Prayer to be Released from the Consequences of the English Penal Laws And The Curse of Cromwell – Mimi Lowe

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I was ministering to a couple whose ancestral background is Irish, English, and French. In the session, they casually mentioned that their adult daughter had been trying, for years, to purchase a home. The financial resources were not an issue, yet something was preventing her from attaining ownership. In fact, her mortgage broker said that he had never seen anything like this in his 25 years of being in the business. It was certainly puzzling to all of us.

At home that night, while spending time with the Lord in worship, thoughts kept circling in my mind, “How can they not buy a house? They have the money and cannot buy a house. What is that all about? How is that possible? What is the problem?”

The voice of the Lord came to me suddenly. In a clear, pristine, audible voice, He said, “The king will not allow them to own land.” I was taken aback by His words – the precision, clarity, and that it was audible. I knew there was something important here. Immediately, I began a search for the meaning of His statement. I found that Penal Laws had been imposed on Irish Catholics resulting in loss of land and homes. As I continued, I began to uncover a Goliath that had been hidden for centuries.

Anti-Irish sentiment by the English dates back to the reign of Henry II in 1155. He successfully led the Norman Invasion in 1169, with the backing of Pope Adrian, in order to subdue a “barbarous nation.” Throughout their history, the Irish have been viewed as uncivilized infidels, second class citizens, and backward savages.

Increasing animosity toward the Irish escalated under Henry VIII with his administration’s attempt to force conversion on them from Catholicism to Protestantism in order to acknowledge him as head of the Church. The result was social and political discrimination due to a refusal toward conversion.

A notable cruel and brutal attempt at Irish ethnic cleansing occurred during the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland from 1649-1653. Instigated by the English Parliament, Oliver Cromwell led his army against the Irish in such ruthless brutality that resulted in the confiscation of land, severe plague, and famine. To this day  he is so hated in Ireland that the words, “The curse of Cromwell on you,” have become a part of Irish heritage.

Catholic persecution eventually escalated to such an extent that English Catholics and Scottish Presbyterians were called “dissenters.” The emergence of a Protestant ruling class in 1691, known as the “Protestant Ascendancy,” declared their goal to disable Irish Catholics and Dissenters by restricting them politically, religiously, and socially. The English Penal Laws were birthed from the “Ascendancy rule” in 1695. Included in these laws was the Popery Act which sought to dilute Irish land ownership and/or completely disinherit Catholics from their land. So oppressive were these laws that Edmund Burke described them as, “a machine of wise and elaborate contrivance, as well fitted for the oppression, impoverishment and degradation of a people, and the debasement in them of human nature itself, as ever proceeded from the perverted ingenuity of man.”

In 1920, the Penal Laws were repealed; however the effects upon the Irish and Catholics have been long lasting. The persecution of these people groups included atrocities resulting in, but not limited to, poverty, slavery, and indentured servitude. Consequences included rape, child abuse, and utter degradation. In addition, kidnapping, forced deportation and willful escape from Ireland, brought the Irish to the U.S. and Canada. Hardship and discrimination followed them as Irish racism is alive in the 21st Century.

Since uncovering the information about the English Penal Laws and the Irish Diaspora, I now understand why so many people that I have encountered experience difficulty with employment, home ownership, and poverty. These are Christians who love God. They come from different parts of the world. Yet, the common thread that resonates with them is not being able to attain all that God has for their lives. The resulting prayer is the fruit of my endeavor.
-Mimi Lowe



In the Name of Jesus, I repent on behalf of myself and all of my ancestors back to their origination, of all hatred between the English, the Irish and the Scottish, and for all hatred between the Catholics and the Protestants. In Jesus’ Name, I repent on behalf of myself and all of my ancestors for warring, killing, murder, rebellion, and destruction of land and homes. In Jesus’ Name, I repent on behalf of myself and all of my ancestors for the buying and selling of slaves, and for murdering, killing, torturing, hanging and the inhumane treatment of slaves and any other human being. Lord, on behalf of myself and my ancestors, I repent for robbing children of their childhood, for child labor and for child molestation and rape.

Lord, I repent for generational abuse and rape of women, and using women for breeding purposes.

Lord, I repent on behalf of myself and all my ancestors for renouncing Catholicism in order to keep ownership of land, rather than a decision of the heart, and for the purpose of inheriting what was not rightfully theirs to inherit. Lord, I repent on behalf of myself and my Irish ancestors for denying my identity, denying You, Lord, and blaming You for our circumstances.

In Jesus’ Name, I forgive the English Monarchy for cursing us with the Penal Laws, and I forgive King William III, Queen Mary II, and the English Parliament for passing the Popery Act, to ensure that the Penal Laws were more strictly enforced. In Jesus’ Name, I forgive the English Monarchy, the English Parliament and the English people for stealing our land and our homes, for suppressing and oppressing us, and not allowing us to prosper. In Jesus’ Name, I forgive all those who would not give us a job, feed us, nor extend mercies or charity to us because we were Irish Catholics. Lord, on behalf of myself and all my ancestors, I forgive those who were responsible for forcing conversion to the Protestant faith.

In Jesus’ Name and on behalf of myself and my Irish ancestors, I forgive the English Monarchy, Oliver Cromwell, and the English Parliament for cursing us so that we became, “a reproach to our neighbors, a scorn and a derision to those all around; to  make us a byword among the nations, a shaking of the head among the peoples; to dishonor us continually before us so that the shame of our face has covered us so that the voice of him who reproaches and reviles succeeds.”

Lord, in Your Name, I ask that You would now release me, my family, and my descendants to a thousand generations forward from those curses that have affected my generational line.

Lord please remove the shame, blame, humiliation, ungodly brandings, markings and stigmas that affected the generational line. In the Name of Jesus, we declare we are no longer to be shunned or outcast, and are no longer a byword among the nations.

In Jesus‘ Name, I declare we are released from the shackles of slavery and all contracts of forced indentured servitude.

I ask You, Lord, to release me, my family and my descendants to a thousand generations forward from the stronghold of these penal laws. I declare that we are employable and hire-able. I declare that we will own land and homes. I declare that we do not belong to anyone other than to the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord, please release us from the victim spirit, the poverty spirit, the spirit of helplessness and the spirit of hopelessness. In Jesus’ Name, we take back our identity, our freedom, and our rightful inheritance.

I repent on behalf of myself and my Irish ancestors for cursing the English or any others with the words, “The curse of Cromwell on you.” Lord, release us, our children and our descendants to a thousand generations forward from the curse of Cromwell.  Lord, please break all chains, shackles and ropes that have kept us bound, and remove all generational ungodly limitations placed upon us and those we placed upon ourselves.

Lord, I now ask that You would release the blessings that You have in store for me, my family and my descendants. I appropriate all the work and power of the Cross for our freedom.

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