Yearly Archives: 2013

Renunciation of Hinduism

Heavenly Father, I ask you to forgive me and all members of my ancestral line for all ungodly beliefs in Hinduism and its philosophies, for all Hindu idolatry, and for all ungodly practice of Hinduism and its disguised offshoots: forgive us for obtaining knowledge illegally through ungodly Hindu sources, for […]

Prayer of Restitution

Lord, I renounce and repent for those in my family line who broke marriage covenants and mated with the fallen sons of God. I also renounce and repent for all Moloch and Baal worship in my generational line. On behalf of both sides of the family, please forgive us for […]

The Trading Floor

We frequently receive questions about chess boards and trading floors. This article is a collection of what we know so far. Revelation about the trading floor is still unfolding, and we are still working on gaining an understanding of what this all means Biblically. However, we believe that the trading […]