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The Glorious Ones

The Glorious Ones Part 1 The unfolding revelation of the glorious ones fits well into the Lord’s recurring pattern of introducing us to small bits and pieces of knowledge and understanding over extended periods of time. A play-by-play account between Paul and Rob Gross provides a humorous introduction to the […]

We Are At War

I have stories: oh my, do I have stories! Standing at the pharmacy counter waiting for my prescription to be filled, I felt a sharp pain in my back. Turning around, I realized a man was holding a gun against my back and threatening, “This is a holdup; go behind […]

The Part is Not the Whole

Section 1 It appears that we are on a journey of discovery with the Lord in which He takes us back to re-visit things we’ve previously thought we understood. Apparently, those first exposures were simply foundational to greater levels of revelation; and so it is with ‘the part is not […]