a couple and she was great. She really got ministered to, it was easy. I received lots of insights and pictures from the Lord. I was shocked you used them all. Blind faith I figured.

Her husband didn’t want to be there. He was an angry man; had a gruff attitude. You tried for 10 or 15 minutes to get something but got nowhere. He said there was nothing he needed ministry for, he was fine. He folded his arms and wouldn’t budge an inch.

That is when you told me to go back and walk forward slowly and feel for walls. Stop when I felt something. I wanted to run. I said my “help me Jesus prayer”, and started to walk forward in faith.

I was amazed when felt something and you started to ask questions.

Is it hard or soft? Hard

Is it hot or cold? Cold

What material was it made of? Steel

Is it high or low? High

What emotion was connected to it? Anger

How old was he? 6 yrs old

You asked him if anything happened at 6 that brought anger and he said something about his dad whipping him. He was shocked. He received ministry for that wall and you had me pull it down. I felt it as it went down.

We hit four walls total and by the time we got done he was on his knees in tears, a puddle of Jello. God had met him even when he didn’t want help. God wants us free more than we want to be free!

At dinner that night he asked me how I knew all those things and I had to tell him it all just popped into my mind (spirit) as I went. He was shocked that God had revealed four of the most traumatic events of his life! His wife had forced him into going and he had made up his mind he would not cooperate.

I started to believe I could do this, that God would use me, even as green as I was.

My husband purchased your Consuming Fire DVD online. I wasn’t sure what I was about to see and I don’t think my husband really knew either. I was lying down on the bed and he was sitting in a chair. We weren’t actually expecting anything to happen, but we have watched DVD’s before and definitely felt the Holy Spirit working. This DVD would prove to be one of those. After they reached the pearly gates is when I realized that things were really heating up.

I was feeling the heaviness of it all and the holiness of it all. I kept hearing different phrases in my spirit. “He is holy…” “Jesus”…”Yeshua”…It was overwhelming… and brought tears to both of us. It was so powerful.

On screen they started to go through the gates one by one and someone started to sing and play a guitar. It was all very reverent. We started to go through it in our own way. At one point I felt the need to get up and hold hands with my husband and felt such a presence of the Holy Spirit. I kept hearing, “A new heart, a new heart…” over and over. “I am your dwelling place, I am your home.” I began to sing in the spirit as I put my hand over my husband’s heart and kept hearing those phrases in my head over and over and then I began to sing them…” I have given you a new heart, a new heart; it is the heart of Jesus. I am your home, you will never be alone.” Over and over. When I had my hand over his heart my heart was hurting and I felt it was then he was being given the new heart. I could still feel the pain for a while until it was done. He was given the heart of Jesus! Wow! Very significant in light of his difficult past.

We communed with God together for a while and then continued to watch what was going on and listened to the message. We felt that the pastor (Paul Cox) was speaking to us also. He was saying that we were all torches for Jesus. If we wanted it we were to stand and put up our hands and receive it. And that’s what we did and boy did the power fall!

The pastor (Paul Cox) started to walk around and pray over people as he laid hands on them. He stopped at one woman and started to pray over her and I felt like he was also praying those words for me. He said that she had been faithful with the little so she was going to get big, big, big….kept saying that word. He also said that the attitude of lack would leave and she would have abundance and that she would have corporate abundance all around her. She would have creative inspiration that would turn things around and there would be prosperity as there was no lack in heaven. That she would know that she is a princess. He prayed for everyone and blessed everyone. It was pretty hot in the room and I felt rather giddy with it. Good stuff! Papa is sooo good!

We know that we have been called to the nations. Much of what was being said resonated with us because either we had heard much of the same thing or it seemed as if we were having imparted to us more of what we would need for the journey. It’s been almost a month since we watched it (I actually wrote this e-mail from what I had written in my journal.) We will be watching it again soon.

The time of prayer with you yesterday was one of the most powerful and wonderful encounters I’ve had with the Holy Spirit and His anointing. He was present in great peace and power the whole time and ministering powerfully in the gifts of discernment and words of knowledge. I was able to see all the reasons my life had been so troubled and oppressed for over 50 years and 1/3 of that as a Christian and minister. I was able to see myself, into the past possibly a couple thousand years in generations back what had caused a lot of my problems today. I have prayed down lists many times to break generational curses but never before has the Holy Spirit revealed it all and dealt with it to where they are no more. I”M FREE!!!!!!!!

Today the day after I am the freest I have been in my whole life. I know this in my spirit and my mind. Fear is gone and everything else that was prayed about and I have confidence and boldness to confront and stay free from all that was hindering me and making my life so miserable. I almost quit the ministry two weeks ago. But by the grace of God I didn’t and He knew just where to send me for His help.

I must say this to anyone who is struggling in life and or ministry. Please contact Aslan’s Place and get prayed for. You will never be the same.

Thank you Jesus for the Prayer Ministers who prayed for me. Now I’m going to receive this training to be able to set people free on a new level.

When I saw the advertisement for the video “Discernment of Spiritual Beings in the Tabernacle” I felt like I wanted to order it. I already have the other one, but when I read that testimonies were coming in about this one, I wanted it too. When it arrived in the mail, my hands started to feel hot. I have this little 19″ TV, so when I got to the second part of the video I went and stood in front of the TV so I could see and hear better. I instantly was sensing and experiencing everything that was happening on the video. I only experienced the supernatural realm on the last two parts of the video. Now here are some things that have happened since I received the video.

I believe this part has to do with the power Delta. The pendulum started to work on my clock between the family room and the living room. It hasn’t worked for a long time; not since I lived in this house, maybe for 8-10 years. I just stood and watched the pendulum in amazement when it first started working. It worked for 10 days, so then I knew God was saying something with the number 10. I looked up biblical 10 on the Internet, and it has to do with time. Again about time, and the power Delta.

God was saying to me it’s time to enter into your birthright, like the message on the video says, and what God has ordained for me. I have started to write the first book of the books God has been speaking to me about.

The lion has showed up (I had seen him in Brazil 2 years ago, but not like this.) This is the Aslan lion. He is a really nice lion, also fierce. He has been riding to work with me, walking the track with me, sleeping in my car on the way home from work. My house is full of spiritual beings. There is a huge angel at the front door, so huge I can’t see all of him, but he is a warrior, dressed in renaissance or medieval attire. There is an elder or a ruler who is with me also. There are two who ride on my car hood. The one is really funny with a sense of humor. There has been an incredible increase in the supernatural heavenly realm in my life since I received this video. I know God is speaking to me through it, so I constantly play it and replay it and God keeps speaking different things to me.

Then this past Saturday (May 23) my sister called me from SC telling me they had received manna; she was explaining the Rev 2:14 scripture to me. I read the scripture after hanging up, and I told God, “I want the manna, I want the white stones, there is nothing between me and Jesus, I want those things.” Then I went upstairs, and on the steps was a beautiful small white stone. I immediately asked for one for my brother and sister who I dearly love. Then I found a second one. So I called them back to tell them I was getting white stones, while I am talking to my brother I got another one; I started screaming, so I have one for each of us. I told them last night (May 24) that I was going to get more jewels today (May 25) because I was cleaning my bedroom where I spend many hours in His presence. As soon as I started to clean this morning, I found another one. So I called my brother, and another one fell while I was talking to him. Right now I have five. I know there will be more. I believe the white stone represents the victory that comes through purity. There is also something about the new name He gives with the white stone. I believe that each person who receives the stones will receive a secret name from God. I don’t totally understand all of that, but I know I am supposed to give the stones to specific individuals He shows me. So to sum it all up, it has been and is a wild, fun adventure.

I want you all to know that I’m so-o-o grateful for your ministry. I’ve been able to find breakthrough at Aslan’s place that I’ve been longing for my whole life. Thank you so very much for being God’s instruments of such powerful healing, deliverance, and love. I hope to bring many of my friends to visit you as well.

Since I visited you about two months ago, there has been incredible financial breakthrough in my life and in the lives of my family members. I had been praying and fasting so much this summer that God would break the curses of poverty in my family and when I visited Aslan’s Place, I felt the stronghold was finally shattered. My church hasn’t been able to pay me for the past four months, but Jesus, miraculously has given me even more than what I would normally get from my church pay check through random checks in the mail-nearly all of which have been from my parents and four sisters. My brother-in-law received a huge bonus at work and they blessed me, my parents sold some of their crops (my father’s a grain farmer-he said it seemed as though the grain was multiplying as he harvested the corn that had been standing all winter-which people hardly ever do because the animals, snow, etc. generally ruin it). Another one of my sister’s was quite certain that she would lose her job, but miraculously she has not been laid off, so she too has been blessing me. God is incredible!!

Thank you so very much for all your prayers, encouragement, and warring on behalf of those who visit you. May others find as great of spiritual breakthrough at Aslan’s Place as I have. I’ve been so very blessed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dear Aslan’s Place: Thank you for the Prayer to Release Us into Abundant Life. This prayer has come in my hour of great need and painful illness. I am a disabled Marine Corps veteran and the operation to heal my back can only be performed in a private hospital which the VA would not pay. Your email is an answer to my prayers and I know it will open heaven to me.

Thank you again and God bless you.

I am a doctor. The Prayer Minister at Aslan’s Place prayed for me while I was going through a very stressful period of time in my life. I felt like I was being harassed by the enemy. I was feeling like I was in a cloud in my mind, that I wasn’t able to have clear thoughts. In addition, I was having stomach problems for months. The Prayer Minister prayed with and for me. The cloudy feeling in my mind and the stomach distress was 95% better by the end of the day. Within two days I would say that they were both 99% better.

I have attended numerous Aslan’s Place conferences and received much impartation and teaching. This is a testimony concerning my daughter, currently age 9.

When in labor with my daughter and the doctor broke my water, the cord instantly tightened around her neck and her heart rate plummeted. There was a flurry of panic and activity to get me to an operating room and get her out before she died. A resuscitation team was in the operating room and my husband was not allowed to be present as they did the emergency C-section. Her first apgar score was a 2, but she did begin to breathe on her own, bounced back in minutes and received a 9 on her second apgar score. The resuscitation team was not needed. My husband was told “That was one lucky baby!” in which he responded, “Luck had nothing to do with it.”

Five years later the Lord would teach me how to minister to my daughter’s spirit because of this traumatic birth experience. Around the age of five, my daughter began a very disturbing practice when she was put to bed at night. I always check my children before going to bed myself, and every time I would check on my daughter, I would find her entirely inside her pillow case. She would take her pillow out of the case, and curl her entire body into the pillow case, head first, and fall asleep like that. When I would find her, she would be covered in sweat because she was not getting enough oxygen curled inside that pillow case. This went on for quite some time and I never caught on to the clue that she was manifesting. She had fear, shock and trauma at her near death experience while inside the womb.

One day, as I was cleaning my bedroom, my three children were playing under the covers in our bed. I heard them pretending that they were inside Mommy’s belly. I wasn’t clued in to what God was about to do. I just got this idea to play along with them. So I said, “Let’s play being born!”

I reached under the covers and pulled out my first born son and he played along. After I pulled him out, he pretended to cry like a newborn and I held him and said how happy I was to have him. Then I did the same with my second born son and he reacted the same way.

When I reached in and pulled my daughter out, she was all limp. As I pulled her out of the covers and onto the floor, she kept her eyes closed and her body limp and she didn’t make a sound. Instantly the Lord spoke to me and I realized that this was truly how she looked at birth. I followed the Holy Spirit’s lead and silently sent away fear, death, shock, & trauma and asked the Lord to heal her spirit, soul and body. I silently asked the Lord to show her where He was at her birth and to remove all time bombs, or generational curses.

Then I said to my kids, “Let’s do it again.”

This time when I pulled my daughter out from the covers she came out pretending to cry (waa waa waa) and I could tell her how happy I was to have her.

From that day on, we have never found her curled up inside her pillow case.

It is amazing that God completely healed her from that trauma, and I didn’t pray one thing aloud. She didn’t have to understand with her mind, her spirit totally got it! Praise God!

Thank you for serving the Lord.

Oh man, brother Cox’s has made me aware of angelic activity-their presence and recognizing more of their presence, whether it’s feather’s laying around or their presence which seems the atmosphere becomes peaceful, delightful, airy, wind that flows around you-just a knowing in the room of their presence as it surrounds you has brought great comfort to me-plus many other things that I’ve been able to now see in the spirit such as gates and doors! Thank you so much for helping me.

On December 26, 2008 I was reading Paul’s book “Heaven Trek” and after praying the prayer I began to vomit like I never had in 56 years. Something had happened. I felt healed. I called Aslan’s Place Ministry and spoke to a lovely lady and prayed with her. I then had a prayer session over the phone with a Prayer Minister. I had been diagnosed with bone cancer. In January 2009 my blood work was 241. I went back to the hospital for blood tests again on April 7,2009 and my blood work was 95- better than normal. I am cancer free!! Thank you Jesus and thank you Aslan’s Place Ministry for your prayers.

Glory to God!

Just wanted to give you a quick update: The difference I feel since receiving ministry is like night and day. There is such a huge shift. I went to church last night and prayed for folks at the altar and was amazed at how much more clearly I was seeing.

I am still getting deliverance but at the same time I feel so much more solid than before.

Big thanks and hugs to you!

First and most importantly I would like to thank the Prayer Minister for the ministry last Tuesday. I’ve been trying to process with the Lord all that happened. I know this will take time and I don’t want to rush. I know that I was set free from a lot of big generational stuff and for that I am grateful to God and you. It grieves me that I have to call California to get help from someone who understands this level of deliverance. Why are we not teaching this in the church? Unfortunately, I already know the answer.

I have been through close to ten hours of very specific deliverance prayer before Tuesday and it didn’t come close to the depth of what took place with you. I truly feel that a heaviness and burden has been permanently lifted off. Praise God! I have not been adjusted by a chiropractor or had a massage in four days. This might sound small to you but to me it’s huge! My knees are pain free with a little pain in my elbows and no pain in my shoulders, back or head~ some pain still in my neck but the feeling of the talons is gone. It has been years since I physically felt this good. May God be glorified in my life! I am tired but it feels like for the first time in my life I can let my guard down and stop fighting. You have no idea how I thank God for your willingness to take the time to pray with me. I pray that He will bless you abundantly and restore all the time you spend praying with others 100 fold.

My husband is a physician. We have been sensing a call to ministry that is getting stronger but we have needed his income to pay for my physical needs. We don’t have specific direction from God yet but we know it has to do with healing prayer. I sense a great excitement stirring now that is new. This might actually become a reality instead of a far off dream– how cool! My/our heart is to see people set free! He has a passion for physical healing where for me it’s more the emotional/heart stuff.

The ministry of Aslan’s Place has been immeasurably precious to me. It has bumped my life to a higher dimension and my understanding to have the vision for a much higher walk with our Lord Jesus.

My one hour and three hours of generational ministry with the Prayer Minister has done much for my health and awareness of what I can be for the Lord and as ministry. I want more time to resolve more health and life issues. I desire to ‘go on to perfection’, and am preparing for more.

Thank you Prayer Ministers! Thank you Aslan’s Place for your ministry.

My testimony is amazing to me. I have been in what I thought was very poor health: severe osteoarthritis, needing a hip replacement and severe allergies, but most distressful was the hypertension and uncontrollable atrial fibrillations of my heart. I could not get anything accomplished. I spent two months this summer ill with flu and heart problems, lying on our couch. My 76 year old husband was reaching exhaustion.

He decided I needed a bit of time to be edified at Aslan’s Place ministry. I wanted that so very much as I had prayed about a number of ministry options. Clearly no medical answers were available even though I had consulted the best of heart specialists, and every option I could consider!!

I told the Prayer Minister that I was desperate to get help as how could I spend my life on the couch and get anything accomplished? Since the week of the ministry school I have had marvelous heart behaviors, and the other problems are resolving and tolerable. It is amazing to me to be able to walk around now, to go shopping, to clean house and to sing in the church choir again. Healing, to me, is not necessarily a miraculous immediate response of the body. Some of this need has been resolved like that, but I am patient for the total healing to develop.

Thank God and thank the faithful ministers of Aslan’s Place ministry.

God gave me such an amazing experience exactly one week after my first prayer ministry session with the Prayer Minister at Aslan’s Place. That morning I woke up feeling fabulous. Not out of my own doing, but out of God’s goodness and grace. The Prayer Minister had prayed over me for four hours; breaking off generational curses, ungodly soul ties, and doing spiritual warfare. The Prayer Minister told me that it would not be unusual for me to be tired and maybe not be myself for a few days because the enemy would try to attack even harder since the layers of garbage had been removed.

During the six days after my visit to Hesperia, California it had been hard on me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. God closed doors and dreams that only my flesh would want. Those six days were dark and I admit I was definitely not myself Ð my closest friend even told me! Exactly seven days from the prayer ministry, I felt like a lightning bolt ready for a ride in the sky, causing the atmosphere to shake. I was praising God for the renewed energy and outlook in life.

That night, I went to a revival at my church. My friend was worshiping in the front. As I tapped her on the shoulder, she turned to receive her hug. She started giggling and said, “Go over there! It’s too thick for me.” I said, “Okay” while thinking I must have disturbed her worship.

As I walked out at the end of the service, I gave my friend a hug. When I hugged her, she said, “What happened to you?” I asked her what she meant. She said, “When you walked in and gave me a hug, the atmosphere in the room changed. It was so thick with God’s presence that I started laughing.” I then told her about my visit to Aslan’s Place and we both praised God for his goodness! When we pursue Him, He is faithful to bless us.

Going to Aslan’s place was the breakthrough that I needed at this time in my life.

I grew up in a Christian home but I have only been actually seeking God for the past four years. There have been a lot of hurts and pains in my life and it just felt like I was stuck and couldn’t go deeper with God like all the speakers at conferences and on T.V. talk about. The ministry I received at Aslan’s Place helped me not only to step into freedom but opened up a huge area for me in the kingdom of God. I previously had little understanding of deliverance outside of theory but experiencing it has changed the way that I am living my life. You can see the difference now in my face. I look better and happier than before because I got freedom from the junk that was in my life. The Prayer Ministers that I had were great in that they were kind and not overbearing or anything, but they also took care of business and gave to me in ministry as much as you can in a three hour time session. I felt very comfortable dealing with possibly sensitive issues because they acted in a very professional manner with regard to those things.

Thank you very much to everyone at Aslan’s place, I am so glad for what God has done in my life through the experiences I have had with you.

While attending the course on discernment in North Carolina, my life was forever changed. I just want to say thank you to your team and all the intercessors who pray for your ministry. Here is a brief overview of my life and the freedom I received from the ministry.

On Tuesday the 29th of January I had a session with 3 of your team members for 3 hours. Prior to this, I had been through every kind of deliverance you can think of and prayed every prayer that had been written for deliverance and still I had never known peace. My life growing up was filled with all kinds of atrocities. I have known abuse in multiple ways since I was conceived, and never knew why. I have been fighting to be normal, fighting to walk with the Lord and never knew why. Every day I would be engaged in a demonic fight, sometimes for hours, many times throughout the day. I would only have peace when I worshiped the Lord. The enemy would hit me right after my quiet time with the Lord – it never failed.

During the session we dealt with some generational root issues that explained why there was such an assignment working against me since the time of my conception. We were able to break these curses by the training your team had. Through the Holy Spirit, the Prayer Ministers were awesome with their patience and kindness and compassion with me. They allowed Him to do a deep work in me. Then we went back into the mother’s womb and dealt with all the heinous stuff that happened there. In a vision I saw Jesus pick me up out of the womb and remove the defilement off of me. He held me for a brief time and put me back into my mother and something happened in my soul – there was a piece put back that was missing.

Then what was really amazing was that the Prayer Minister went into travail and stood in the gap as my natural mom and asked me to forgive her, which I did. Then the Prayer Minister stood in for my adopted mom and asked forgiveness, which I did. Then they both released a mother’s blessing over me. The angelic and the presence of God was so strong in the room it was amazing. Then we prayed and sealed it up with a prayer of blessing.

I went back to my hotel and for the first time I went to sleep and rested the whole night. I awoke so refreshed and grateful to the Lord for what He had done – all I could do was thank Him over and over again. My soul rested that night for the first time since my birth, 43 years ago. The Lord is amazing and merciful and full of goodness. I have slept through the night every night since then. All praises to God for the ministry He has given. I now feel like I can conquer the world. I know that by His grace I will help others find freedom using what I learned from this ministry. I already prayed for someone just a few days ago, and she saw dramatic changes in her son as we broke generational curses off her life.

I will go to the nations and proclaim God is good. Thank you for everything.

In 2003 my mother brought me to Aslan’s Place for two days of prayer ministry. I was in college at the time and I believe the prayer and ministry I received at Aslan’s Place was strategic to the deep healing and restoration that God was doing in my heart.

I grew up a pastor’s daughter and was attending Bible College. I loved the Lord and had walked with him all my life in a personal relationship, but began to struggle towards the end of high school with feelings of depression and lack of self value. My father loved the Lord very much but was also a very driven man, task-oriented, and busy. Being the oldest of several children I quickly learned that when I performed well, whether it be in school, music, work etc, I would get the love and attention I was craving. Being the typical over achiever and perfectionist, I began my first year of Bible College doing everything perfect. But without anyone close by to affirm my deep need for love and self-worth I grew heavy and I developed anorexia. Part of it was demonic, which I had picked up from a girl I knew at college and the other part was fueled by the void and lack in my emotions and spirit.

I was in denial for a year and a half until I was so physically ill, it couldn’t be ignored. I quit college and returned to live at home with my parents. This was the first stage of my healing. During this season my father pulled me close to him and I was allowed to live at home without having to pay rent or work a job. During this season I learned how to “be” a daughter and not perform to earn the love I needed. The Lord began to change my self identity and pour into me. With nutritional counseling, prayer counseling from my church, antidepressants, and counseling with a psychologist, I began to improve. The eating problems were under control and I decided to return to college.

A year later in the summer before my senior year, I took a month mission trip to China. After the trip I was flung into a downward spiral of depression and I lost a ton of weight again. At the time I was in school and struggling immensely. My mother suggested we go to Aslan’s Place, which was a two hour drive from the college I was attending. She flew down from Seattle and drove with me out to Aslan’s Place.

In the two days of prayer I was amazed at the layers of demonic activity that were pealed back and dealt with. Some of it was from the China trip and past trips to China. Other parts were generational. The other part that the prayer ministers did with me was to give the Father’s Blessing, which was also key to all the father issues I had been working through. It was a weekend of overload and I had to process things for the next several weeks and even months.

Slowly I began to improve. I cannot tell you the point at which the healing happened. The majority of it took place that year, but God continued to change habits of thinking and perspectives, patterns etc. over the next three or four years following. What I see the Lord did was completely root out the brokenness and fill the lack that my earthly father was not able to meet. He completely healed my physical body and I’m completely healed of depression and have never struggled with it since. Furthermore I was told I would never be able to have children naturally because of the damage the eating disorder had done to my body, but I am currently pregnant with our second child. Also my husband and I have been missionaries for two years and I’ve never struggled with any depression. We’ve actually learned to overcome demonic activity we’ve encountered and cover ourselves and family in prayer. They say that 90% of people who have eating disorders never get fully free of them. It always follows them their whole life. But they are not taking into account the power of what Jesus did!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for praying for someone you didn’t know and giving up your time to pour into this life. I’m free and God has used me to in turn love many others to health as well. As I mentioned before the weekend at Aslan’s place was key to the final closure God wanted to bring to my healing. I’m deeply in debt to you!

I had a ministry session over the phone in which the Lord did exceedingly more than anyone expected. In the weeks leading up to my appointment , I had experienced hives over my body which I’d not had since I was little, acid reflux for the first time in my life, pain in the center of my chest intermittently, and a slight but very noticeable pressure around my neck, localized at my throat. I knew in the deepest parts of me that these things were spiritual and was prompted by the Lord to call for an appointment. As I was led through generational prayers of deliverance I began to experience a hive coming onto my upper lip, and it continued to get bigger and bigger as we went. The pressure at my throat continued as well. I didn’t feel very good physically when we hung up the phone but knew that God wasn’t done. The incredible thing was the hive was localizing to one place-my face, and kept me home the next day from work. Benadryl and prednisone weren’t doing much to help the problem because it was spiritual, and the next afternoon I got a call from the prayer minister. An intercessor and friend of the Prayer Minister received a vision of me. She had never met me nor had the Prayer Minister talked about me. She began to tell the Prayer Minister the vision. God then downloaded the keys of my generational deliverance. She and the Prayer Minister both went into a vision as they talked revealing a fire red noose around my neck that went down into my sternum, stomach and clasped itself around my wrists. It was generational sin on my family line from the turn of the century. The Prayer Minister called me the next day, the Lord having told her that I would be home. We proceeded to pray through the very specific generational sins of my family line to repent and break off the bondages of the sin(s). The hives began to recede, and the pressure around my throat, chest pain, and acid reflux have not returned. God ushered in not only this physical deliverance but spiritual and emotional as well. He is a Mighty God, who has fearfully and wonderfully made us to be whole. The deliverance ministry I experienced that day was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ moving and functioning in her gifts, interdependently, through the power and might of the Holy Spirit. I am inexpressibly grateful and forever changed, body, soul, and spirit!

Despite having undergone deliverance sessions in the past couple of years — I have been struggling with being invaded for almost 6 yrs. For example having dreams that are real. Dreaming that I am eating or drinking something in my dream and when I wake up, I would realize that I had eaten something because my tummy would be full and then I would get sick. Things would be moving in my body. I had a couple of dreams where I have been raped. I shared this with my husband and we prayed about it. It stopped for a while but no permanent break through.

My mother-in-law practices witchcraft. I noticed on days she could not access me that she would use my husband. One day as we were sleeping I realized that there was a “wind” like power blowing from my husband’s chest through to me. As this fan was blowing my body began to feel sick. I woke my husband up. We prayed and shut down the demonic power and went back to bed. All was fine. This was before I knew anything about these power points on our bodies.

On Oct. 10th I came across The Morning Star prayer. I prayed the prayer that day. After listening to the video posted on the internet where Paul talked about how he received this revelation and that once he had received the morning star he noticed power leaving his body that seemed to correspond with what “new agers” refer to as Chakras. I suddenly felt the Lord saying to me — “your issue has to do with these so called “Chakras”. I personally believe that these are the 7 eyes referred to in Zachariah 3 — could be wrong?

So I really did not know what I was doing. I asked the Lord what I needed to do out of sheer desperation. I got a revelation that these Chakras were never supposed to be opened by human beings but that God used them for his own purpose or allowed his servants to use them under circumstances e.g. sending healing energies etc. I somehow felt that mine were opened probably due to my ancestors that used them for witchcraft e.g. astral projection etc.

I prayed a prayer of repentance re: my ancestors who had opened these “chakras” and all the evil they had done using them etc. and then I asked the Lord to shut them down (front and back because they look like cones according to diagrams seen) and seal them with the blood of Jesus. I had recently read about the ethereal bodies so I asked the Lord to shut the ones on my ethereal bodies too and seal them with the blood of Jesus and asked that God be the guardian of these chakras. That he would be the only one that would allow what needs to come in and no one else. I then proceeded again to pray the “Prayer to Receive the Morning Star”. After 2 days while at work in a meeting conference room alone (luckily) I suddenly began to see soft flakes of stars coming out from the crown of my head and dropping onto the table. Just like “sparklers from fireworks” as Paul had described his experience. This lasted for about a minute or so but it also shut down the phone system I was using for the teleconference. I had to find another phone to use for my meeting.

It has been 2 weeks and a couple of days ever since I received the Morning Star after shutting down the Chakras. The dreams have decreased drastically. I recently had a dream where someone was trying to access my body through my throat area but it was blocked to them. I am definitely protected now.


We have faith that they have been provided by God and we test them all against God’s Holy Word. These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. In addition, please reference Aslan’s Place and www.aslansplace.com on all reproductions.

I cannot remember a time when I did not know Jesus. I loved going to church with my father and grandmother and singing all the hymns.

At the age of thirty I settled down, got married, began a family and started attending a wonderful neighborhood church. It was the 70’s, the time of the Charismatic Renewal. Our pastor, his wife and the older ladies in the church just kept feeding and feeding us. We were like baby chicks that could not get enough.

In my mid fifties I began to say to God, “there has to be more to life than this,” and I said it many times to him. I also, very seriously, told him that up until now I had mostly learned my Christianity from what others had taught me, learned from my bible and from reading good books and fellowshipping with great people. I had learned well, however, now I wanted to know Him face to face and I emphasized “face to face”.

About 4 or 5 years later I began to say “there must be a place for the expression of the creativity you have given me here on earth”. I had begun to realize that I had God stuff inside me the likes of which I had no grid for and no-one else I knew had either. (This was at least 10 years before I knew Paul Cox). I could not accept that God was going to wait until I died before letting me give birth to it. There had to be an expression for all this God stuff in me otherwise it made no sense.

Well, time passed and I can’t remember that any bells rang or whistles blew. I kept going on and growing, but not being satisfied about my walk with the Lord. It was not fulfilling even though I loved the Lord and was always looking for him.

About 10 -13 years passed. It was about time to celebrate our wedding anniversary and I was thinking about what my husband and I might do. Into my thinking I heard the Lord say to me very loud and distinctly “this is his last anniversary, why don’t you have a dinner party?” Now this statement by the Lord did not cause me to be anxious but I heard it and stored it in my mind knowing that it would either come to pass or not. I did not worry about it.

We did have a wonderful dinner party with friends we went to high school with and some of these had been friends of my husband’s since kindergarten.

About 10 days after the party my husband crashed his plane and life changed again in a big way. When I received this news my first thought was, “I cannot live through this” and then I immediately remembered that for years I had prayed that I would be equipped for whatever knocked on my door on any given day. So that allowed me to catch my breath. The death of someone you have known forever is a very traumatic event for a family besides all of the physical things that need to be done your; emotions and thoughts run amuck. I also soon came to realize that I no longer could relate to my Lord the way I had for the last 35 yrs.

The Word was meaningless, my ritual devotions were meaningless, my worship went no where and church had lost its meaning. As I entered into the full realization of this I did not know which was worse, my husband’s sudden death or my inability to relate to my Lord who meant everything to me. I cried many buckets of tears for months. It was very difficult and only now, as I look retrospectively back, can I describe it. This is what it was like. I was naked, stripped bare and someone was scrubbing me all over with a bristly scrub brush and IT HURT!

After about 5 months of this I happened upon the Psalms in the Living Translation and it was as though I had found gold. I gobbled the Psalms for a year. It was that long before I could read anything else that meant anything to me. During this time I was becoming acquainted with Paul Cox and learning about discernment.

At 1 year and 7 days after my husband’s death I was in Ireland where God chose to bring forth what Paul called “an apostolic anointing.” As I look back, this was my Lord allowing me to enter into Christianity 102. This wonderful discerning servant of our Lord had validated me here on earth and given a name to what I was about.

One of the lessons from all of this is that God is faithful to perform His good will in us. He may have taken very long to get me where I am today from my first prayer in my fifties, but He did it. He took me out of my old ways of thinking and relating and He has made all things new once again for me. Lord, I am eternally grateful, amazed and thankful.