January 11, 2014 Biblical Discernment Exploration Sessions

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Paul is discerning holy ones

Begin: Daniel 8:13  the certain one is palimony, vibrates to the key of A above middle c

Daniel 4:13  Watcher, holy one

Note: by the decree of the watchers and the command of the holy ones (vs 17)

Paul believes holy ones is a category with palimony and watchers in that category.


Paul read a word from several years ago hat mentioned they look like roman soldiers, a battalion

Can come to adjust thinking and release power or remove powerlessness

Bring humility, power and new insights

The Fear of the Lord may be tied to the Holy Ones.  Ps 89


Talked about hosts and host.  We are a host, the soldiers, stars, holy ones and the saints (those in heaven) are part of the host of heaven. Ps 89:7


Can look on youtube for Brian Greene, gates and string theory


Contaminated gridlines are called leylines


Holy ones are part of the court system of heaven (judicial system of heaven)


Job 38:31  Mazaroth (Paul discerns like it lays over all the discerning on his head)

Loosing the belt of Orion – believe this is something for deeper deliverance

Pleides, Orion, Ursa Minor, Ursa Major

Can you bring out the Mazaroth in the kairos time?

Can you rule over the earth?

Delegated authority given to Mazaroth

Paul told about his dream where he is being chased by senator and was told the senator had a right because of Acts 7

Molech/Stars   fallen sons


We may rule and reign as a branch of government

There are executive, judicial, legislative branches etc.


The Lord makes decrees and judicial jusgements that no one can come against!


Angel with message came


How do we check the place of length?


Eph 3:14 Vs 18

Lev 18 (joining)


Talked about these beings and places (Godly and ungodly for each):

Depth –  soul parts, no gratitude, hard to connect with God

Height – spirit parts, place of ruling and reigning

Length – spirit parts, the place of oneness and unity in marriage

Width – spirit parts, trust and faith

There are gates and doors in the depth, height, length, width


Talked about scripture where the land will vomit you out – sexual sin related

The land rejects through famine, drought, earthquakes, etc

The Lord is trying to show us what is going on so we can rule and reign with Him!


Lady saw 7 beings sitting and Paul discerned elders.  They are sitting and listening intently

Discerning powers – have to do with electromagnetic fields


Heavenly Assembly

New place of intimacy with God?

For correction?

Illegal entry?


We shifted and Paul felt evil

Questions… could this be from ungodly time travel?  Non-conforming spirits? Time line?

Align to the place of origin

Being pushed forward


Holy Ones create something?


Discerning:  Nephilum, Raphaim, are we in ungodly depth?


Gate – something written above the gate and its locked

Apostolic  ungodly declaration/everlasting curse


Tongues (written) interpreted:  He who  has an ear let him hear what the sprit of the Lord has to say

*The gate is a key


Is 45  Loosing armor, double door, everlasting doors

We deal with the doors and the gate is opened.


Ungodly power in front of the door

Another door (apostolic) and power in front of door


Talked about things like ignoring the Lord and following programs

The mindsets of man and how to do things verses Gods ways

Ministry of man over ministry of the Holy Spirit


Paul has an instrument: telescope, spyglasses or kaleidoscope or sextant?

Paul has 2 scrolls and the words were read


False Union with the church vs union with the head (CHRIST)

Jesus cursed the tree because it did not produce.

We are to produce fruit in season and out of season


Dan 12:13

Rather than participate, want to take over

Jer 23:10

Committed adultery again Him


Angel with a message



Time held back in areas

Kairos time to invade the grid

Holy ones issue decree

Gates and Doors

Saw infinity sign (evil that repeats forever)

Time not cyclical

Break the greek mindset of repeating cycles and declare that God moves in His time


Heart – Eternity is written on the heart


All who are weary seek rest is over the door


Paul talked about a word about a crack in time.


There was repentance and the the doors that needed to be closed were closed, the doors that needed to be opened were opened and the gate was opened for the glory to come in.


Real change is the development of everything God has promised!!


Below is the dream and info I sent Paul at the break and we discussed…..


I am going to TRY to share what I see and a dream….hard to type in chat at right timing etc.

I had a dream Paul was in a couple of nights ago after signing up for todays session.
I was with Luke (I believe Luke represented the Lord and the name means God is my judge) and in the first scene, we were very close and sleeping on a bed (nothing sexual, just intimate setting). When we woke, he told me I should play his new keyboard. We ate together and had a coke and then he gave me a scriture to research Daniel 25:25 (there is not 25:25 of course but I felt like as I asked God about 25 in the dream 2 times I heard…establishing acceptable service through grace, ). I went to my grandmother’s house in the dream (dead for many years) and was picking up bibles all over the house trying to find the old King James version. I found a bible of childrens bible stories, a bible of just the psalms and proverbs and another version before finding the KJV. I was going to look at the book of Daniel. Then, Luke was taking me to high school. I had a math class where I saw Paul Cox who was the teacher. I saw my big thick math book in a blip and knew we had an exam coming up in order to graduate high school. The math class was the last one I had to finish and this math class was a big deal and I didnt feel prepared. Then I was getting ready to go the next day for the final exam and I watched myself get dressed. I had on several layers of shirts and took off several down to a long sleeved orange shirt and then I put on a short sleeve long top that was orange with a rainbow colored colar that came down the front. I grabbed my math book and tucked it under my arm and was off.
I got to school and saw my mom (sometimes represents HS) and she told me that my brother, Jason (name means healer and sometimes reps Jesus) had rented an entire classroom because it had the access to the elevator. I knew that this elevator came up from the groud level where there was a loading dock and that it was an unusual elevator where things were loaded and carried up to other floors. I was told that he was going to be playing with his band and they were loading all the instruments (can rep giftings.) to bring up and that I was part of his band.
This dream sounds like exactly what is happening today.

Could it be simple?
There is a particular one that is here (according to the word Jana got) to set the numbers right (coordinates) and then I believe we will be taken to a place on the grid to check the dimensions on the place of length? (Feels like its by a decree of the watchers and command of the holy ones already established for us for today) Maybe we went into the heavenly assembly to hear the decree?
I feel a gate (from the word…..the order seems mathematical but the gate will set it right). Its like I see the grid itself being aligned to reveal the gate??? ( Looks like more than one grid oddly that is being put back into perfect alignment?) The gate feels defiled/bad to this place (or maybe its just the place itself is defiled?/maybe the ungodly length)
Once we hear the decree/make the decision that we will go (and repent for the body) and the grid is aligned, we will be aligned to the place of origin, the dimensions will align and by this decision we will be placed in right time (be placed in the place time has invaded in the word Jana got).
Here we will transcend time and space and be aligned to our inheritance from above (part of which is to bring in the prodigals / the family gathering and another part to see the unity or oneness we talk about)
Also, the last part of the word Larry got says Let me take your hand and show you the rest of the land (this could be a promise that comes after the right alignment and part of the inheritance as well).

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