Word from Jana on June 18, 2011 during Come Up Higher Webinar

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Keep shifting. Keep moving. It is the holy way. When you step into the gates you
open the expanse. It is wider still for a greater advance. (another angel just landed).

It is a step of faith. It opens up the realms. You must learn and experience the way of
the width and expanse. Many will trust and many maneuver and create from this realm
the stewardship of the creator God it is given to man. I want to release the anointing
of greater works. You trust in me, trust also in the works that I do. So your mind is
expanded. Your imagination will ring true. Sanctified to the holy words by the sounds
of the creator Yah. Shifting going in and out. The mystery is hard to explain. Stay where
you are but I move you for the Kingdom in the realm. You have been set aside like a
holy abandonment. Not that you are orphans but I have tested the heart to seek my
face. To seek the face of the Holy One. To reveal the mystery of the God of Daniel
who is his judge. Practice. Learn in this way. Experience. It is a platform of justice
that you may agree change in heaven and earth that you may agree. Build on what
you learn for the acceleration of wisdom. I am pouring out My spirit on all flesh. The
divine remnant to know the mystery through heaven and earth. The supernatural
creative mystery of the true witness of Yah. For the true sons are in the earth. The
revealed ones.