The Golden Pipes

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While on a trip to Kaneohe, HI in October 2014, two friends had come for ministry during the last couple hours of a two-day fast. Almost halfway through the ministry session with the first person I felt, unexpectedly, both a spiritual shift and a pronounced burning sensation manifesting on the back of my head. It was as if someone had laid two vertical, parallel, burning hot rods on the rear of my head. Something drastic had happened to me.

For years, as I would begin a ministry session and connect with the client, I could physically feel the flow of evil coming off of the person as we prayed. In the early years I would discern the evil being removed for almost seventy-two hours. Then a major shift began, first with the revelation of the spiritual rulers, and then with the spiritual beings called stars, as both the physical discernment and the length of time decreased. Finally, another major swing took place with the revelation of Melchizedek. But now, with the appearance of these rods, I realized that I could no longer feel the deliverance at all.

Golden PipesWhen the second person arrived for prayer I was in a quandary, wondering what was I supposed to do because the Lord gave me a sense that I was just to sit and allow Him to release His power. I shared my observation with her and she was content to allow the Lord to do what He wanted; saying, “I’m seeing a sphere around you. It encircles above your head ‘till just under your knees. I’m seeing yellow, like a light honey color. It’s a liquid. Oil. Like oil. Fluid. Moving. Not touching you. I can feel it when I run my hand over the surface.”

I wrote the following observation during the session, and a friend added insights.

The power of the Father; released to extract and separate the mixture and make room for Him, which will make room for (client’s name) for prophetic existence. It is now being restored. Authority over the dimensions is soaring, exploring obtaining treasures; learning to war; authority for transformation.

I feel like a gate is at the focal point of the length, width, height and depth. The focal point seems to be a black hole where one has been sucked into the evil places, and I feel the Power of the Father to pull you out; a power greater than the speed of light.

I feel the Father as Power. This is the first gate that leads to the original design and the origin where everything was created good, the ancient doors and gates of Psalm 24.

I feel the two pillars, Jachin and Boaz.[1] He shall establish and In His Youth Is Strength. It feels like Palmoni and it is vibrating at 444 Hz. These two are holy ones who are part of the judicial heavenly government. His throne is established on Justice and Righteousness.

Recalibration. Feels like the wrath of the Lamb. Who can stand against this?

The session was over and I was alone with Rob Gross and Larry and Jacqueline Pearson[2]. We could feel the rods on the back of our heads burning. I had contacted Jana Green[3] and she immediately saw what looked like golden rods on the back of my head, mounted on what looked like a black fence-like structure that I felt was some type of electrical insulation. Between the two rods she could see an electrical current arcing.

The next day the client contacted me and said that the chronic hip and knuckle pain she had suffered with had disappeared. I was stunned, because we had not even prayed about this pain. I also had a sobering feeling, a sense of awe, reverence and fear of the Lord. What power this was! If I was aware of this power, was the enemy also aware of this new display of the presence of God? At some point I remember asking the Lord, “Is this Your Glory?” “Yes,” He replied. “Is this your Love?” “Yes,” again. What an insight! His Love is His Power! So I asked, “Was this a manifestation of your Power?” “Yes.”

I could not help feeling that if this power was displayed in the heavenly places, then the enemy must realize the significance of the power, and the implications were clear. Nothing in the heavenly places or on earth could stand against this power. Would this not cause panic in the camp of the enemy, and would this not result in demonic strategies to counter what God was doing?

The following day several of us gathered for prayer in the evening. Larry Pearson gave us new insight as the Lord spoke to him.

We are being qualified to carry great power. He’s re-calibrating something in order to carry the power. There’s a conductor being put in us to carry power.

“You’ll carry My greatness to the nations. The greatness of My power will shift and bring great showers of blessing, glory and life. Where there is death, there shall be life. The rulers are here and they’ve drawn near to see the emerging generation of power. A power generation will birth in the nation and the nations. Clarity will come with the spirit of understanding to build with Me. I’m establishing gates of power in strategic places in this hour. They will be My outposts that will send forth the signals for the coming angelic army. There is coming a higher rank of spiritual beings to unlock mysteries, inventions, and creations of a different kind.

The Angel of the Harvest is here. Everything is shifting. The platelets are shifting in the foundation of My temple. Time to get ready. Time to be steady with the things of My heart. I am releasing a wind that will set apart the mind of man from the things of My heart. The harvest is ready. It is time to see whom I have made ready to return to Me. Not with their garments, but with their heart. Behold, I come as Power. The wind of change is at hand. I desire to redeem the land and cover it with My hand for My moving will be grand. That which I have promised I will bring to flourishing. It is a generation of hope and a generation that will stand to proclaim that the land is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof. Supernatural rain will fall like torrents and heal, many to be prepared to call in the multitudes. It is time to take a step, and be bold and be strong, for the winds will not harm you but empower you to live from above and not from beneath. I am about to unsheathe My sword and take off the head of that which exalts itself. A new breed of leadership is being born.[4]

Jana Green, who was home in Hesperia, California, continued to hear from the Lord.

I am experiencing very specific discernment. My fingers are going off again with that arch between the thumb and first finger. Paul and Larry are a generating connection of apostolic and prophetic power. The Eye of the Lord is intense. I feel this is connected to El Shaddi, the God who sees.

Once again I have established a platform of justice, a place confirmed for judgment. It’s not against what is creative, lovely or pure, but against the unbelief of My people and the injustices of the Islands which have accrued.

Set your face a flint against the enemy of My elect. This reformation of change is assured from a heart of the original self; it will be true to endure. My hammer of justice will break the stronghold of indifference at the gate. For the lack of passions and true love have been denied. Delight in the Lord, then your desires of the heart will recreate and thrive. It’s time for the resurrection from apathy to accrue. Their desires from the deep will be heard. Now Mercy and Truth stand at this gate to bring forth abundance in this place. The re-creative power will reveal to align my people to be free from fear.

On Thursday we began our weekend training, fully aware of the constant burning on the back of our heads. Revelation continued to unfold. We could now feel the rods extending way above our heads, and also down our backs and legs into the ground. At times we would feel what seemed to be electrical currents moving up and down the rods. Surges of power would travel along the rods in such an overpowering way that we were overwhelmed by the Power.

As I have often said, revelation always comes in the context of other believers. As we shared what we were experiencing with the people in the seminar, a colonel in the US Army commented that the Lord had just told him that we were discerning transducers. I had not remembered what that word meant. He explained that a transducer changes one form of energy into another form. For example, a microphone is a transducer that changes sound energy into electrical energy. A transducer also measures the flow of energy. So what did this all mean?

During the entire time of this unfolding revelation there was an underlying drama taking place in Hawaii. Hurricane Anna was headed for the leeward side of Islands and, instead of the hurricane weakening as usually happens, the storm was intensifying in strength. The storm was expected to hit Oahu on Saturday night and Sunday. It appeared that a major catastrophe was about to take place. But as the storm slowly approached and intensified in strength, it started drifting away from the islands. By Sunday morning, the storm was well over 160 miles off the leeward side, and only a gentle rain fell in Kaneohe as I preached on Sunday morning. We were overcome by the prophetic nature of what was transpiring.

Anna means grace. Surely God’s grace had been extended toward us. As we pondered Jana’s word and the revelation we were receiving, we recognized that the hurricane is a whirlwind that moves in a counter clockwise direction and brings destructive power; yet the effect of this hurricane on us was a wonderfully gentle rain. Although we were not in the eye of the storm we were experiencing the calmness of the eye. As I preached that morning, I said, “Look outside. Notice how wonderful the rain is yet there is not even a leaf moving! There is no wind, yet this rain is from the hurricane.”

Since that Tuesday when the rods on the back of my head appeared, they burned so powerfully that I was often in pain, and I noticed that the rods would burn more strongly at some times than others. One day Rob and another friend went with me to a Thai restaurant for lunch. As I walked in I could feel the pipes rising in power and wondered what was going on now. We sat down and ordered. Then the Thai owner, who Rob had never met, came out from the back, fetched a chair and sat down at our table. She began to share with us all the pain her life. Though surprised, all of us at the table began ministering to her and praying for her. We had not initiated the conversation, she had. Was this a display of the power of these rods?

I also noticed that we had entered into a new realm of protection. Since the discernment of these rods began, I am no longer aware of evil around me. If I get into a situation where evil is present, I feel the rods burning with surges of power. It is like there is now a force field of security around me.

After returning home I continued to recognize that prayer ministry had changed for me. Pondering what all of this could mean, I kept asking the Lord if there was a biblical name for these rods and this power. The Lord did not disappoint me, but nevertheless I was shocked when I realized that they were the golden pipes in Zechariah 4:11-12.

I answered and said to him, “What are these two olive trees—at the right of the lampstand and at its left?”  And I further answered and said to him, “What are these two olive branches that drip into the receptacles of the two gold pipes from which the golden oil drains?”

As I read the passage, I used discernment and could feel the two olive trees on either side of me, the bowl on top of my head, and the branches that drip the oil into the bowls. Zechariah 4 begins with a description of the two trees.

Now the angel who talked with me came back and wakened me, as a man who is wakened out of his sleep. And he said to me, “What do you see?” So I said, “I am looking, and there is a lampstand of solid gold with a bowl on top of it, and on the stand seven lamps with seven pipes to the seven lamps. Two olive trees are by it, one at the right of the bowl and the other at its left.[5]

This is the imagery. There are two olive trees. On each olive three there is a branch, which could most likely be translated as a spike – meaning the end of the branch. The oil goes from that spike to the bowl, from which there are seven ‘spigots’ that fuel the seven lamps, which are the seven eyes of the Lord. As you read Zechariah 4 it is clear that Zechariah is being told something about power. Perhaps this is the power of the Spirit through the pipes.

So he answered and said to me: “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the Lord of hosts.” [6]

The Hebrew word ‘pipe’ is santerot. In the Journal of Hebrew Studies article, Al Wolters explores the meaning of the word. Wolters believes that the santerot are spiritual beings and that the correct translation of pipes should be ‘pressers of gold.’ He would translate Zechariah 4:12 as, “Who are these two spikes of the olive trees which are in the hands of the two pressers of gold–the ones who express the gold from (the olives) on them.”

Through discernment I can add that these two olive trees seem to be spiritual beings called powers.[7] The Golden Pipes also appear to be another pair of living beings called powers. During a coaching session, I experimented with a compass to see if the Golden Pipes were electromagnetic. I had a person hold the compass and I got down onto my knees and moved under the compass. Each time I did this the needle on the compass would move. Evidently these pipes are magnetic.

Between the two olive trees there is The Golden Candlestick,[8] made up of seven lamps, which are the seven eyes of the Lord,[9] mistakenly called the seven chakra points by the New Age movement. The seven eyes of the Lord are tied to the Seven Spirits of God mentioned in Isaiah 11:2.

We have now reached a point where further revelation is needed. It seems that the power that is being released by the Lord through the two olive trees is used to fuel the seven eyes of the Lord. We need to understand more about these seven eyes.

The golden pipes continue to burn…


[1] 1 Kings 7:21



[4] At this point we knew Hurricane Anna was heading towards the Hawaiian Island and did not know that there would be only rain and no wind.

[5] Zechariah 4:1–3 (NKJV)

[6] Zechariah 4:6  

[7] I discuss Powers in Heaven Trek and Come Up Higher. I had previously believed these two olive trees to be the Trees of Life (there is no indication that there was only one Tree of Life) but I no longer believe this. It is possible the two trees are male and female and that they are part of the trees of healing on either side of the River of God mentioned in Revelation.

[8] Which I also discern as a spiritual being called a power. This is the word dunamis in Greek

[9] Zechariah 4:10, Revelation 5:6



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