September 17, 2013 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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Paul: Welcome to Aslan’s Place, and we are here in Apple Valley, in our media room.

Father, we welcome Your presence right now. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we want to be doing what You are doing tonight. We ask that You will direct us and lead us and teach us and guide us. Amen.

I was sharing with some people here that recently as I have been leading meetings, often I have only one thing that I know, and I am very aware that we have two hours, and I know one thing. I may know two things. And this actually happened. I came home from dinner and I realized that we were in the Depth. And I want to get some scriptures for you.

Let’s go to Ephesians first. Read Ephesians 3:18, let’s start at verse 14:

For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man, that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height – to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge.

And beginning of, I think it was 2008, the Lord started teaching us about the Depth, and I remember the first time, I think it was at a School at the Victorian House, and the Lord actually gave us deep sea diving suits. Now you can get medication for this. We could actually feel, in fact I actually have one on now, it has like the bubble head and the suit, and if you are aware through discernment, I am feeling very wet and humid. It’s like I am standing outside in Alabama in the summer. And I realize as I feel this that I am in the Depth.

And so the Depth is mentioned here. Also if you look at Romans 8 verse 38:

For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers… and I have been trying to shock people recently, you know ‘principalities’ is not the right translation, it is actually the word ‘rulers,’ it is ‘arche’ or ‘archon,’ and our translators have mistranslated ‘principalities.’ I know many people go around fighting principalities but it is not even something you are supposed to fight because they are rulers, ungodly rulers, unrighteous rulers… nor powers, nor things past nor things to come, nor height nor depth nor any other created thing.

All these items mentioned here in Romans 8 are created things, and I don’t know, they may even be living. I suspect that the height, length, depth, and width may even be living. The first time someone discerned them I was in New York, and it felt like something very vast. I actually feel it on my head. It’s like…something very vast. (Laughs). I don’t know what else to say. I feel it at the top of my head. And the Depth appears to be the place where the soul is, and the height, length and width are different locations. I believe the height is the place of ruling and reigning, and there can be an unrighteous height , and we have given over to the enemy the righteous height. The width appears to be the place of the heart, and also the place of hope and trust. And the length appears to be the place of oneness and also sexual union. So the whole concept of being one is in the length. I don’t know if we are going to talk about those three, but it appears right now that we are going to be talking about the Depth.

Now in the Depth there are several places that are fallen, and several places that are good. I don’t know of all the places that are good. We do know that in the ungodly depth we have Sheol. The first time Sheol is mentioned is by Jacob when he thought that Joseph was dead. He said that “my soul goes down to Sheol and I will not be comforted.” As a Baptist pastor, of course, we knew exactly what we were talking about, because I had studied theology, and I could interpret all these things. We very carefully told everybody that Sheol was simply the place before Hell, or the place of the dead, or we didn’t know what it was because it’s not been translated well, and so with that clear understanding we went on, and probably Sheol became the bosom of Abraham in the time of Jesus, and it became paradise later, it became heaven later, or hell later, depending upon which way you want to go with Sheol.

I believe now Sheol is not a good place, it is a place of disconnectedness. David says “Lord I want to see You in the land of the living.” And in the Psalms if you look carefully, and we won’t have time to look at those because I am just making this up as I go along. I remember the scriptures, I’m not making it up, I’m remembering the scriptures as the Holy Spirit helps me. David says “I can’t praise you where I am, and I can’t connect to you, and I can’t be thankful, and there is no joy.” I came across so many Christians, and they would talk like that, and they would say “I just can’t connect to the Lord.” I remember we were in Australia just after we had this revelation, and this lady was in her 50s, she said “I’m finished with Christianity, because no matter what I try, I just cannot connect to the Lord.” And we had a prayer minster there and she took her fifteen minutes through Release from the Ungodly Depth, and she came back next thing and she was totally different. We’ve seen so many amazing things happen with this prayer. And what happens is I can put myself out there, in the case of Jacob it was unresolved grief. He said “I will not be comforted.” He said that: “I will go to Sheol and I will not be comforted.” So we actually can put ourselves there, or people can put us there. People’s accusations, people’s words, generationally we can be put there.

Well, Sheol is one place and the Pit is another place, the trap and the snare are other places, the darkness, outer darkness deep darkness, and utter darkness are there, and I’m trying to figure if that’s all the places I can remember.

Participant: Forgetfulness.

Paul: Yeah, forgetfulness is another place. The last school that we did, the school when we recorded, I had a lady sitting next to me; Raylene, you remember the lady sitting next to me, and she agreed to be the “test” lie-in for generational deliverance. I sat there, and every time she said something, I said “I cannot remember what you just said.” And then I would try to say something, and I would go like this (leans head forward) remember that?

Participant: Yeah.

Paul: Remember that? And I couldn’t remember. And I finally said to her “Do you have trouble remembering?” She said “I can’t remember at all.” And we discovered Becky Linderman had a dream about the place of forgetfulness. And actually it’s mentioned in scripture, in Psalms. I belive the place of forgetfulness is tied to Alzheimers, and to dementia, and it’s a place where David actually says “I cannot remember, I cannot remember in this place.” Well, these are all places in the Depth. Again, I believe our soul is there. It appears our heart and our will may be in the width, but I’m not quite sure about that yet, but we think so.

So, we are in the Depth, and it feels like we are under water. This is so strange. We are really, really deep under water. I can feel the motion of the water over my head. Now another thing that is very interesting about where we are now, is that I feel elders here. I can tell you one thing we have noticed when people are trapped in the ungodly depth- and we have done this several times- people often see themselves under water in caves, and many times they will have dreams, and I have recorded several of these dreams, and they feel like they are boxed in by glass. So they look out and it appears that they are free but they are not, and I can feel on a person three cubes. There’s a cube here, and another cube, and another cube (using hands to show cubes stacked on one another, the largest at the top) and then, I can’t remember the order, but on one cube we have ungodly elders, another cube we have ungodly powers and another cube we have ungodly rulers (using hand motions) and they seem to hold the corners and it’s a place of torment, and I think this may be the place where people hear voices.

Paul: Good evening (to a person who walks in).

Paul: I believe people do actually hear people talking in the ungodly depth. They are trapped there and they are hearing conversations. I also believe it is a place where you receive accusations. So if you are trapped in the ungodly depth and there is a person trapped in the ungodly depth who is accusing you, so the conversation is taking place here (hand motions lower place) not up here (hand motions upper place) where you think it is, where you are living, because there is parts of you that are trapped and you are actually hearing what is going on down there.

Another thing that is good to understand is that the Lord is teaching us is “the part is not the whole.” And we can be disassociated very easily. We can have parts, even those of us that appear to be normal, can have parts, wounded parts, little boy parts, if you’re a girl, little girl parts, sometimes in lots of programming or SRA actually can have girl or boy parts. If you’re raped as a girl, a sexual rape, then you might disassociate and become a boy, so you can’t do that to that little boy. So what happens before the age of three you need to have the first split, that is in severe abuse in what we call programming and SRA and you can split off a part, and that part can be amnesiac sometimes, in other words, that part may actually think there is no one else in the body. And it may be like a three year old part and it talks like a three year old like this (mimic child’s voice). And the person actually talked to me just like that. And so “Is there anybody else in the body?” “No, I am the body.” Well, you are looking at an adult man or an adult woman, and they think that they are the whole body. You see, the part is not the whole (hand motions). Now this gets really, really complicated because you have parts scattered in the height, in the depth, in the length, and the width. And I believe that at this point that our soul parts can be, if we have been fractured, have been scattered in the ungodly depth, and your spirit parts can be fractured in the height, length and width. Now, I never believed that before. I always believed that the soul could be…that the spirit was always one. And the Lord is always confusing me with truth. And pretty soon you realize that what you believe, and what you’ve been taught may not be what is true. And also, when you explore, it’s not unbiblical. I frankly believe at this time that there will be a point when all things are reconciled in Christ and at the Parousia, perhaps the second coming, then He’s going to gather all this mess up, if we’re still a mess, and He’s going to bring it back into unity. I still play with that.

You understand, this is called discernment coaching and exploration, and we have to be willing as Christians to explore. And so we are throwing these things out, and it’s ok to talk about these things, we’re not trying to be heretics, we’re absolutely trying to be biblical, and we are trying to understand, why are we in such a mess? Now, it amazes me, people say “Now I don’t believe that.”I say, I like Jana’s statement. My friend Jana right here by my right hand and side, she says “Well, how’s that working for you?” Well, if you are honest, many of us will admit it’s not working well. And so you see we go to church and we put on our nice clothes and we put on a smile, and we do not really tell anybody what is really going on, and how badly we feel and how rotten our lives are. You see, everything is fine when you get saved. Noticed that? Well, actually when you get saved, there is that honeymoon period, then everything starts falling apart, and you realize that you are at war. We shouldn’t be surprised at that. People say “We’re not at war.” Well, if we’re not at war, why then do we need the armor? See? And why are we called soldiers? Paul calls us soldiers of Christ. We cross over the Jordan River, and we set up our camp and we wait for Jesus to come and we study our Bible. That’s all that’s going on. Wouldn’t that be nice, except that we get hundreds of phone calls every year, by people who are not doing well. “Well, you just don’t have enough faith!” Well, that would be nice. So anyway, we realize that there is a lot going on that we do not understand.

Well, we are in the Depth, and I feel the elders. Rulers, I don’t feel the rulers but I feel the elders. And I don’t know why we are here. My friend Jana, I think there is an elder here with a message, my friend Jana. Do you want to see? I hope you get something because I don’t know where to go.

Jana: Ok.

Paul: Isn’t that nice? (Pause) This is Jana Green, she also is a prayer minister. And we have Dean over there and Melissa who are also prayer ministers.

Paul: So are you typing this? Thank you, Justin.

Paul: Now many times the Lord wants to teach us something, and it’s something that we do not know. So every time that we receive words right there, we are always running through the grid of the Bible, I think Brian mentioned that in the introduction. We are a Bible-based ministry, we believe the Word of God. Jeremiah 33:3 is

Justin: Call to me (he reads the verse off mike, Paul echoes him.)

Paul: Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know. (To Justin) You need to be on the mike.

Jana: That’s good; I don’t know, amen.

Justin: So Jeremiah 33:3, He said, Paul, “Call to me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know.”

Paul: So we are probably going somewhere that we do not know.

Justin: Which is probably most places.

Paul: Yes. (Laughs) That’s why I call my book Heaven Trek daring to go where God wants you to go. Or perhaps daring to go where no one’s gone before. Lord, we welcome Your presence, thank You that You want to teach us. And I get the word enable us, enable us.

Jana: (Sings/prays in tongues). Learn from Me, where I took the one up by the lock of his hair, to the place of width between heaven and earth. And Ezekiel saw, and dug a hole in the wall, and I showed him detestable things, things that are now and things that are far. And I showed him the elders, and what they were doing, how they defiled the house of the Lord, and bringing it to ruin. And it is My place

Yes Lord. (Laughs. Paul laughs). He said slow down, the angel did.

It is My place, the tabernacle, the sukkot. I sent him in to cleanse it. And these have set up rule from long ago. They conferred with the ancients, so I showed the son of man what they were doing, so I can cleanse the heart that was ruined. So I brought him from the depth to the height (this is crazy). I sent the whirlwind, for it is the safest place to be. It scatters the seed, and removes the chaff for those who believe. So I brought him to the front of the Temple, from the place within. The width was for time travel, from without within, from before to begin, and now time and a half time, that’s where you start. The width within to without, cleanse the court.

That’s all I got. What is that?

Paul: I know exactly what it is.

Jana: You do?

Paul: Yes. (Laughs)The Lord is so cool.

Jana: Isn’t He?

Paul: Since we are discernment coaching, why don’t you come and stand here and feel the elder standing here? There is actually one elder standing here. Do you want to feel him? I feel an elder right here. Now if you are online, remember that we are not here, we are there, we are all in one place. You can stand up and ask the Lord where you can feel the elder as we are in the spirit right now. I feel an elder right here. So come here.

Participant:   I can’t believe it. Oh, yeah, there he is.

Paul: See if I stand here like this, I feel him right here on my head. So this is not an angel, it is an elder. One of the 24…it’s not one of the 24. It’s one of the elders…oh! I think there is 24 elders in the depth. I think there is 24 elders in charge in the depth. Oh, 24 elders in charge in the height, in the length and the width. (Tongues). I think that’s true.

Paul: Right there. Do you see anything, Melissa? What is it? Get the mike.

Jana: What’s my eye doing?

Melissa: I kinda saw a picture of an outline, I wonder if it was a throne or something because I kinda saw a council.

Paul: Many times people have seen them sitting on thrones.

Participant: I was seeing like he was sitting on a throne, on a white…he looked muscular, with a sky blue shirt, this time.

Paul: What shirt?

Participant: Sky blue shirt.

Paul: Oh, sky blue shirt.

Participant:  But he kinda looked like it was a muscle shirt. Yeah.

Paul: An elder in a muscle shirt. (Laughs).

Melissa: It is a muscular revelation.

Paul: Okay, so I think we have our direction. Anything for you, Jana? If you would read that again, Justin? And while he’s getting ready, turn to Ezekiel chapter 8.

Justin reads Jana’s prophecy. (Recorded above.)

Jana: That’s crazy.

Paul: Yes it is. (Reads from the screen) Deborah and Ivaiky?–While Jana was getting the message I saw a floating cube filled with small cubes with yellow, red and orange cubes. The cube was huge and took the top half of the room. (Reading off the screen). Deborah would you send that to me?

Jana: Yeah, me too.

Paul: Incidentally, we do post the notes online. (Reading off the screen) Amy; if the place of the width is between heaven and earth, could it be the second heaven? Okay. What I believe now is that there is no place like second heaven. We have extrapolated the concept of the second heaven from Paul saying that he was taken to the third heaven, and so we have said there must be a second and first heaven, and we have believed and taught the first heaven was the universe that we could see, the second heaven was the place of the enemy, and the third heaven is the place of God. What we believe now is that third heaven is where God is, that is certainly true. There are dimensions, kingdoms, regions, spheres and the grid, probably multiple grids, and in the grid there are places where the enemy has taken over, in other words, we have given over sections of the kingdoms or the grid or the dimensions, to the enemy. This has resulted in gates being closed, bronze doors and iron bars which are mentioned in Isaiah 45. In some of our previous webinars we have talked about gates and doors. We are just now learning, in fact yesterday in a deliverance session, the Lord actually took us to sub-dimensions where the fallen sons of god have been building, and the Lord started collapsing those sub-dimensions, and we could actually feel them collapsing, we could fell deliverance. So, Melissa?

Melissa: I was seeing that as you were talking about the orange cubes, I saw them over here going this way and some were going that way, and they came down and it was in between us like a grid fell onto us and it’s like it’s mixed; it’s like kingdom with whatever is going on right now.

Paul: Ok, keep watching, keep us informed here. So, let’s start with the beginning of the word, and then we will have to start unpacking this.

Ezekiel chapter 8, verse 1. I need to tell you too, that when this started in the church I was pastoring, this was a passage that was given to me. About what was going on in the church, and it was jealousy.

Jana: The seed of jealousy. Wow.

Paul: The seed of jealousy. And what it is is this is a person who is jealous about the honor that God is receiving. In other words they are jealous about God, and they want to be the one that is in charge, not God. There are 70 many elders, yes.

And it came to pass in the sixth year, in the sixth month, on the fifth day of the month, as I sat in my house with the elders of Judah sitting before me, that the hand of the Lord fell upon me there. Then I looked and there was a likeness, like the appearance of fire—from the appearance of His waist and downward, fire; and from His waist and upward, like the appearance of brightness, like the color of amber. He stretched forth the form of a hand, and took me by the lock of my hair, Jana, and the Spirit lifted me up between earth and heaven, and brought me in visions of God to Jerusalem, to the door of the north gate of the inner court, (didn’t she end by saying about something about the court?) where the seat of the image of jealousy was, which provokes to jealousy. And behold, the glory of the God of Israel was there, like the vision that I saw in the plain. Then He said to me, “Son of man, lift your eyes now toward the north.” So I lifted my eyes toward the north, and there, north of the altar gate, was this image of jealousy in the entrance. Furthermore He said to me, “Son of man, do you see what they are doing, the great abominations that the house of Israel commits here, to make Me go far away from My sanctuary? Now turn again, you will see greater abominations. So He brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, there was a hole in the wall. Then He said to me, “Son of man, dig in this wall,” and when I dug into the wall, there was a door.

Here we have a wall with a door. I believe this a dimensional door.

So I went in and saw, and there—every sort of creeping thing, abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel portrayed all around the walls. And there stood before them seventy men of the elders of the house of Israel and in their midst stood Jaazaniah the son of Shaphan. Each man had a censer in his hand, and a thick cloud of incense went up. Then He said to me, “Son of man, have you seen what the elders of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the room of his idols? For they say, ‘The Lord does not see us, the Lord has forsaken the land.’” Then He said to me, “Have you seen this, O son of man? Turn again, you will see greater abominations that they are doing.” So He brought me to the door of the north gate to the Lord’s house; to my dismay women were sitting there weeping for Tammuz.

Now, if you familiar with ancient religions, and mystery religions, they can all be traced back to the story of Nimrod and Semiramis. And Semiramis is the wife or the mother of Nimrod, and it’s almost a kinky thing going on here, she’s the wife/mother, Nimrod dies and she brings Nimrod back to life. So this story is in every ancient religion, and this is of course trying to counterfeit the story of Jesus, of His death, burial and resurrection. So part of the ritual was to weep for Tammuz, and Tammuz is actually the man, the son of Semiramis, and the son who dies and comes to life. And this takes place in Easter time, the easter egg thing of new life in the spring equinnox

Then He said to me, “Have you seen this, son of man? Turn again, you will see greater abominations than these.” So He brought me into the inner court of the Lord’s house, and there, at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the altar, were about twenty five men with their backs toward the temple of the Lord and their faces toward the east, and they were worshipping the sun toward the east. And He said to me, “Have you seen this, O son of man? Is this a trivial thing to the house of Judah to commit the abominations which they commit here? For they have filled the land with violence; then they have returned to provoke Me to anger. Indeed they put the branch to their nose.”

And that is actually a sign of disrespect.

“Therefore I will act in fury. My eye will not spare nor will I have pity; and though they cry in My ears with a loud voice, I will not hear them.”

Ok, so that’s the first part that Jana gave. The other part she gave is about the whirlwind. Now I have been gone on two twelve day trips and the second trip I was in Moravian Falls with Kevin Basconi, and on a Sunday afternoon, I was in my room and Kevin came in and a door opened and we went into this door into the treasures of darkness. And so we got that out. And then when I came down for the evening meeting, I felt a whirlwind. In fact I think I was picking up the whirlwind earlier. I spent all afternoon studying the whirlwind, you didn’t know this (pointing at Jana), Jana didn’t know this. In the meeting, Kevin called it an impartation meeting; he wanted me to be in charge. As usual I didn’t know what I was going to do, and the whirlwind showed up and then the all-consuming fire of God showed up, and John the Baptist showed up, he had camel skin on, clothes. And a camel showed up too. People were feeling the camel. Well the power of God fell in the room, and the all-consuming fire and the whirlwind was present.

So I had gone and looked up words about the whirlwind, and this goes all the way back to March 2005. I have many pages of notes. We will not go through that tonight. You can be grateful for that. I think I have edited notes, actually.

So, March 14, 2005. Whirlwind, whirlwind, whirlwind, whirlwind. Higher, higher, higher. Revelation coming, revelation coming, revelation coming. You’re going to dip into the pool (That’s interesting, that’s the depth. Oh, there was an anointing when I said that. That’s the depth. That was before we knew about the depth.) You’re going to dip into the pool, you’re going to dip into the pool of revelation, but you gotta come higher, you gotta come higher, you gotta come higher. Let go, let go, let go, let go. Revelation coming, revelation coming . You’ve never been there before, you’ve never been there before. There’s another well, there’s another well, there’s another well,

Participant:   ooooo!

Paul:   an earthen(?) well, (Feel the anointing on that?), an earthen? well. Jump in, jump in. Bring your children in, bring your children in.

And then there’s…I originally had 90 pages. I wanna go to the one Persis gave me on August 15 2013. So I was in Moravian Falls, I think the end of August. And she had given this to me I think August the 15th. Oh my word, I just picked this up!

The jump is big. (Laughs.) It is! I just read 2005. The jump is big, big, big, big. Old tent pegs must come out, out, out, out. Too big it is to be done alone. I’ll send you reinforcements which I have homegrown. With the breath of My wind hand in hand with your friends, you’ll be propelled into regions unknown.

I think that’s what just happened.

There is a big one for the season and the time, I want to reveal to these friends of Mine. As Superman you’ll fly into realms that are unknown, swirling like a dervish, like dust storms occur. (There’s dust storm, the whirlwind.) You’ll come and you’ll go into regions both near and far. You’ll discover some secrets hidden in the winds, you’ll unravel some mysteries hidden within. You’ll deposit My kingdom along this new way, as I guide and propel you for this new day.

And she says “I hear all this in context of seeing me (indicates himself) on the lip of the Grand Canyon and flying off like Superman. As you are propelled by the breath of the wind, up and down and around and around you go, accomplishing His purposes as you go.”

There are many scriptures that talk of the whirlwind, and there are actually two words that are translated ‘whirlwind’. One is supa,and it means ‘storm wind’, and the other one is saar, which is a transliteration. So supa and saar, which means ‘storm, whirlwind or tempest’, and let me just give you a couple of scriptures. Remember the scripture about Elijah that he was caught up into the whirlwind; he didn’t ride to heaven in a chariot, he went in a whirlwind.

Participant: He was in it.

Paul:   He was in the whirlwind. He went to the height in 2Kings 2:1 and 11. In Job 38:1, The Lord answers Job out of the whirlwind, which is saar. Another time in Job 40: 6, 7, He also answers Job out of the whirlwind. Proverbs 10:25 When the whirlwind passes by, the wicked are no more; the righteous has an everlasting foundation.

So, if you are aware right now, I can feel the whirlwind. I don’t know, well I’m just discerning, so come here and feel right here on my head, I discern it right here. Come up, yeah, and it is very powerful. Right there. I can feel that when you do that. Again, where you are, you can…

(Reading from the screen) Lydia, regarding Ezekiel 1, according to the comment in the NLT, this event occurred on September 17th. Really!? Today is Sept 17th. In the Hebrew, in the fifth day of the sixth month, in the ancient lunar calendar. You are kidding me.

Jana:  You can’t make this up, Paul.

Paul:   This is September 17th. (Reading from the screen) Hey Dad, if we have time, we have a person who would like help discerning the cause of tendonitis. Okay, we will do that, Brian. I will remember to give you time.

Do you all feel? What do you see?

Melissa:   off mike

Paul:   You see a spinning? Yeah.

Brian: We need to have a microphone up there.

Paul:   I was just going to say Rudy, are we supposed to step into the whirlwind and go someplace? Ok, come here.

Jana: It’s the safest place to be.

Paul: So, online also do this prophetically. We’re supposed to step into the whirlwind and we’ll be taken someplace that’s safe. What was the word again? Oh, can you feel that? Climb on in. This is like a Disney ride.

Justin: The word said “So I brought him from the depth to the height, I sent the whirlwind for it is the safest place to be.”

Paul:   Okay. We’re going up. I think we’re actually going up in the whirlwind. Is that right Rudy? I feel dimensions shifting

Jana:  I trust your discernment more than mine. (Laughter in the group.)

Paul: We’re still going up. What’s the next line, Justin?

Justin: It scatters the seed and removes the chaff for those who believe.

Paul: Okay. Just a second. Now I feel a deliverance. So if you are online, I don’t know if you experiencing this. Actually, there is deliverance going on right now.

(Reading from the screen) Don: I had a vision two weeks ago, where I saw Paul and others standing in a row hand in hand waiting to all take a step of unity that would plunge us into a new place of revelation. So Don, I’m actually feeling deliverance right now.

Jana: Is the whirlwind in the depth, that’s a good question?

Paul: Is the whirwind…I don’t know. It looks like it starts in the depth. I think that’s where we started. We started in the depth and we are being taken to the height.

(Reading from the screen) Peter: I just remembered this: years ago I had a dream about a tsunami wave where I heard the words “Ride the tide, but don’t get caught up in the whorlwind.” Whirlwind, not whorlwind probably? The voice said whorlwind not whirlwind. Oh.

I remember the first time I heard this I think I was in Hawaii, and a lady said I’m going deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper now into the stars. I think we had to go into the depth to go into the height. It appears now that the whirlwind is taking us into the height. Friends and loved ones, we’re all going through a deliverance, this is another deliverance. So Lord, what’s the deliverance of this time? It’s coming off me too.

Jana: Well, if it’s Ezekiel 8, I’m thinking of something else Persis said: you’re bigger inside than out.

Paul:   Well, she said it was bigger, big, big. You said bigger inside than out.

Jana:   Oh, I said that.

Paul:   You need to be on the mike.

Participant:   Yeah, it’s very warm and I feel deliverance come off my hands.

Paul:   Yes, it is coming off her hands. Well, Lord what is this coming off now?

Participant: It’s really getting hotter.

Paul:   It is. So Lord, what’s coming off now?

Brian: Can you hear me Dad?

Paul:   Oh, also it’s coming off our waist. I think it’s coming off the seven eyes of the Lord. You can sit down.

Brian:   Can you hear me Dad?

Participant:   It’s increasing.

Participant:   Is it the one that looks like the son of man with fire from the waist down?

Brian:   Ok, can you hear me in the room?

Paul:   Barely.

Brian:   Barely? Ok, let’s fix that.

Participant: Am I not on?

Brian:   Mike, Crystal’s husband, had… oops. I’m putting up the wrong mike. You’d think I know what I am doing. Mike, Crystal’s husband had a short dream that I think could be pertinent.

Paul:   Good

Crystal: He told me that last night he dreamed as if everyone was at our house having a party, and then all of a sudden it was as if the world was ending, and a huge storm came overhead, and there were clouds everywhere and through the clouds, a light came down, opened up and he thinks it was as if it was an angel coming through the clouds, and when they got down to our size- because it was huge-and when it got down to us it was a baby and it floated to each one of our hands. In his hands it was upside down and it flipped over to be face up, and he just fell over, he was so over-emotional with not understanding why this baby came to him.

Paul: In the dream or when he woke up?

Crystal:   In the dream. He had it last night. He’s never dreamed anything like that, he was almost afraid to tell me about it.

Jana: The new man child, in the earth.

Paul:   The new man child in the earth. Melissa?

Melissa: I keep seeing a cube, it’s right in front of Raylene and there is a gold key in it.

Paul:   And what’s in it?

Melissa: It keeps spinning and there’s a key in it. There’s a key inside a cube and I don’t know why, but it’s been there for like ten minutes.

Paul:   You need to be on the mike.

Participant: I see something like spinning right here.

Paul:   Ok Raylene, ask the Lord if you can get that key.

Raylene: Lord, can I get the key? Yeah. Ok. (She stands and gets the key.)

Paul:   Ok I want us to wait. You hold the key. I want to wait and make sure the deliverance is totally done. Does anyone have an understanding of what’s coming off of us? It’s coming off of all of us.

Rudy:   As I was standing there I sensed that it was fear. It was leaving.

Paul: Fear

Jana: Oh I hope so. Chop chop.

Paul: I confirm that. So what kind of fear is this? What’s the nature of the fear? Can you not hear him, Brian?

Brian: No we can. I just wanted to check, have you taken care of Don and Peter?

Paul:   Yes, those two are taken care of.

Brian: Ok, I’ll clear that one.

Paul: I haven’t taken care of Erin.

Brian: Right, that one’s new.

Paul:   (Reading from the screen). I heard that we were getting deliverance from all the generational witchcraft that was keeping us from going into the height. Thank you, Erin. I do feel witchcraft actually, Erin. It’s not the kind of witchcraft-wait a minute, is this the Ezekiel? This is something tied to Ezekiel 8.

Jana: That would be the jealousy, right?

Paul: Jealousy.

Jana: So would it be fear of man?

Paul: Fear of man (pointing at Jana).

Raylene: That’s the chaff that gets scattered off those that believe. It said in the whirlwind, the seed is scattered and the chaff comes off those who believe.

Paul: That’s what exposes the wheat.

Participants: Mmhmmh.

Paul: That makes perfect sense. You said that in the word (pointing at Jana). (Laughs).

Jana: I did. (Laughs) You think I know what I’m saying?

Participant: I felt my hands pulsating like a rush of blood through the fingers.

Paul: Put one hand over the other.

Jana: Oh yeah.

Paul: So that’s the deliverance coming off. It’s actually coming off

Jana: It’s actually coming off our cells.

Paul: It’s actually coming off, it’s more of my hand, I feel it here too (upper hand), but it’s real strong in the hands.

Raylene: I have a sense it is the despicable things in our line that Jana said in her word, that’s the chaff that’s had us bound. Detestable things.

Jana: Detestable things.

Paul:   (Reading from Ezekiel 8.) It says “Every form of detestable things, creeping things, abominable beasts.” It’s every sort of creeping thing.

Paul: (Reading from the screen) Penny wrote fear of man. I think we agree with that, Penny.

Paul: I don’t want to proceed until this is over. I feel it’s on the face. Okay, why don’t you get on the mike? (Pointing to participant.)

Participant: I feel it on the right side of my head, right above my ear. Like a funnel.

Paul:   Actually it’s stronger on the right side. Also it’s coming out of the ear.

Participant: It’s funneling out, funneling.

Paul:   When is this ever over? Doing this since 1989. When I was in Canada, I think we went through a deliverance every other day. I was there for ten days, every other day, it may even have been every day. There is some new layer that was coming off. I was sharing with someone this afternoon that we want to make it simple and say “a strong man,” the reality is that it is really, really complicated. So here we have another layer that we did not even know was affecting us. (Laughs.)

Jana:   I love when He does it.

Rudy:   The word witchcraft came up, the word which immediately came to me was Rebellion.

Paul:   Rebellion; actually rebellion is stronger than witchcraft. It says “Rebellion is the same as witchcraft.” (Reading from the screen) Debra we are receiving our full identity. I agree. As we think it is too much to become who we really are. I agree. I felt that we landed outside a large room. I see inside this room. It is fantastic. I don’t think we can go in yet, Debra.

Participant:   Justin has something to say.

Paul:   Justin.

Jana:   Wow, wow, wow.

Paul:   Justin is typing notes for us. Sarah will be posting these for us. Thank you, Justin. I’m very grateful that I don’t have to do it.

Jana:    And he does it so well.

Paul:   He does it so well, that’s right.

Paul:   Penny wrote I have very tingly feelings in my right foot, like living electricity. Ok, actually it’s coming off our feet too, and stronger on my right foot. That’s right, it’s stronger on the right side. Ok, Justin, you ready?

Justin: This morning when I first sat down, it didn’t make any sense with anything anybody was saying, so I said “I’m gonna wait.” But it looked like an egg, floating in the middle of the room, with a swirling mist coming off of it. And then I heard the word “chrysalis,” which is the cocoon stage of a butterfly. So I don’t know if that fits with anything?

Paul:   It might.

Justin: Butterfly and chrysalis, when I looked it up, it’s a period of time when there is very little movement, and the only part of the butterfly they can move is their stomach, to make noises and fend off predators.

Paul:   I’m thinking of Micah and the dream of the baby, and new birth. If you look at Nahum 1:2-15:

God is jealous and the LORD avenges; the LORD avenges and is furious. The Lord will take vengeance on His adversaries, and He reserves wrath for His enemies; the LORD is slow to anger and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked. The LORD has His way in the whirlwind (that is supa) and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of His feet. He rebukes the sea and makes it dry, and dries up all the rivers. Bashan and Carmel wither.

Paul:   Now, we have been talking the last few months about Baal, Molech, about the sons of god mating with the daughters of men, and in Jewish tradition, it is believed that this happened in Bashan, and the scripture talks about the bulls of Bashan; well, a bull is the same as a calf, which is the same as a cow, which is the same as Baal, which is the same as Molech, which is the same as Saturn, which is the same as Nimrod. So, isn’t it interesting that here we have Bashan and Carmel, and right now we know it is outside the border of Lebanon and Israel, it is in Lebanon, but it is a very, very tenuous spot on the earth today.

Paul:   And the flower of Lebanon wilts. The mountains quake before Him, the hills melt, and the earth heaves at His presence, yes the world and all who dwell in it. Who can stand before His indignation? And who can endure the fierceness of His anger? His fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are thrown down by Him. The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows those who trust in Him. But with an overflowing flood He will make an utter end of its place, and darkness will pursue His enemies. What do you conspire against the LORD? He will make an utter end of it. Affliction will not rise up a second time. For while tangled like thorns, and while drunken like drunkards, they shall be devoured like stubble fully dried. From you comes forth one who plots evil against the Lord, a wicked counselor. Thus says the LORD: “Though they are safe, and likewise many, yet in this manner they will be cut down when he passes through. Though I have afflicted you, I will afflict you no more; for now I will break off his yoke from you, and burst your bonds apart.” The LORD has given a command concerning you: “Your name shall be perpetuated no longer.

Paul:   I actually feel the Lord is coming against His enemies right now, in another layer, another level, His deliverance is still heavy. Ok, we are at an hour. Why don’t we take a five minute brief break here?

Paul:   Okay, welcome back. (Reading from the screen) Lavonne, we will try and do that at the end, to discern your neck problem. I think we also have another person wanting us to discern something, so we will try to do that. We had a good question come up about how I discern. I discern tactilely, in other words I feel on my body. My head is always going off all the time, and so when I went home I felt myself getting very wet, and I knew I was in the depth, I knew it was a good depth, and so that’s all I knew to start with, and then I felt the elder. I thought it was the elders, but I think it was just one elder. So that is feeling a touch. Now, some people like Melissa, is a very strong seer. Dinah is a seer, Lisa is a seer, Justin is a seer; Karen, do you see? (pointing at someone.)

Participant:   Not really.

Paul: Not really? You’re very special. Now it looks like you are a seer (pointing at someone). Yup, and Jana is a seer. (pointing at someone) You wanted to make a comment.

Participant:   Is this on?

Paul:   Yes, I hope so.

Participant:   All day today my stomach has felt like it is getting bigger and bigger all day, and I thought what’s going on? I know Jana had taughtm me before that sometimes it could be that maybe someone else needs deliverance, and I’m just feeling it, or something. But on the way here, it started getting bigger and bigger, almost like I was gonna have a baby.

Paul:   I wonder if you are pregnant in the spirit.

Participant:   I felt like I was pregnant, and I had the headache and everything. It released off of me, but yeah, I felt like I was pregnant. It’s weird.

Paul:   Why not? Okay, let’s go back to our word because now I feel like the deliverance is done. Ok, I don’t feel the depth; the height, we’re actually in the height. Ok, I don’t understand this; we’re in the height but if feels wet. Are we in water? We’re in water in the height. Is this the river? The river. We’re in water in the height. Ok, this is new. Melissa, what do you see? We’re in water in the height.

Participant: says something off mike.

Melissa: I kinda picked up that we are…it’s the womb.

Paul:   The womb.

Jana: Oh my gosh, you guys, you’re doing my word, I’m not going to finish writing it.

Paul:   Turn to Psalm 110.

Jana: (Laughs) We just did this, didn’t we, Samuel?

Paul: What amazes me is how the Lord builds upon things. We were in Collingwood, Canada…when was I in Collingwood, Canada? In August, and the Lord showed us the womb of the dawn. We are in the womb of the dawn. If you look at Psalm 110, this deliverance has been given to me many times, and I could never quite figure it out, and I believe Jana, this is the place of origin.

Jana: Yeah, that’s, actually, that’s an article I just wrote on.

Paul:   Did you?

Jana:   Mmhmmh. (Laughs.)

Paul:   Psalm 110 The LORD said to my Lord, “Sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies Your footstool.” The LORD shall send the rod of your strength out of Zion. Rule in the midst of Your enemies. Your people shall be volunteers…

The word actually means ‘uncompelled and free movement of the will, to do what God wants to do’. Volunteer, I don’t know if that is a good translation. I don’t know what other translations say.

Participant: Your troops shall be willing.

Paul:   Your troops shall be willing-that’s more like it.

Jana: Volunteer freely.

Paul:   Volunteer freely in the day of Your power; in the beauties of holiness, from the womb of the dawn. We are in the womb of the dawn.

Jana:   This is the name of that painting (shows Paul picture on her cellphone).

Paul:   Can you send that to Brian?

Jana:   I can.

Paul:   Jana just painted a painting called The Womb of the Dawn?

Jana:   Yes. You can’t make this up, Paul.

Paul:   Look at this. You have the dew of Your youth. I wonder if that’s the wetness I’m feeling. You talk about being pregnant, and this is all about the order of Melchizedek. So, we actually are in the…

Jana:   So, I can put some things together.

Paul:   This is the womb of the dawn. Ok, Jana, please, put some things together.

Jana:   So, a while back I got a word, right, about the royal family’s baby before we had the name.

Paul:   Yes. Yeah, Jana had this one Tuesday night, and she actually gave the name prophetically, and which I responded, “Jana, you really stepped over a cliff this time!” And the next day, the baby’s named George, exactly what you had said.

Jana: Amen. So okay, that’s fine and good. So I went, Why? Why would we get to know that before? And I think we got some words about ‘to you has been given a sign,’ right? So, (reading from her phone) to you has been given a sign in the earth. I have birthed a new nation in the earth. So it was with the nation I raised up a leader named George. This was the nation that would represent freedom.

Paul:   George Washington.

Jana:   Right, so but now is the time I have birthed a new nation, out of a royal family, actually a royal priesthood.

Paul:   A royal , so which is Psalm 110?

Jana:   Psalm 110.

Paul:   So you have Genesis 14, Psalm 110, and then the first part of Hebrews, all passages on Melchizedek, and all separated by 70 to 900 years. Alright, go ahead.

Jana:   Mmmhmmh. Anyway, so I decided to look up, if we have been given a sign in the earth, should we pay attention to his name? His name is George Alexander Louis. And I realized George means ‘farmer’, all about the seed; the cultivating, the scattering. And then Alexander actually means ‘defender of man’. And the Lord took me into the understanding that when Alexander the Great was released on the earth, he covered the whole earth with the system that we live in now, which is Greek.

Paul:   That’s true.

Jana:   So, I believe He is birthing those in the earth right now that will do as Alexander did, only it will cover the waters as the waters cover the, the earth, the glory cover the earth as the waters cover the sea, and these are those that are being raised up right now. We already have unusual births, extremely unusual births, kids being born two months already. You’re going to see a lot of prodigies out of this. And not only this, but I think these are the ones that will really combat the sons of the evil one.

Paul:   And so you have Mike’s dream again, which would indicate an overwhelming birth.

Jana:   That’s right, that’s right. And so I’m just kinda connecting the dots, and I said this is my painting. And then the last name is, the other name is Louis, which means ‘extraordinary warrior’.

Paul:   Wow!

Jana:   So, really I just think this is the whole reformation that He is sending out, a- for lack of a better word- a remnant, but those in the earth that are already here will be transitioned into that as well.

Paul:   Okay, (reading from the screen) Penny, as I was following along in Nahum, Holy Spirit really illuminated verse 11 regarding the wicked counselor. The Holy Spirit is our Counsellor. Right. Cindy, Psam 148:4, Praise Him ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters above the heavens. Oh my word!

Jana:   There they are.

Paul:   We are in the waters above the heavens, which also is the womb of the dawn. Brian, would you send me that verse and an email to remind me of that? (Reading from the screen) Penny, could there be wicked counselors that are in the spiritual realm? Yes, absolutely, there are wicked counselors. Okay, let’s see the picture. Ok, this is the picture the Womb of the Dawn. Brian, could you bring it over a little bit more?

Jana:   It happens to be in the water, uh?

Paul: There you go. Can you enlarge that picture? So Jana, do you wanna explain that to us?

Jana:   (Laughs and gets up.) When the, am I on? I hope.

Paul:   How did you get the inspiration for this?

Jana:   I got the inspiration for this, someone had a vision, actually her name was Crystal, and I happened to see the same thing, that’s where it started. So I saw the Lord or an angel breathing in His hand, then I realized it was a time of refreshing, He’s breathing life. And the Lord started speaking to me from the place of eternity, and there is another scripture He brought me to in Revelation that said, not only are these the ones that have a voice, that haven’t been born, and their time has been cut short. Quite often I have been able to pray for those that struggle between life and death, and lo and behold, they have come into the earth. But I also think it is those who have been in the earth and are no longer. And are these the ones that are underneath the throne, that cry out?

Paul:   Could be.

Jana:   Yeah. So I think there is a voice there, there is a sound of eternity, future and past, where there is a remnant that is supposed to be birthed in the earth, and I think the Lord is catching them up in what’s been missed, and pouring out the mantles that didn’t get. So, what this is is…

Paul:   The mantles that were aborted.

Jana:   Yeah, that were aborted and also until ‘you would avenge our blood in the earth. So until such a time as the rest of your brethren are.’ (She stands at the screen and explains the meaning of the painting). So these are, some of these are from the womb itself, and still in, a birthing, development, and some others of these have already been here and gone, but the Lord is actually bringing forth life, this one particularly. And there are actually fourteen here, I don’t know why that is, but I think this climaxed, timewise, by 2014. So I’m not sure why.

Paul:   Oh. Ok, Jana, please give us your website.

Jana:   Oh, my website is

Paul: Jana has lots of paintings. We love Jana. Go buy all her paintings, I can tell you that. Go buy all of her paintings, right now.

Jana:   (Laughs). Thank you. Got a commercial.

Paul:   (To participant). Ok, go ahead and read that. Ah, on the mike.

Participant:   (Off mike) I just wanted to point out in Ps 110 verse 7 it says And He will drink from the brook beside the way. More water.

Paul:   Yes, more water.

Participant:   I’m sorry. Verse 7 of Ps 110 says, And He will drink from the brook beside the way, therefore He will lift up His head.

Paul:   So let me explain how I did this. So I said “Lord, am I in the depth?” and I got, I call it the hit. I get like a whoof (indicating over his head). So I didn’t get whoof, the hit. When I said height, then I felt (indicates over his head), and that’s how we started this. So this is my great talent, just reporting what I’m getting, which is all my feelings, so I’m wet in the height. (Laughs.) And then someone says we are in the womb, and then I got another hit.

Jana:   And the dream.

Paul:   And the dream. Ok, so let’s go back to the word. We’re doing very nicely. Thank you Jana so much for coming. I don’t know what I would do tonight if you hadn’t come. Yeah, read Jana’s word again. We need to find out what the next step is. So we are in the height. Yes, read from the beginning, read from the beginning, I think. Good to review.

Justin:   (Reading) Learn from Me, where I took the one up by the lock of his hair, to the place of width between heaven and earth. And Ezekiel saw and dug a hole in the wall. And I showed him detestable things, things that are now and things that are far.

Paul:   So, things that are now and things that are far. So we felt that coming off us.

Justin:   And I showed him the elders and what they were doing.

Paul:   Ok.

Justin:   How they defiled the house of the Lord, in bringing it to ruin. And it is My place, it is My place, the tabernacle, the sukkot. I sent him in to cleanse it.

Paul:   Ok, say that again. It is My place…

Justin:   It is my place, the tabernacle, the sukkot. I sent him in to cleanse it.

Paul:   I sent him to cleanse it. Ok, we are the tabernacle, the tabernacle’s in us, actually, and so it must be the cleansing of the tabernacle, ok.

Jana:   Mmmh.

Justin:   And these have set up rule from long ago. They conferred with the ancients, so I showed the son of man what they were doing, so I can cleanse the heart that was ruined.

Paul:   Ok, so that is part of what we are going through again, the cleansing, ok.

Justin: So I brought him from the depth to the height.

Paul:   Ok, so that is what just happened. (Laughs.)

Jana:  Oh!

Justin:   I sent the whirlwind for it is the safest place to be.

Paul:   Remember Rudy got, the same time I did, but he said it first, that we are supposed to climb the whirlwind, I just thought that, so we did that. Ok.

Justin:   It scatters the seed and removes the chaff for those who believe.

Paul:   We felt that. Yup.

Justin:   So I brought him to the front of the temple from the place within.

Paul: Ok, we brought him from the temple

Justin: From the place within.

Paul:   From the place within…

Participant :   (off mike) Is that where the (unintelligible)?

Justin:   Now it says: the width was for time travel, from without within.

Paul:   So, let’s talk about the width. Do we understand what the Lord is trying to teach us? (Reads from his notes.)Ok, we have a sense the width has to do with faith, hope and love. This is where the heart is. It is interesting- the heart is mentioned in the word. Hope deferred makes the heart sick; a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. Let me see what else is in my notes. It’s a place, a capacity, faith, increase.

I remember on July 13th 2010, the Lord showed us we were in an ungodly tent of meeting. I remember so clearly that day I had come and I was feeling really low, and like I was having to work at faith. You know, we are supposed to have faith, so I was WORKING at faith, and during that time the Lord removed that ungodly tent of meeting, so I was out of the ungodly width and just like that fast, I had faith (snaps fingers above his head). It was the most astonishing thing.

Jana:   Just positioning?

Paul:   It was a position, yeah.

Jana: Huh.

Paul:   Let me keep on looking at my notes here. Laurie had this word: Hope is reaching in and taking the void, and pulling everything that is attached to this false matrix. He is pulling out every soul out of the void, that which has now become a black hole. This void was in the black hole. They were creating this but hope has gone in. The Lord of the hosts, the Captain of the hosts is pulling out everything attached to the void. Everything is shifting.

Paul:   I need to go down towards the end. Seems like I have some clues down here. I have about 15 to 18 pages of notes, actually.

July the 9th I had a client came in whose father never said ‘I love you, I’m proud of you,’ and parts of his heart were stuck in the stars and the ungodly width, in a galaxy, and this was many generations back, which had resulted in lack of hope.

July 2013, Jana got these words: Be holy as He is holy. Come out from amongst them. Let God be God, for He is not troublesome. The fractal. There is more to be seen from the world within.

Jana:  Wow.

Paul:   Every dot…ok, this is important Jana, because you just mentioned within. There is more to be seen in the world within. Every dot, every tittle is where you begin. The womb of the dawn, or the origin. What is first in the natural will give you direction to the spiritual. This is where Janelle pays attention so this will be reversible. (Janelle is a doctor). This is from the place of origin, before you were well taught. Experience was your teacher and that is where you are stuck, for the heart deferred, the decision was made. You captured disappointment and belief was waylaid. It is the belief that was put on, a captain that holds the hosts, that blocks the place of the innermost. The heart is always connected to the original stone, held by the Father of all creation, to make you known.

Paul:   It was just in Collingwood that we realized that the white stone probably is our identity. If you look in Zechariah, chapter 3, which you actually mentioned in your word (pointing at Jana), Zechariah 3:9 For behold the stone I have laid before Joshua, upon the stone are seven eyes, which are the seven eyes of the Lord. Behold I will engrave its inscription says the Lord of hosts, and I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day. There’s something about that. And then Zechariah 4:10 For who has despised the day of small things, for these seven rejoice to see-this actually in the Greek, excuse me the Hebrew, is the word stone-to see the stone in the hand of Zerubabel. They are the eyes of the Lord which run to and fro. And then remember that your new name is written on a white stone.

Paul: (Resumes reading from notes) And the heart is always connected to the original stone held by the Father of all creation to make you known. Find the root and the memory and the guardian who stands, and you will unravel the whole path of justice, healing is at hand.

Jana:   Mmmh.

Paul:   So I go on to a bunch of notes from Collingwood. So read that again, that last part. Justin? Does it ever amaze you Jana, the things you get?

Jana:   Yeah, especially years down the road…(laughs). I had no clue. I still don’t.

Justin:   The width was for time travel, from without within. From before to begin, and now time and a half time, that’s where you start. The width within to without. Cleanse the court.

Paul:   Yes. On the mike. (Reading from the screen) And then Samuel, This is unbelievable. As Jana was reading I was reminded of Habbakuk 3 which was open in front of me, and I just looked at it. Habbakuk 3:14, ok. And Debra Don’t forget to use the key from the cube. Thank you Debra. Debra, do you know what’s in the cube? Well, the key’s in the cube. Ok, Raylene has the key. No, I think you are first. (pointing at someone.)

Participant:   When Rudy was saying about the fear, I was getting the fear, it wasn’t really of man, it looked like man, but it was of the unknown, and it is unknown to us- not to all of us- but to some of us, to look inside, and the identity of the stone, our name is written on it.

Paul:   Yes.

Participant:   And as he was talking about the heart, it said ruin and I was wondering if that word ruin had to do with void, being recreated because that is what he was talking about, the healing of the heart. And that’s when creation was recreated, so to speak, you said it was without, void. There was no substance, and that’s what we are doing, that’s what I was getting. And the church people are doing things outside instead of really looking inside, who they really are. In the Lord, I’m saying.

Paul:   Interesting. Isaiah 61:4 and they shall rebuild the old ruins, they shall raise up the former desolations, they shall repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations. Ok, I know you’ve read it two or three times, but I think I’ll get you to read that again. I gotta get this.

Paul:   Ok, so we have three people now, discerning for healing. Ok. Uh, Amy. (Reading from the screen) Made me think of 1Pet 3:15, it talks about the reason of the hope within you. That is good. Penny. As I was watching you my head is slowly moving from left to right without me initiating any movement, almost like a rocking or swaying motion or the pendulum of a clock. That’s interesting Penny, for there’s something about time in this word, so we need to pay attention to that. (Speaking to Justin) Ok, read it really slowly so I can-let’s all pay attention.

Justin: Learn from me, where I took the one up by the lock of his hair, to the place of width between heaven and earth. And Ezekiel saw and dug a hole in the wall, and I showed him detestable things, things that are now and things that are far. And I showed him the elders and what they were doing, how they defiled the house of the Lord, in bringing it to ruin.

Paul:   Bringing it to ruin. The desolations of generations.

Justin:   And it is my place, it is my place, the tabernacle, the sukkot. I sent him in to cleanse it, and these have set up rule from long ago.

Paul: Set up what?

Justin:   Rule from long ago. They conferred with the ancients. So I showed the son of man what they were doing, so I can cleanse the heart that was ruined.

Paul:   Ok, so we have done that.

Justin:   I brought him from the depth to the height.

Paul:   Right.

Brian:   Just need to confirm, what is Justin reading right now? Is this the word, or is this the passage?

Paul:   This is the word that Jana had at the very beginning.

Brian:   Ok. Thank you.

Jana:   Wow.

Justin:   So I can cleanse the heart that was ruined. So I brought him from the depth to the height. I sent the whirlwind for it is the safest place to be.

Paul:   Ok. We’ve done that.

Justin:   It scatters the seed and removes the chaff for those who believe. So I brought him to the front of the temple from the place within.

Paul:   Ok. So I’m thinking that the height, length, depth, and width are within. Jess said before, in fact other people have told me that we are larger on the inside than you are on the outside. So I think that this is all within. Ok.

Justin: The width was for time travel, from without within.

Paul:   Ok, stop there. The width was for time travel. So we went back to the origin, actually before time. The womb of the morning would be before time, right, would be our origin. Ok, the width was for time travel.

Justin:   From without within.

Paul: Ok. (Laughs) From without… Because, you start from the without, until we are formed, and then it becomes within. We cannot come within until we are formed into a human being. Yes (pointing to Melissa.)

Melissa:   I’m picking up that you have to be born again. It’s from without that we…

Paul:   That’s also another without within. Yes.

Melissa:   We’ve gotten that before, where we have to go out before we can go in, go down before we have to go up.

Jana:   Yeah. We sure did.

Paul:   For you were dead in your trespasses and sins, and then you need to be born again. It is actually two being borns, the original being born and the born again. Yes, (pointing at Justin.)

Justin:   There is also the other meaning of without. From a position of being without, what you needed.

Paul:   Oh. That’s true. You are without.

Justin:   You were without, within. Not positionally only, but also situationally. You were without, within.

Paul:   You are so brilliant.

Jana:   Yes, he is. That’s amazing.

Paul: It is. (Laughs)

Participant:   As he was saying that I just started seeing a crown, so I don’t know if it has to do with kingdom or?

Paul:   Well, this is a place of ruling in the heights. Yes (to Justin).

Justin:   The city of God, I was just reading. I was doing a search for width, in Revelation, is the same width, height and depth, it is a cube.

Jana:   Mmmhmm.

Paul:   It’s a cube!

Justin:   And the key was in the cube.

Paul:   In the cube!

Jana:   That’s right, I was gonna just tell you that scripture, right on Justin.

Paul:   You can’t make this up.

Jana:   You can’t make this up, Paul.

Justin:   Revelation 21. I just saw this, I was like (raise my hand up)!

Paul:   That is really good! This is such a much better way of doing a bible study. Yes (turning to Jana.)

Jana:   Also, I don’t know where this fits, but it is really interesting to me, that in Ezekiel 40, all the measurements are about the width, the rod and width and the other threshold was one rod and width.

Paul:   I never noticed that before. Must be something there to contemplate.

Jana:   Yeah. There is a lot. (Laughs)

Paul:   Oh. Are we born, if the heart is in the width, we are born of God’s heart , we are born of love, hope and faith. I think faith, hope and love are in the width.

Jana:   I actually think those are the names on the everlasting doors, the elam olam, from everlasting to everlasting.

Paul:   Those are also spiritual beings, faith, hope and love. Ok (pointing to participant.) Thank you for remembering.

Participant:   Were you saying in the word that width had to do with time, is that what was said, width and time and a half?

Jana:   Yes, mmmhmm.

Participant:   I’m getting kairos time, that’s God’s time.

Paul:   What?

Participant:   And there was something else about…let me wait. It’ll come back to me in a minute.

Paul:   Yes (to Justin).

Justin:   Another thing is that when you look at a map, there is always a compass north, east, south, west drawn on it.

Paul:   Right.

Justin:   And the phrase that He removes our sin as far as the east is from the west. If you look at it, that is an expression of width, on the map, as you look at it. It’s also how He stretched out His arms, He stretched them out wide to hang.

Jana:   That’s good.

Paul:   (Reading from the screen) Erin is seeing an amber colored glowing cube. Is this the cube that is in front of Raylene, Erin? Ok. Yes. Melissa, and then Sam.

Melissa:   I got it when we were standing up earlier, I saw us all standing with outstretched arms, like a cross, and when he was saying ‘as far as the east is from the west’, I felt that it if we were all standing like that, it would be symbolic of worship, and I felt that what it was, it wasn’t just the fear of man, it was like- oh bring it back- it was like the Lord was saying, we are not getting who we are. The part he was saying about for those who believe, that part was sticking out to me when he was saying it was the born again thing. It was like for those who believe, this is what the Kingdom of God is like, but for those who don’t have that, they don’t have any understanding of what the Kingdom is.

Paul:   Oh, that’s good. Rudy. There’s an angel here. Just a second. We’ll get Samuel first. There’s an angel here, I think we’ll have you stand there.

Sam:   Yes, earlier when we were talking about the second and third heaven, what I was getting was three is the cube. Third heaven, maybe it is a definition of a dimensional place.

Paul:   A dimensional place.

Sam:   Yes, which is a cube.

Paul:   Oh. I need to look at that in the Greek. Paul says ‘I was caught into the third heaven.’ You want to try it, Rudy, see if you hear the message? The angel actually landed when you were talking, Melissa. And then you heard me mumbling to myself. I was asking the Lord “Does Raylene have it, no, does Melissa have it, no?” and I got Rudy.

Rudy:   As he was talking there were three things that kept rolling in my spirit. First, when he talked about time travel, I sensed that we had to come out of time into the eternity, where there is no time, so we can go to the beginning of time, to the things of the future, so we can deal with the things of the future and those things which are to come, and those things which have passed. That’s what I was sensing.

Paul:   Ok. There is an angel right there. Right there. So just listen and see if you get the message. Jana is not aware of anything, as you noticed. Ok, so can you feel, I feel the angel right here and I feel extra pressure. Oh, thank you. Would you hold the mike, no he has the mike. He has a mike. Oh.

Participant:   It’s easier for him to hear if someone holds the mike.

Paul:   Thank you, Brian.

Jana:    (Speaks in tongues.) Let me shut this off. (Laughs.)

Rudy:   I keep seeing like water, like raging water, is what I keep seeing.

Paul:   Keep going.

Rudy:   And as the water is going, I keep seeing things totally demolished, totally destroyed. For the Lord would say that I am coming to destroy the things of the past.

Paul:   Oh, that’s very much anointed. Remember, as a word is coming, you judge it; it is not being critical, but we’re evaluating it, is this of the Lord, and I feel an anointing when he is speaking. So we are always measuring it, 1Cor 14, right? So we are here as His church together, not to be mindless, to say “Oh that’s wonderful!” but we are engaging our spirit, we are listening. Is that correct?

Rudy:   As we begin to pick up our cross, He will begin to remove those things that keep us from going to those things He’s destined us to go. For those things of the past shall be no more, for now you shall enter into a new place, a place where you shall see what I have in store for you.

Paul:   Oh! That was very anointed.

Rudy:   I have given you the keys to the kingdom, and it is meant for you to know the mysteries of the kingdom. For no more shall you be as it was in the past, for now you shall walk in a new way.

Paul:   Wow. That was a wave of anointing on that.

Rudy:   For I have given you authority over the works of the enemy. For you shall trample him, and you shall destroy his works. As you yield to My Spirit, I will show you the way you shall go. As you move, do not look to the right nor to the left, but continue to keep your eyes gazed at Me, for I go before you, and have prepared the way in which you should go. For the victory is yours, for I have destroyed everything. Go and possess what I have given you.

Paul:   Wow. When you said that, there was something that opened up. Like a door, a big door opened up.

Rudy:   The key. (Motioning for it with his hand.)

Paul:   The key? Ok, Raylene.

Rudy:   Open the door, on the door.

Paul:   Yeah, right there. That’s it.

Raylene steps up and opens the door, steps through it.

Paul:   Whoa. I feel like there is water flowing into, out of the door, a river, it’s not a river. Water.

Raylene:   (Off mike)

Paul:   Is it the what?

Raylene: repeats question off mike.

Rudy:   The water that comes from the altar of heaven. In Revelation it says what, that there was water.

Paul: That’s right, the river of God.

Rudy:   In Ezekiel, I think it was.

Paul:   There is water too, in Ezekiel also.

Raylene:   I think it was, no the first one that you read, that ‘He will drink of the brook.’

Paul: Oh, Psalm 110.

Brian: We can’t hear.

Paul:   Yeah, Psalm 110.

Brian:   Ok, we didn’t hear that.

Paul: Ok.

Raylene:   Ok, what verse is it again?

Paul:   Ok, Psalm 110.

Raylene:   Ok, Psalm 110, verse 7.

Paul:   Verse 7, He shall drink of the brook by the wayside, therefore shall he lift up the head.

Raylene:   So it’s like living water again, something to lift us up.

Paul:   Melissa.

Melissa:   I keep getting the sense when he was prophesying, the part in the word where it was talking about cleansing the court, I got the sense that the elders had bred fear in the churches, they were keeping the true Father’s heart from the people, and they were breeding fear into them, telling them they were damned, and going to hell, you’re gonna be this, you’re gonna be that. And I felt that what he was saying was to cleanse the court, the past has to go because all the words of what the church was and all the hurt that everybody spoke, it’s like the Lord is saying none of that matters right now.

Paul:   So you just got the last part of the message. That was the last part of the message. Do you have something else to add, and then we’ll have Raylene?

Rudy:   Before we started I was seeing the false prophets, the prophets of past, where they were giving a word, and we had been receiving a word, not from the Lord, and it was causing us to go into bondage and we just grabbed a hold of it without looking in the Word.

Paul:   And so it actually put us into the ungodly depth.

Participants:   Mmmhmm. Yes.

Paul:   Yep. It’s so interesting Melissa, I could feel the message coming. You actually were prophesying when you said that. So, go ahead.

Melissa:   One more thing I wanted to say, it’s almost like judgment vs discernment.

Paul:   Say that again.

Participant:   Oh, that’s good.

Melissa:   I’m sensing it is because I have actually been under that quite a bit lately, I’ve been feeling like judgment without using, it’s like check your words before, like check what goes through your mind, and make sure you are using your discernment before you pass judgment.

Paul:   Yes!

Melissa:   And I’m feeling like that what the elders did, they passed judgment , and that’s where they were becoming like God, they were trying to become like God.

Paul:   Yes. Raylene.

Raylene:   I have a question.

Paul:   Yes.

Raylene:   When we opened the door, water flowed. Is that what cleansed the court?

Paul:   Yes, that cleansed the court. Yes, the court is cleansed.

Jana:   In Ezekiel, that’s exactly true, the water comes out of the throne and out the threshold, and the river comes and brings life.

Raylene:   And the water is for cleansing.

Paul:   That’s right. Ok.

Participant:   The other part that I was getting, as we were talking about the royal priesthood, I was getting cleansing in everything, in what the prophetic will be going through, because that was the forerunner, but now for the major part, the Lord is saying to get ready. For the fear of the identity was to come in, if He’s opening the door to the kingdom and cleansing the inner court, where are the kingly rulers? We are not coming into our kingly rule.

Jana:   Mmmhmm.

Paul:   See, this is actually Ephesians where it says He gave the fivefold for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry, so that we are to do our part. This is, so what we are all moving into is that we are all going to be doing what we were created to do, rather than having one person preach at ten thousand, we’re gonna have everyone doing their part. Not that we are not gonna have the preaching, but that’s only one of the functions. And it’s not for us to be preached at, but it’s that we all would do our part. Verna. (Points to participant.)

Verna:   When Karen said something about the crown, my arm, it was like a robe, like a royal garment. I felt it. It came on.

Jana:    Shaka bamba. Right on. That’s awesome.

Verna:   It came on.

Paul:   Get the mike up there. That’s right. Ok. Jana.

Jana:   I just…

Paul:   And then we’re going to shift and pray for these people.

Jana:   Ok. I just want to bring up this thing, because I’m asking about the piece about the time travel thing. And I just think this may be the reason why.

Paul:   Yes. Ok, so what’s the scripture?

Jana:   And the scripture is Genesis 6.

Paul:   Genesis 6? Ok.

Jana:   So, this particular part is Genesis 6:4. And it says that the nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterwards, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. This word old is elam olam. I’m really thinking this was ungodly time travel, and the Lord is wanting us to take a position

Paul:   I see. We’ve actually come across that in prayer sessions.

Jana:   Have we?

Paul:   Yes.

Jana:   Good.

Paul:   I had a very strange experience, one of many. I was in Coeur d’Alene with my friend Tobias from Germany, and we were sitting at a restaurant looking out over the lake, very beautiful location, and an angel shows up, so I said “Tobias, there’s an angel here.” He starts going (head moving from side to side). And he started prophesying over me. He said to me “Your future is not in your future, it’s in your past.” And I instantly knew that someone in my past had time travelled into my future, taken what I was to do, and took it back there. So I took it back. And I actually felt a deliverance, I felt anointing coming, and I think this is what maybe must have happened. (Speaking to Jana.) It’s all very bizarre, but (shrugs with hands.)

Jana:   This is what the sons of God did.

Paul:   Ok. So we have three people, Brian. You want to do them in whatever order you like. So Lord, we first of all just wanna thank You for what You just did. Lord, I thank You so much for Jana. We love Jana so much, and I’m amazed when I look back Jana, at all the words, and how God has used you in such a wonderful way. And you became a Christian what year?

Jana:   1999.

Paul:   1999. And this is a woman of the Word. She knows the Word better than most people I know. So…

Jana:   That is so kind, thank you.

Paul:   Now this is not flattery, this is reality.

Jana:   Pretty uncomfortable. (Laughs.)

Participant:   Off mike.

Paul:   Say again? There is a difference. This is not flattery, this is true.

Jana:   There is a difference, yes. You make it easy. (Indicates all in the room.)

Paul:   Jana, what Bible translation do you read from?

Jana:   Oh, me? This is New American Standard.

Paul:   New American Standard. We won’t hold that against her.


Jana:   I read from all of them though.

Participant:   Looks like she’s getting a good workout.

Paul:   Yeah, she does. She can’t complain about that. Ok, Brian, you need a little bit of time to get this set up. Also I’m so grateful for Brian and Crystal as they work. You’d be surprised how busy they are back there trying to make all this look so simple. And Dinah, thank you for serving us today, I appreciate that. Thank you very, very much.

Brian:   Ok, can you hear me now? Ok, I’m going to bring up Trish first.

Paul: Ok, Trish.

Brian:   Ok, what I’m going to say is, when we bring each person up, I’m going to ask each person we are praying for and discerning, to give us a very brief summary of what you are asking for discernment on, so we can see what God wants to do, and we won’t need a lot of facts to it, we won’t need a lot of background, we just want to see what God is going to reveal, what we are trying to discern. Ok, let me bring up Trish here, give me a moment.

Paul:   DO you feel how different it feels? In here?

Jana:   Yes. Yes.

Paul:   I feel such anointing right now.

Jana: Yes, a lot of kabod.

Paul:   You know what I’m feeling? You need to come over here (indicating the rest of the group to step forward.) Everybody. You need to stand here. (Goes to the center of the room.) Feel. I was standing in the spot, you feel the flow, is actually, the flow is actually coming out of that door.

Brian:   Ok, I have Trish on right now.

Paul:   OK Trish, that door sidetracked us. So, Trish, tell us what is going on now. I’ll pay attention Trish.

Trish:   (Sound from the screen is unclear.)

Paul:   Ok Brian, I guess we don’t have a good connection.

Brian:   Yeah, we’re going to have to bring up Trish. Trish, talk louder, we’ll bring you up in here.

Paul:   Trish, where are you located?

Trish:   (Unintelligible)

Paul:   Ok, I can’t understand. Why don’t we just have her use the chat?

Brian:   Ok, I can tell you. Trish is asking for discernment for a continuing problem with tinnitus. There have been multiple diagnostic tests over a long time, and there has been no solution.

Paul:   Ok. Is there one ear that is worse than the other, right or left ear, or are they both the same?

Trish:   In my left ear.

Paul:   Ok, left.

Brian:   Left.

Paul:   Ok, sometimes it reverses.

Jana:   Paul, can I? I got a word of knowledge here.

Paul:   Ok, hang on. (He is at the screen discerning Trish’s left ear with his right hand.)

Jana:    Ok. At least I think it is.

Paul:   Actually, she is hearing the stars. You are actually hearing the spiritual beings called stars. If you look in…Did you get something else, or? (Points at participant.)

Brian:   No, Dad, that is what Trish was wondering when she corresponded earlier, is if it was the stars.

Jana:   She gave a thumbs up, Paul.

Brian:   Big thumbs up.

Paul:   Ok, if you look in Job 38, when the morning stars sang together. Actually when I put my hand up here, I can hear the stars singing (at the screen, hand over Trish’s left ear.) Now, I don’t want to disturb you, Trish, I’m getting now, I thought of what is called Portobello, which means, I get sounds which go (makes a siren sound) like that, and so that is the, actually I hear the grid, the spiritual grid which is the dimensions, I hear the angels singing in tongues or speaking in tongues, which is a different sound. I hear the stars singing which is, I actually can hear what you are hearing right now. So the stars are singing.

Participant:   And we can hear the cloud of witnesses singing.

Paul:   And I can hear the cloud of witnesses singing. The saints are singing a new song. I don’t hear that right now. And it also says the sons of god sang. I don’t know that I have heard that before. Does that help? (addressing Trish on the screen.)

Jana:   So the word I got is that she is acclimating.

Paul:   Ok, so Jana confirms she is acclimating to the spiritual world. Sometimes Trish, it is so loud that I can’t hear the television. Or my wife will talk to me and I’m going like this. Because it is going (radio sounds) like that, and for some season at night it gets worse, or better, as the case may be. One reason could be that the stars come out at night.

Trish:   Sometimes it switches from my left to my right ear, and back again.

Jana:   Yeah.

Paul:   Yes.

Trish:   That’s awesome, thank you guys.

Paul:   So what you need to do is to ask the Lord is what is this and why.

Jana:   You are listening to realms.

Paul:   Yes, actually, that’s right, you’re listening to realms, spiritual realms. Ok, blessings on you (speaking to Trish.)

Trish:   Ok, thank you.

Paul:   That was easy, thank you Lord.

Brian:   A moment, Dad, a person had asked that they were taught that ringing of the ears was witchcraft

Paul: Yes, I also can hear witchcraft, and so this for me is my default evil, so if I hear witchcraft…

Brian: Wait, you’re not on camera. (Zoom to Paul.) Ok, where is your default?

Paul:   Ok, so this is my default evil (motions to back left of his head). So, I’m hearing witchcraft, and I will hear, and I can feel this (touches the back of his head) and I will know it is bad.

Brian:   So, that is your default

Paul:   That is my default. Go ahead, Brian.

Brian:   You need to practice so that each person can understand where their default spots are.

Paul:   Ok, you need to practice to find out. Thank you, Brian. Brian is here to keep me centered, not wandering around.

Brian:   Ok, I’m going to bring up Lavonne.

Paul:   Lavonne.

Brian:   She is asking for prayer for her neck and back pain after a traffic collision she was in two months ago, so I’ll bring her up. So, Lavonne, I’m gonna give you a second because you asked for some warning, sowe’re gonna be bringing you up here momentarily. Ok, Lavonne, here you go.

Paul: Hi Lavonne.

Lavonne:   Hi.

Paul: Hi. Ok, so our prayer team here, tell us what you see. Let me tell you first what I feel. I’m gonna ask you to feel your neck (at the screen discerning her neck). It feels like there is bolts or something on either side, here.

Jana:   I believe there are wires connected to the depth.

Paul:   Actually this eye of the Lord (pointing at neck region) is going into the depth. So Lord we ask to pull this eye of the Lord out of the depth. Melissa?

Jana:   And remove the trauma.

Melissa:   I was getting that they put a bondage. I saw a packed thing that gripped, like a bondage or something.

Paul: Ok, turn that into a prayer for her.

Melissa:   Hi Lavonne. Go ahead and say…

Lavonne:   Hi.

Melissa:    I want to pray for you. I ask Lord that You would remove any effects, all effects from any collision Father, and anything the enemy tried to put on her, Lord we ask that You would remove it and take her neck out of the stocks, and any undue bondage or yoke, that anybody might have tried to transfer on her.

Paul:   There is a yoke on her. Lord, take these bolts out also.

Jana:   And Lord, we remove all frequencies aligned with the dimensional depth from trauma. Regenerate the cells, Lord. In Jesus’ Name.

Paul:   So, I feel deliverance. Anybody else get anything?

Rudy:   I was sensing strongholds, some kind of stronghold on her. It could be…

Paul:   Lord, remove all strongholds off of her. I command all strongholds to leave, in the Name of Jesus. There is deliverance coming. We need to be general enough in this kind of situation.

Jana:   There could be fear too. I can feel that.

Paul:   Good idea. Yes.

Participant:   I’m getting that by the cause of the accident there has been like a monkey on her back, something, I don’t know if it is from the accident or losing work.

Paul:   Ok, turn that into a prayer.

Participant:   Lord, I just ask You right now to remove this monkey off her back, no flow, the flow of finances, any obstacle that the enemy meant for evil, that You would turn it around to good right now and strengthen her faith.

Paul:   That was actually a strong deliverance also.

Participant: Yeah.

Paul:   Ok, Lavonne, we’ll see how that goes. Blessings in the Name of Jesus.

Brian: Ok, One more.

Lavonne:   Thank you so much. I just want to tell you that I…

Brian:   One more. Lord we ask You that You disconnect Lavonne from the location where the accident happened.

Paul:   And break any ungodly tie between her and any land area. Lavonne was saying something else, Brian, but got cut off.

Brian:   Yeah. She’s still there but it switched over because I came on. Lavonne, what were you saying there?

Lavonne:   Well, I was going to say it was so funny you mentioned about the monkey, because I thought a couple days ago about monkeys on my back. So that’s a confirmation.

Paul:   Oh! She was feeling a monkey on her back.

Brian:   So that is a good confirmation.

Lavonne:   Yeah.

Brian:   Alright, we’re gonna go ahead and…

Paul:   So I still feel things coming off you Lavonne, that may be going on for a while.

Lavonne:   That’s good, I really need that. It was neck, shoulder, left shoulder, and all over my back, headache, constantly. So thank you.

Paul:   You’re welcome.

Participant:   I’m getting that she needs to take one or two steps in faith, to walk out of this whole situation that was put upon her.

Paul:   Ok, so prophetically say ”I walk out of this ungodly place.”

Lavonne:   I walk out of this ungodly place.

Paul:   That’s right. Ok, get up and just actually walk out of it. Ok, good, thank you, Lavonne.

Lavonne:   Thank you.

Paul:   Ok Brian. Number three? Two more? Ok.

Brian: We have two more, but I warned them we may not have time.

Paul:   Ok.

Brian:   So we are just going to do this quickly. God is amazing in how He works within the time that we have. So this is Laurie. So Laurie, I’m just going to briefly say that…if we can find you here. I need to make sure I bring up the right one. So, Laurie, I’m gonna say that you have an issue where you were perceiving parasites, is that right? Ok, I’m gonna unmute you, so your microphone can pick you up. So we’re gonna discern and see what could be going on spiritually around you.

Paul:   Ok, I’m just gonna do this, Brian. So Lord, I ask that You would disconnect her from the ungodly height, depth, form the ungodly length, and the ungodly width. I feel as though you are tied to the ungody length. And God I ask that you would disconnect her from her parents’ sphere of influence, so rightly connect her to her sphere of influence. Lord, please disconnect her from any ungodly stars or systems, ungodly galaxies, and Lord we ask that You curse any ungodly prayer coming against her. I also command all witchcraft to come off her. Actually, you are tied somewhere to the stars. Lord, please disconnect her from before time all the way to the present. Amen. Ok. I feel some, you are being disconnected now. We’ll see how you do, Laurie. Let us know how you do. We’ll do this really fast. Ok, Brian, last one.

Brian:   Ok, we’re gonna pray now for Cory, and this is healing for neck pain.

Paul: Ok.

Brian:   Cory, it looks like…Ok, there you are.

Paul:   (At the screen, discerning her neck.) Ok, now I fell like a doughnut thing around her neck. I pull this off. Anybody else get anything? I pull it off in the Name of Jesus. Lord, remove any pinchers from the back of her neck, like clamps or pinchers. Yes?

Justin:   I’m seeing like a hand reaching out of what looks like a nebulous space, grabbing her from behind on the right.

Paul:   So, Lord we ask You to close all doors that are giving the enemy access to her neck and we command that hand to withdraw off of her neck in the name of Jesus. Melissa, get anything?

Melissa:   I see something like this (with her left hand grabbing her left cheek).

Paul:   On what side? (He’s feeling the right side of her face.)

Melissa: On her left side, it’s right about the spot where her microphone is, on her left. Yeah.

Participant: The other side.

Paul:   That’s where I was going (pointing on the screen.)


Paul:   So, what was over here again?

Melissa:   There’s something right here gripping. It looks like an outline of Batman or something.

Paul:   So Lord, we command that being to leave, and we ask Lord to close all doors that should be closed and open all doors, so the gates cannot be shut again. (Points to participant.)

Participant:   off mike

Paul:   Yes.

Brian:   We can’t hear that. Whoever that is needs the mike.

Jana:   Lord, we ask that You would now bring her into proper time and remove her from any place where she is stuck in or out of time, that her sleep be sweet and unaltered, in Jesus’ Name.

Paul:   In Jesus’ Name, amen. Father we thank You for what You have done again. We are so amazed at how You lead us. I remember that song we sang as Baptists, “He leadeth me, o precious thought.” Never knowing that one day we would be doing this; where He’d be leading us into the dimensions, the realities of the Kingdom. Lord, we thank You that You are leading us into the mysteries of the Kingdom, and we believe Lord, we believe and know that because of what happened today, we will be different. And all the people said Amen.

Participants: Amen!

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

Permission is given to print this prayer in its entirety provided that no changes are made. In addition, please reference Aslan’s Place and on all reproductions. This prayer may not be reproduced in publications without written consent from Aslan’s Place.