Come Up Higher answered 1,010 questions – plus!

When I got Come Up Higher (CUH),  It answered 1,010 questions plus! I could not read it fast enough! And although I had done the prayers in your Prayers for Generational Deliverance Manual many times already, this time with the understanding of how they came about, with the positional understanding in the spirit realm I learned, these prayers seemed even MORE powerful to me than before.

I tell everyone, the material in CUH is beyond PhD level. No one else is teaching at this level in the Body. NO one. This is the cutting edge of Christian Revelation of the Kingdom of God and His creation in writing besides our precious Bible.

I know there are people on the vanguard having incredible experiences of Heaven, of Hell and coming back to tell us about it. But in CUH you are teaching us in great detail how these revelations happened to come about and these paint a picture of the macrocosm of creation down to the microcosm as well and the laws of both natural and spiritual realms interlace seamlessly!

We see the manifold wisdom of God displayed in the creation unveiled throughout the universe which speaks of ‘deep calling unto deep’ deeply, beautifully, grandly, expansively, most complexly: “How Great He Is!” Oh, worship HIM!

Not only that, by virtue of your sharing with us how the Lord spoke to you in a dream, or an unusual experience of your own or in a group or through a friend’s dream or prophecy, you are painting a very clear picture of the Spirit filled lifestyle! It is 24/7 not only Church on Sunday morning!

Not only that, you are teaching by example how in the unity of the brethren, by the testing out of prophecy in the company of prophets with believers; how by the waiting on the Lord; how by the using of the many of the Body’s gifts and that it’s ok to be human, God brings about Revelation from the Throne today! God is still speaking today to His people!

I so admire that you admit that you don’t know or understand everything that is going on with you all the time. You have to depend 100% on the Lord and others to give you understanding or the interpretation of these communications, some even a long time later on…

This teaches one who is in the same place hearing things that they are ‘ok’ and not going crazy! When you say that you often think you may have to go to the Dr. with some of these ‘spiritual burden bearing pains’, that is teaching too. It helps people learn to discern pain!

I believe that any one that has a prophetic gift, or an intercessory gift or leaning discernment or learning how to hear the voice of God, should use this book as part of their spiritual equipment for training. This is high level discernment training necessary for end time battles!

CUH is a “heavy weight” book! It is heavy in Holy Spirit’s anointing, heavy in the depth of His revelations, each a spiritual Truth that the Lord has revealed to His end time generations as He promised in His Word. It is heavy in the prolific amount of adventures the Lord took you on through the years.  I can’t put it down!

I have loved how CUH has integrated the spiritual principals of the Word of God with science and the physics of space, matter, and quantum mechanics as naturally as Jesus walking through walls. It’s naturally supernatural. It speaks to every fiber of my being. It resonates with every song of my spirit. The great thing is that you teach these scientific principals and the spiritual truths in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

As I go through a chapter I marvel how much each one applies to my life and my families’ generational lives. With all my heart I grab hold of Holy Spirit’s flow and Grace meanwhile lifting my clan and Husband’s clan before Abba’s Throne. I listen carefully along the way as I repent and renounce to see if the Lord would say or highlight anything else. It’s been a wonderful spiritual experience with the Lord to go through these prayers and come up higher with His Spirit guiding me along the way.

My heart soars and thrills knowing that our Savior’s precious Blood is doing a Miracle of Cleansing all the way back to Adam and that in the High Judicial Court of Heaven, Jesus’ Blood is being applied, completely erasing those sins from our entire family line!

Knowing that every prayer is pure scripture is a confirmation of how serious what we are doing is. There is a legitimate procedure required before the Throne of God and we are being led correctly in this throughout this book! This is a powerful weapon. Additionally, the thoroughness and the degree to which the repentance is addressed in each chapter is very comforting and reassuring, leaving no stone unturned, no crack for the enemy to regain entrance!

The enormity of this redemptive act and the ripple effect of subsequent consequences thrill me and throw me into laughter! It’s like breathing clean fresh air after being in a stagnant, stinky room! Or like when you have had a stuffy nose when the antihistamine hits and you can breathe again!! It’s a HUGE difference that you feel! A difference that you “sense or discern” in your spirit by knowing what has happened but you also feel or sense a difference in your being!

When I first did these prayers, I began to notice changes in my life, very subtly different at first like: from rejection to favor, or from injustice to justice. These I NOTICED immediately when they happened! Since one is so used to the negative, when a shift happens in situations of long standing rejection or injustice or sickness, one notices when freedom happens!

Through the years I can report that promotions happen, increase happens, deliverances happen, healing happens, before long you can’t keep up with the many changes. But change for the better happens! Before long, only goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life!

Here is where we are now! Enjoying His Goodness and His Favor and stepping into His destiny in our new season with Joy! What could be better? We have moved from loosing personal battles shadow boxing exhaustingly, to victory and battling victoriously on behalf of others and for the nations with God and Hidden in Him.

In essence these prayers are removing the legal ground the enemy has to harass you and steal, kill and destroy in your life! No more shadow boxing! Therefore we can move freely to do the will of God unhindered by the enemy because there is nothing of his in us that he can use with which to legally come against us. Hallelujah! This is huge!!

This is a great place to be! If we can dare to change our circumstances by doing these renunciations we are being proactive with God and are taking the next step to get out of where we have been in our past. We are in warp drive to the next level with God! Then on to His destiny for us!

We are saying: “Enough is Enough!” to the enemy of our souls! “Enough is Enough!” to the tormentor! We are closing doors to the past, to our generational past, to circumstances we may not ever understand or know specifically about but that have impacted our lives negatively.  Especially if we are stuck! Now through this process, most come to an end and we are set free to enjoy our destiny in God, even if we have been at war with that!

These prayers starting with Prayers for Generational Deliverance Manual and followed now by Come Up Higher, have completely changed my life and my family’s lives and we are living in our Promised Land! My children have not had the wars I have had at all; they are at a level much higher than either my husband or I at their ages.

These prayers have improved the overall status of many of our clan on the earth now by bringing their level of prosperity higher. This happened by the Lord raining opportunities into their hands that would not have been possible without these renunciations. Those that have been willing to work the opportunities have prospered!

So as one stands before the Throne of God representing one’s family line, these prayers have a huge ripple effect on so many hundreds of people on the earth now. We may really not know exactly how many we are praying for until Heaven, but God does and He will show us one day!

You can come up higher and bring your family along with you too! This is reward in itself and brings much joy! Praise the Lord for His redemptive work and the continued Power of His Blood which it will never loose!

– Victoria

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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