Thank you for the resources on your site

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I was a religious Christian who was thrust into personal and territorial deliverance. It all started when the furniture in my house started moving, by itself. Until I later realized, it was just a spirit; one of many that entered via a gateway in my home.

The things the Holy Spirit told me about spiritual matters did not line up with what I was taught in church. I was so confused. Then I learned many years ago I was not going to learn how to do deliverance in a traditional church because of the belief that Christians do not need deliverance.

This website has been such an amazing resource for me, especially as I search for more answers. It also gives me the much needed confirmation in spiritual matters that most people would consider totally crazy. The material is also current and relevant to the times that we are in.

I love how Aslan’s Place is also constantly seeking for more revelation and then sharing the thoughts, lessons, and strategies you have taken the time to document and make available online. Honestly, I was experiencing warfare burn out and was so frustrated with spiritual attacks.

The Holy Spirit directed me to the Aslan’s Place website. I spent some time reading articles and other resources and I feel so refreshed, relaxed, and encouraged. Thank everybody at Aslan’s Place for stepping out of the box and blazing a trail for others to follow. May God bless you all.