Testimony Regarding The Prayer to Release the Morning Star

Despite having undergone deliverance sessions in the past couple of years — I have been struggling with being invaded for almost 6 yrs. For example having dreams that are real. Dreaming that I am eating or drinking something in my dream and when I wake up, I would realize that I had eaten something because my tummy would be full and then I would get sick. Things would be moving in my body. I had a couple of dreams where I have been raped. I shared this with my husband and we prayed about it. It stopped for a while but no permanent break through.

My mother-in-law practices witchcraft. I noticed on days she could not access me that she would use my husband. One day as we were sleeping I realized that there was a “wind” like power blowing from my husband’s chest through to me. As this fan was blowing my body began to feel sick. I woke my husband up. We prayed and shut down the demonic power and went back to bed. All was fine. This was before I knew anything about these power points on our bodies.

On Oct. 10th I came across The Morning Star prayer. I prayed the prayer that day. After listening to the video posted on the internet where Paul talked about how he received this revelation and that once he had received the morning star he noticed power leaving his body that seemed to correspond with what “new agers” refer to as Chakras. I suddenly felt the Lord saying to me — “your issue has to do with these so called “Chakras”. I personally believe that these are the 7 eyes referred to in Zachariah 3 — could be wrong?

So I really did not know what I was doing. I asked the Lord what I needed to do out of sheer desperation. I got a revelation that these Chakras were never supposed to be opened by human beings but that God used them for his own purpose or allowed his servants to use them under circumstances e.g. sending healing energies etc. I somehow felt that mine were opened probably due to my ancestors that used them for witchcraft e.g. astral projection etc.

I prayed a prayer of repentance re: my ancestors who had opened these “chakras” and all the evil they had done using them etc. and then I asked the Lord to shut them down (front and back because they look like cones according to diagrams seen) and seal them with the blood of Jesus. I had recently read about the ethereal bodies so I asked the Lord to shut the ones on my ethereal bodies too and seal them with the blood of Jesus and asked that God be the guardian of these chakras. That he would be the only one that would allow what needs to come in and no one else. I then proceeded again to pray the “Prayer to Receive the Morning Star”. After 2 days while at work in a meeting conference room alone (luckily) I suddenly began to see soft flakes of stars coming out from the crown of my head and dropping onto the table. Just like “sparklers from fireworks” as Paul had described his experience. This lasted for about a minute or so but it also shut down the phone system I was using for the teleconference. I had to find another phone to use for my meeting.

It has been 2 weeks and a couple of days ever since I received the Morning Star after shutting down the Chakras. The dreams have decreased drastically. I recently had a dream where someone was trying to access my body through my throat area but it was blocked to them. I am definitely protected now.


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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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