The Power of Dreams in Generational Deliverance – Paul L. Cox

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For many years we have seen the amazing revelation that takes place when we ask the Lord to reveal truths from the dreams of those who come to us for ministry. It is not unusual that the person for whom we are praying states that they had a dream the previous night. As we listen to the dream and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, remarkable generational information is often revealed.

Below is an actual dream of a woman who came for prayer ministry which is included in the seminar entitled Dream and Vision Interpretation in Generational Deliverance.. The dream as stated by the person is recounted first, followed by the interpretation as revealed by the Holy Spirit.


Characters in the dream are the woman; three men who are identified as Man #1, Man #2, and Man#3; and the woman’s daughter.

The woman saw the back door of a house, which was open. It was dark, and Man #1 was outside. He was someone who goes to her church, but she didn’t know him well. As Man #1 went into the house, he turned into Man #2, identified as an older male friend. She gave him a key and then realized that this was not her house. She heard the words, “Do you need my key?” and answered, “Yes,” I do not have a key.” Next, she saw a kitchen and her eleven-year-old daughter was there. Then she heard Man #3 worshipping. The daughter became agitated, with both her face and eyes turning red. The woman felt that the daughter hated her and said, “You come out of her in the name of ,” but she was unable to say “Jesus”.


Man #1 was Larry, a kind but passive man. He was unlike the woman’s husband, who was neither nice nor kind. Why was he in the back yard? He was one who had prayed for the woman in the past (back yard indicates past). (In real life she had lost her home three years previously, and had moved in with another lady. It was then that much oppression began in her life. About the same time, her son died and she lost her job.) Man #2 was an old boyfriend who had also mistreated her. Man #3 was someone who had been nice to her.

Based on the dream, the Holy Spirit led us to deal with a number of generational issues. Her father had been a nice, but passive, man and her mother had been domineering. The father did not have a good relationship with the mother, and the woman felt he was not kind to her. She believed that men were weak and that they did not stand up for what is right. When the woman recalled the dream, she observed that in the dream all three men had those same characteristics. It became clear that this was an underlying generational issue in her life, and was the reason she now tends to gravitate toward men who are controlling. She would let men tell her who she was. Why was she so willing to give her identity away? What was the key to resolving this issue? It was her identity, her value, which she had given away to men.

At this point, the demonic strongly manifested in her and it became clear that she felt much shame about herself. The following interaction ensued:

“How old were you when this shame came against you?”


“What happened?”

“I do not know.”

“Were you inside a house or outside of a house?”

“I see horse stables.”

“Is there anyone else present?

“There is a guy there who is two years older (13 or 14).”

“What happened?”

She then revealed that she liked this boy but felt rejected by him (at this point I was discerning witchcraft around the woman). Her dad hated the boy. She felt shame because she was embarrassed that she liked the boy in spite of her dad’s disapproval. She stated that her dad was very religious, and she was angry with her mom for not intervening. She became rebellious, and was cut off from her dad when she was married.

It was further revealed that in the mother’s womb she was anxious and felt rejected. She was not wanted. Also, there was an inappropriate touch in childhood by a little girl, and shame was tied to this as well, especially since mom walked in when it happened.

Who was the eleven-year-old girl in the dream? It turned out that it was the woman herself. There had been a conflict in a kitchen between father and daughter when she entered puberty. At that time, the dad began taking the side of the mother and he seemed embarrassed over his daughter’s sexuality.

How long ago did this conflict between dads and daughters begin? The Holy Spirit showed us that it started 57 generations back, and was repeated in generations 46, 39, 30, 12, and 6. Further, it began in England and France. A priest had raped a woman, and a child had been born, identified as a bastard, and rejected by the father. A man-hating and woman-hating spirit was present, which explains why the woman felt blocked every time she tried to worship. The key of worship had been given away.

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