Aslan’s Place Intern Program

The Lord’s vision for Aslan’s Place is to train committed believers in the use of their God given spiritual gifts (especially the gift of discernment) in prayer ministry so as to facilitate the freeing of individuals from generational bondage through the power of the cross of Jesus Christ.

Towards that goal, we’ve redesigned and re-established the Aslan’s Place Intern Program.


Purpose of our Intern Program

While our Lord was with the disciples, we do not see large amounts of time spent in formal education.  Rather, we see Jesus modeling what a relationship with God would look like.  He walked with His disciples through life and as they walked together, the teachings took place.

It is the goal of the Intern Program that you will be able to walk with us and learn how to exercise the gift of discernment and develop your skills in prayer ministry.  We believe that much can be CAUGHT rather than just being TAUGHT.  Our focus is more on impartation than information.  This is not to say that no learning will take place, but rather in modeling the gift of discernment and in answering questions much more can be learned than through imparting of information.



The Aslan’s Place Intern Program is a combination of self-study, structured learning, and first hand ministry experience.

It can take anywhere between two months to a year to complete the program.

To complete the Intern Program, you must:

  1. Participate in 25 prayer sessions and/or Discernment Coaching sessions (approximately 75 hours in total). (The majority of these sessions will occur over Zoom.) These sessions will include a debrief with the prayer minister (currently Paul L. Cox or Brian Cox)
  2. Read the following books and provide a one page written summary for each one
    1. Books from Aslan’s Place:
      1. Exploring Heavenly Places Volumes 1 – 12
      2. Ravens
      3. Unwrap the Gifts
      4. Heaven Trek
      5. Come Up Higher (Read chapters and prayers. You necessarily need to pray the prayers unless you feel led to do so.)
    2. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell
    3. Keeping Your Ministry Out of Court by Ed Smith & Jim Wilder
    4. Immanuel by Patti Velotta – Click here to order paperback or eBook editions
  3. Watch episodes 1 – 10 of Exploring Heavenly Places Season 1
  4. Take the following week-long courses by Paul L. Cox, which are only available to members of the Intern Program
    Both online and in-person attendance is available. Registration includes access to the recordings for that particular course.
    If you were not able to participate in a class, you can purchase the recordings. Each purchase of the course recordings includes a “one-on-one” debrief with Paul L. Cox after completion of the videos.

    1. Living in Radical Obedience to the Father – Click to purchase the recording and presentation bundle for this course
    2. Understanding and Implementing Generational Prayer – Click to purchase the recording and presentation bundle for this course
    3. Utilization of Spiritual Gifts in Ministry – Click to purchase the recording and presentation bundle for this course
    4. Leading a Generational Prayer Session by Brian Cox Click to purchase the recording and presentation bundle for this course
      Prerequisite: Understanding and Implementing Generational Prayer
    5. Advanced Discernment Training – Click to purchase the recordings and presentation bundle for this course
      Prerequisite: Living in Radical Obedience to the Father or participation in any previous Aslan’s Place Academy full week event.

Financial Investment

In addition to the books listed above, the Aslan’s Place Intern Program requires the following financial investment:

  • Intern Program application fee of $250.00 ($200.00 will be returned if you are not accepted into the program).
  • Suggested donation of $75.00 for participation as an intern in each three hour ministry session facilitated by Paul or Brian Cox. (Total suggested donation of $1,875)
  • Attendance fee of $350 for each of the five week-long courses. Price includes lunch for each day. (The fee to attend each course online will be $275.00) (Total attendance fee for all five weeks is $1,750 for in-person and $1,375)

This program is “pay as you go”. The only up front cost is the application fee.


More About Our Goals


The purpose of Aslan’s Place is to “untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke.”  Isaiah 58:3

Luke 4:18-19 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” (NIV)

This will be accomplished by:

  1. Training Christians to minister freedom to those in captivity.
  2. Imparting spiritual giftings and anointings.
  3. Conducting training events in Hesperia and around the world
  4. Pouring our lives into adults & youth who will carry on the ministry of spiritual healing.


Questions? Feel free to Contact Us.


Testimony from a previous Aslan’s Place intern

The 5 weeks that I spent ministering with Paul and Donna was invaluable. I truly believe that I have grown spiritually and have become more mature in my faith as a result of training with them.  The spiritual world has become more real to me than the natural world.  I understand the Bible, particularly the New Testament, clearer. That is something that I never had before.  Even though I grew up as a Christian, went to a Baptist church and then to a Baptist college, I never understood the importance of the Spirit.  I was told the things that happened with the Holy Spirit were for the 1st Century Christians only.  I have learned how vital and living the Holy Spirit is.  Things that happened in the Bible do and should happen today.  I had the opportunity to travel with Paul to Texas and then do ministry with him and his wife Donna in Argentina.  It was great to be able to travel, while doing what I love doing.  I really love helping to set people free from bondage.  I enjoyed meeting so many different people.  Being able to see them in ministry has given me a desire to do that as well.  I understand how important it is to be trained in deliverance and to have the gift of discernment.  I am excited to bring the knowledge that I have back home to help set friends free.  I already have deliverances scheduled.  People are hungry and want to learn about the Holy Spirit!  Praise God!

Matt Heinz
St. Paul, Minnesota