Exhortation for Youth – Crystal Kain-Ross

AUGUST 23, 2012

“His winnowing fork is in His hand,
to THOUROUGHLY cleanse His threshing floor, and to gather the wheat into His barn.”
” …but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”. Luke 3:17

First of all:
“I am very PROUD of you”, says the Lord.
You have hearts that WANT TO fully follow Me.”
“You have stayed true to Me in your heart, when others have strayed away.”
“You are hungry for the DEEP things I have to offer, and most of you want them for the right reasons.”
“Although imperfect vessels, you understand what sin is in My eyes, and can distinguish between right and wrong.”
” You have teachable and moldable spirits. ( You really want to learn how to live for Me and please Me.)
However, I do have some issues you must address……(that is if you want to fulfill your high destiny I want to work out
IN and THRU you….)

1) The Corruption of your “Airwaves”
2) Your wishy-washy behavior, according to your emotions and lack of discipline
3) Your contempt for your parents, teachers and anyone in authority
4) Your copying of Worldly behavior and attitudes
5) Your sexual promiscuity

Next: “I want you to read Deuteronomy the 28th Chapter.
It has 68 verses.
The first 14 are blessing verses. These are consequences of My people doing what I told them to do.
The remaining 54 verses are consequences if My people chose to disobey Me.”
The ratio of that is approximately 1 blessing per 7 curses.
The illustration I want you to grasp is that My blessings are in My hand to give you. I long to give them all to you, and
for you all to enjoy them.”
“But IF you choose to ignore My instructions, and do your own thing, a 7 to 1 ratio of bad things will come your way, as
a consequence.”
“I understand it is going to be extremely difficult for you to follow My instructions fully because of the times you live in.”
“This is due to many of you coming from broken families, and the discipline your parent(s) should have taught you has
been lax, or absent.”
“You are not used to having discipline in the areas it counts in most; such as in the realm of what you think, say, & do
in your spare time.”
” I want to lovingly remind you that there are literal HISTORY books that are being composed about your lives on a
daily basis.”
“These write down what your activities have been; and what you have been saying , doing and thinking about.
“Every action, and even your motives are being recorded. ”
“Absolutely nothing is hidden from view.”
“With this in mind, it should be easier for you now to realize how important it is to clean up your thoughts, motives and
“Some of you have a habit of using cuss words. Some don’t. “”But for those who do, this is one of the things that should set My
people apart from the World.”
” I hear how you talk (and think) when you are at meetings and gatherings. And for the most part it is not with foul
language and dirty jokes.”
“However, some of you quickly adopt cussing and readily look at things you shouldn’t be looking at on your phone and
computers, the minute you have left. This is not good ”
“If I were to show your parents, and those in spiritual leadership over you right now the entire internet history of your
activity, is there anything that you would would be ashamed to have everyone know?’
“This then is a good balancing scale in your mind, as to what you will do in the future as you surf the net.”
“And ONE much greater than your parents and spiritual leaders is standing next to you at all times.”
“Jeremiah 5:22 says :’ Should you not FEAR ME? Should you not TREMBLE in My Presence?”
“This is the kind of fear that is positive.”
“It is not a fear to approach Me, but rather such a high level of love, honor and respect for Me, that you willingly keep
in check those things you know would displease Me and put a wall between us.”

The next aspect I want to address is self-discipline.
Hebrews 12:11 states that ‘No discipline seems pleasant at the time…but will produce a harvest of righteousness to
those who are trained by it.”
Finally, let’s address the issue of sexual activity.
To share My heart with you on this matter, let Me share with you a situation.
You have just showered and dressed in your best outfit.
Your new expensive laptop is open and laying on your bed.
Your room is clean (for once).
A fresh pizza is laying on your bed, and your closest friends and you are just getting ready to eat it and surf the Net
You hear something at your door, so you open it.
In runs your family dog.
It has been outside and rolled in fresh cow manure.
Before you can stop it, it runs thru your pizza, all over your expensive laptop, your bedspread, pillow, and carpet.
Then it sees you and jumps in your arms, showering you with affection!
What would your reaction be?
Would you hate and disown your dog??
No!! It’s part of your family and you love it forever.

But you hate the FILTH it has rolled in, and the things that are now soiled because of it coming into your room in this
Revelation 22:11 says”…outside ( heaven and the Holy city): are the dogs, those who practice magic arts (including
horoscope reading), murder, idolatry and SEXUAL IMMORALITY.”
I have standards that have been ignored by many youth, and I cannot give you my promised blessings if you don?t
keep your part of the bargain.
“My blessings are in My hand. I want to give them all to you, but you must obey My instructions for Me to
release them.”

To summarize,
1) Love Me by living your lives in an honorable fashion;
2) Respect those spiritually leading you,
3) Stop doing things you know displease Me, whether in a meeting, or in your spare time,
4) Show this World that you are fully Mine by choosing not to cuss and talk (or think) trash,
5) Grow into the spiritual powerhouses you can be, by memorizing the Words in My Book. A good start would be the
150 songs in My Holy Book. (Psalms 1-150).
6) Lay My Words up in your hearts
7) Take time to learn to hear My voice. Turn everything else off.

Honor Me with 100% of your attention and effort, and I will give you 100% of Mine.

“And last, but not least..I love you with an EVERLASTING LOVE.”

“I have written each of your names on the palms of My hands.”

“Go forth in My power!!!

“Adopt the same Caleb and Joshua faith standard that your leader, Paul Cox has.”

“I will always remain by your side.”

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