Word from Jana on May 24, 2010

It is for the total order to come into alignment. Don?t muzzle the ox while it is treading. Ask for the stones. The true order is the ruling of the righteous king in the earth and the order of the priest to the most high God. They has been an illegally gain access at every gate, also seven levels down and seven levels up. But the eighth that is down has been opened up. A new order. You create a path. You create the order. Wisdom must be established at every gate and every door and where the paths meet. The star goes before you to light the way for where you are going is dark. The star holds the revelation. There are keys. Each level has to be put in right order. Seven is redemption. And fifty is the jubilee. The hundred fold return is given to you that believe. A tribunal has been ordered before the godly ones standing here. The righteous sons. A realm of establishment. You will stand on the crystal sea. This is the trading flood, the sea of glass. For the witness.

Illegally bought, accessed. Ask for the stones. All seven levels down and up again.

Melchizedek is speaking now.

Lord we ask for the double door, the double portion.

Blessed are you?.among women. For pain and suffering has doesn?t amount to the treasury you behold. It is a fair trade for the Most High has paid and bought back. Look up your redemption was drawn neigh. You hold a key not for just you but you have leveled a path for many to come through. You are a key and it is at The Table. Your courage is great and this pleases God. Your perception will position you. It is how you see the true treasury, the wealth of the nations has been given to you, a covenant has been given to you. The two become one. The true witness in unity. It is an apostolic reformation, a key of deliverance that unlocked the way. These standing here will witness to it. And those who accuse you will be given your vindications. For it is me, says the Lord. Your inheritance is the vindication against every word that accuses you. Stand in the order for the place of trading. From the rising of the sun to its setting the redemption has been ordered in your book from before time. The order of Melchizedek, it is written, will bring you through. You eat the messiah?s bread. You partake of His blood. I make all things new and what you eat you become. There is much more to show you. A little at a time. Know that heaven is watching, waiting. These standing here are not just of the earth. You are in a realm, a new realm. It is a tribunal council.

Things have to be put in position. You have assistance from on high. The sevenfold spirits of God will not be denied.

Jana sees a Godly Elohim and a godly table. Many are there. There is also an ungodly Elohim.

Where was this first traded? Ask for the stones. What were they trading for.

It is a three way pathway. It is the way, truth, and the life. The true way is the through way to the place of origin that sets it right. A recreated way that sets the creation right. It is a new and better way. You fix history. You redeem the time by the order of Melchizedek, you are realigned. Glory, glory, glory, the true design. It is about the gold, the setting of light, the gold refined in fire. It is a time of the design, the redesign, the true sons to be realigned. It is a path of thinking.

Jana sees someone scribing. A scroll being scribed. Melchizedek is a mediator. This affects an agreement, both heaven and earth. The true design to be redesigned. It is about the new stone, the white stone that only the father knows. Heaven and earth in agreement with the righteous judge will redeem all that is, will be, and has been done. It is the power of the age to come. Many have been called but not have received their true rights, their position as sons. This is why the stones, the Father knows. To be known by God. This is the time of the revelation for the true sons. The recreation of creation has begun. It is the overcomer and the testimony of Jesus and the power of the blood. Only these gain the right, only these are the sons of light. The transfiguration of emanating light. The transformation that will win the fight. Each level has a battle of its own. You are the conduit for the restoration. These standing here are all a witness for the new creation, for the recreation. It is a sound, a movement of color, of light, frequencies, oscillation. It is what you emanate. You create an atmosphere, a reality. Perception can be seen dimly or in distorted glass. You see dimly now, but face to face. To be known fully as you have been fully known. To know the established order is what you are to become. It is the all consuming fire. It is not just a fire of baptism; it is an all consuming fire.

These seven fold, the Seven Spirits of God, they are to assist you. Each one has an attribute.

Melchizedek knows the fiery stones personally.

Jana senses an organization of order being established. Positioning a platform for trading, for justice. That precious price that was paid, for He was crucified before the foundation was laid. The redemption from the place of everlasting. That is where the trading was placed, that is where the lot was cast. By an agreement of the ungodly sons, given away by the true sons. What was sold or given away was from a place of deception. The lie that was bought gave a reality, a false perception. It is how you see and how you think. The sound emanates a reality that you believe. The system comes in order in the place of origin. (the seven Spirits of God). Look at the order of Joel 2 for they are headed to the garden of Eden. One order does not want to give up what they think they already possess (parts of ?). It is under the sub cellular level, the stones, the chromosomes. The manipulation is on the connections. The ley lines manipulative the stones. They resonate a sound, a repetitive path. A warn path that keeps recycling. Cleanse the ley lines, you buy back the stones. They are restored to true light and set in gold.

Deeper still, these seven levels have been known but a eighth opens up, the true core, that is where the glory is. This is where you are wrought together in the depths of the earth. True unity is about to emerge.
A special being created for only this event and reading of a scroll, not known before by any created being ? I feel the tabernacle

This cannot be unlocked without intercession.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor has entered into the hearts of man to go in and to go up. It has been kept secret, but is revealed, now, created now. For I know it would have been dealt treacherously. These were written on your scroll before your days came to pass. Hidden by the Ancient of Days in the secret place. The sound has not been released. For if it was it would have contaminated the original DNA, but not by might or power, but by My spirit. Yet there was not one element of time that existed. This is the portion that belongs to God. Untouched by man or Satan. Blow the trumpets in Zion. A sound of judgment for justice. Jana sees this ungodly order is upset because he did not know about this. This part was never touched. This is the Lord?s domain. These hold the breath of original life that was breathed into Adam. These are the three stones that God still has. They were kept and created now for the manifestation. Always having their origin with God. Always having the place of Glory, untouched without contamination, manipulation. These are the building blocks. Behold I lay a cornerstone in Zion. This is the new garment. Before the sons of God, when Joshua was dressed, so it is with?.a clean turban to be put on by the finger of God. Remove the filthy garments. Let her be dressed in festive robes. Zechariah is caught up in this place. Let a clean turban be put on her head. The original stones are spirit. Turn light, emanating light, the blood was gold, like honey. Liquid gold. Before it was blue or red, it was gold. He walked amongst us. The stones of fire in lava. The fiery stones are undefiled. The building blocks for the elements. They have no names of any natural order. Nor has entered the hearts of man. I take out a heart of stone and put in a heart of flesh. The heart is an element, a stone created first for the natural elements. The four quadrants are the four corners, the foundation. The chief cornerstone must be set in Zion. Built on the sure foundation of apostles and prophets. It is the true witness in the earth that testifies to Zion. Now that this place has been opened because the secrets of the Kingdom of God have been given to you. What was stolen and what was given away was the agreement of man who did not cover and protect, who did not steward. For their way was wicked and any other way is a thief and robber.

New message:
The conflict, because there can only be one woman. One?.It was through a copulation with the ungodly Elohim. This gave natural right to the legal DNA. But these three stones were not touched. It is a position of elitism that only one can exist. This is why Satan is very upset because his counsel was confused. He believed he had access because of covenant. Only one woman can birth the manchild.


This was true of Mary, here DNA was hidden. He was made then too. (Is there a connection between Melchizedek, DNA, and fiery stones).

The fiery stones are the culmination of spirit and natural elements (where matter and anti-matter manifest?is antimatter spirit.). This is why we are formed out of the earth and the inheritance is the land (the promise land). The giants in the land were trying to take the land.

We are the only creation formed from earth. The three stones are the undefiled stones that make up spirit, soul, and body. It is why the inheritance is always the land?Israel. This is the beginning of re-creation. So it was given to Israel to show Pharaoh (the world) who God is so it was given to man to show satan and the ungodly Elohim who God is and we are mandated by the chief cornerstone to do the same. That is why the created witness in the earth, the manifest sons of God, for the re-creation, has begun. Because so much was given away and stolen, ??.is given the Key to unlock the nations. For those who have forgiven much, love much. Love is the key. Your suffering is an earned grace that unlocks the inheritance to the Promise. Nine nations.

It is all about desire. Learn what desire can do. You create a desire that creates a pathway. The declaration over Eve is your desire will be for your husband. As she was the face of the bride for the King of Kings, the enemy has twisted for a world view. A paradigm of thinking. Your perception was in lack that you didn?t have what you already were given. It is not that your birthright does not exist. Your perception says you were not like him. Thinking creates a desire that levels a pathway for your position as a king, as a priest. You rule over a dominion. A kingdom. As David says you train my hands for war and my fingers for battle and you subdue a people under me. You need to take your position on your mountain where you rule and reign. You only have access through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
End of this message

New Message about key?why was?.chosen to be the head of the ungodly star table (star chamber)
It is the ungodly desire to subdue the nations. The timing is critical?strategic. I hear the stars singing.

This deliverance will open a door.

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