Marketplace Ministry

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Spiritual Consulting in the Marketplace


The Purpose of Aslan’s Place Marketplace Ministry is to bring businesses, governmental agencies, politics, entertainment industries, educational institutions, and the arts into the blessings of the Lord.

Who Will Be Involved:

Paul L. Cox facilitates the Marketplace Ministry sessions.

What Will Happen During the Ministry Time:

Ministry can occur one of two ways: In-Person at your organization’s place of business, or via Skype. When meeting over Skype, it is ideal if you use a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

On the day of ministry, Paul would start by meeting with your organization’s leaders and open in prayer. He would then be briefed as to what the organization is experiencing. For instance, your organization could be experiencing disfavors and curses that have caused the organization to not reach its “God Given” potential.

Once briefed, you would take Paul on a tour throughout the building. During this time, Paul will pray and discern specifics regarding what is going on with the institution, the leaders, the land and the employees. We find that during this time, God often brings breakthrough as strongholds are broken down.

The final step in this process would be personal ministry for people interested in receiving it. Paul can provide up to eight hours of ministry in a day.

What Are the Expectations for Financial Provisions for the Ministry:
1. An hourly donation for ministry time. (We’ll provide suggested donation amounts once you contact us.)
2. Airfare or mileage for Paul Cox from Aslan’s Place to the physical location of the organization. (if traveling)
3. Housing and meals for Paul Cox. (if traveling)

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