Skeletons in the Closet – Richard Sichender

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I met Richard Sicheneder many years ago when both of us were on a ministry trip to Argentina.
Over the years he has embraced generational prayer and now trains people in the Minneapolis area. Because of his openness to the giftings of others, he has discovered many new revelations that help to bring freedom to individuals. The following article is an introduction to a way of helping to bring increased freedom.

-Paul L. Cox

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew about all the “skeletons” in the family closet?

My parents and grandparents were experts at hiding the dirt of past. As kids we were sternly warned,
“Don’t be telling anyone about Cousin Timmy going to jail. It’s better others don’t know.”
“You are not to tell anyone about the secret bottle in Aunt Julie’s purse. She needs it for her nerves.”

Later in life I learned that my siblings and I were kept in the dark from the most shocking details of our family blood inheritance. Whether we were fond of the relative or not we banded together with a mindset of, “We don’t want to bring any shame to the family name”! The good news is that over the years some of those buried skeletons were pried from the lips of reluctant relatives so they could be dealt with.

Wouldn’t it be great to know about all our inherited iniquities (skeletons)? (Iniquities can be defined as our weaknesses, tendencies, perversities, crookedness, inherited guilt and consequences from the sins of our ancestors.) If we were aware of all these weaknesses, we could repent from, renounce, and break all any ties to ourselves, our children and our grandchildren!

Many people come for ministry and don’t know much about their family history. They lack insight as to where the blessings or curses may have originated. Yet they are experiencing the affects of the sludge they inherited and want to know how to remove it. We know there is sludge because “if you see the fruit, there is a root!” Today, families are spread across the states so we may rarely get to see or hear about the relatives and the good and bad fruit they produce. (Next time you go to your family reunion, if you will take notes, there will be plenty to pray about!)

Thank the Lord that He gave us the Holy Spirit who reveals all truth (John 15:26). The Holy Spirit will reveal things to come (John 16:13) and He knows all that happened in the past. That is good news for those that that don’t know much family history or are orphans. This article is about the goodness of God and His desire toward us, which is, “He wants us free more than we want to be free!”

Break Through Ministry Session

Recently, we had a great appointment that we believe could help others needing ministry. For you that are in ministry I invite you to try it out!

We ministered to a woman who knew little of her family history because everything was kept very secret. She did not have much to tell us about the past, even from dad and mom because they were so tight lipped. We did not know which way to go about ministering.

Prior to the woman’s appointment the team shared with each other what we received in prayer from the Lord. One person had received a word that there were “skeletons in the closet.” Another of the intercessors shared she had seen a keyhole. When she peered through the keyhole she saw the client bound up like a prisoner. The intercessor received a word that “the Lord had a key for the client.” The team decided to see if the client could go into the closet to discover those secrets.

Following an explanation of Paul Cox’s teaching on “Heavenly Doors” (Can be obtained on CD or MP3) and how God at times opens doors to other realms, the client stepped out in faith and found the door to the closet. She unlocked it and walked inside, but it was very dark. We had her ask Jesus to bring His light inside so she could see.

Immediately she saw boxes and packages in a room appearing to be a bedroom closet. She asked if she could open the boxes and look inside. One by one the packages were opened and she started to receive downloads from the Lord on “the hidden family secrets.” God revealed many things for which she needed to personally repent. The powerful 20-30 minute ministry session was filled with an incredible presence of the Lord! Father was helping her clean closets and remove skeletons so she could move closer to Him!

Word of knowledge followed word of knowledge in rapid fire succession from the Holy Spirit. A few items that came to light included: a woman impregnated by someone in authority, religious spirits, false humility, humiliation, betrayal, loneliness, being unkempt, neediness and her own wounded heart.

Our incredible God easily revealed a skeleton to our client and we would deal with it. Immediately the light would shine on another box or package and a new revelation from which she could repent and renounce. She received revelation concerning things she had never thought about or had ever heard from her family. The goodness and grace of God was so awesome! She progressed from boxes on the floor to packages on the shelf and from the front to back of the closet. A tough moment came when there was thick darkness (fear) in the back of the closet, but our faithful Jesus helped her through the fear.

We were amazed by the ease and effortlessness of our ministry time as God brought the secrets to light and then by how quickly the resolution came as the damage from those secrets left! If only the Pharisees had repented for the “dead men’s bones” with as much resolve!

Matthew 23:27 New King James Version (NKJV)“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.

God wants to reveal “the skeletons” that are keeping His children bound and cleanse us for his Son!


Have the client go into the family closet to look for any hidden skeletons.
The Holy Spirit will reveal the skeletons and move mightily in ministry to bring cleansing and healing of your client!

All the glory to Jesus our Lord!

Spirit of Truth and Freedom Ministries
Richard Sicheneder
3809 Sunset Rd
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
Phone: 763-427-0013

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