Phone Prayer Testimony

I had a ministry session over the phone in which the Lord did exceedingly more than anyone expected. In the weeks leading up to my appointment , I had experienced hives over my body which I’d not had since I was little, acid reflux for the first time in my life, pain in the center of my chest intermittently, and a slight but very noticeable pressure around my neck, localized at my throat. I knew in the deepest parts of me that these things were spiritual and was prompted by the Lord to call for an appointment. As I was led through generational prayers of deliverance I began to experience a hive coming onto my upper lip, and it continued to get bigger and bigger as we went. The pressure at my throat continued as well. I didn’t feel very good physically when we hung up the phone but knew that God wasn’t done. The incredible thing was the hive was localizing to one place-my face, and kept me home the next day from work. Benadryl and prednisone weren’t doing much to help the problem because it was spiritual, and the next afternoon I got a call from the prayer minister. An intercessor and friend of the Prayer Minister received a vision of me. She had never met me nor had the Prayer Minister talked about me. She began to tell the Prayer Minister the vision. God then downloaded the keys of my generational deliverance. She and the Prayer Minister both went into a vision as they talked revealing a fire red noose around my neck that went down into my sternum, stomach and clasped itself around my wrists. It was generational sin on my family line from the turn of the century. The Prayer Minister called me the next day, the Lord having told her that I would be home. We proceeded to pray through the very specific generational sins of my family line to repent and break off the bondages of the sin(s). The hives began to recede, and the pressure around my throat, chest pain, and acid reflux have not returned. God ushered in not only this physical deliverance but spiritual and emotional as well. He is a Mighty God, who has fearfully and wonderfully made us to be whole. The deliverance ministry I experienced that day was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ moving and functioning in her gifts, interdependently, through the power and might of the Holy Spirit. I am inexpressibly grateful and forever changed, body, soul, and spirit!

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