Praise God for Healing

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My testimony is amazing to me. I have been in what I thought was very poor health: severe osteoarthritis, needing a hip replacement and severe allergies, but most distressful was the hypertension and uncontrollable atrial fibrillations of my heart. I could not get anything accomplished. I spent two months this summer ill with flu and heart problems, lying on our couch. My 76 year old husband was reaching exhaustion.

He decided I needed a bit of time to be edified at Aslan’s Place ministry. I wanted that so very much as I had prayed about a number of ministry options. Clearly no medical answers were available even though I had consulted the best of heart specialists, and every option I could consider!!

I told the Prayer Minister that I was desperate to get help as how could I spend my life on the couch and get anything accomplished? Since the week of the ministry school I have had marvelous heart behaviors, and the other problems are resolving and tolerable. It is amazing to me to be able to walk around now, to go shopping, to clean house and to sing in the church choir again. Healing, to me, is not necessarily a miraculous immediate response of the body. Some of this need has been resolved like that, but I am patient for the total healing to develop.

Thank God and thank the faithful ministers of Aslan’s Place ministry.