Testimony- Discernment of Spiritual Beings in the Tabernacle

When I saw the advertisement for the video “Discernment of Spiritual Beings in the Tabernacle” I felt like I wanted to order it. I already have the other one, but when I read that testimonies were coming in about this one, I wanted it too. When it arrived in the mail, my hands started to feel hot. I have this little 19″ TV, so when I got to the second part of the video I went and stood in front of the TV so I could see and hear better. I instantly was sensing and experiencing everything that was happening on the video. I only experienced the supernatural realm on the last two parts of the video. Now here are some things that have happened since I received the video.

I believe this part has to do with the power Delta. The pendulum started to work on my clock between the family room and the living room. It hasn’t worked for a long time; not since I lived in this house, maybe for 8-10 years. I just stood and watched the pendulum in amazement when it first started working. It worked for 10 days, so then I knew God was saying something with the number 10. I looked up biblical 10 on the Internet, and it has to do with time. Again about time, and the power Delta.

God was saying to me it’s time to enter into your birthright, like the message on the video says, and what God has ordained for me. I have started to write the first book of the books God has been speaking to me about.

The lion has showed up (I had seen him in Brazil 2 years ago, but not like this.) This is the Aslan lion. He is a really nice lion, also fierce. He has been riding to work with me, walking the track with me, sleeping in my car on the way home from work. My house is full of spiritual beings. There is a huge angel at the front door, so huge I can’t see all of him, but he is a warrior, dressed in renaissance or medieval attire. There is an elder or a ruler who is with me also. There are two who ride on my car hood. The one is really funny with a sense of humor. There has been an incredible increase in the supernatural heavenly realm in my life since I received this video. I know God is speaking to me through it, so I constantly play it and replay it and God keeps speaking different things to me.

Then this past Saturday (May 23) my sister called me from SC telling me they had received manna; she was explaining the Rev 2:14 scripture to me. I read the scripture after hanging up, and I told God, “I want the manna, I want the white stones, there is nothing between me and Jesus, I want those things.” Then I went upstairs, and on the steps was a beautiful small white stone. I immediately asked for one for my brother and sister who I dearly love. Then I found a second one. So I called them back to tell them I was getting white stones, while I am talking to my brother I got another one; I started screaming, so I have one for each of us. I told them last night (May 24) that I was going to get more jewels today (May 25) because I was cleaning my bedroom where I spend many hours in His presence. As soon as I started to clean this morning, I found another one. So I called my brother, and another one fell while I was talking to him. Right now I have five. I know there will be more. I believe the white stone represents the victory that comes through purity. There is also something about the new name He gives with the white stone. I believe that each person who receives the stones will receive a secret name from God. I don’t totally understand all of that, but I know I am supposed to give the stones to specific individuals He shows me. So to sum it all up, it has been and is a wild, fun adventure.

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