Zodiac and Time

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From what I can discern, there seems to be an area outside of godly time in association with the Zodiac. One can be trapped in this zodiac time. It stands to reason that this would prevent a person from reaching God’s time. The center of the zodiac seems to have time hands.

There seems to be a connection to abortion here.

Picture a person connected to clock hands with the signs of the zodiac placed in a circle like the numbers on a clock. The person rotates on the clock hands, going in circles, never getting anywhere, passed from sign to sign always the victim of the system. A victim of the mechanism which controls the hands of the zodiac clock.

Wandering in the stars (Jude 13), jumping from star to star.  You are not ruling and reigning you are controlled by the mechanism, a puppet. The result of all of this is being overwhelmed, never getting anything done, always putting out fires, incompletion, repeating the same cycles, and fruitless activity.

Ungodly seraphim seem to be in charge of this time mechanism. The worship of the stars seems to empower this system. It distorts time. This evil system says that the sons of God are in charge of time.  This seems to be their effort to change times and season.  Daniel 2:21 vs. Daniel 7:25.

Instead of the godly Mazzaroth being n the times and seasons of the Lord, the Zodiac attempts to preempt God’s time by having people praise (focus) on the starts (astrology) to change from God’s time to the enemy’s time.  Therefore, there is a loss of Godly authority because you are always going in a circle.


I repent for all astrology and I ask Lord that you would unhook me from the zodiac and the ungodly seraphim. Lord please take me out of all ungodly dimensions of time and establish me in your righteous Mazzaroth and your Kairos time. Please release, clean up and return all parts that are locked into the ungodly zodiac.