October 2019 Academy Resources

Worship Playlist: Monday PowerPoint for Aslan’s Place Ministry Guidelines (with notes) Acrobat file for Aslan’s Place Ministry Guidelines (no notes) Prayer to Break the Influence of the Father of Lies Soaking music link Heaven on Earth worship song link Prophetic Words October 14, 2019 Tuesday Introduction to Generational Prayer […]

The Glorious Ones

The Glorious Ones Part 1 The unfolding revelation of the glorious ones fits well into the Lord’s recurring pattern of introducing us to small bits and pieces of knowledge and understanding over extended periods of time. A play-by-play account between Paul and Rob Gross provides a humorous introduction to the […]

Prayer to Abolish Fear

Father, I come as your child, your heir, to repent on behalf of my generational line and myself for all of us who have failed to recognize our position and authority in Christ Jesus, choosing to be intimidated by fear rather than trusting you to be sufficient for all of […]