September 27th, 2014 Sessions of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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A full transcript of the morning session is provided below the video links.

During the morning session, Paul and the group continued to examine the position we have through Jesus as sons of God. Paul and Barbara also shared some of the insights conveyed in their new book Exploring Heavenly Places Volume I.

Jana Smith shared this prophetic word:

Kadosh. Kadosh.

This is the way of holiness for the Lord of host. Does not wisdom hold the key, a platform of justice to him deceives. You create this realm, a place of justice. A place of His kindness and His abundance. Don’t be misinformed by judgment against the Holy. The Holy ones are here to align to the origin, the place of the first design. And the corrupted seed must first have its likeness in truth for it can’t reproduce the lie that has distorted you. And I am taking you to realms that was created to open a new, the new creation. Now in this place of the ancient of Days this key opens the one who sees, Jehovah Jireh to those who believe. Now believing is seeing and seeing is creating from the heart of understanding is the place of reproducing. Now take up a taunt against one who increases what is not his for I want to come against the sons of Amalek, the corrupted seed that lives. Now in this place you resonate with the original design for the light of truth inhabits you so creation itself will be defined. Now you can’t go from something unless you believe what is true. Step out of the system to what has been skewed.

The passages examined include:

Genesis 22:12
Isaiah 22:22, 34, 45:1,  35:8
Zachariah 7:12
Daniel 6:9
Proverbs 8
Psalms 16:6, 19:4
Romans 1:21-26
Ephesians 3
2 Corinthians 5:17
Revelation 3

During the afternoon session, Brian and the group examined the concept of authority and how all of mankind have an equal right to authority and leadership through Jesus Christ.

The passages examined include:

Genesis 1:26-28 and 2:18-23
Matthew 28:18-20
Luke 4:6 and 10:19 and 39-42
Galatians 3:28 and 4:1-6
1 Timothy 2:8-15



Transcript of the morning session

As I have progressed in discernment the Lord is always doing something new. And there are times when he accentuates something. It’s like, “ Paul you need to pay attention to this” In this case I was in my Jacuzzi on the 24th a couple of days ago and I felt like someone took the ice pick and jabbed me right there. And I have a tendency to have this thought that perhaps I was getting an ear infection because it was way down deep in the ear. So I was contemplating this and it happened 2 or 3 times and the ice pick was right here. The next day I was on a Skype appointment with someone in Minnesota and it started to happen again so what I often do is I call someone. And I called Larry Pearson in Canada. It was interesting we were together but it was the client who got what it was. I realized I was discerning Jehovah Jerha which I realized on the way here is where I also feel Jesus’s righteousness so there seems to be a tie between Jehovah Jerha and righteousness.

Brian was introducing everyone to what was going on today and in Genesis I believe it is in reference to Isaac being sacrificed. I was thinking about this earlier, I thought that I would always be totally prepared before I started doing what I’m doing now. But now we do a Bible study together and this is where Abraham has been told to offer Isaac. Yes Jehovah Jerha. It is Genesis 22 – 14. What I found out is that the word means more than I thought. Genesis 22 9 and they came to the place this is Abraham and Isaac of which God had told Abraham to built an altar there and placed the wood in order and put his son Isaac on the altar upon the wood. And Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son but the angel of the Lord came to him from heaven and said to him Abraham Abraham and Abraham said here I am. .. do not lay your hand on the lad or do anything.

It is very clear that Isaac was an adult man by now, this is an amazing thing of submission of a son to the father. Do not lay your hand on the lad or do anything to him for now I know that you fear God you have not withheld your son your only son from me. So set Abraham lifted his eyes and there behind him was ram caught in a thicket by its horns so Abraham went and took the ram and offered it up for a burnt offering instead of his son. And Abraham called the name of the place the Lord will provide which is Jehovah Jerha.

We’ve heard this how many times it’s a very familiar name of the Lord. In a mountain of the Lord shall be provided then the angel of the Lord came to Abraham a 2nd time. Now I just recognized that this is all about gates and doors here. The angel of the Lord called Abraham a 2nd time at of heaven and he said I have sworn as the Lord because you have done this thing and have not withheld your son your only son blessing I will bless you, multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars you and will and as the sand on the seashore and your descendants shall descend and possess the gate of their enemies.

And remember we have talked before that we believe that there is a grid in heavenly places probably more than one grid.

If you go over to Genesis chapter 4 when Rebecca is found for Isaac and her relatives give her a blessing, look at chapter 24:58 they call to Rebecca and said to her will you go with this man? And she said, “I will go”, and they sent away Rebecca their sister and her nurse and Abraham’s servant and his men and they blessed Rebekah and said to her “my sister, may you become the mother of thousands and ten thousands and may your descendants possess the gates of those who hate them.

So there are the gates. There are two places in just a very few chapters where gates are mentioned. We believe that a gate is an entrance to a dimension. And inside the dimension are many doors and if you go to Isaiah 45. 1 Thus says the Lord to his anointed, King Cyrus whose right-hand I have upheld and subdued nations before him and loosed the armors of Kings to open before him the double doors.

This took us a long time to figure out but the key are the doors and when the doors are taken care of then the gates can be opened. When you look at in Psalms 24 lift up your heads oh you gates that the King of glory may come in. If the doors are taken care of then the gates are open. It’s so that the gate will not be shut. I will go before you and make the crooked way straight I will break in pieces (now that should be door, the doors of bronze) and close the doors of iron. So again when the doors are taken care of then gates are open. So the gates are an entrance to the dimensions.

You picture a hotel corridor or a motel corridor you have doors on either side; that often how I feel them. I feel the doors on either side; some doors are open but they’re not supposed to be open. And so it allows access to what the enemy is doing. Some doors are closed and they should not be closed because that is access to the blessing. Some of this I have shared before but this is a review.

I think it was in 2010 I was in Ontario Canada I was with a friend who suffers from Crohn’s disease we prayed everything we knew how to pray. We did generational prayer at that time it was when we were at the Toronto airport church it was not getting better. In fact, it was getting worse and worse and it hardly ???? anything. And the power of God hit in the room where we were and we were on the ground literally. I reached over and I said, “ Lord, close these doors. And immediately he was healed and I am thinking we may be onto something here. And so I think that was 2010.

In 2011 I started feeling the grid on my body it was very strange. I was watching television and I feel a zzzzzzz on my body. I felt bad so I said Lord clean off these lines; at that time I did not know what I was doing. But then I had a spot right here and I felt it was bad and so I asked the Lord to clean off the doors and the spot is gone. And then I had the same problem with my knuckle here; it was not a spot but it was instead ????. I felt like it was arthritic and it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Participant: this is really interesting because I have been feeling things on my arms and I have intestinal problems. My twin sister also has been unable to attend this morning and we are new to this program but we’ve already feeling relief. This is really wonderful. When you speak of closing the doors, you must be speaking of unseen doors.

Paul: yes I am. The angel of the Lord, I believe, is the personal attendant to the Lord. We are going to come back to you. I now have 3 things going on in my mind. If you go to Zachariah chapter 1 historically there has been a discussion about whether the angel of the Lord was a pre-incarnate manifestation of Jesus and in the NIV study Bible the writers indicate that quite possibly he was not. I believe that the angel of the Lord is not the Lord. They appear to be the personal attendants and there appear to be 2 or 3 personal attendants to Jesus. If you look at chapter 1 of Zachariah verse 12 then the angel of the Lord answers and says, oh Lord of hosts. So if the angel of the Lord is Jesus, then Jesus is talking to himself. Right? It’s pretty clear that this is an angel.

I feel the angel of the Lord so what I would like to do in this. I am tactile so I feel. Some people are Seers, so asked the Lord now if you can feel the angel of the Lord. Say, “I would like to discern the angel of the Lord.” I feel the angel the Lord right here. He is actually the furnace; he is the pillar of fire. He is the fire that was in the burning bush. And so I feel the angel of the Lord right here. Right there right right there. So what you do is take your hand to a neutral place and pull it back until you feel it – I can tell that you’re feeling it.

Participant: There has recently been an emphasis on spiritual discernment. Are the angles part of the access to the gates?

(15 minutes)

Paul: we have found that very often Gabriel or Michael will carry us to some place on the grid. (Brian please put the grid up). You see the green spots on the grid that would be a gat. So for example, here you came through a gate onto our property right? On the property there are many doors. In the same way. But the key is that if the doors are contaminated it means that they have bronze doors or iron bars, then you cannot have access to what God wants you to have access to. Because they’re closed. So the key is to find out why they are closed and then you take care of that. Then you have the full River of God. Lift up you Gates so the King of glory will come in. So that the King of glory can come in and out. Now let’s go back to Jehovah Jerha.

This all pertains somehow I think. Jehovah Jerha as we have been taught previously, means the Lord will provide. But I looked it up in the Hebrew that is not as close as we need to get to what really happens. The word actually means the Lord sees and he acts upon what he sees. The Lord sees so we know the Lord always sees. But the question for us has been why is he not acting upon what he is saying. Lord I am in this mess right now I don’t feel good I am not happy and why doesn’t God do something about it. But when you know it’s Jehovah Jerha he sees and he acts upon what he sees. During the story of Isaac the Lord sees that Abraham is obedient the Lord sees that he does not want Abraham to offer up Isaac as the sacrifice. So he acts upon and he provides a solution. The Lord sees, he acts upon it, and he provides a solution.

Okay that’s all I know so far.

So Lord where we going to go next?

Participant: I live in RV and in my sister’s home I can feel energy on my arms and if I ask the Lord to close the doors…

Paul: sure we’ll use you as an example if that’s all right please come over here. Stand right there. So now let’s see. What I feel is here is the grid – there is a line here. Remember we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. So picture yourself inside that grid – they are in the grid it should be a multidimensional piece of graph paper. It’s very often at the joints – there’s one there. You can feel it. Like this. Right there feel that. New agers use word energy for this. This is the grid. It is electromagnetic energy.

Participant: I feel it right now

Paul: of course you feel it. We all feel it differently. We are all different – some of us don’t feel it yet.

Participant; what I’m trying to say is when I feel this I feel that there is possibly the presence of darkness.

Paul: these lines are contaminated. So what we do, we asked the Lord to please clean these off. Lord please clean off the lines. In Isaiah they are called highways of holiness. That is Isaiah 35. Ask the Lord to close all doors that should be closed. Please close all doors that should be closed and open all doors that should be open, so the gates will not be shut again.

Grid lines are all over your body. Picture yourself standing in the middle of the grid. Brian, can we get the Brian Greene pictures of the gates of the grid.? For those that say that this is not biblical – well it is biblical and it is scientific. Brian Greene has a book called “The fabric of the Cosmos” and you can go on YouTube and see it. Where he talks about the dimensions. And is talking about string theory and he says these are gates. You go through the gates into the dimensions. You can’t make this stuff up. And you can see the grid.

Participant: How are lines in the grids dirty from contamination? Do they get more contaminated through the years, Is it generational, Is it sinfulness? How do we make sure that they are clean? Do we have to clean them?

(25 minutes)

Paul: Well I think that originally it is generational. And then also because its generational rights then things come in against us and they get contaminated. So all I can do is act on my own experience. So I noticed as I was doing this that I was contaminated. But as I did this, now I’m not. Now sometimes every once in a while to start hurting again so I know that it is contaminated which probably means that there’s something in the generational line that I haven’t taken care yet.

I believe that everything needs generational rights to the land. So we are in the process of taking over areas that had generational problems.

So Lord please clean off these lines. And close all doors that should be closed and open all doors that should be open. So the gates will not be shut again. Now you look at Isaiah 34, no actually Isaiah 45, read Isaiah 34 11 But the hawk and the porcupine[a] shall possess it,
the owl and the raven shall dwell in it.
He shall stretch the line (plumbline) of confusion[b] over it,
and the plumb line of emptiness.

If you go to Isaiah 35: 8 And a highway shall be there,
and it shall be called the Way of Holiness;
the unclean shall not pass over it.
It shall belong to those who walk on the way;
even if they are fools, they shall not go astray.

So what I think when you look at… When we were doing… these are lines of confusion. You can usually feel the grid inside the room. And so here’s a line and then you come here and here’s a line. Here’s another line so you can see the grid. It’s here it’s here. So there’s another gate here. So I think that there is a grid that is under the earth. Because on occasion I have felt the grid I think there’s a grid under the earth, on the earth and above the earth. And then I think Crystal has seen grids and spheres. So everything is more confusing and complex than we think it is. But we may actually have spheres. So it may be that you and your generational line have authority over certain spheres or grids. And only you can possess those. But what’s happening in Christ, you see, is that we are possessing the kingdom of God. So we have to be the ones that do that. Because of some reason.

There is some reason why only we can do this. I believe that’s why the fallen sons of God mated of the daughters of men because they wanted to take over the kingdom of God but they can’t do it except by your humanity. Because we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. So I think that we are the ones that have access to the dimensions.

Brian: well I’m going to segue into my afternoon but man and woman were given dominion over the earth. So I think that’s part of why Satan did what he did is because he was jealous for not being given dominion. He was walking over the fiery stones himself and he thought he would be the big hot dog. Then God gives us a man and woman. And so then he had to co-opt the authority that they were given. And we surrender the authority to him. And so that is what I am talking about this afternoon then is how we can walk in the authority that we have access to again. We want to take it away so that we can exercise it instead of letting Satan exercise it.

Participant I have a question – sometimes when we’re listening to things it feels like the Holy Spirit resonates powerfully on some things. Last night we heard about the northern states over Scotland and it really resonated powerfully where I felt like I I needed to pray into that. And it was something about the northern gate and their cleansing it. And then there was something else that kind of resonated with that. We were hearing something about a prophetic word over the church now over Turkey coming out in the cleansing of the land. And then that really resonated hard and I asked the Lord about it. Could you explain.


Paul: I call that my hit. When I get that hit I know that it is being accentuated for me and he wants me to do something about it.

Participant : so when it is specifically targeted to like cleansing Turkey does that mean you’re supposed to get involved with that or what?

Paul: we have to be very careful what we get involved with something that is territorial. I don’t know that we would have legal authority to do that. In that case then you pray into it and ask the Lord to do something about it. Then your prayers are added to. Very often when I go places the Lord will do something. For me it’s like the prayers have been offered and now he can cash the prayers in.

Participant: sometimes when that happens it is the culmination of a right time gate. And God is tearing down what ever has been exalted above that land. That’s what discernment as for what is happening at that position and that time.


Participant: I was just saying in answer to your question, but what you do, is one thing that’s very easy and kind of helps is when you don’t really have a clear direction about how to pray but you really have ahead on it you can just say Lord I come into agreement with whatever you are doing and I come into agreement with whatever prayers are being prayed that are on your heart.

(33 minutes)

Participant: that’s very good. When you do get that hit this is where you practice your senses to discern good and evil. Our friend Persus has a great line she says ATL ask the Lord. Take this out of your guessing game.

Participant: it’s important for me not to engage beyond myself beyond my authority.

Paul: so one of the reactions has been that once people get themselves in trouble they think that they’re not supposed to do it at all. And really it is a balance. You are to do what the Lord calls you to do. For me, often when I go places it is the time for me to do something. But I’m only a very small part, because all of the intercession has already taken place. And so for you it could be right now I am interceding that my prayers will be added to the bowls of prayers and someday the Lord is going to pull those out.

Participant: my husband has a significant part of Scottish. But this is a Northern gate over Scotland. I have no Scottish I don’t have Indian in me either. So I just try to figure out why would I be called to pray for that.

Paul: you know if you go 25 generations back you have 67 million moms and dads. So you could have Scottish, in fact in my book Come up Higher I have a chapter where there is reporter that basically says that we have everything in us. That’s why prejudice and is so stupid. We have everything in us. Especially the English, what is your background?

Participant: I think Spanish, Hasidic Jew, with some Filipino

Paul: so it’s very possible. The English went everywhere. There was a lot of fooling around.

Participant: when you’re married you’re one flesh. And that authority is the greatest authority on earth with God. That is a gate position that you both culminate in that agreement with God. That’s in the Bible..

Participant: if you feel the ice pick is that always Jehovah Jereh?

Paul: I think for me, it was the Lord saying I want you to pay attention to this. Because my head is always going around. But it does not always go off like an ice pick in my head. It’s like .. that hurt. So today when I was coming I realized that I was feeling Jehovah Jerha which is Jesus’s righteousness. Righteous means conform to the standard. So if you take a ruler and you want 12 inches of wood than that wood becomes righteous to the ruler. So that is conforming to the standard.

If you look at Psalm 16 6 which is an interesting passage The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance. And in Psalm 19:4 Their line has gone out through all the earth,
and their words to the end of the world.
In them he has set a tabernacle for the sun,

and 19 4 is an onnomonopea; it is a poetic word. It is sound. It means the sound of the voice has gone out through all the earth. What I do is I can actually feel over here the sound of the grid. Now this is very strange. But sometimes I go, “oooooooo” like that. And I know that I am moving on the grid. It is very strange. And it happens sometimes when the Lord moves us on the grid and then the Lord moves us to different places on the grid because I think he wants us to take authority over these places.

(40 minutes)

Hector Jordan, is that you? On the lines of information or the highways of information processing generational information from generation to generation. Making the crooked places straight. Right; if you look at John the Baptist he says a voice crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the Lord. That word actually means to remove the stones off the highway. And so that is one of the things that we do is that we remove the stones. And I would say Hector it is not just the information it is not just the power grid. Incidentally this is a book for years I have worked on this and Barbara Parker should sign your book. Barbara Parker and myself wrote this and the next one is almost finished which will be on the revealed sons of God. They are available in the bookstore.

If you look at Isaiah 22:2222 And I will place on his shoulder the key of the house of David. He shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.

So then of course in Revelation chapter 3 verse 7, and to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write these things he knew his holy he is true he has the key of David he opens no one shuts and shuts no one opens I know your works I have set before you and open door, and no one can shut it for you have had little strength and have kept my word and have not denied my name.

So Jesus now has legal right to all the keys. To all the doors and to all the gates. Got it. So actually there are times that we can feel the door keeper and the gatekeeper, sometimes as ungodly doorkeeper so we demand that he must give the keys to Jesus. And then we ask Jesus if we can have the keys to take care of the door. Now I’m a very pragmatic person with all of this.. And as the Lord teaches he shows us that this actually works. You look at Proverbs 8, Does not wisdom call?
Does not understanding raise her voice?
On the heights beside the way,
at the crossroads she takes her stand;
beside the gates in front of the town,

the gates are where the paths meet. At the entrance to the city at the entrance of the doorway. I found in Hebrew that there are 3 words there is gates doors and doorways. Getting a bit more complicated? Okay good. At the doorways there can be covenants. There are 3 covenants in the Old Testament. There are blood covenants there are salt covenants and there are threshold covenants. A threshold covenant is what we do when the husband carries the bride over the threshold. That actually is an act of covenant making. And so we’ve had people see these covenants on stones at the doorway. We also sometimes feel headers over the doorways or over the gates which gives a legal right to the door to be open or closed. Sometimes it’s what it’s supposed to be – at other times it is what the enemy has done. And so these have to be addressed and taken care of in order that gates will be opened so that the King of glory will come in. I hope I’m not confusing it too much.


We are somewhere now. In the heavenly places. We are on mount Zion. We are in the Ancient of Days Court. Which is in Daniel 7. Say Lord I would like to feel myself and the Ancient of Days Court. I feel the Ancient of Days Court. I feel the Council – the heavenly Council and the Ancient of Days Court and I feel mount Zion, and I feel horses all the same way. I feel anointing over my head and I feel Kairos’s time. Then I have to go through then I go through and I wait for my head. When I said Ancient of DaysI got a feeling in my head. So Ancient of Daysis what I believe is it has to be – it is before time. This is Daniel 7 9. As I looked,

thrones were placed,
and the Ancient of Daystook his seat;
his clothing was white as snow,
and the hair of his head like pure wool;
his throne was fiery flames;
its wheels were burning fire.


What do I have in my hand?

Participant: it’s long that way. The head is here. I think it’s a scepter.

Participant: I’m not sure why you’re discerning that. But the way that I’ve had a sense that the Ancient of Days Court is not necessarily before time but since it is outside of time it is possibly always.

Paul: yes that’s a better way of putting it – it is outside of time. Okay 3 covenants blood, threshold, and salt. Salt was a preservative so that’s called the everlasting covenant. I feel tingly all over my head. Do you feel that. Sometimes when I move on the grid I feel a dizzy thing but I am not dizzy. I don’t know if this feeling is moving on the grid or something is happening on the grid. The last 2 times I got into bed and had the sense of being a little dizzy. And then it stops. I’m not sure how to explain it. I think I must be physically feeling the soundwaves rather than hearing them. Has anyone else experienced at.

Participant: I was just seeing them. It was like a wave. And they’re different colors.

Paul: are they the rainbow colors?

Participant: yes but I see a lot of blue and green, and I don’t know what that is but I know that it’s related to sound.


Paul: Lord I don’t know what’s happening right now. But I feel like there is the green is moving – well something is moving over us. We may be at creation. We are at creation.

Participant: What came to my mind is something I saw in a dream a couple months ago. It was more of a vision in the dream. It was short. But I knew I was taken back to the very creation and all I could see was water. I could see huge waves. I could see the sun. It was coming up on the horizon. And it was really quick when I woke up I knew I was at the dark godly depth and I was back to the beginning.

Paul: Lord we are knit together . It is like we are in the depth I think we’re in the depth. I feel the movement of the waves over us.

Participant: I have this real sense I just heard this, You create by design in this place you define. My sense is that we actually are co-creating with God in this place. The thing that it is not will be as it is.

Paul: I feel something all around my head and I feel pressure on my chest and chill and heat on my left arm all the same time. What do I feel? Wherever we are, there is movement over us.

(52 minutes)

Blue can represent royalty and the prophetic. Often we think that were going to teach something that we already know that the Lord wants to teach us something new. I think that he’s teaching us something new now. He’s pushing us.

I think you’re feeling us in the depths. If you look at Ephesians3 . 18 may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, 19 and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

We need a word that’s like domains or regions that are very vague and that is a place where the soul is and we are knit together in the depths – it says that in Psalms. 139. Length with height depthss, we are actually in the depth but there is a hit also in the width.

Participant: We were worshiping and praying driving up. I was getting very strongly the length, breadth, height and depth, there was vastness of God going into all places. But nothing was out of his reach.

Paul: so that is Jehovah Jehra, he sees.

Participant: Yes I mean He was going deep. He was going deep into depths – deep into the Heights, the breadth, widths and lengths. And I just felt like he was all-encompassing. There is nothing that is out of his grasp. Not any part of you.

Paul: do you see how nicely that fits with Jehovah Jehra. Isn’t that cool. Are there some decrees that need to be made for the Ancient of Days Court regarding time and seasons? There is something.

So we are in the depth. Let me briefly go over the depth has to do with where the soul is. The height length and widths I believe are places where the spirit is. The height has to do with ruling and reigning. The width has to do with trust and faith perhaps the heart. The length has to do with oneness sexually unions.

The length I believe has to do with oneness. Unity. Sexual union. The depth that’s where the parts of the spirit can be. The width has to do with the heart with hope the faith and trust. The depth has to do with the soul and all of these places have fallen places within them. So I’m wondering is it possible that length with height and depth each have a different grid? I think they have different grids and different dimensions.

Maybe the length has its own grid system. The width has its own grid system the height depth as well. Maybe we create our own grid system.

Participant: About a month ago when I spoke at my mother’s funeral the Lord had me speak about the seasons of her life. And then Jack’s dad also passed away a week later and he started speaking to me about all of the seeds that have fallen. So when that comes together in my mind what I’m wondering is if there are declarations to be made in this court if we can somehow or declare that we are reclaiming the seasons of the generations that have already fallen to the ground. But the seeds have been planted. But I don’t know.

Participant: Isaiah 34 and 35.the Lord is impressing on my heart creation and creating. We are co-creating with him. But also retuning our environment and our atmosphere to his frequencies. So I don’t know if this is in relation to what we are talking about today.

1 hour

Paul: there are times when we go into research and development. In research and development we start with the proposition what if. And then we start exploring it. Now this “ what if” is something I have pondered for a long time but actually took on some clarity last week. 3 days ago I had a client from Minnesota I’ve been with him many times and he is a very extraordinarily gifted man. I have 3 or 4 of these people that I pray with and I like praying with them because we are always into something new. He is aware of the bondage that he is in, even though he does what we do. But there are parts of him where he has not gotten relief. Because of his gifting, and because of his wife who is a medical doctor, so he’s very aware of what is going on. They are able to put language to things that people say I just don’t feel good. Some people say they don’t feel good but other people know why they don’t feel good. But they know that there are parts that are problematic. Now Barbara and I talk about this and we explore the heavenly places. Our attempt in this 1st book was going to be a series where we lay some foundations and groundwork. Barbara did a lot of this work for the spirit the soul and body and heart which is absolutely essential to where we are going. And I have a chapter on DID, and the Lord told me that the part is not the whole. So in the DID which is multiple personality disorders, because of abuse you can have a part that escapes to avoid pain, or a part that takes the pain. You can talk to that part. I’ve done it many times. And the part thinks it’s a whole new part in the body. But you see the part is not the whole. So we call it disassociative identity disorder. I have prayed for this man many times and we often fly around the length the width the height and the depth, and we are in the stars and we get it to the ??? things. In this last week I felt him in the ungodly length which is a place of sexual oneness. So simply let us say that we are to leave father and mother and cleave to our spouse. Which is someone of the opposite sex. Anything outside of that, it does not matter what kind of sexual union it is, outside of marriage it causes trouble. Because we are to cleave to our spouse when we become one.

1 hour 3 minutes

If for example you are molested as a child, at age 3, I believe it at age 3 you leave Father and mother. Because you are now cleave to someone else. Say. It says you leave and cleave so if you are not cleaving correctly than what happens is the child says to the mother and father, “ I have already left what are you doing telling me what to do?” I think this may result in rebellion and all sorts of issues. Now I was not going to I didn’t think we were going to go here today but I guess we are.


There was a homosexual molestation that took place in another country. And in the molestation which was very traumatic, it was homosexual and it had to do sodomy and oral sex. And that trauma he had parts of him that escaped to avoid the trauma. So I thought about this before and I have wondered… This is wondering… in sexual union do you create something new? That is the 1st idea that I had. And I think at orgasm is something new created? So proceeding with that idea he came across a part and we realized that this part was something new that was created. Now this is different than what I have come across all my years of dealing with the DID. This is a brand-new thought. So we knew that in trauma you can have 3 or 4 or 6 or whatever part will disassociate. But it never occurred to me that perhaps in the sexual act not only does it associate but it becomes someone new. And we’re going to look at some scriptures and I want all of us online and here because this becomes a Bible study to see whether this is possible? Paul says that marriage is a mystery. And I am wondering if this could be part of the mystery. So what we have done in the past, as you know, we have tried to bring healing to that part and have that part returned to the body. Right? But that part is new and never really was part of the body. Got it? This is hurting my head. So, let me finish this before I go on. We realized that we had to undo something and we actually had to go to the Ancient of Days Court’s to do it. We went outside of time because we had to unravel the new part. Now, part of this contemplating is that in all of the sex outside of marriage, which is rampant in our society today. Marriage is not necessary anymore, is it? Is the enemy creating a whole new race for himself? Because once it’s happened generationally, then it’s passed down in the generational line. Right? So then you have, a hybrid now, because it’s not done according to God’s law, and it is a hybrid that no longer has anything to do with God, it is all tied to the enemy.


Participant: back to the DID when we’re praying with the DID people and we talk about the core person. The question is whether or not the new hybrid being is it still part of the core individual since physically it is all within that individual? Or would it be something out side of the core person so if were ministering to somebody we are always looking and wanting to bring everything back to the core individual. So would that….

Paul: 2nd Corinthians 5:17 I would think Tim the answer would be, no. Corinthians 5:17 therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creature. And that word new means it never existed before. So is it possible that you actually have created a part that has never existed before? Now, it has for example… For example in the union of husband and wife you have a child that child has never existed before it is new. But there are aspects of that child that are still in the mother and father, right? But, it is a new creation. So that’s where we are wondering is this a new creation. Now let’s make it more complicated. I remembered Crystals word sub dimension and so I asked the Lord, and it is a dimension in a dimension in a dimension. So it is to subdimensions of a dimension it’s like going underground and finding something new and then going under back and finding something new again. So it is that hidden. Again the problem is if you return that part to the individual, while it never was a part of them. It is something new it was never a part of the individual.

So would be like dad saying well I’m going to return my child to me. Well you can’t do that the child is not part of the father. Because that child is something different. That is quite a bit of knowledge it is different.


Participant: this makes a lot of sense to me because I was just praying with a lady a week or so ago with extreme DID. And we were doing Pastor Patties Emmanuel process where we are very emphatic in the opening prayer that everything is bound. But she kept talking to the demons and I saying there cannot be any of them here are we talking to parts. She says no it’s not a part. But it makes total sense if there was a new creation that was never a part of her. That’s why it’s not responding.

Paul: the question is whose image was that part created in?

Participant: that would take care of a lot of the voices that people keep dealing with when you’ve found everything in the world that you can find. And you’ve talked to every part that you can talk to and then these voices are still going on. That could very well be.

Paul: you are created in God’s image. Right? And then when you leave father and mother your are to cleave to your spouse then you have children and they are created in God’s image. The fallen sons of God want to create everyone in their own image and so instead of having integration of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and us we are now having the fallen sons of God being created in their image.

Participant: interesting thing here I was on my way to the ministry trip and the Lord spoke to me. And he said Jana who created Bale.? And I’m thinking this is a quick trick question. So I said well the enemy cannot create and I cannot create them, we did. Now you may not see the evidence of Bale itself but you see his fruit. And that seed reproduces. Who created Molech? Because Molech was never good. But we are the only thing that can re-create on the earth. So the enemy has to go through us to reproduce.

Paul: That is why the fallen sons of God mated with the daughters of man and and to start the process.

Participant: can I say one more thing, once something is created it cannot be destroyed. So this is why you have like, Mordechai who wrote another edit. So you had to have a new law in agreement. So that the kingdom of God can increase and earth as it is in heaven..

Barbara: so my question would be then is this a creation of a soul part, or creation of the spirit part? Because we know the soul can be shattered and the enemy can grab and hold onto pieces of the soul..

(1 hour 14 minutes)

Paul: I think that the spirit parts are in the… Actually it was a spirit part of him but it’s both. I think that there is insertion of soul parts also. I think the enemy is.… Actually, the image that we went to is the Borg. They become a hybrid clone that then is under the authority of the enemy.

Sally: so if you are in a ministry session you’re not going to want that part to return to the person, but then where … well, what do you do with that part?

Paul: That’s where you go to the heavenly court and the Lord needs to unravel this, and to destroy that which is not of him and returned that which is of Him. And then that gets way beyond what I can think about.

Participant: I am Adina. I had in my deliverance; I was seeking my own through the Internet. I came across a concept of a spiritual spouse and spiritual children. So when I divorced myself from my spiritual spouse and I killed my spiritual children. And I have been using this with people, killing the spiritual children.

Paul: I would be a little concerned about that. And this is why. Because there are still parts that have been so connected to the person,??? To the original DNA, I would rather go to the court and ask the Lord to unravel it, and ask the Lord to remove that which is not of him, and then return what is of Him. Because otherwise we don’t know what part of the core is involved in, and then if you do that you cannot retrieve the core. Well the core part.

Participant: One of the things in the dividing of that… Between the false and the true is that what we have found, in our renewal, in and becoming whole in Christ is the flesh and the blood of Christ. It knows no depth and breadth length or height. It says that in the Scripture that it reaches. And so in the renewal of a part that has been in bondage that has been in captivity that has been affected in some way the flesh and blood of Christ completely renews and heals.

Paul: What the Lord God is creating is sons of God which is 2nd Corinthians 17. Actually I believe that we are the sons of God and we being redeemed and we become children of God. That’s what we and what I talk about in the next volume of exploring heavenly places.

Participant: I was getting, Re-drawing the boundary lines that were outside of time, because the boundary lines all through the different things that happened need to be redrawn, . And then with that where you saw creation people, it’s really interesting in the Hebrew, the sun and the moon and the stars were not created until the 4th day. When the Father spoke let there be light that was Jesus coming into the darkness in the chaos. So is the insertion of Christ himself, the word, with the Holy Spirit, who is hovering over the waters, he is making all things whole.


Participant: the thought I had was that with the new creation through the trauma and the abuse or whatever, is that God is still in the realm of redeeming everything. So in reference to killing off, we still want to redeem the new creation for Christ versus what the new identity, or the new hybrid was created. We want that new hybrid to be redeemed.

Paul: There is an interesting phrase, well there are 2 phrases, in the Old Testament holy and utterly destroy. And they are closely connected linguistically. And so what we do is we ask the Lord to make holy that which can be made holy and to utterly destroy that which must be utterly destroyed. So part of the redemption I believe is that. We cannot redeem the fallen sons of God. So that part cannot be redeemed but what we want redeemed is what is redeemable. That would be the DNA of the core person. Well the core person we want that redeemed.

Participant: when she said boundary lines I thought, when you were talking about Psalm 16 about the boundary lines I was recalling a number of years ago, I woke up in the morning and the Lord said research boundary stones. In the NIV version, actually uses the word boundaries stones not boundary lines. So I started to do some research. 3 or 4 months later the Lord put it together. I wish I had my notes. When you move a boundary stone, which in the other versions of the Bible it says boundary line, there are severe penalties. Which could equate to really bad generational stuff. Curses that come down. So sometimes when I am praying for people doing generational stuff, I have them renounce and repent for any time they or their ancestors have moved boundaries stones. And I have had very good results.

Participant: Could this also relate to the original stones. Or to the original designs. Those that make your DNA?

Participant: Yes I think so. That was a very basic understanding but I think we’re going deeper and farther here with the grid and the stones and the Gates and the stones and all of that. Which is good because we have to write about that next.

(1 hour 23)

Participant: relating to stones and lines this relates directly to my life right now my twin sister and I have had paranormal electromagnetic fields and frequencies experiences with stones. And especially from Mount Shasta. Of those we think they influence other stones.

Paul: what I was saying is that we try to use

Participant: we use stones…

Paul: we want to always interpret things biblicaly. What is exciting about what God is teaching us is that we can now give biblical language to New Age people, and to those other religions. But they actually see and know things that we can now interpret through Scripture, and say this is actually what is happening. But what I want to do, I want to read my notes.

Participant: but my question is… We have had issues with the movement of stones and I am saying…

Paul: I don’t think I can help you with that

Participant: yes but she can

Paul: know what she’s talking about is spiritual stones and you are talking about physical stones which is something different. And unless I can be there to confirm the discernment of what is going on. Then I could try to interpret.

Participant: yes there are a lot of ways to interpret that. That’s what you’re trying to say. We have moved the stones we have returned the stones and we still feel electromagnetic fields.

Paul: I would have to be there to discern what is going on.

Participant: let me make it a little bit clearer because maybe you’re not the only one who didn’t quite get it. When I say boundary stones I am speaking in a spiritual sense. And even like the grid lines and the grids are all in the spiritual dimensions. So the boundary stones that I am speaking of are the boundary lines that the Bible talks about. And they are in a different dimension not the physical stones that you are talking about.

Paul: Originally the boundary stones were physical and on land.

Participant: Can you give me anything on the stones just a little more?

Paul: Now I really can’t because without being there I can’t give you more than just theory. I need to have a frame of reference before I can talk about this, okay.

Paul: let me read this and then Jana there is an Angel here with the message. The client was in the ungodly length I felt a door in a new dimension and a sub dimension and another sub dimension. The fallen sons of God’s through homosexuality came to be created in their own image can be a part (not sure here). They put a new identity, they emptied the person to make him weak. So that actually what we call the core person,… What is the new identity? The new part is a changed part of the original part. This part has been changed into something new, it has evolved. It has been distorted and its shape has been changed. How then can it be returned because if it is returned it is forever different? What is the nature of the original part. And then he got the word “this is a nascent”. I had never heard the word before; it is an undeveloped sexual part. So a child is a Nascent. It causes a re-writing of the sexual DNA code, they have become that. They are being held in the ungodly place by an electromagnetic field. What if those who have many sexual parts are constantly creating other identities in the length? Do these other identities affect the person and change them forever? Not only do you have other identities but this is like you have children but then your children affect you.

How does the enemy use this for his advantage? That is always the question. I do not think that the destroying is the enemy’s attempt, I think our destruction, our destroying, our pain, our suffering, is always the result of what the enemy is doing. It is to his advantage because he wants to become God. He gets to rewrite the sexual code. He wants to create a new humanity, the enemy creates a whole new race that will serve him. When the husband and wife have sexual relations they create a new identity. But they keep their own.. This is another important thing in sexual intercourse between a husband and wife. Although something new is created you keep your own identity. But I think with the enemy when somebody new is created because it is not of God it actually affects you, so that you start losing your identity.

Oh that is true you did lose your own identity. Isn’t it interesting in society we are writing-off normal sexual relations.

How does joining to the Lord tied to joining together as husband and wife? Ephesians 5, comparing Jesus to the church and the husband and the wife is a mystery, it is something about the image. The key is to operate in your own identity. I have a new sense of my identity in Christ, but I am still me. I like that.

The husband and wife, we keep our own identity, don’t we? That we have an identity as husband and wife in Christ we still have our own identity but we are still in Christ. Christ is in me. I am new, never existed before; therefore in marriage something is created that never existed before. What is the nature of this new identity? Does this new identity then bring us back to the true image of God as male and female. Of this is another thing that is interesting, we are created in His image and we actually are each male and female. We all have estrogen and testosterone. We are now finding out that women who do not have enough testosterone have problems. And men who do not have enough estrogen have problems. For you see we are created in his image, male and female, but the enemy cannot do that, the enemy is creating one gender.

(1 hour 30 minutes)

Participant: a non-gender. He is creating a non-gender. They cannot reproduce

Paul: does this new identity then bring us back to the true image of God as male and female? This oneness reflects who God is. What power is there in joining the 2 human beings sexually that was not inherent before creativity? The enemy uses ungodly sexuality to create something new for his own purposes. How is the enemy now using the client in this place? We asked the Lord to take us to the Ancient of Days Court. Client what do you want to ask the Ancient of Days? Somehow their original part needs to be unraveled – what has been created and left needs to be removed – the spirit tie with the new identity needs to be severed also. Extract the original client from this hybrid that was created through the ungodly union with the sexual abuser. But our original client, to escape the extortion and the counterfeit in his life and be restored to his true self and original design. There is your word- the word to use all of the time (original design). Please break the ungodly spirit ties with the new creation.

Participant: So one of the arguments of the homosexual community is that they were born homosexual. And so if this abuse… If they are born hybrids, part of that is true isn’t it? So the concept that enough abuse brings hybrids in the generational line because at some point in time the DNA is changed enough that their sexuality has been affected to where they are or would actually be born homosexual.

Paul: I think you’re right that absolutely makes sense. There is a restructuring of the DNA and you are getting away from the original design.

Participant: So thinking about it and processing at, because this is a new concept for me is that in order to minister to somebody that has accepted Christ and wants to get out of the homosexual community, is to have them.… Well to have them go to the heavenly court for the Ancient of Days to bring back the original DNA.

Paul: To bring back the original design from the origin.. Which is another comment that she always has, take them back to the origin.

Participant: So the argument that at some point in time that the DNA structure of the homosexual community could actually be…

Paul: Yes in epi-genetics they say that behavior influences the DNA. That has been scientifically proven.

(one hour 34)

Participant: What they call themselves now is not homosexual, it is Omni sexual. Which means sexual with anything and everything.


Paul: That is exactly where were going isn’t it. Okay Jana, we have a message and then we will have you talk. What happens is I feel an Angel here with the message. So the Lord trumps anybody else who wants to talk. I think you agree with that, thank you. I think the Lord wants to give some clarity. That would be nice.

Jana: I will try. Speaking in tongues. Holy holy holy this is the way of holiness. For the Lord of Hosts. Does not wisdom hold the key? A platform of justice to him who deceives. Paul: To him who deceives? Jana: I am vibrating. Jana: you create this realm, a place of justice. A place of His kindness and His abundance. Don’t be misinformed by judgments against the holy. The holy ones are here.

Paul: I feel the holy ones. Right here I confirm that they are here to align.

Jana: To align to the origin, the place, of the 1st design. And the corrupted seed must 1st have its likeness and truth for cannot reproduce the lie that is distorted. You, and I have taken you to realms to destroy what was created to open anew the new creation. Now in this place, of the Ancient of Days, this key opens the one who sees. Jehovah Jehra to those who believe.

Now believing is seeing, and seeing is creating from the heart of understanding there is a place of reproducing. All now take up a taunt against the one who increases, what is not his. For I want to come against the sons of Amalek. The corrupted seed that lived.

Now in this place you resonate with the original design for the light of truth inhabits you, so creation itself will be divine. Now you cannot go from something unless you can believe what is true to step out of this system to what has been askewed.

Paul: Amalek is the giant. In fact the sins of the Amalek were enough.

Participant: I was thinking, where does the Bible say this, in Romans 1: 27 God is giving people over to their dishonorable passions, it talks about women and men exchanging their natural relations this is Romans 1. It is probably starting with verse 21 maybe I’ll just read it for although they knew God they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him but they became futile and their thinking and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise they became fools and exchange the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and an birds and animals and creeping things. Therefore God gave them up to the lusts of their hearts to impurity to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves because they exchange the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the creator who is blessed forever. For this reason God them up to that this Hon. passions for their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature. Men likewise gave up relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another. Men committing shameless acts with men… This is it — and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their sins.

This is it receiving in themselves.

(one hour 43)

Paul: But me… say something… I think I am trying to become very careful what I say now. And I think that we need to emphasize all sexual interaction between persons outside of marriage. This is not about homosexuality. We have made that an emphasis. This is about any sexual union. And I think this is key that you cannot have sexual union with pornography so that also is a non-person. So it is a sexual union. So we’re talking about any sexual union outside of marriage is the problem. No matter what you call it. When we emphasize that we stop this war over one particular kind of sexual act. Okay, you’re going to say something. And I want to do something on the screen.

Participant: Let’s see I’m trying to formulate my question even though you just sort of clarified that it is not about homosexuality but that is kind of what we were sort of talking about. How would you minister to somebody. With identical twins there seems to be a high number of twins that are born where one is gay and one is straight. In male twins the hypothalamus in the brain seems to be larger. There are studies on this genetic studies and does this go in line with,… Can you explain it generationally?

Paul: Anything generationally that is him… It could be coming down as its genetic modification. Also I don’t know if you knew this evidently 1 and 12 conceptions are twins. But usually one of the twins dies. And so yeah. 1 out of 12 isn’t that amazing? Oh wait on the screen… Oh I’m feeling pain on the right side. This is Penny. Also, I felt incredible pain across my back and my neck last night. Is this due to intercession from today or is it from Isis or beheadings? Brian, can you get Penny on the screen?

Yes God does assign the exact place where you should live. I believe that’s because you’re supposed to take authority over that part of the grid on the earth.

Brian: Just a reminder when we bring someone up on the screen we need to wait and not continue otherwise it’s hard to bring up that person. So Penny we are going to bring you up. So we’re going to un-mute you now. And …

Paul: Every time we start one of these I think what am I going to do? And now here crowding in our time at the end. Okay Penny.

Penny: Okay. Hi Paul. My pain is right across from here and it feels almost like a coldness. And last night it was all the way across my neck and ??? are and have the pain. It hurts to hold my head up

Paul: Actually what I do when I feel a gate signal I go this way and then I go this way if I don’t feel anything this way then I know it’s a gate so there’s actually. So Lord please close all doors that need to be closed and open all doors that need to be opened so that the Gates will not be shut. I command this pain off of her to leave. This is an attack of the enemy. Now I feel the deliverance. Okay. Penny: I feel much better. Paul: Where do you live?    Penny: I live…    Paul: we lost her sound.

Danna: I think something that may fit this is actually a major key is homosexuality is a fruit of incest and I noticed that it is incest that really… Well I can’t prove this that I am sure if we panned out we would find it in the Word… What is the 1st thing, not that it is proven, but that Noah was exposed by his son, but what was the attempt to correct that seed? It was incest.

Paul there is some evidence that it was a homosexual act with Ham, right? So Father thank you for this day and I thank you for your church and it has so much wisdom. We thank you Holy Spirit that you work through all of us to bring the truth and we just thank you Lord so much. We thank you that that you are the manifest wisdom of God. And we want to see more – more of your wisdom so that we can become freer, but your kingdom will come in your will will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen

Brian: did you address Patricia’s question. Patricia asked, “Someone came and told me her parts are floating in the 2nd heaven can I put them back, is that possible?” 1st of all I would say that we find that there are… We find that there are many many different locations where things can be trapped. The term 2nd heaven is something we derive out of a reference in Scripture to the 3rd heaven, so we say it would be better to ask God to return parts from wherever they are located, and that can often be the ungodly depth. We have the prayer for the ungodly depth, called “prayer of releasing one from the ungodly depth”. And of course this is something that would be to help the person pray for themselves, through the authority they have in Jesus Christ and there could be reasons why parts are stuck as well but that’s a little more detailed that we can go into right now.

Paul: We need to get ourselves back, because were still at the Ancient of Days Court. So Father we thank you that we are now in the Ancient of Days Court. Let us pray together, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit and Ancient of Days we now appeal to you in this place that you will remove all that is not of your original design in me and in my family generational line. And Lord utterly destroy all that is not of you and make holy everything that is of you. Please return all that through your blood back to me and my family line. Lord please unravel the mess that is in our DNA and RNA because by our choice we declare that we will reflect only the image of the Elohim as male and female and everything else we ask you to remove. Amen.




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