Regarding the Key of David

I attended one of your public events for the first time in January, where Paul Cox talked about the Keys of David, among other things.

During the first few days of March, I experienced an enormous amount of enemy warfare against me. And I felt led to use the Keys of David I had received by faith. With these, I opened a door to heaven, with incredible results. I immediately felt a huge amount of fire and wind blazing toward me, and I actually was knocked over onto my bed from the force of this. Yet … it was also so very gentle and loving too. And the brutal attack I had been experiencing ceased as this fire blazed on me for a good 15 minutes or so. And even though it was so powerful, I just giggled in relief as I lay there praising God for His faithfulness and love for me.

I do believe there could have been a seraph behind this heavenly door, sent to help me. Oh yes, and during these same 15 minutes, I strongly felt something arise from my spirit (abdominal area) and center itself all the way to my heart and stay there. I really believe this was the Morning Star arising in my heart, with healing in [her] wings! Because my frayed nerves were so dramatically calmed right then and there.

This was after being hit with panic for hours and hours beforehand. And I quite literally could not feel fear at all for days afterward, even when I “checked” to see if fear was still there.

So, I really wanted to thank both Paul and Brian for hosting such wonderful events for us as you do. And let you know that these really bear lasting fruit, although I’m sure you already know this. And so, I bless you this day and onward!

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