Thank you for the web resources

I am a prayer minister and have been following your videos consistently for about two months. The conference on Hearing God’s voice was so concise and well ordered that it helped me in praying for two different clients. The Spiritual warfare and biblical basis was so helpful. I expect to […]

Being a Daughter of God

I wanted to thank you, Paul Cox, and team for all of your help. It is a unique feeling to wake up this morning without all this “stuff” in and around. There is definitely some still there, but now I can separate it out. I also wanted you to know […]

From An Intern’s Point of View

My testimony is from the first time I did ministry with you. I flew out there for 5 days to train. When getting ready for the first appt. I asked the Prayer Minister; where are the other intercessors? You said, “You are it!” I was scared spit less. We ministered […]

Consuming Fire Testimony

My husband purchased your Consuming Fire DVD online. I wasn’t sure what I was about to see and I don’t think my husband really knew either. I was lying down on the bed and he was sitting in a chair. We weren’t actually expecting anything to happen, but we have […]