From An Intern’s Point of View

My testimony is from the first time I did ministry with you. I flew out there for 5 days to train.

When getting ready for the first appt. I asked the Prayer Minister; where are the other intercessors? You said, “You are it!” I was scared spit less.

We ministered to a couple and she was great. She really got ministered to, it was easy. I received lots of insights and pictures from the Lord. I was shocked you used them all. Blind faith I figured.

Her husband didn’t want to be there. He was an angry man; had a gruff attitude. You tried for 10 or 15 minutes to get something but got nowhere. He said there was nothing he needed ministry for, he was fine. He folded his arms and wouldn’t budge an inch.

That is when you told me to go back and walk forward slowly and feel for walls. Stop when I felt something. I wanted to run. I said my “help me Jesus prayer”, and started to walk forward in faith.

I was amazed when felt something and you started to ask questions.

Is it hard or soft? Hard

Is it hot or cold? Cold

What material was it made of? Steel

Is it high or low? High

What emotion was connected to it? Anger

How old was he? 6 yrs old

You asked him if anything happened at 6 that brought anger and he said something about his dad whipping him. He was shocked. He received ministry for that wall and you had me pull it down. I felt it as it went down.

We hit four walls total and by the time we got done he was on his knees in tears, a puddle of Jello. God had met him even when he didn’t want help. God wants us free more than we want to be free!

At dinner that night he asked me how I knew all those things and I had to tell him it all just popped into my mind (spirit) as I went. He was shocked that God had revealed four of the most traumatic events of his life! His wife had forced him into going and he had made up his mind he would not cooperate.

I started to believe I could do this, that God would use me, even as green as I was.

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