Word from Jana and Nancy on June 18, 2011

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You are getting closer, come a little closer. (Jana is turning something).
There is more to learn about releasing the sound.
It has come through [full] circle, it has come back around.
The sound is in the waters. It is healing for the stones.
It is elemental you understand, it is for you to know.
It touches the cellular structure for healing of body and mind.
Spirit, soul, body and mind connected, this is the time.
A greater depth of understanding will be released.
You will go where you have not been before.
The sound of A is in the beginning and the end.
It is an eternal sound, everlasting. It is inexpressible. A sound of knowing.
It is not just in the natural or what you think. Beyond expression.
You are very close to something. There are more keys that are coming.


Come to me my children and you will learn new things of My hidden glory.
There is wealth in the earth, there is wealth in the oil.
There is wealth in the hands of My children that I am about to disperse upon this earth.
There shall be a transfer of wealth, you will see it.
You do not know how or can you see it, but it is at hand.
Behold the weight on my glory for I am about to bestow it on this ministry.
My pardon is great. The strength of My glory goes deep.
The weight of your shoulders will be lifted soon.
For I am the burden bearer.