Prayer to Replace Ungodly Alignment with Godly Alignment

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Lord, I come before you on behalf of my family line and myself in regard to the all of the issues that have placed us into ungodly alignment.

I repent and renounce for:

  • Allowing enticements to draw us away from your original plan for our lives
  • Allowing the land to be contaminated by those who met during certain seasonal and astronomical times in order to perform rituals and sacrifices that empowered curses on the unsuspecting, and set traps for the theft of inheritances and birthrights
  • Luring people into ungodly alignment through deception or shape shifting
  • Making decisions out of fear or panic rather than fighting the battle from the rest and giving our burdens to You to deal with
  • Business men and women who traded inheritances willingly in order to become more successful and gain power
  • Performing ungodly ceremonies and dedications for corporations and land territories, thus opening doors for the enemy’s access

Lord, I reject all of that evil. Please disconnect me as well as my land, ministry, relationships, and finances from all ungodly land territories, ceremonies, alignment with stars or constellations, and astrological signs or symbols. I declare that you are higher than all the stars, constellations, and any man-made signs or symbols.

I repent and renounce for:

  • Abusing the resources and elements that You gave us and exploiting them for financial gain
  • Contaminating and manipulating those resources and elements by adding unnecessary additives in an effort to win friends or influence people, without regard for the damage that could be caused
  • Using witchcraft spells or incantations, and calling on demonic influences to pervert or take control over the elements of creation in an effort to use them against us.

Lord, please return all portions of the elements that are part of our inheritance and healing, washing and cleansing them first in the blood of Jesus.

I repent and renounce for:

  • Perverting the waters and deceiving others into drinking that perverted water
  • Worshiping and/or performing rituals in exaltation to any water spirits
  • Calling up any demonic influences through water rituals
  • Aligning with the New World Order and disregarding all of Your written laws and guidelines found in the Word of God
  • Twisting Your words in order to justify our behavior or deceive others
  • Setting up counterfeit temples and places of worship
  • Performing ungodly water baptisms
  • Operating in a false gift of healing
  • Offering blood sacrifices on the land in an effort to establish ungodly territory and bring curses on any that would come upon that land
  • Being so stuck on looking good to others that we had an appearance of godliness but denied Your power
  • Setting up false pillars of lust, deception, enticement, and religion
  • Establishing ungodly centers for worship and using the Lord’s name to attract people
  • Establishing ungodly offices and positions of power, worshiping ungodly thrones, and seeking after positions in ungodly places rather than the positions of authority You had for us

Lord, please rescue our inheritance, transfer our wealth from any ungodly tabernacles, and bring restoration to our finances and land. Please cancel all assignments on our land and finances, and help us to keep our finances in your godly institutions.

I repent and renounce for:

  • Taking liberties that were not allowed and going into a holy place without washing first or feeling a sense of obligation to honor Your holy tabernacle
  • Encroaching upon the true Holy of Holies as a spy in order to gain secret knowledge to take back to our camp to further our own purposes.

Lord, please escort the encroachers out of Your tabernacle, and help me to honor Your holy places and be a watchman on the wall for your tabernacle.

I repent and renounce for:

  • Worshiping money and/or using money to sow seeds and finance ungodly organizations and projects
  • Finding our worth in wealth, instead of realizing that our wealth and identity that is in You
  • Paying tithes into churches or places of worship where You didn’t want us to sow into from the beginning
  • Refusing to bring important decisions about finances to You for approval and guidance
  • Purchasing memberships and entering into agreements with ungodly places of business, resulting in financial curses
  • Intermingling with the enemies’ camp or associating with those of evil intent

Please Lord, disconnect our land and us from all this evil and release a blessing.

I confess that we have gone away from your laws and compromised our beliefs and our finances for instant gratification, and I repent and renounce for:

  • Intermarriage with those worshiping the gods and goddesses of men, thus becoming unequally yoked
  • Becoming parasites who sucked godly people of their resources, energy, identity, healing and gifts
  • Allowing ourselves to be used as a part of the ungodly web through gossip or slander
  • Deliberately trying to connect to others in order to weave the ungodly web
  • Suspending others in the ungodly web; or forcing them to be stuck in an ungodly place, unable to move forward, break free, or be stuck in time

Lord, please disconnect us from the ungodly web and set us free. Please remove all cobwebs and any predators that have been assigned to trap or overtake us. Please help us to refrain from evil and avoid the traps set up by enticement and temptation.

I repent and renounce for:

  • Bringing distractions and isolation to those operating in discernment
  • Setting up assignments to keep them from connecting to other believers in order to correctly discern the battle.

Lord, please help us to remember to assemble together, and to fellowship with like-minded people.

I repent and renounce for:

  • Ignoring our discernment or allowing ourselves to be deceived or desensitized to the enemy’s tactics and plans to destroy
  • Not exercising self-discipline in setting aside time to pray, dig into Your Word and connect with You daily, in order to plan our day and make good decisions
  • Not seeking you first, and trusting you to prosper us, but trying to prosper ourselves
  • Following ungodly prophecies, or taking your true prophecies into our own hands and trying to figure out or manipulate them through our own abilities
  • Putting too much emphasis on others’ prophecies instead of submitting them to You and/or the body of Christ for testing and confirmation
  • Surrendering our discernment because we trusted the leadership, or authority figures, to be hearing correctly
  • Putting too much stalk in family and making decisions based on pleasing family members more than You
  • Listening to those with their own agendas and motivations for speaking prophecy, and for those in leadership who allowed wolves in sheep’s clothing to hold places of authority
  • Exalting the spiritual gift instead of exalting You, and assuming that gifted people were godly
  • Abusing our gifts, and using them to further our own purposes or the purposes of the false signs and wonders connected to the ungodly network

Please disconnect us from all false prophecies, and help us follow the true way of the Lord. Please dismantle all assignments of the enemy to bring division that is intended to destroy the unity of the family and the church.

Lord, please help us to guard our hearts, both coming and going; help us to not act out of desperation; help us to discern where we should go and what we should participate in; and help us not to align with any ungodly network because of lust, deception, enticement, or religion. Please release to us the godly Alignment You have for us.

I repent for any time we opened up ungodly portals, gates, cracks, and seams; and I ask You now to close all them. Please open up your heavens and connect us to your plumb line. I give you permission to come and go in my life as you please.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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