Just finished the book Come Up Higher

I have finished “Come Up Higher”. I purchased it as an eBook and downloaded it to my Kobo eReader. This was an ideal format for me particularly when I travel.

What can I say, the anointing and power to destroy yokes of bondage in my life was more than I anticipated. As I read some of the chapters my spirit would leap because I could recognize some of the problems that the book described.

Sometimes as I prayed the prayers I was astounded at the new lightness I felt particularly about generational deliverance from Druidism, my ancestors came from England, Scotland, and Germany. Other times it felt like something was being pulled out of me and off of me. The prayer on being released from different dimensions was very powerful. It seemed that cords had been wrapped around my legs and the Lord pulled them off. I have a new level of confidence that I did not know was possible. It is like I am in a whole new world and I am learning how to spiritually walk again. In the past I had to really battle to pray in tongues as I would easily get discouraged because it seemed like I was bumping up against barriers. Now I can pray freely and worship freely.

My level of discernment has also sharpened. One afternoon on the weekend I was lying down in my recliner. I perceived through a picture that the Lord gave to my mind that there was a large cable attached to my heart that went up out of my house all the way over to the place of my grandmother’s birth in Scotland. I knew it was evil. I don’t know what it was but I asked the Lord to sever that cord (cable). A picture immediately came to my mind of it being cut off from my heart and I began to shake all over for about 30 seconds to a minute. I then asked the Lord to pour in His healing balm to fill up the places vacated by the enemy and peace came over me.
My thanks and blessings to all who helped Paul put these prayers into a book. I can truly say I have never been impacted by a book like this before.

Feel free to share my testimony on line with my name included.

God bless the Ministry of Aslan’s Place,

Lee Kern

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