Benefiting from Exploring Heavenly Places Books

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I have been benefiting from your two Exploring Heavenly Places books.

Yesterday I believe God told me to expect something new that day. In the early evening I was out with my son’s children and while at the playground I started thinking about $900. Then later that evening my son tells me his wife got a deposit of $900 from the Canadian Gov’t for child benefits.

Then when I got home I read in your book about 900 year gaps in visits from Melchizedek. The interesting thing is I had decided to do something unusual with my reading in that I started vol 2 by going to the back part of the book to read about Melchizedek first as I had just finished volume 1.

Then I had an encounter with who I believe to be Melchizedek. I got the impression He came to heal my brain but today I believe He did something more as I feel more spiritually alive and aware and prayed with another level of authority and demand on the promises of God.