The Shower with the Golden Water – Kathie Walters

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An invitation -for deliverance Kathie Walters

There are times when God draws our attention to something so that we can receive a blessing. You know if you want to give and be a blessed, like your heavenly Father – you also have to learn how to receive. You can’t give what you don’t have, can you? Yours and mine’s first calling is to enjoy God- He called you first to enjoy Him- then you are able to pass on some LIFE. If you don’t enjoy God you will just be passing on religion – we don’t want that do we, there’s enough of that around already.

Well as I woke yesterday I saw this huge, gigantic glass shower with huge glass doors. The shower was showering down inside the glass. The water was golden. I saw people throw off their outer garments and jump in the shower with a joyful abandonment. It made me laugh as they were like children, jumping in the river on a hot day. They didn’t looked at all bothered that there were other people. It was so inviting! Before you jump and say ” Ooh Kathie had a vision of naked people” let me tell you that in the spirit realm you are not conscious of things like that as you are in the natural. Even Adam and Eve were not conscious of their nakedness until they sinned. Up until then they wee covered by the Glory of God.

Then God started talking to me. “Remind people there is deliverance available. This week we are thinking about and celebrating the birth of Jesus (we all know its not the actual date, but God looks on the heart). The miraculous birth of Jesus doesn’t have real meaning without the death and resurrection of the same Lord of All – Jesus.

In other words it’s about SALVATION isn’t it? When Jesus died and rose again, He conquered death and led captivity captive. He made Salvation available to the likes of you and me. His marvelous salvation also included some other wonderful things. Jesus Salvation includes restoration – that’s a promise to receive. He restores us back to our right standing with the Father. He is our righteousness. His Salvation includes healing as He paid for our sicknesses on the Cross “By His stripes you were healed.” That’s physical, mental and healing for your soul. Many people have a wounded soul, because of their pathway in life.

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a promise to receive “For He is the “Baptizer in the Holy Spirit.” The promise is unto you and to your children and those afar off, even an many as the Lord our God shall call.” That’s YOU isn’t it? You are called.

All of these wonderful things Jesus made available when He rose again and sat down at the Father’s right hand.

But you see – everything is available, but nothing is Automatic. You have to receive it. Salvation is available, but to benefit from it you have receive Christ into your life as Lord. Healing is available but you have to receive Jesus the Healer. If you don’t believe in healing then you wont get healed. My little daughter, Faith, was saved when she was four. He was hungry for God and wanted to speak in tongues. One night two angels came and took her to heaven; they took her around and then brought her to Jesus. Jesus spoke to her and baptized her in the Holy Spirit and she came back speaking in tongues. Even a little child can ask – they don’t have a baby Holy Spirit.

When I got baptized in the Holy Spirit I found out then I could get healed. It took me a little while to figure out how to get healed, as everything up to that point had been in my head. I had loads of great theology, but God sent and angel he helped me get into a place to RECEIVE the healing I needed. Account is in my book, “Angels Watching Over You.”

But then the biggest thing that made the most difference to me was when I found out about DELIVERANCE. He is the deliverer – ” A Deliverer came…”

It never entered my head that there could actually be demons affecting my life, because I assumed that side of things wasn’t really real and didn’t affect me. I thought I had some personality problems and I wrestled with those things as a Christian, but that’s the way it was. I had previously run away to Australia and gotten engaged to someone in the Mafia, because I was tired of all the struggling.. My testimony is on my CD ” Getting Free and Living in the Supernatural” on my website

So now deliverance, “What have we here?” I thought.” We got thrown into the deep end when we came into the realm of the Holy Spirit. The day after we were filled with the Holy Spirit, the people who brought us in- kind of tossed us into a room full of people and said ” Pray for those people to prophesy.” “What’s that?” We asked, but they didn’t have time to tell us. So we did as we were asked and that’s how it was-

DELIVERANCE for you and me.

To cut a longer story short, some people we were now around started getting words of knowledge and the Lord allowed our lives to manifest things. Over the next year I got delivered from Freemasonry – spirit of death, false light etc. That was major in my life and when those spirits left It became very easy for me to get in the Spirit realm.

Religious spirits, a whole bunch of them took flight and then I didn’t know myself. I was lighter, free-er, joyful. Dead works, dead letters, dead words, false standards, false responsibility etc left and I felt them go from my back and the top of my head and neck. Emotional things such as rejection, sorrow, sadness etc were a group of spirits that had been passed down through my family.

Someone asks, “How do you know if something is a spirit.?” The answer is pretty simple. If it’s something that you fight against, but really in the end have no control over – then you know there is a demonic spirit there that needs to be cast out. Can Christians have demons?” Someone asks- Sure they can- Christians can have anything they like. Jesus is the DELIVERER so deliverance is available but it’s not automatic, you do have to use your authority in Jesus Name and tell the demons to go.

Generational spirits
The Holy Spirit was moving powerfully in our home and someone staying at our house had some words of knowledge. I got delivered from some major spirit from India. I admit I was a bit freaked out. My father’s family were in the British Army in India. My father was not saved- so I don’t know where he may have gone when they were there. One spirit was connected with the Taj Mahal! When my friend called out these spirits, my whole body went like stone and these things left from my feet.

The enemy doesn’t want you in the Spirit realm because then he is discovered- right? The devil doesn’t care what you do or how many church meetings you go to as long as you don’t get into the anointing. You can’t affect his kingdom outside of the anointing.
I want to tell you one more story, because I want to show you something.

Water Spirit
A few years ago I had a friend, Pat, ( not her realm name) who came into the spirit realm. Her mother had been into witchcraft and so she knew about the realm of the spirit- good and bad.

She began to get delivered from the stuff from her mother and grandmother – but sometimes it takes a few months for everything to come to the light and be discovered.
She approached me at a conference and told me she was planning on going with another lady to an African nation to visit orphanages. I felt such a hesitation as I knew she wasn’t all the way delivered from the witchcraft spirits. But she was sure that she had heard from God felt a strong pull to go. The other lady who was a pastor had encouraged her.
We went to my hotel room to pray- A friend of mine, Bunty, a missionary who had done many missions in Africa), myself and my friend, Pat and her Pastors wife. We waited on the Lord and the Holy Spirit spoke to me, I wasn’t expecting what I heard. ” It is a water spirit from those orphanages in Pat, and the spirit is looking for a “ride” back to Sierra Leone .”

Well what do I know – I just spoke out what I heard and when I did, Pat’s body went stiff and she couldn’t move. We told the spirit to leave, and it did. Pat wasn’t so keen on going to Sierra Leone. ” I wonder how that spirit got to you? ” wondered? I know how,” Pat said. “When I was a child I carried everywhere with me a large very ugly black doll. I refused to go anywhere without it. It was so ugly that one night my mother ( who was a witch) burned it while I was asleep.”

Obviously the spirit in the doll had come from one of those orphanages and now left the doll and was in Pat waiting for an opportunity to go back “home.” My friends who travel to Africa and other nations a lot tell me that this is not uncommon. The spirit from these places like to visit- but they also like to return. So be careful what you buy stuff from those ‘inviting looking’ markets.

Bunty told me that when they baptize the children they have to have men standing around to dive into the water after the kids, because the water spirits they have inherited will try and take them to the bottom of the lake

Most demonic spirits are earthbound and cannot move through the air like some of the higher spirits, they are reliant on attaching themselves to things and people. I was on a flight coming back from L.A to Atlanta and I looked around and saw a demonic spirit leaning against the wall near the part of the place where the flight attendants were making coffee. He was grey, had a wide head. ” Oh Jesus, shall I do anything about that” I asked, “What is he doing?” “No don’t do anything, he’s hitching a ride.” Do you realize that you aren’t called to do everything about what you see. Aren’t you glad that you aren’t God?

I was home a day or some after the conference and I was praying for Pat. I saw the water spirit in her house (in a vision), it was swirling around her feet trying to get her to go out the door. I told her to be careful, but she ended up going anyway.

So be encouraged – ask God to show you anything that’s hidden and command things to come to the surface. Jesus is a faithful High Priest. Tell Him you don’t want to hide anything – cast off the outer things and step into God’s anointed SHOWER.

It’s anointed, it has golden (anointed) water to wash away the curses from the generations, religious spirits and all kinds of other junk that you may have picked up along the way and inherited from various “sites.”

One of the biggest needs I see in the Body of Christ is the need of real good anointed deliverance ministries. They are worth their weight in gold. If you know someone who is REALLY GOOD send me the info and I will make a list.

If you want to know more about water spirit- there is a book called ” The Witch Doctor and the man.” Testimony of a 4th generation witch doctor was trained for 11 years under the ocean.

You can download it. I will let you know where, if you are interested.

Meanwhile I can’t answer all your questions- but Jesus is the deliverer- you can ask Him to tell you how YOU can receive your deliverance. He has made that provision already.
Have a wonderful And joyful Christmas – I am sorry that so many people had to miss their family time because of the bad weather.

I have some really great and special conferences coming up January and February – try and come to all as there is a very special time and impartation and revelation with each one the them.

I look forward to seeing you soon – every blessing Kathie and love from my very patient husband, David.

MY eldest daughter Faith is like her dad – kind and patient and very low key- never raises her voice and is the most strong but even-keeled person I know. She has a lovely family – husband David loves to go to Africa or anywhere where there are people who don’t know Jesus. Inisfree – you heard her song a while ago, is 4 and totally confident. Zion and Judah are delightful 11 and 9.

Lisa my youngest daughter is getting her Masters in Business in Wilmington NC. She is more like me – bit fiery, not so patient, very black and white with a PLAN -she is also tender-hearted and always supports the under dog –

Kathie Walters

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