Prayer of Restitution

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Lord, I renounce and repent for those in my family line who broke marriage covenants and mated with the fallen sons of God.

I also renounce and repent for all Moloch and Baal worship in my generational line. On behalf of both sides of the family, please forgive us for choosing to fashion the golden calf at the foot of Mount Sinai when we were too afraid to draw near to You because we feared Your might and power. Forgive us for not waiting for the return of Your servant, Moses, and for breaking covenant with You by worshiping the golden calf through sacrificial burnt and peace offerings.

Forgive us for holding a festival to the golden calf and indulging ourselves in pagan revelry and sexual sin. Most of all Lord, I renounce and repent for first believing, and then declaring, “These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you out of Egypt”; when it was You who set us free from 430 years of Egyptian captivity. Lord, please forgive us for this wanton display of pride, self-deception, stubbornness and unbelief.

Forgive us Father, for not only worshiping the golden calf and sacrificing our children to it, but also for worshiping the star god Rephan, or Saturn, while wandering in the wilderness for 40 years.

On behalf of every ancestor in my family line who entered the land of Canaan after wandering 40 years in the wilderness, I renounce and repent for our refusal to obey Your explicit command not to engage in the pagan sexual practices of incest, adultery, homosexuality and bestiality that were intertwined with the worship of Moloch. Forgive us for sacrificing our sons and daughters in the fires of Moloch in exchange for favor and prosperity. I know this idolatry was a great offense to You, and I now repent and apologize.

On behalf of every ancestor who was involved with Baal or Moloch worship throughout the history of Israel; from the generation who succeeded Joshua, to the reign of Jeroboam, to Ahab and Jezebel, to Manasseh and beyond; I renounce and repent for every evil connected to this false lord-ruler including child sacrifice, sorcery, witchcraft and the worship of the stars of heaven.

Lord, I now ask You to open every bronze door that has been shut in my generational line because of Baal and Moloch worship so that the righteous gates the enemy has closed and contaminated can no longer be shut. Come now King of Glory, flood the heavenly places in my generational line with Your cleansing power and unseal what the enemy has sealed in the heavenly places, making straight every crooked path and smoothing out every rough place. Smash the bronze doors Lord, and sever the iron bars of my captivity. I now declare that what You have opened will remain open and what You have shut will remain shut. Prepare the way of the Lord.

Lord, I repent for and renounce all worship of the rulers of darkness in my town, city and state. I ask you to forgive me, my family line and the citizens of this region for worshiping false gods at false altars, sacrificing our children to Moloch, and breaking the covenant of marriage through incest, adultery, homosexuality and bestiality. On behalf of the church, I repent for not fearing Your name, not obeying Your Word, not obeying the leading of Your Spirit; and for presuming upon your grace that we can sin sexually, defy spiritual authority, and not suffer the consequences. Please forgive us for slandering the glorious ones and disconnecting ourselves from Your Glory.

Lord, please disconnect me from the ungodly Mazzaroth and cleanse my spirit, soul and body down to the cellular and sub cellular levels from all ungodly influence, defilement and power.

Please remove all parts of my trifold being from the lowest regions of the ungodly depths by disconnecting me from the Nephilim and Rephaim and removing any witchcraft bands from around my arms.

Please transfer me from Mount Horeb to Mount Zion and reconnect me back to You, Lord so Your light will shine through me to others as I proclaim the Gospel in power to Jerusalem, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

Please disconnect me from the mountains of Esau and move me to Mt. Zion.

I declare to my spirit that you will be under and submissive to the Holy Spirit; and I declare to my body and soul that you will be submissive to my spirit, even as my spirit is submissive to the Holy Spirit.

Lord, please balance correctly the male and female portions of my human spirit.

Please remove all fractal imaging in my family line and remove all mirrors. I declare I will only reflect the image and nature of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please remove me from the ungodly council and establish me on Mt. Zion and in your heavenly council.

Lord, I repent for those in my family line who turned our family line over to the enemy, thus giving authority for the removal of righteous elders and permission for establishing unrighteous elders over us. I acknowledge that these unrighteous elders caused the family to veer off course, moving out of the right time sequence into other time sequences. I now declare, as a revealed son of God, that these unrighteous elders must leave my family line. Father, please establish the righteous elders over my family line and put us back on the right course and into the right time, removing us from Chronos time and placing us into Your Kairos time.

On behalf of the entire church, forgive me Lord, for syncing my life according to Chronos time and my plans and agendas, instead of Your Kairos time and agenda. Please forgive me Lord for not inquiring of You to see what You want, where You are moving and what You are doing.

Forgive me for believing the lie that Your Second Coming is so close that I need not reach out to the lost and fulfill Your Great Commission. I decree and declare Lord, that it is time to align my life with Yours.

Please remove me from Chronos time and sync me with Kairos time. Open every bronze door so that the gates are no longer shut. Open all the righteous doors and flood my life with Your Glory.

Please remove me from any ungodly place in the depth where parts of me are trapped by sonar, and release your righteous sound that will neutralize that ungodly sonar. Please free all of my trapped parts and fragments.

Please break all ungodly ties and connections between myself and the Rephaim or any other person’s soul parts, and remove those connectors.

I renounce and repent for those in my family line who traded their souls for favors from the enemy. Please, through the Blood of Jesus, return all scattered soul parts back to my family line and me. I command Beelzebub to leave.

I ask, Lord Jesus, that you will come as the Son of Man and remove all fallen sons of God from my family line and me.

Please disconnect me from Abaddon and remove any parts of me from the bottomless pit.

Please unlock the ciphers and the ungodly algorithms established by the enemy.

I renounce and repent for those in my family line who gave over the family line to the enemy in order to be able to rule and control others for their own advantage and financial gain. I now understand that this gave the enemy the right to cause me to be knit in the ungodly depth; placing me in a position of servitude rather than one of ruling and reigning over creation, which is my God given right. Please take me back in time to the origin, to your womb of the dawn, and please knit me together in the godly depth. Please remove from me all DNA and RNA contamination that took place during the ungodly knitting.

I declare that I will not be in subjection to others by means of their control and abuse.  Lord, please remove the desolation of generations and take me out of any ungodly places in the depth or the height, disconnecting me from those regions and placing me in the godly depth and in the godly height. I reject the discord that has imprisoned me because of my agreement with the ungodly position in which I found myself. I repent for believing the lie that I was to be in submission to others without having any voice, and that this position was normal and was ordained by God.

Please release the righteous sound and vibrations that will align me with the heavenly sounds and vibrations.

Please disconnect me from the dark angels and other unrighteous beings that rule in the ungodly height.

I recognize that my mindset of being a victim has inhibited my ability to fulfill the call on my life to rule and reign under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I also declare that the wealth that I am to gain for the purposes of the Kingdom of God has been stopped up by my ancestors’ sin of wanting personal wealth to use for their own purposes. I now declare that I will receive all the wealth that the Lord wants me to have to fulfill my Kingdom mandate of ruling and reigning. Lord, please release all restrictions against the resources that you originally intended for me to have.

I declare that I will rule and reign in the godly height under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and I will use all created resources for His Kingdom.

I renounce and repent for my family line and myself for all who entered into sexual activity outside of marriage. Please break the consequences of those who were molested and became victims of sexual abuse. I also repent for all of us who have used pornography for sexual satisfaction. I understand that all this sexual activity resulted in our joining to someone other than our spouses. Lord, as an adult, I ask that You remove me from my parent’s sphere of influence and place me in my own sphere of influence. Please remove me from the ungodly length and place me into your godly length.

Heavenly Father, I come in the name of your Son, Jesus; Your only begotten Son; the only Son of God who became a son of man who takes His place upon us, His body. I come into agreement with a common passion to see heaven’s intention that was built and established before the foundation of the earth. I ask you, Heavenly Father, Righteous Judge of heaven and earth, to issue a decree against the fallen sons. I call our bloodlines back. Please remove us from the ungodly womb of the dawn. I take back our households in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. I surrender them through the blood of Jesus Christ to be sanctified, glorified, and to come into alignment with their place in the kingdom of Melchizedek. I will no longer drink the wine of the fallen sons of God. I renounce and denounce the spirit of religion, the spirit of debate, the spirit of legalism, the spirit of opinion, the spirit of criticism and the spirit of high-minded intellect. I renounce the mind of the old Adamic way, as well as any mindsets that have been born of the doctrines of the fallen sons of man and the fallen sons of God. I ask for a divorce decree between the fallen sons of God and us. I choose to no longer put faith in the defeated enemy but in the victorious Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Lord, I ask you to reverse the polarity of any ungodly device and extract us from the ungodly collective; removing all microchips, transmitters, and receivers. Extract from my mind all voices and communication from others. Remove me from the ungodly width and the ungodly cloud. I choose to no longer to be affected by the ungodly thoughts of others.

Please correct all molecules, atomic, and subatomic particles corrupted by the fallen sons of God.

Please destroy any dimensions, kingdoms or spheres that the fallen sons of God created due to the agreement of my ancestors or myself.

On behalf of my family line I repent for all blood that was shed on the land and for all idolatry and sexual sin committed on any land area. Please break all ungodly ties between my ancestors and myself with any land area.

Please remove ungodly words of the fallen sons of God that were added to my original design when I was knit together in the deep.

Please activate any righteous words that were covered up by the fallen sons of God on my scroll when I was knit together in the deep.

Please remove any mismatch and misaligning that took place when I was knit together in the deep; remove all ungodly elders, rulers and powers that were involved when I was knit together in the deep; and remove all stones from the fallen sons of God that were knit into me in the deep.

Please break all ungodly agreement between the ungodly deep and the ungodly height, and disconnect me from all fallen stars, star systems, galaxies, and constellations that were involved in contaminating my original design.

Please remove off of me all contamination from the fallen sons of God that affected the light, sound, frequencies, vibrations and colors that made up my being.

Please remove any genes added by the fallen sons of God. Please repair any genes damaged by the fallen sons of God and return to my DNA any genes that were taken away by the fallen sons of God.

Please destroy any ungodly cloning of my genes and chromosomes. Please undo any ungodly fusion with evil that took place with me.

Lord, I ask that You will come with your measuring rod and linen cord and measure the temple in me, removing all generational ungodly temples, kingdoms, spheres, doors, gates, altars, pillars, priestly garments, worship tools and sacrifices.

[Women] Lord Jesus, I understand that as a child I may have accepted the lie that a female was not to become more than a male would permit. I understand that this may have crushed my spirit and caused parts of my spirit to be trapped in the ungodly width. I now reject that lie and I declare that I will be all that the Lord Jesus has created me to be. Please remove all parts of my spirit that have been trapped in the ungodly width and in the ungodly stars, star systems, constellations and zodiacs. I no longer allow the enemy to project around me that I am worthless and that I am always a victim and powerless. I will take my position in Christ and rule and reign equally with males. Please disconnect me from all fallen sons of God who have perpetuated this lie in my family line.

Father, I recognize that the fallen sons of God did not want to be your sons, and so disconnected themselves from you as Father and established themselves as father. I also acknowledge that this may have resulted in generational parts and parts of me to have been trapped in Saturn, the fallen stars, star systems, ungodly galaxies, constellations and zodiacs and in the ungodly length, width, height, and depth.

I renounce and repent for those in my family line who did the same thing with their fathers, and were so distraught about their fathers that they disconnected themselves from them and declared that they would be fathers without being a child. I understand that this established a disconnection generationally between father and child, resulting in generational blessings not being passed down the family line. I also acknowledge that this may have prohibited me from taking my place as a revealed son of God. I acknowledge that this ungodly fractal patterning may have caused a disconnection between father and child resulting in bitterness and anger in my family line and in my life. I now ask, Lord, that You would remove me from Saturn, the fallen stars, star systems, ungodly galaxies, constellations and zodiacs and in the ungodly length, width, height, and depth.

I now forgive my father and all fathers in my family line for not fathering correctly. I also forgive all sons and daughters in my family line that, because of the cruelty of their fathers, disconnected themselves from their fathers and broke the God-intended linkage between generations, thus also breaking the free flow of generational blessings.

Lord, please connect my generational line and me correctly to the godly length, width, height and depth so that I can take my place as a revealed son of God and rule and reign with Christ. I also ask that You will correctly connect me to my generational line so that the generational blessings that were to come down the family line will now be completely restored to the family line and to myself. I reclaim and receive your spiritual blessings that were intended for my family line and me. I now ask that what has happened in the heavenly places will now be done on earth in the physical realm. I now claim all physical, emotional, and spiritual health that you intend me to have. I also claim all physical inheritance that is my right as a revealed son of God.

Lord Jesus, by your life sacrificed on the cross and by your life-blood, please dismantle and remove all structures that have been built from these sins and from unclean spirits, including ungodly habits, curses, devices, conduits, attachments, lies, “gifts” or deposits. Free us from ungodly structures, from distortions in my life and family line, and even from any distortions of our DNA and RNA. God Almighty, please close any doors or openings that these sins and ungodly structures created. Open any godly doors to you and your blessings that these sins and ungodly structures had closed. Holy Spirit, please empower righteous choices in my family line and myself. I choose to honor You, growing godly habits while enthroning Your name in our lives, relationships, and land.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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