Consuming Fire Testimony

My husband purchased your Consuming Fire DVD online. I wasn’t sure what I was about to see and I don’t think my husband really knew either. I was lying down on the bed and he was sitting in a chair. We weren’t actually expecting anything to happen, but we have watched DVD’s before and definitely felt the Holy Spirit working. This DVD would prove to be one of those. After they reached the pearly gates is when I realized that things were really heating up.

I was feeling the heaviness of it all and the holiness of it all. I kept hearing different phrases in my spirit. “He is holy…” “Jesus”…”Yeshua”…It was overwhelming… and brought tears to both of us. It was so powerful.

On screen they started to go through the gates one by one and someone started to sing and play a guitar. It was all very reverent. We started to go through it in our own way. At one point I felt the need to get up and hold hands with my husband and felt such a presence of the Holy Spirit. I kept hearing, “A new heart, a new heart…” over and over. “I am your dwelling place, I am your home.” I began to sing in the spirit as I put my hand over my husband’s heart and kept hearing those phrases in my head over and over and then I began to sing them…” I have given you a new heart, a new heart; it is the heart of Jesus. I am your home, you will never be alone.” Over and over. When I had my hand over his heart my heart was hurting and I felt it was then he was being given the new heart. I could still feel the pain for a while until it was done. He was given the heart of Jesus! Wow! Very significant in light of his difficult past.

We communed with God together for a while and then continued to watch what was going on and listened to the message. We felt that the pastor (Paul Cox) was speaking to us also. He was saying that we were all torches for Jesus. If we wanted it we were to stand and put up our hands and receive it. And that’s what we did and boy did the power fall!

The pastor (Paul Cox) started to walk around and pray over people as he laid hands on them. He stopped at one woman and started to pray over her and I felt like he was also praying those words for me. He said that she had been faithful with the little so she was going to get big, big, big….kept saying that word. He also said that the attitude of lack would leave and she would have abundance and that she would have corporate abundance all around her. She would have creative inspiration that would turn things around and there would be prosperity as there was no lack in heaven. That she would know that she is a princess. He prayed for everyone and blessed everyone. It was pretty hot in the room and I felt rather giddy with it. Good stuff! Papa is sooo good!

We know that we have been called to the nations. Much of what was being said resonated with us because either we had heard much of the same thing or it seemed as if we were having imparted to us more of what we would need for the journey. It’s been almost a month since we watched it (I actually wrote this e-mail from what I had written in my journal.) We will be watching it again soon.

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