Prayer to Break Free From the Power of Critical Words and Remove the Ungodly Cloud

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Lord, on behalf of my generational line and myself, I repent for and renounce the sins of pride and arrogance. Please forgive me for believing the lie that I am less sinful than others; and for thinking that since I am better than them, I can sit on Your judgment seat and criticize, slander and gossip about people who have also been created in Your image.

Forgive me for disobeying Your command in Matthew 7:1-3 not to judge others; help me to understand the difference between the sinful judgment of others out of pride and anger, versus righteous discernment between good and evil actions.

Forgive me for walking in hypocrisy as I praise Your name in worship, yet verbally tear others down by the unrighteous use of my tongue at other times.

Lord, please create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me. Be merciful, for I lack Your loving kindness and mercy when I condemn people for their attitudes and actions, yet do the same things without godly sorrow.

Father, I repent for judging other believers and church families. Please forgive me for:

  • Judging their motives, beliefs and practices
  • Angrily disrespecting politicians with whom I disagree (please remind me to lift them up at all times in prayer)
  • Dishonoring my parents, spouse, other ethnic groups, and other denominations for falling short of my personal expectations

I forgive my parents for not speaking words of life over me; instead, wounding my heart and soul with harsh and hurtful words. Forgive me for speaking angry words towards my parents out of a heart of rebellion and ill will, for dishonoring them.

Father, I ask forgiveness for criticizing and cutting others down behind closed doors, spreading lies, sharing confidential information that I promised not to divulge, and ruining reputations through innuendo and gossip. I ask forgiveness for my divisive attitudes and actions, which have built walls between others and me.

Lord, on behalf of my generational lines and myself I come to Your cross and ask You to remove the legal rights that we have given the ungodly authorities to slime us with toxic spiritual waste, and to pollute all of the lands where we have lived, dividing our families, churches, states and nations. Disconnect me from the ungodly authorities and connect me to Your righteous authorities.

Lord, teach me to see others as people whom You have made in Your image. Train the eyes of my heart to see the treasures that You have deposited into other individuals so I can lead them to You.

I repent for harshly judging other believers who have chosen to sin or walk away from You. Teach me to meet with them face to face in Your Spirit of love and humility so that they may be restored to fellowship with You and Your family, the Church.

Finally, please remove me from the ungodly cloud, and cleanse me by the power of Your blood from the consequences of criticizing others, gossiping, unrighteous judgments and slander, which is character assassination.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

Permission is given to print this prayer in its entirety provided that no changes are made. In addition, please reference Aslan’s Place and on all reproductions. This prayer may not be reproduced in publications without written consent from Aslan’s Place.