Daily Archives: July 15, 2013

Sacrifice the Leader

AVOID BEING THE SCAPEGOAT Ever had someone open up to you about his or her burden and pain, and suddenly you find yourself distanced, ridiculed, or even blamed for issues for which you are not responsible? Most people who desire to help and serve others face this situation at some […]

Unwrap the Gifts

The Body of Christ is crying out for spiritual freedom. Men and women across the globe have entered the battle, gathering on the front lines to pray for deliverance and healing of wounded hearts, minds and bodies. In Unwrapping the Gifts, Paul L. Cox of Aslan’s Place Ministries, equips mature […]

Heaven Trek

God desires to share His creation with us every day! However, often we focus only on the physical world and never on the “unseen” spiritual world.  We too can explore ALL of God’s creation because of what Christ did for us, and through the Holy Spirit.  (Making sure that we […]

Come Up Higher

People are hungry for greater spiritual freedom in their life. In our ministry at Aslan’s Place we’ve seen this evidenced in hundreds of requests for our manual, Prayers for Generational Deliverance. What’s the connection? God has used these prayers to bring remarkable freedom to people. As requests have grown and […]

The Will – Barbara Parker

With apologies to linguists who love the study of English grammar, I must confess that I hated the seemingly endless hours of diagramming sentences and studying the differences between nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, articles, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, periods, commas, exclamation and question marks, asterisks, parentheses, colons and semi-colons… Even […]