Radical Obedience Resources May 2022

Article – The Collapse of a Christian Worldview Discernment Notes for the Head and Body Jana’s painting on the Whom of the Dawn: Song played during Beverly Chang’s hula dance:   Christ Manifested Martyn Lloyd – Jones Spiritual Gifts Article – Paul-L-Cox Spiritual Gift Questionnaire Spiritual Gifts Answer […]

Holy Ones and Judicial Decrees

The Lord has shown us that the Holy Ones are the Judicial Branch of the Divine Government, of which Jesus is in charge. During a recent generational prayer session, I noticed that as the client prayed I could feel hundreds of Holy Ones making judicial decrees and declarations; they were […]

January 2022 Resource Page

Summary of EHP Books through Volume 12 Monday Aslan’s-Place-Meeting-Guidelines Tuesday   Wednesday Introduction to Elements and DNA Fractals and Elements explanation Presentation on The Sound of the Lord Thursday Sound Verses   Domains Body Diagram – Printable Friday Replacing Ungodly Elders Prophetic words and notes taken during the week word […]

Prayer to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

Lord, on behalf of myself and my family line back to before the beginning of time, I repent for: Ungodly access of the heavens, ungodly travel in time and in the dimensions. Using occult practices, drugs or alcohol, and ungodly connections with the eyes of the Lord Stealing from the […]