The Missing Piece

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Sometimes it’s necessary to wait a long time to discover what we need to understand. Until that ‘ah-ha’ moment, it seems as if we are floundering in a sea of information that does not make any sense. But then, at a pivotal moment, the Wisdom of the Lord breaks through the morass of human thinking, and suddenly we begin to comprehend what previously was not at all clear. It is not easy to be patient in the process, and faith is essential while waiting until the matter is fully revealed. Along the journey, there are many threads that are given, which somehow are eventually woven by the Lord into a beautiful garment. One such thread began on September 15, 2005, with words I did not understand and concepts that were far beyond my ability to comprehend. I did realize that the ultimate goal is salvation of the lost, an outpouring of healing, and complete sense of freedom in Christ; but the journey has taken a long time. Perhaps, we are now beginning to see what was not seen before.

For many years, it has been my contention that the Lord does want to see us healed, and the issue is not with Him but with us. As a pastor, I became aware that we have stifled the Holy Spirit and His gifts by not listening to Him, and we have not given permission for the gifts to be released among His people so the revelation could come that would result in the release of healing. Unfortunately, many of us have not only failed to release the gifting in others, but have also taught that the gifts were not even to be used. We cannot know the amount of unknown pain and hardship that has resulted within the church and among unbelievers.

Following is my journey in trying to be obedient to the words of the Lord, seeking to understand the mysteries of the Kingdom of God so that we can walk in total health and freedom. As I mention often, this journey is traveled with others as we walk in unity, exercising our gifts according to the workings of the Holy Spirit. I must warn you that this is not a simplistic and easy-to-understand journey. Our wonderful Heavenly Father has created a complex world, and I am reminded of the words of Hebrews 5:11, which speak Melchizedek and the gift of discernment:

 of whom [Melchizedek] we have much to say, and hard to explain, since you have become dull of hearing.

On September 15, 2005, Mimi Lowe received this word from an angelic messenger:

There’s a demonic council going on in the spirit realm…It’s plotting and planning. They’re huddled together. Territorial spirits have landed. There’s a strategy in there. You’ve got to send in your forces to go in there to grab the blue prints. You need more warfare to retrieve those blue prints. And you can go in there in the Spirit, but you have to protect yourself. They’re plotting for your demise. But you will prevail.

There’s another aspect you have not known. They’re connectors. They need to be uncovered. You’ve got to find them and dismantle them. When it’s time, we will direct you and you can go in there.

The second thread appeared one year later on August 6, 2006 when Jana Green,[1] Dale Shannon[2] and I were together, and the presence of the Lord came upon us. The Lord began speaking through Jana and Dale:

(Dale) I will establish my truth. I will establish my righteousness. This is the grand finale. This is the war of all ages. The release of the warriors is for the war of all wars. Expansion is coming. Don’t limit what God intends to do. Raise up the youth to fly higher…They will soar higher. Training for the youth. They need to be raised up. That is what Aslan’s Place is to do…I am raising up a new generation of fearless warriors, so teach my children.

(Jana) It’s a trumpet call going forth. It’s a gathering and releasing. Do not tarry. Take the vision and run with it. It’s a mandate, to teach the youth. You’ve cried forth for the little ones. Your joy will be complete. The harvest is coming. Divine wisdom is being released in little ones not by natural parents. Don’t limit Him to man’s understanding. Let them run. Release them. This is my move. This is not random…This is my move…my outpouring! Connectors. Releasing Connectors. Vector field[3] momentum will be poured out on all the earth.

We had never heard the term, ‘vector field’, before. What did this mean? It became apparent that somehow connectors and vector fields were tied together.

One year later, Dale Shannon, a frequent team member with Aslan’s Place, received another prophetic word for our puzzle, and then continued to get even more words into 2009:

(August 17, 2007 at Aslan’s Place in Hesperia, CA) Living stones, established [and knit together] one upon another. One body. Connections. You are connected to Me first, then to one another. Break off evil connections. Rest in Me. It is the force field, the vector force field that is spinning. Line upon line [with] My force connecting the line…New revelation. It is by My power, by My force, that all things are connected together. Without me you can do nothing. Yield to My power and to My force and I will increase My power within you. This is the time I have waited for from the beginning to pour out my power, my force…Step into…My dimensions.

(August 4, 2008, in Hawaii) Vector force field; lines of communication; cut the wires; decontaminate the connectors. For My people shall be a holy people. They shall be one as We (Trinity) are…this is a key to unlocking the mysteries of the kingdom: one spirit, one body, one flesh. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Clean the highways of holiness. Frequencies, Sounds, Vibrations. These are connectors…As you tune in to Me and not the earth, you will vibrate with Me. Cleanse the force field of ungodly vibrations. You must resonate with My frequencies, sounds, and vibrations. As you are filled with My glory, the force field will change. Matter changes. You are connected to Me, and I can move you into My realm…Listen to the sounds of My kingdom…There’s a new sound, a new vibration, a new groan. The sons of man are being revealed for such a time as this. As the earth groans, a new sound is produced—My sound. Sheaves of disobedience will be burnt. Only what I have created in My glory will remain through the fire of purification. You must be disconnected from the land, the earth and be connected to My kingdom, My realm. Faster than you think, matter will be changed in a twinkling of an eye. Whose are you? Are you connected to the world or to Me? Let go of ungodly connections that I have not ordained. Tune into My Spirit, My frequency. You will hear My voice and the sounds of My kingdom. Rejoice, for the hour is come for the sons of man to be revealed. One kingdom, one spirit, one voice, one sound in Me, for I have ordained it to be. Listen to what the Spirit is saying. Let go of your divisions and your kingdom building. It’s in the tree. It’s in the source. Disconnect from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and connect to the tree of life. Disconnect from deadness and connect to life. You will vibrate with my heartbeat…My kingdom vibrates with Me. Contamination began with connecting to the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Disconnect from the tree of knowledge and connect to the tree of life. You will pulsate with my kingdom. In Me there is life, newness, oneness, and unity.

(March 13, 2009) They’re all connected—the sounds, lights, colors, frequencies, connections, living stones, living colors, and living lights—it’s all in My breath. There are thrones at the gates, unholy, unholy eights at the gates. I establish My living stones at the gates of the New Jerusalem. Living stones are at the gates of My city, but in man’s city they are unholy thrones based on structures of 8s. The thrones are at the gates. Tear down the thrones…take down the gates, the ungodly gates, and My people are set free to come into my city, the New Jerusalem. Vibrant stones, living stones will establish the New Jerusalem, one up on another in My spirit, My living Spirit. These stones will not be torn down. Eternal stones, living stones; they will magnify My name. They will magnify My name for all eternity. There is life, sound, vibration, praise, and worship in the stones. These are the godly stones. This is New Jerusalem built on the godly stones of colors, sounds, vibrations, frequencies and lights—energy, electromagnetic energy, force fields, and vector force fields. (Paul confirms that the energy is strong) Contamination, they are contaminated. There’s a shaft of light. Come up higher.

(March 20, 2009) The mark of the beast is the ungodly branding, ungodly fire; marked for and stolen from future generations. It is an ungodly cord from the past to the future and it is still connected. It is stealing life, blood. Ungodly covenants were made for the worship of the dragon, sealed with a branding of the future generations…It is stealing life, sucking life and energy. These are the jewels that the enemy has stolen. These are the parts of the DNA; the parts of the DNA are the jewels. Crack the DNA code…I am giving you a key to crack the code…This is the mystery of Babylon…Numbers, vibrations, colors, frequencies are all parts of the code that was written. This is the enemy’s plan to take back what he lost when he was cast down, to steal and rob from the generations. He knew what he lost so he defiled the sound, the vibrations, light, frequencies, and worship. It is a symphony of defilement. This is the ungodly covering; it is in the sound, light, vibration; an ungodly covering, it comes and goes and hides. Unravel, unravel the covering. Unravel the dark gauze, the ungodly vibrations and sounds. No more will this come against My children…Look to the sound, light, and vibrations…There was trading that was done, the souls of man for power, but they will be reversed. It is in the numbers. The base of 2, 8, 4 quadrants. It is the quadrants. That is where there’s a shifting from one quadrant to another. Rubik’s cubes, the shifting of Rubik’s cubes. Keep shifting the combination locks. Going from one quadrant to another; dimensional shift; find the quadrants, the cube, the piece. Bring it back, brink it back—the necessary piece in the quadrants. The guardian is at the gate, but I give you the key. Unlock the gate. Take the piece, like a piece of the Rubik’s cube. The guardian is like a dragon, guarding the gate of the cave. The order has been given from the Lord, the Most High. The guardian must give up. Do not be afraid. Go into the cave and get the key. It is a white stone; it is a stone of identity.

At this point, Dale was aware that she was holding a piece of a Rubik’s cube. We took a break, after which Dale said that the cube piece had turned into a chess king piece. Somehow, the king piece was the key. In chess, the goal is to take out the king, with the term ‘checkmate’ coming from a Persian word that means ‘to kill the king’. In the ancient world, when the lunar and solar calendars came into alignment once every eight years, the king would be sacrificed in the spring. Similarly, the war of the ages is meant to kill the King of Kings, but what did Dale’s word mean? It would be a long time until we finally understood. Meanwhile, the revelation continued unfolding a bit at a time.

(August 10, 2009) Release the convoys; release the carriers, the transports. Buckets of revelation are being released. Train the receptors of your beings…there is so much I want to give you, but are you ready? Are you ready to receive? You desire, but are you ready?

Purify your hearts…cleanse, purify…There is a pure stream…Take away the mixture, the defilement. For My people will be a holy people and you will desire Me alone and you will be built up. You will honor Me alone, not Man, not self.

Purify your desires. You put self on the throne for too long. A light force is coming…a vector force, a field of revelation. The stars are singing. Rejoice, rejoice, because you are becoming one with Me—one heart, one spirit, one mind, one goal. Are you ready to be joined with Me, with my heart? Unity of the spirit, unity of the mind, unity of the heart; single focus…remove the distractions.

Love [and] honor one another. Take away the condemnation, the accusation; the religious spirit…for My people will be a people that love, and a people that I can trust with the new revelation that is coming.

The host are rejoicing. The starry host are rejoicing and they come in unity with you to teach you to honor one another, to love one another. They will be your teachers. I want to take you out of your plastic world…that has confined you. I want to take you out of the depths of confinement and raise you up to a place of contentment, rejoicing, pleasure, a place of overcoming.

You will occupy the land that I give you [and] take back the land that I have given you…you will become overcomers and will take back that which has been taken and stolen from you.

Will you come up higher to the place of revelation, the place of rejoicing, the place of worship? Because it is about Me, not about you. I have longed for you; I wooed you, and called you, and longed for you.

It is living in the blood; there is life in the blood; cleanse, purify the blood and there will be wholeness. Restore the element to wholeness. Layer upon layer, stone upon stone. I’m giving you keys to wholeness, health, wealth, pleasures, and joy.

Why are you downcast? I call you out. You do not need to be under. There is a force, a spring that will push you free, release you, and cause you to fly higher and higher to the heavenly realms [where] there is safety; joy, peace, hope and pleasure; joy that you’ve never known. I call you out of the depths.

Hear My voice, My cry. Follow the sound…there’s treasure…the hidden treasure. The hidden treasure will be exposed to build My kingdom. I release these treasures of darkness to build My kingdom. Will you build My kingdom with the gifts, the callings, the wealth? Will you build My treasures? Will you build My kingdom? Stone upon stone, layer upon layer, stone upon stone, higher and higher.

You are seated with Me in the heavenly realm, and I give you keys this day to unlock, uncover underneath to come up higher. The key is in the sound…it’s in the light; it’s in the rays; it’s in the force field. My children I give you these keys because the day is coming; confusion, chaos, but you will be stable if you hold onto the keys.

There are so many that are in the place of captivity that the Lord wants to bring out. Autism is going to be exposed; healings, multiple healings; I will heal the mind, the brain; the keys are in the elements…study the elements…appropriate them. This is part of your healing.

This is a part of your test too. Study hard; tests are coming; get ready; the answers are here; the answers are clear. You must receive and study; you must be a wise Berean…you are approved…don’t doubt, don’t shrink back, and don’t hesitate. This is what you’ve desired. You just didn’t know it. This is what you’ve been calling out for; crying out for, and I’ve heard your cries in the secret season.

I will fill your cups to overflowing; manna, fresh manna; not stale, not broken, but fresh, and you will participate with Me. I will close many doors. I will open many doors; new dimensions, new places, new seasons, new times, with the time capsule taking you forwards, backwards.

Healing, healing, healing, that which you thought could never be healed. You thought you were stuck. Have I not told you? With Me all things are possible if you believe. Will you trust? Will you believe? I have much to show you, much to tell you.

Remove doubt; remove confusion, hopelessness and hope deferred. I give you new hope…faith. Step into the faith realm…It is for My pleasure that I give you good gifts. It is for My pleasure.

By this point, if you have not given up, you are undoubtedly wondering what this has to do with anything! Nine years into this revelation, I was too! Would I ever be able to make sense of what the Lord was telling us?

Persis Tiner received a rhyme on April 4, 2014:

It’s under the sea

It’s under the sea

You are going

You are going

And it is with me

The enemy won’t like it

He’ll try to intervene

But I have you covered

And I have a plan

To bring revelation and knowledge

To uncover new gateways

To explore rich new spheres

Of my vastness

Of my treasures

I have hidden ‘till now

So fasten your sea belts

Expect lots of fun

As you help to implode

What the enemy has do


We had no comprehension of what Persis’ word meant at the time, but then the Lord surprised us in September 2014, during an Exploring Heavenly Places seminar in Roseburg, Oregon. It was as if we had been viewing life with binoculars that were out of focus and suddenly a friend came along, heard our complaints that we can’t make sense of what we are seeing, and said, “Let me put this into focus for you.” With an adjustment that we were not even aware of, we can now see clearly. It was another ah-ha moment.

As I was teaching, we became aware of Gabriel’s presence, and then he started flying with us in the heavenly places, traveling slowly into the depth, and then into the lower parts of the depth. We were aware of fallen stars there, and the Lord revealed that much had happened at the origin of our spirit and soul, and there were issues to be addressed that would result in a change of position for us.

I was reminded of a dream I had in 2003 in which I was in the Nevada desert. I was traveling on a train far out into the desert to nowhere, and I had to get back to the city called Delta[4] that was on the border of California and Nevada. I was on the train, but I could not get back because there was a canyon on the right side and no matter what I would do, I couldn’t cross over it to return to Delta. At the first stop, I found myself at a beautiful hotel surrounded by beautiful scenery, but the train wasn’t going back so I was stuck and frustrated, in spite of the hotel’s beauty. I also noticed that the train was filled with lots of baggage, which I believe represented all my issues from the past. At the next stop, I saw a small, dilapidated trailer in a desert scene, with several individuals sitting around a small fire. It looked like a gypsy camp, and spoke to me of poverty. I was now even further out into the desert, literally nowhere. I thought, “How am I going to get back to Delta?”

The following night I woke up and heard, “XYZ-axis,”[5] so the next day I called a friend who is a knowledgeable about math. I told him about my dream and what I’d heard and asked, “How do I get back to Delta, and what does XYZ-axis have to do with all of this?” Somehow I knew that the train was on the Z-axis, and Delta was on the Y-axis, but how could I get there? I was informed that on a XYZ-axis, the point where the three come together is called the origin, and you have to go back to the origin to get to Delta.

For years, I pondered this dream. Then in 2012, our daughter Corrie and her family moved to Las Vegas, and my son-in-law started working at a solar power plant. I had not connected their move with my dream until the following year when we stayed at a hotel at Lake Las Vegas. It was the hotel from my dream! By January 2014, we were noticing a dramatic change at Aslan’s Place, which has intensified in 2015. During this period, the Lord has been continually teaching us how to go further and further back to our origin. In the process, we are moving into ever increasing blessings.

Finally, in 2014, nine years since the revelation began, the Lord was giving new direction about how to undo what the enemy has done because of humanity’s generational agreement with evil. Gabriel had just taken us to one of the points of the origin. The Lord had revealed that there was a gate that he wanted us to take possession of, and we had business to do—it was now time to deal with an ungodly gate and many ungodly doors.

As previously explained,[6] the key to doors and gates is to ask the Lord to close and seal all ungodly open doors and to open all righteous doors that should be opened. We then became aware of the Seven Spirits of God, and the Lord was focusing on the Spirit of Wisdom.

The Lord started speaking to us about the ungodly trading floor and the chessboard.[7] But where was this going now? At times, I felt as if adrift on the ocean, completely lost. However, we continued following the leading of the Lord as He directed each step.

Next, I began discerning the falling sons of God, especially Moloch. I also discerned Satan and a fallen cherub. Many of us felt fire, and I discerned the fiery stones mentioned in Ezekiel 28:14–18:

You were the anointed cherub who covers; I established you; you were on the holy mountain of God; you walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones. You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, till iniquity was found in you. “By the abundance of your trading you became filled with violence within, And you sinned; Therefore I cast you as a profane thing Out of the mountain of God; And I destroyed you, O covering cherub, From the midst of the fiery stones. “Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor; I cast you to the ground, I laid you before kings that they might gaze at you. You defiled your sanctuaries by the multitude of your iniquities, by the iniquity of your trading; therefore I brought fire from your midst; It devoured you, And I turned you to ashes upon the earth In the sight of all who saw you.

The Lord was showing us that, at our physical origin, the physical elements of our body were contaminated because the elemental spirits (stoicheia)[8] were contaminated[9] at the Fall. In other words, the original coding on our original design, or original ‘operating system’ (IOS), our very core, was defiled at the very beginning, which would result in a corruption of our DNA and RNA.

Tobias Renken, who initially seemed to be climbing a ladder, began speaking prophetic words (in quotes), followed by observations of what he was experiencing at the same time:

“Shaking, shaking.” There is a false reflection, like the moon reflecting the sun, but ungodly. We feel the fallen sons of God and the ungodly stars.

“I am shaking this place, I’m shaking this place, shaking, shaking the earth. Don’t you see that? It’s the foundation, the foundation. You stand on the foundation and I am shaking, I’m shaking, I’m shaking.” Now Tobias was walking up stairs of a temple, a huge giant ancient temple, perhaps the original ungodly temple.

“I don’t want this temple I am disgusted by it. A breaking has to come. It’s time, it’s time; it’s time for My people. It is time for My people, freedom in the Land. My people have forgotten who I am. It is time to awake out of your sleep. No longer sleeping. The day is coming. Break the old foundation. Break them all open. Break them open. The kingdom is coming. The enemy’s kingdom is falling. The enemy’s kingdoms are falling across the nations because My kingdom is being established. Before that happens, the enemy’s kingdom needs to fall. Can you hear the sound?”

Then the Lord began speaking to us about times and seasons. In the ungodly origin, the lunar calendar that was God’s calendar was abandoned for the solar calendar. All of the current months and days have ties to other gods, the fallen sons of God,[10] and we have abandoned God’s Kairos time and installed the enemy’s Chronos time. The Lord wants to rid mankind of all ungodly times and seasons, which are part of the kingdoms of the enemy.

It was now time to take possession of the gate the Lord had revealed to us. I walked inside the gate with another person, and the Lord revealed a door. At the end of the dimensional corridor there was a pig, an ungodly sacrifice, being roasted on a spit, so we repented for this sin in our family lines. It appears that the enemy may have actually genetically engineered the human genome with pig DNA.

We sensed He was moving us into the heavenly places. Where were we going now? As the Lord moved us along, we could feel Him cleaning out places, but why did we again discern the pig? People in the room were feeling fire on their feet, which was identified as His fiery stream.[11]

A fiery stream issued And came forth from before Him. A thousand thousands ministered to Him; Ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him. The court was seated, And the books were opened.

We asked the Lord to cause His fiery stream to come and deal with this evil and the blasphemous sacrifices. Now the lightnings[12] of the Lord were hitting the evil. A great deliverance took place and lasted for several minutes.

I checked the gate and discerned that the gate was now clean. We understood that this gate was the key to a missing piece. But what was this missing piece?

I had a sense that the conference organizers, Diane Bryant and Sharon Pfeiffer, now had a key to open this gate, and we laughed because their ministry is called Keys to the Kingdom. Sharon inserted key into the keyhole, and Diane opened the gate. I discerned an open door to the left of us. I walked in and felt nothing, but sensed I was walk further to the left. Suddenly I knew I was discerning Melchizedek.

I now remembered the word that Dale Shannon had on March 13, 2009. She had seen the king piece on the chessboard, and it had been isolated from us. Then the revelation struck, and I said:

Our understanding of the importance of Melchizedek is the missing piece! He, Jesus, as our High Priest, Melchizedek, is the key to the final release of healing. Melchizedek is the King of Righteousness and the King of Peace. He is not dead! Our King has not been killed, as the enemy would like us to believe. Melchizedek has not been removed from the chessboard by the ungodly king. Melchizedek is forever alive as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Melchizedek is the One who trumps all other pieces on the chessboard. He holds all the keys to all the gates and doors in the heavenly places. He is the one who moves throughout all of the heavenly places. He is the beginning and the end of our understanding of vector force fields. The game is over.

Suddenly others’ words made sense as well. On September 8, 2010, Jana Green had received this word from the Lord:

These are in counsel for your sake—for all your sakes. They want to give what’s theirs to you so it won’t be too late…Expect, discern and believe to seek His face. If your heart is wise, than you make My heart glad, for in My inmost place, what you speak, you can have. It’s been given to you, to trade back the DNA. For the order of Melchizedex has made this day. The sound begets light, the creative force. For transference is waiting, transference for the course. Creation itself is groaning, and Zion can’t wait. For these standing here have been waiting for the revealing of the sons…Your position was sure, and the covenant was made. Renounce the other covenants for this is the day. It’s being written, it’s being recorded now. These were the crowns; take what is yours. The government at the gate, what’s given in marriage; it’s not too late.

A person attending the seminar then said:

I see the cube. When it spins its spinning like a Rubik’s cube. Everything is spinning and when you say you felt an energy spot. It’s like its missing a piece. Ask the Lord if that is the piece that’s trapped. What does this Rubik’s cube represent? Life!

I responded:

The Lord says that this is the key to healing, the key to autism. In the vision, the dragon was supervising and protecting that piece. It is too late. The enemy has lost. This is the tipping point.

Remember, in 2010 we had no idea what this all meant, but suddenly it had now become clear. Adam and Eve had given away all the keys to the gates and the doors in the dimensional places. It would take another Adam, the second Adam, to buy back those keys by His death on the Cross and His resurrection power.

[1] Jana Green

[2] Dale Shannon

[3] Vector = Position, Direction, Speed, Coordinate. In vector calculus, a vector field is an assignment of a vector to each point in a subset of space. A vector field in the plane, for instance, can be visualized as a collection of arrows with a given magnitude and direction each attached to a point in the plane. Vector fields are often used to model, for example, the speed and direction of a moving fluid throughout space, or the strength and direction of some force, such as the magnetic or gravitational force, as it changes from point to point. In aviation a vector is the measure of the distance, direction(usually in degrees), the rate of flying and the point of degrees… rate if flying… point of origin.

[4] Delta is change, and is also an electrical term for a three phase electrical system.

[5] I am not a math person, but for those who are, the following reference from and might be helpful to explain the complexities of my dream. “Calculus is the study of how things change. It provides a framework for modeling systems in which there is change, and a way to deduce the predictions of such models.” (. Also, the relationship between the XYZ axis and vector force fields is analyzed at

[6] See Exploring Heavenly Places, Volume 3 by Paul Cox and Barbara Parker for a discussion of gates, doors and the grid.

[7] In Come Up Higher, I wrote about the chessboard, which is made up of eight rows of eight, which totals 64 squares.

[8] See Come Up Higher by Paul L. Cox for a discussion about the stoicheia.

[9] It is interesting that a vector can also be used to describe a means for transporting a virus. Means of transport is vector.

[10] See Exploring Heavenly Places, Volume 2 by Paul Cox and Rob Gross for a discussion of the sons of God.

[11] Daniel 7:10

[12] Psalm 18:14

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