Applying What I have Learned at Aslan’s Place Conferences

I have attended numerous Aslan’s Place conferences and received much impartation and teaching. This is a testimony concerning my daughter, currently age 9.

When in labor with my daughter and the doctor broke my water, the cord instantly tightened around her neck and her heart rate plummeted. There was a flurry of panic and activity to get me to an operating room and get her out before she died. A resuscitation team was in the operating room and my husband was not allowed to be present as they did the emergency C-section. Her first apgar score was a 2, but she did begin to breathe on her own, bounced back in minutes and received a 9 on her second apgar score. The resuscitation team was not needed. My husband was told “That was one lucky baby!” in which he responded, “Luck had nothing to do with it.”

Five years later the Lord would teach me how to minister to my daughter’s spirit because of this traumatic birth experience. Around the age of five, my daughter began a very disturbing practice when she was put to bed at night. I always check my children before going to bed myself, and every time I would check on my daughter, I would find her entirely inside her pillow case. She would take her pillow out of the case, and curl her entire body into the pillow case, head first, and fall asleep like that. When I would find her, she would be covered in sweat because she was not getting enough oxygen curled inside that pillow case. This went on for quite some time and I never caught on to the clue that she was manifesting. She had fear, shock and trauma at her near death experience while inside the womb.

One day, as I was cleaning my bedroom, my three children were playing under the covers in our bed. I heard them pretending that they were inside Mommy’s belly. I wasn’t clued in to what God was about to do. I just got this idea to play along with them. So I said, “Let’s play being born!”

I reached under the covers and pulled out my first born son and he played along. After I pulled him out, he pretended to cry like a newborn and I held him and said how happy I was to have him. Then I did the same with my second born son and he reacted the same way.

When I reached in and pulled my daughter out, she was all limp. As I pulled her out of the covers and onto the floor, she kept her eyes closed and her body limp and she didn’t make a sound. Instantly the Lord spoke to me and I realized that this was truly how she looked at birth. I followed the Holy Spirit’s lead and silently sent away fear, death, shock, & trauma and asked the Lord to heal her spirit, soul and body. I silently asked the Lord to show her where He was at her birth and to remove all time bombs, or generational curses.

Then I said to my kids, “Let’s do it again.”

This time when I pulled my daughter out from the covers she came out pretending to cry (waa waa waa) and I could tell her how happy I was to have her.

From that day on, we have never found her curled up inside her pillow case.

It is amazing that God completely healed her from that trauma, and I didn’t pray one thing aloud. She didn’t have to understand with her mind, her spirit totally got it! Praise God!

Thank you for serving the Lord.

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