Monthly Archives: May 2019

Zodiac and Time

From what I can discern, there seems to be an area outside of godly time in association with the Zodiac. One can be trapped in this zodiac time. It stands to reason that this would prevent a person from reaching God’s time. The center of the zodiac seems to have […]

Prayer to Break off Kundalini

On behalf of myself and my family line, I repent for corrupting your intention for the Seven Eyes of the Lord by pursuing or participating in the concepts of a chakra column and chakra points. I repent for anytime I or those in my family line attempted to control or […]

Prayer to Release Joy

In the name of Jesus Christ, on behalf of myself and my family line. I repent for relying on ungodly sources to generate joy in my life. I repent for coming to you to receive joy but then disconnecting and trying to sustain or generate joy through self-effort. God, I […]