Phone Prayer

First and most importantly I would like to thank the Prayer Minister for the ministry last Tuesday. I’ve been trying to process with the Lord all that happened. I know this will take time and I don’t want to rush. I know that I was set free from a lot of big generational stuff and for that I am grateful to God and you. It grieves me that I have to call California to get help from someone who understands this level of deliverance. Why are we not teaching this in the church? Unfortunately, I already know the answer.

I have been through close to ten hours of very specific deliverance prayer before Tuesday and it didn’t come close to the depth of what took place with you. I truly feel that a heaviness and burden has been permanently lifted off. Praise God! I have not been adjusted by a chiropractor or had a massage in four days. This might sound small to you but to me it’s huge! My knees are pain free with a little pain in my elbows and no pain in my shoulders, back or head~ some pain still in my neck but the feeling of the talons is gone. It has been years since I physically felt this good. May God be glorified in my life! I am tired but it feels like for the first time in my life I can let my guard down and stop fighting. You have no idea how I thank God for your willingness to take the time to pray with me. I pray that He will bless you abundantly and restore all the time you spend praying with others 100 fold.

My husband is a physician. We have been sensing a call to ministry that is getting stronger but we have needed his income to pay for my physical needs. We don’t have specific direction from God yet but we know it has to do with healing prayer. I sense a great excitement stirring now that is new. This might actually become a reality instead of a far off dream– how cool! My/our heart is to see people set free! He has a passion for physical healing where for me it’s more the emotional/heart stuff.

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