About Us

Aslan’s Place is an organization set on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  Our goal in all things is to follow God’s lead and to only do what He wants us to do.

We believe that real freedom starts right here on earth but is only available through Jesus Christ.  In addition, we believe that God teaches us more everyday through His revelation.  However, that revelation must always be tested against the sixty six books of the Holy Bible.  By doing so, we ensure that humanism is never introduced into the revelation we perceive.

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The origin of our name comes from the lion Aslan, a character from C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. .  Aslan is the Turkish word for “lion”. Throughout Lewis’ books, Aslan represents Jesus Christ.

Therefore the name “Aslan’s Place” is intended to show that this ministry belongs to Jesus Christ.

A note from Donna E. Cox:

In 1990 my husband, Paul prayed a simple prayer. He asked the Lord to do whatever He wanted with Paul’s life. That prayer impacted our life as a couple and that of our whole family. It even impacted the church we had pastored for 10 years at that point.

God heard our prayer. The Holy Spirit touched us and we will never be the same – nor do we ever want to go back to ministry without the Holy Spirit.

The Lord gifted my husband with the gift of discernment and for the first time we could see people’s lives being changed, after years of ministry from us, they were now seeing changes by the generational deliverance prayers the Lord lead us to pray.

When many hurting people started coming to the church for prayer, and they were being healed, the “leadership” did not want to be known as “that kind of church” People were being touched but some of the people that came did not fit the concept of who the leadership wanted in their congregation.

To make a long story short – we were asked to leave – and we did. We had the denomination’s approval to start another American Baptist Church and we were encourage by the denomination and the “leadership” of the church to take anyone that wanted to go with us to go.

During that time we were wounded and confused. We were tired and discouraged. We very much needed a place of encouragement and refreshment.

That is when the Lord gave me the vision of a Victorian house with the name Aslan’s Place. I tucked this dream in my heart as a place for leaders to come to be safe and “loved on” away until December 1998 when a Victorian house was prophesized by Cindy Jacobs to me. Cindy said, “the Lord was going to give me a Victorian house and it would be finely attired.” That is when we started asking the Lord in earnest if this is what he wanted us to do.

By April of 1999 we were closing escrow on a lovely Victorian and a gift of $9,000 over the purchase price was given to us to not only purchase the house for Aslan’s Place but to begin furnishing and decorating the home.

We now have a ministry to folks seeking prayer for generational bondages and a ministry where we are able to travel around the world to train and pray for teams and ministering in their local churches. We Praise the Lord!