Prayer Ministry

Salvation is a gift from God through His grace.  There is nothing we can do to earn it.  Once we give our life to Christ, in addition to salvation, we regain access to the authority given up when mankind first sinned. (Genesis Chapter 3).

Even though salvation is free, we must still work out this salvation. (Philippians 2:12).  Working out salvation means following God’s lead as we exercise the authority we have through Jesus Christ to clean up our lives and our family line.

Generational prayer and inner healing sessions with our trained prayer ministers provide an opportunity to gain ground and new understanding as you work out your salvation.

During these sessions, a prayer minister will demonstrate how to follow God’s lead as they help you pray for physical, mental and spiritual healing.  This is an interactive process as we determine rights the enemy is claiming against you and your family line.

Goals our prayer ministers have include helping you achieve breakthrough in all areas of your life and increase your preparedness as you continue to work out your salvation.  It is also the minister’s desire to help you nurture your personal relationship with God.

We understand that sometimes another person provides the funds for a donation. Even so, since this is a personal journey, each person must contact us and make final arrangements for their own appointment. Each person is also responsible for filling out their own questionnaire and consent form.


Scheduling a Session

 Step 1

Watch Understanding Generational Prayer:

This video provides and explanation and demonstration of generational prayer
so you’ll have a better idea of what will transpire during your session.

If you’ve attended an Aslan’s Place Academy, you do not need to watch this video.


 Step 2

 Fill out the Consent Form.

Note: You only need to do this once.  We’ll keep in on file.

Step 3

Contact our office.

A staff member will discuss recommended donations*
for ministry time as well as available dates and times.

If you are in the United States, you must schedule your appointment over the phone.

Phone: 760-810-0990


Sessions are available:

  • In person at our ministry center in Apple Valley, CA

  • Via Zoom

  • Via Telephone

*Our ministry is funded solely through donations. Donations are tax deductible.

 Step 4

Watch for your appointment confirmation email.

This email contains resources to help you before and after your session.

Will your session be in-person?
A prayer book will be provided for your use during the session.

Will your session be via the phone or Zoom?
You must have a computer/laptop/tablet with internet access so you can view the prayers provided on our website.

Printed copies of this book are available here: Generational Prayers

 Step 5

Review our resources.

Once your session has been scheduled, you’ll receive an email with various resources. You do not need to print these items. They are for your reference.

Be sure to read What to Expect After Prayer Ministry.



Meet Our Prayer Ministers