Prayer in North Carolina School of Discernment

While attending the course on discernment in North Carolina, my life was forever changed. I just want to say thank you to your team and all the intercessors who pray for your ministry. Here is a brief overview of my life and the freedom I received from the ministry.

On Tuesday the 29th of January I had a session with 3 of your team members for 3 hours. Prior to this, I had been through every kind of deliverance you can think of and prayed every prayer that had been written for deliverance and still I had never known peace. My life growing up was filled with all kinds of atrocities. I have known abuse in multiple ways since I was conceived, and never knew why. I have been fighting to be normal, fighting to walk with the Lord and never knew why. Every day I would be engaged in a demonic fight, sometimes for hours, many times throughout the day. I would only have peace when I worshiped the Lord. The enemy would hit me right after my quiet time with the Lord – it never failed.

During the session we dealt with some generational root issues that explained why there was such an assignment working against me since the time of my conception. We were able to break these curses by the training your team had. Through the Holy Spirit, the Prayer Ministers were awesome with their patience and kindness and compassion with me. They allowed Him to do a deep work in me. Then we went back into the mother’s womb and dealt with all the heinous stuff that happened there. In a vision I saw Jesus pick me up out of the womb and remove the defilement off of me. He held me for a brief time and put me back into my mother and something happened in my soul – there was a piece put back that was missing.

Then what was really amazing was that the Prayer Minister went into travail and stood in the gap as my natural mom and asked me to forgive her, which I did. Then the Prayer Minister stood in for my adopted mom and asked forgiveness, which I did. Then they both released a mother’s blessing over me. The angelic and the presence of God was so strong in the room it was amazing. Then we prayed and sealed it up with a prayer of blessing.

I went back to my hotel and for the first time I went to sleep and rested the whole night. I awoke so refreshed and grateful to the Lord for what He had done – all I could do was thank Him over and over again. My soul rested that night for the first time since my birth, 43 years ago. The Lord is amazing and merciful and full of goodness. I have slept through the night every night since then. All praises to God for the ministry He has given. I now feel like I can conquer the world. I know that by His grace I will help others find freedom using what I learned from this ministry. I already prayed for someone just a few days ago, and she saw dramatic changes in her son as we broke generational curses off her life.

I will go to the nations and proclaim God is good. Thank you for everything.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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