August 9th, 2014 Sessions of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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A transcription of the morning session is available below the video links.

During the morning session, Paul facilitated a examination of false realms and temples. The group learned how to discern these ungodly locations by following the prompting of the Holy Spirit. They also examined spiritual beings called rulers. Bible passages examined include Ephesians 3:10, 6:12..

During the afternoon session, Brian examined how we were created to have dominion over the earth, how we lost that right and how we regain that position through Jesus Christ.

The passages examined include:
Isaiah 45:9
Psalm 139:14
Genesis 1:26
Lamentations 5:16
Revelation 1:5-6
Romans 8
2 Timothy 2:11-13
Revelation 17:14

 Transcription of the morning session:

August 9th,2014 Morning Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

Paul: Good Morning.
Father, we just thank you for our time together and as Brian has said Lord “We come to follow you and and to lead us where you want us to go. We acknowledge that we can do nothing with out you. We thank you Holy Spirit for your presence and we desire to learn more of you. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Paul: Well we welcome you that are here and I see that we have the Summer presence. And how many do we have on line Brian?

Brian: I can give a count in just a minute

Paul: Ok, very good.

Brian: There are some unhappy portions of the freeway this morning so..

Paul: Oh there are?

Brian: if you could be slow down there, so we will have to see.

Paul: Very good.
Last time we were together..uh we were sharing that Donna…I had had a dream about my wife Donna and that uh… that day day, that Saturday was a birth. And the Lord revealed uh someone new and even during the meeting, I was not absolutely sure who we were talking about. And my friend Rob Gross called me, I think within twenty-four hours .And just for some clarifications, I would like to give to you,because this is pretty amazing uh information. And I think it’s another high level of deliverance. As I shared in that session, the morning I came here there was a dark cloud that was swirling over Aslan’s Place. Never actually did rain. It was like a drizzle. And I was on the phone with Larry Pearson from Niagara On The Falls, uh Niagara-On-The- Lake, Ontario, Canada. And He said he saw a measuring rod on my hand and a of line of flax in my right hand . And so my right hand a line of flax and a measuring rod in my left hand. And so we went to Ezekiel chapter 40, if you want to turn there. Ezekiel 40 verse 1
“In the twenty-fifth year of our captivity, at the beginning of the year, on the tenth day of the month, in the fourteenth year after the city was captured, on the very same day the hand of the Lord was upon me; and He took me there. In the visions of God He took me into the land of Israel and set me on a very high mountain; on it toward the south was something like the structure of a city. He took me there, and behold, there was a man whose appearance was like the appearance of bronze. He had a line of flax and a measuring rod in his hand, and he stood in the gateway.”

So that was virtually all that we knew at that point. And I had never really noticed that line of flax. While I was in Moravian Falls and a man got a word of knowledge and said that the flax was for measuring the corners of the temple, for which we choose , you could measure the corners and of course the measuring rod was to measure the diameters and interior of the temple. So this is called the Ezekiel Temple. Now what surprised me , if you go to chapter 43, chapter 43 of Ezekiel,
“Afterward he brought me to the gate, the gate that faces toward the east. And behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east. His voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shone with His glory. It was like the appearance of the vision which I saw—like the vision which I saw when I came to destroy the city. The visions were like the vision which I saw by the River Chebar; and I fell on my face. And the glory of the Lord came into the temple by way of the gate which faces toward the east.

(Paul: also interesting in 44:4 it says the glory of the Lord came from the east I mean to the north gate also)

“The Spirit lifted me up Chapter 43 verse 5 and brought me into the inner court; and behold, the glory of the Lord filled the temple.Then I heard Him speaking to me from the temple, while a man stood beside me.

(Paul:Now we think this is the same bronze man) And He said to me, “Son of man, this is the place

(Paul: notice this)of My throne (Paul : this is God, the bronze man is Jesus) the place of My throne and the place of the soles of My feet, which I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel forever. No more shall the house of Israel defile My holy name, they nor their kings, by their harlotry or with the carcasses of their kings on their high places.(Paul: now this is what I found very interesting and we actually prayed this in Moravian Falls) “When they set their threshold by My threshold, and their doorpost by My doorpost, with a wall between them and Me, they defiled My holy name by the abominations which they committed;” Paul: then I realized that generationally and personally we have inserted other kingdoms and other temples inside of us. And so we ask the Lord then to remove all kingdoms and temples. And we went through a amazing deliverance. And so there are structures that are inside of us that are generationally put there. Also kingdoms I believe and realms. They are laid along side of God’s temple. And I believe what happens is the Lord comes and measure His temple so that we get rid of all other temples and all other kingdoms.

Ok any question or comments about that? That might be something for you to pray and as I say there seems to be another very strong level of deliverance. I need to have you on the mike right in front of you. There you go.

Participant: Am I on?

Paul: Yes

Participant: Am I on Brian? Oh…uh My question Paul is :That wonderful deliverance that everyone the Lord led everyone through in Moravian Falls Is there a particular prayer that is already written?

Paul :No

Participant: Oh, Ok! I just want to know how can we participate

Paul: So

Participate: in that same laying aside from all other kingdoms and temples.

Paul: Ok ….Let’s just pray this after me:

Participant: Ok

Paul:“In the name of Jesus Christ, by the power of His blood. I ask Lord Jesus that you would remove all generational false temples and false kingdoms, false spiritual realms, that were laid along side of your Holy Temple in my generational line. And I declare that I only want your temple because I am in Christ and Christ is in me.

Ok so actually, are you feeling a deliverance now? Ok no other comments on line so far. So, uh

Life usually happens to me, I am on my way here and there is nothing. I’m thinking Laura and I have two hours here plus I will be with Brian this afternoon session. And we’ll be doing this together and he will be leading and Laura we don’t have anything .And so I am on my way and I realize I’m now feeling the rulers and so I think we’re going to talk about the rulers this morning. This goes all the way back to January of 2008. That’s interesting that in the process of revelation, it is a ever increasing revelation.In other words uh at first often I get just a discernment. This is what happen with the bronze man. I could feel a bronze man so I actually feel Jesus the bronze man the same place where I feel Gabriel which is right here.(Paul is pointing to the left side of the top back part of his head) Very often for me uh the discernment will be something I feel in my head or in my body and then I start asking questions. Ok Lord ,Who is this? What do you want you show me? And then I go from discernment to the word and then the Lord builds a basic foundation, like a that understanding, and then it’s like a house being constructed. He starts adding layer, upon layer,upon layer,upon layer of revelation until there is more and there is more and there’s more. And we have noticed as we have gone back over prayers we worked on years ago. That in the prayers there are things we did not understand to the depth that we understand now. And the Lord understood that of course and He had us put those in. And then He starts building on, building on them and building on.

So let me give a little background for the rulers and we’ll come to what we know today and I am not quite not sure that we’re going with this , which is typical also.

In 2008 In January, I was in Singapore and we were at Outback. I had had enough rice to last me for the rest of my life. And I wanted meat and potatoes, I wanted something familiar. For Chinese I have been with my Chinese friends,we would go to a very nice Chinese restaurant and say Oh this is wonderful comfort food. Well that’s not comfort food for me. Comfort food for me is meat and potatoes. We’re at Outback and I was, I felt something over David Lee’s head. David Lee is a pastor in Singapore we’ve worked with. And I said David I want you to look up ….there’s like a tunnel here …I said I would like for you to look up and see what you see. So he was in the restaurant and he goes like this and looks up And he sees uh ten, uh ten people, beings up there. And there is tremendous power. I was very aware of the power I was feeling. So I uh, the next day I thought “I wonder what I going to do something with this?” So I started feeling the same power again not knowing what it is and I felt like we were suppose to walk through a gate. So everyone stated going through the gate and all of a sudden, I had sent Davis Lee through first and all the people followed. All of a sudden they formed a train and he was like , he was saying choo choo and then saying I don’t do this and I don’t believe in this choo choo and so they’re playing train like a kid train, there’re like weaving in and out there’s just amazing power. Well I thought later that this is kind of the Lord’s fun. That, can you imagine the power of a train, especially a train going down hill with all the cargo. We’re talking about amazing, amazing power. So I came back and I was doing a seminar in Asheville, North Carolina and we had gone to a house for dinner and we’re sitting around this table. It was a beautiful table and people were going to come and people were not going to come and the number would change and change. We ended up with ten of us around the table. Which is very important. And so ten of us around the table. And I remember that we had the most amazing desert. it was this apple pie that looked like it came out of Good Housekeeping. It was absolutely perfect. There was two of them and I felt this power again and so I said to my friend Jim, I said uh we need to understand more about this and Jim said this “I see ten men with staffs.” It’s interesting that there’s ten of us around the table . This is where you declare. I don’t sense that these are judges, in the sense that they are legislation to ratify decision made that are on line with the word of God. So he goes on and on. And uh I say “Lord is there Biblical name for these beings? And then we got the word rulers. So now we’ve gone from discernment to a name. Uh then I made the comment “this is the most power I’ve felt so far.”And it was a very very strong shift in power. So we come back and I’m now uh with our friends Pastor Pastor Patti Velotta and Larry Pearson and we’e at Living Waters Church, a little church across from my favorite Mexican restaurant La Casita and I go in and there is this a really small group, maybe 14 or 15 people. and we’re waiting for Pastor Patti to come because she was going to be doing part of the session. I was sitting in the front and all of a sudden I had this power hit me and I end up laying down on the front chairs and I can’t get up. And there are like surges and surges, and waves and waves of power coming over me and I finally say to Pastor Patti your going to have to take over because I can’t get up . And the Lord said to me you’re going to learn to lead from the rest and I couldn’t do anything. I was a ball of jello being plastered to the seat. And I keep on going into prenatal position that this. My grandchildren come up and say: Hi pop pop” And I just couldn’t do anything else. And we realized this was tremendous power. I had the same experience I was in two different places in Oregon and during those sessions we had the same feeling of the supernatural power. I had just done some investigation into the word rulers. And so the word ruler if you look at Colossians uh Colossians 2:6 and then we’ll go back to … let’s see…excuse me uh …let me change that …let’s go to Ephesians 3:10. Well, let’s start with verse 8

To me, who am less than the least of all the saints, this grace was given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ, 9 and to make all see what is the fellowship[a] of the mystery, which from the beginning ( Paul: and what is very interesting is the word beginning, like in the beginning, in Genesis 1:1, it’s the same word as rulers, which is arkaon or archon )

begging of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ; 10 to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church ( Paul: and this is where if you look at the Greek and not the King James or the New King James, “ to the rulers” there really are no such thing as principalities . All… all these years of deliverance we heard about taking down principalities. Or what has happened is they have they’ve gone to the interpretation of the New King James Bible and not to the translation. You look at the English Standard Version it does say rulers. So these are the rulers and the power in the heavenly places. Ok so now I need to remember, a new discernment a few days ago which was the manifold wisdom of God. I can not remember how I felt that. I just realized this now tied to the rulers. Now go over to Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against ( Paul: ok so there’s the word principalities again. That is actually the word rulers.) against the rulers ,against powers, ( Paul : and then you have )against the rulers of the darkness ( Paul: We have shared this before , that word is kosmokratórs, which is I believe is the same as MasMaroth mentioned in Joel) rulers darkness of this age…

And also you can look at Romans chapter 8 verse , Romans chapter 8 verse I think it’s 28 no it’s 30 , 38 Let’s see, yep verse 38

38 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor
rulers, (Paul: so here’s the same concept again of rulers. Now when you look up the word ruler in the Greek . The word ruler means the first to do something that’s why it’s translated in the beginning or that’s the variation of the word archó or archon, God created . But the fourth definition means supernatural power. Now what would happen is, as I would in those early days talk about the rulers. We would have people walk through a gate and uh they would actually walk through the narrow way. And as they walked there would be amazing power and at the source of power the people would fall and it was absolute astonishing .

Well recently we started realizing that these rulers then must be territorial . Remember that previously we had talked about principalities and people believe that principalities were spiritual beings that ruled over land areas. Right? And if you’ve been in the Christian world at all and you’ve been in deliverance and spiritual warfare. You always have people taking down principalities going like that. In fact they would go to verses like, in Daniel where they would talk about uh the Price of Persia, and Price of Greece, principalities .Well actually they’re not principalities they’re princes . That’s the same word czar, price or Prince of Egypt which is a military term and so I would suggest that in Daniel these are not principalities or rulers these are actually warriors . Their’r czars would be like a general vs a political leader. You got that? So politically the rulers may be in charge of areas and uh they are very very powerful. Now somehow in all of this, the Lord showed us that Psalm 23 is all about them. If you turn to Psalm 23 .

Now if I can uh… let’s see…..Can I pick on you? You want to come up here? So through discernment . Ok … so…why don’t you come and stand here face. ..that’s better.
The Lord taught us years ago about the elders…so the elders do what elders do. They administrate, they give wisdom. They deal with finances Like you would picture elders in the church… not the Baptist church would have deacons but actually deacons function like elders. Not like deacons uh were deacons are more like servants that serve the people. So the Lord taught us about elders. So I can feel elders. There are twelve elders around a person so these are not the twenty-four elders that are in heaven. The twenty four elders that are around us. There is one here…there is one here. So I feel elders quite like that and so there’s twelve this way and for a lot of times I kept on thinking well I wonder if we have twenty four elders because the Bible says there are twenty four elders in heaven. And then it was way over a year later the Lord showed us there were twelve elders like this. There would be elders are seated in the heavenly places and elders seated here on earth. So we all have twenty four elders around us and in Heaven Trek and in Come Up Higher I write about that. And we give all the details that we know so far. Well,when I started discerning rulers …so I feel rulers back here… so say Lord I would like to discern the ruler right now. So I think I am feeing the territorial rulers. So see if you can feel them. Say Lord I would like to discern the rulers. Right there. Carmen got that? Right there. Right there. Do you ladies feel it at all? Ok, Yeah right there. Feel the pressure back here. OK. Well in the heavenly places we must be very busy because we have twenty four elders around us and we have ten rulers behind us. Now what I realized is… let’s see…that you have…

Paul: Are you right or left handed?

Participant: Both

Paul: Ambidextrous Ok, So then we have a rod and my rod right now is in front of me. Many times it’s behind. And people who are ambidextrous the rod is in the center. If you’re right handed usually get your rod like that. (Paul hold right hand over his head) But your rod as you said your ambidextrous is right back there. (Paul having participant take his right hand and touch the center of the back of his head.) And then the staff, I think the staff seems always to be on my right side for me. Actually your staff is right here too.. and the elder holds the rod and the rulers hold the staff . Ok? Then you have 10 .…you actually have a ruler with his hand right here..and then there’s 10 rulers around you. Now these are for you personally. These would not be a territorial or the main rulers which are in heaven. And the Lord showed us that the ten elders, excuse me the ten rulers are the Table of Showbread.

Paul to participant: You can sit down again.

So the ten rulers are the Table of Showbread…the twenty-four elders are around the throne . Right? Plus the main twenty four elders, that would be the elders over the multi universe creation of God and so the ten elders, the ten rulers would be around the Table of Showbread.

Now if we look at Psalm 23. This is very, very fascinating .

The Lord is my shepherd; (Paul : who has a staff)
I shall not want. ( Paul: So when you get the revelation of the rulers and you understand who you are in Christ. You never have to want anything anymore… because you have it all.)

He makes me to lie down in green pastures; (Paul: Remember what happened to me at the church. I was made to lie down .
The Lord is so funny He made me lie down.And I had … I had no choice. And you think you can choose? No, you can not choose. Cause I was made to lie down.)

He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul;
He leads me in the paths of righteousness
For His name’s sake. (Paul: Remember when I said we would walk through the narrow way? And I walked through this path.)

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: For You are with me; (Paul:Your what?)
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me (Paul:Well what’s the table? The table of Showbread. That’s Christ. He is the living bread. He is all that we need.) He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies;You anoint my head with oil; (Paul: I realize that when I am feeling… feeling the rulers…I ‘m also feel like oil on my head. That’s how I know I am in a heavenly place. So say Lord I like to discern being in a heavenly place right now. It feels like your head’s anointed with oil actually. You feel that? So in the past we called this the presence of the Lord. Right? ) He anoints our head with oil. My cup over runs. Surely goodness and mercy (Paul: What I realized is that goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life. Well goodness is here… is a ruler. Mercy is here.. is also a ruler. That is the only two we have names so for. Goodness and mercy actually do follow us all the days of our life. And they are rulers…)

Surly goodness and mercy shall follow us,All the days of our life;
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Paul:Now as we have said before Rulers appear to be, the first that make a decision . So I think that what happens in heaven is that the Trinity, God the Father Son and Holy Spirit make a declaration and the first beings to declare the declaration are the ruler. Because they are the first to do something. And they operate in supernatural power. So that’s all I know so far.

So Lord where do we go right now? I feel these rulers. Is Tobias on Brian? ..Ok Labond writes under the rulers hold a staff and the elders a rod?

Paul: I believe so. Yes.
Brian: Yes he is on.
Paul: Tobias, Can I talk to you?
Tobias: Hello
Paul:Hi Tobias
Tobias: Paul hi . When you said “Lord where are we going now?” I think I stated feeling deliverance, although not much
Paul: Ok

Tobias: And uh here on my head got really intense so I think I’m discerning goodness there.

Paul: Actually I feel your spirit as a son of God. A small s – o- n not The Son of God.I believe your spirit right there.

Tobias: I feel what your’e saying. Is that my spirit?Here?

Paul: yes right there. I feel your spirit right there.

Tobias: It got really strong when you talked about goodness and mercy following me all the days of my life.

Paul: So you come back up here. Thank you . Your a wonderful help. So I feel us as sons of God . So I can feel our spirits right here but also I feel the spirit on the first night of the Lord which is right here, which is the Spirit of the Lord. So I feel our human spirit … So I feel my spirit right here. …right now my human spirit is reaching out like this . But yours…yours is like….it’s like a flat over here and what’s interesting is I feel… I just noticed I feel something like on your spirit right here. Luise can you see what that is? It’s like something right here. ..So his spirit is like laid back like this

Participant: Yes!

Paul: and there’s something…

Participant: Is it like almost shut down ?Like when you put like a uh, uh cloth over someone?

Paul: It’s like uh I wouldn’t say shut down it’s more rest . I think because I’m teaching right now my spirit is like reaching out like this to you. But he’s not teaching…. he’s at rest…. and there’s like this uh … You know in the ..what was it.. sixteen or seventeen hundreds women would have this braid across here ?That’s what it feels like. …It’s Iike this braid right here. It goes down to here.

Participant: But there was activity Paul when you start touching it. I feel strong activity on my legs.

Paul: I agree. ..I feel anointing… I feel activity. …Uh ruler…

Participant: Ohooo!

Paul:There some sort of tie between this and the rulers. That’s interesting. There’s some sort of linking. We believe this is a place of declaration. I wonder if this when you get into agreement with God’s creation and with the rulers. There’s an agreement that takes place through the Holy Spirit. This may be where.. You can sit down again thank you…

This may be where we take our position in Christ. If you look at Romans chapter 8 …Romans chapter 8 verse 18: For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. 19 For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.

Paul: And as we have shared previously, we believe that we were created as sons of God. And this is in heaven….this our name….we are the sons of God and that the false sons of God are the ones that have established the pantheon of the gods.Uh and it’s very fascinating today that even the most recent movie that just came out “The Guardians of the Galaxy”. This is all about the gods . It’s actually the fallen sons of god. It’s about the fallen sons of god trying to usurp the authority of Elohim , the true God. And try to usurp our authority as the revealed sons of God. And that word reveal does not mean to uh all of a sudden to come into place . It actually means to take the cover off or to expose. So the reality is that we are the sons of God but creation is waiting for us to understand who we are. See we have gone through life being victims. We’ve gone through life because of generational sin ,our personal sin. We’ve gone through life always believing that we are nobody . When in reality we are extremely powerful in Christ. Now those outside of Christ also are powerful but you see they do not have the empowering of Christ. But they are powerful. And see what happens is they have intimidated us, the gods in a sense, the fallen gods have intimidated us and tried to make us believe that we are nobody, that we can’t do anything …. that we are failures and you know we’ve all wrestle all the time we… but God is saying I want you to understand who you really are. Ok. Paul reads : Sam, my head is throbbing on the left,of the right of the back of my head. What am I discerning? Ok Sam can I see you? Tobias….Tobias keep thinking here.

Brian: So we have to be as muted at the moment and we can bring it back on if we have to? We are just checking with Sam to see if his person had a camera or not.

Paul: OK

Brian:So I can let you know

Paul: alright, very good

Brian: once we get that going

Brian: Ok

Paul: Here’s Sam?

Brian : Here’s Sam.

Paul: Sam from Singapore, Samuel

Brian: Your un muted so you can go ahead and talk Sam.

Paul: What time is it in Singapore now?
Sam: Uh
Paul: This is Samuel. We‘ll wait on Samuel
Brian; Hi Sam.
Paul: Sam
Brian:You’re un muted Sam, so you can go ahead and talk right now.
Paul: I think Sam attends the church with David Lee still. Yes
Paul:Hey Samuel, so put your hand, Put your hand back of your head where your’e feeling that. Ok. I want you to take your hand to a neutral place first. Then bring it toward that place. There you go. Yes those are the rulers, right there Samuel you’ve grown a mustache and a beard. I must say it looks very nice on you Samuel.

Paul: Ok … so Lord where do we go next? … Manifold wisdom…Uh Yes..

Participant: Paul when you first ask that earlier, I sensed we were suppose to be going up to the gates and opening them and going through them. So that’s all I got.

Paul: Ok ..So Lord is there a new gate? There’s a gate here Uh… ok so thank you for that it’s very helpful. Because there are…. there are two fallen rulers . Lord can we just move this over? I feel a fallen ruler here . There’s something about prophetically too. My prophet, my prophet goes up There’s one here, there’s another one here…. a gate… there’s a gate… .ruler… ruler…interesting so there’s two rulers here. And there is something written on the top, right here … Want to come and see if you can you see it?

Participant: I sensed what I heard in my spirit was the battle is the Lord’s

Paul: The battle is the Lord’s. Ok…. That may be what should be exposed. This is not good here. But it could be covering up that. Anybody have a sense ? This is where we all…..this is interesting….I don’t feel anything down here. Why is this ruler? This ruler is like hovering. It’s like empty here. Lord why is the gate? I never had gate like that before, where it’s like…it’s hovering. Starts right about here, You see something? No. You can all play here. Does anyone on line see? Uh Ok Sam what is your question about the ungodly rulers?

Sam Can you here me? Hello
Paul: Yeah I can barely hear you

Brian: Sam the volume is very low. ….Ok that’s better so go ahead and try again.

Sam: I actually Paul( too much noise )
Paul : Sam
Brian: Sam
Paul: you’ll have to write in the chat box.
Brian : The volume is very garbled so your microphone is not going to work if you can type it in the question then I will pass it on . We’re going to go ahead and mute you right now.

Paul: Ok So text me Ok? So we can hear what you are saying. Yes? Brian will take care of that . Thank you….. appreciate that. I’m not the technical person… my son is the expert here so .

This is where… This is the exploring part ..Yes?

Participant: Paul when you keep going down with your hands to the lower

Paul: yes
Participant: I see a mist
Paul: that’s what it feels like
Participant: It’s a fog Oh she.. hold on.
Participant: I feel that
Paul : There’s a mist… on the floor
Participant: yes I feel something on the floor like uh
Paul: Yes
Participant : For what it’s worth, I had a sense that God brought us to the location where this gate is
Paul: Yes
Participant: that’s why
Paul : I feel confirmation
Participant: that’s why He’s hovering.He’s like reoriented us to this
Paul: It’s very interesting yesterday , last night for the first time in a long time I felt Michael and usually Michael takes us some place. I wonder ooh . that’s true, we were taken some place last night. So I agree with this uh where this mist or this fog and it’s not bad though this is not bad. Put your hands .. You can actually feel it and this uh these rulers are like standing on this mist or fog. All the way… to your mouth

Laura: Ok, when you said there was something bad written,
Paul: Yes
Laura:what came to mind was “Dante’s Inferno” “Abandon all hope all who enter here “ But that it’s a lie. It’s a scare tactic .

Paul: Oh that was good Laura . I think that’s true. Abandon all hope Oh! Gate of Hades . I think this is a Gate of Hades. Hades is the same as Sheol,which is the same as hell. This is a gate of hell.

Paul: Megan,the other guy
Megan: And the other man had gotten deliverance , like he was feeling

Paul: That’s right Tobias …Uh…

Paul reading: Is the gate connected with prophecy or also the prophet of God’s people being a prophetic people? That could be Tobias. I’m also feeling healing. And I felt strong healing last night also . There’s something about healing. I feel healing right here in my hand. Jesus said that the gates of Hell or Hades shall not prevail against you.
So this is a gate of hell and the lie is there is no hope . That’s the lie . And this is where I feel Masonic Freemasonry,which is tied, goes back to the Egyptian gods and the Babylonian gods. Yes, Brian

Brian: I’m reminded of the concept where you’ll have a civilization, conquers will come in and then; we brought this up before, but then they’ll build on top of the previous structure…

Paul: Yes

Brian: and it occurred to me…. I’m wondering if ….you know… the enemy mocks what God’s already created . Were rights established for the enemy to create a gate that’s superimposed on a heavenly gate? And perhaps we need to come into agreement that we do not accept this false gate and that God needs to remove it to give us access to what He has for us.

Paul: Ok.So let me see. Let me go … So here’s the false rulers the false gate. Good job Brian. The righteous gate here and now whats right … What’s the word you got for on top of the lintel ..a door? on top of the lintel…What was it that you saw?

Participant: um The battle is the Lord’s
Paul: The battle is the Lord’s
Participant: Hallelujah
Paul: and so here ….I think Brian is absolutely right . Here is the righteous lintel and doorpost… Oh and there’s righteous rulers standing here.. So …put this all together… the enemy has superimposed a gate that says there is no hope… for the battle . There’s no hope for the battle..

Paul reads: Tobias I think I see the doorpost of the ungodly gate that goes very deep into the ground. Well .. Tobias I don’t feel that. Let me see.. I feel this mist … Ok …Tobias it appears that these post go into this mist… all I feel is this mist here..then I feel the post down here going deep into the ground. There’s something we don’t get about this. And also I think ..yes.. see if you can feel them now. Now I’m feeling fallen rulers .. So see if you can feel that . This is my default evil spot here. I’m feeling rulers…. so I am feeling fallen rulers. Then the question is Lord are these territorial ? They’re territorial.. oh the high… the high desert … I had a sense when I was coming here the Lord was going to expose ungodly rulers over the high desert. On the day before , Mothers Day, uh the Lord dealt with the ungodly Mesmeroth and the ungodly fallen ones the fallen holy ones and the fallen sons of god uh Donna had had pains for many years when I went home her pain had gone. and .. which told me that’s there something with this ..since then she’s had twinges of pain but now she’s pain free . Ok so.. we praise God for that , there’s a truth we had been to the doctor and the doctor she could have no more medication and she was in very very bad pain. well that happened but as I was coming here I did not think that the Lord had dealt with the rulers over this area and every time I say that I feel healing. We were in Las Vegas visiting our daughter uh last three days. We came back. And when I came back to the valley I felt this amazing pool of healing uh we were told prophetic when we first came up here and many people said that healing was going to break out in this valley… and the words were that thousand of people were going to come to the valley for healing and so uh .. so there would be so many people the freeway would be backed up . Well you know you hear this stuff and you know I don’t know. You don’t see things. Well I tell you I feel I feel very strong healing now.. but I feel like it’s being blocked. I think it’s being blocked by this gate and these rulers…

Ok ..Paul reads: Keith :I have felt a hopelessness today like a blockage . Is there been this thing…. Can I enter in?
Paul: Keith many times the Lord will allow us to feel or discern what he wants us to look at. Sometimes I’ve done like prayer sessions and people get really tired, I finally say are you tired all the time?and they say I’m just tired all the time and so you might feel … so what your’e feeling is what the Lord wants to expose… not who you really are. So that would be a confirmation . Arron : Is the mist the shadow of death ? …
Paul: uh I don’t think so . The mist seems good to me. Yah it seems good.
Tobias : I been wondering if this ungodly gate is over the U.S. are connected to given the message there is no hope to the U.S.
Paul: I feel Tobias it’s more local here in the valley tho I could be wrong Well it is a possibility.

Paul: Yes … let’s grab a mike

Participant : This seems kind ah unrelated but when you were talking about the mist again. I thought about the verse in Genesis how in Eden the mist would come up from the ground.

Paul: It feels like that. I think that is really it

Participant: I knew when I said about the mist that it was indeed and to me it’s the presence Ruach Hako’desh The Holy Spirit … the mist And remember Eden was not watered by rain it was that mist and that mist alone that provided life with moisture

Paul: yes
Participant: I think it’s connected but I don’t know how
Paul: I think your right. Yes
Participant: I’m still learning this.. but it kinda feels like a sense of peace with the mist and like warmish but not hot or coldish just

Pau: Thank you … Ok now I remember what happened to me. I have bizarre experiences in my life and I had one when I was in Las Vegas I was sitting watching television with Donna and all of sudden I saw.. the only thing I can explain is like a crack in the universe. I could see it in my eye sight and it was kind uh like circular , like this and it started moving and I really wondered and I uh … don’t say anything to Donna, She said you better get to the hospital. I actually thought about it. Uh but what I saw was probably 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch and it was multi colored. And If you can picture looking at a kaleidoscope . Remember when we were kids we use to call it a kaleidoscope but you could only see this much of it… and it started moving like this and I actually felt it was a crack in the time space continuum. I don’t know if you remember the movie …uh.. Brian was the movie called Nextus where uh Star Trek ? I remember space time continuum … it came over … I think it was Picard and he was sucked into this other place…

Brian: I think it was the first The Next Generation movie it wan’t called Nextus.

Paul: You remember what the movie was called ?

Brian: I can grab that for you just a second.
Paul : Ok He went in to the Nextus right? Well he went to the alternate universe. So I’ve had this experience now three times. This is the first time I actually saw these colors and it was like multi colored . It was like this. The first time it happened to me it looked like I was looking like a coke bottle and the coke bottle went like this across my face.. like this and it got to about here I could not see anymore and it went all way across until I came out the other side and I was gone. It took me like two or three hours and I feel like maybe the Lord transitioned me into another another place somehow but I’m not quite sure and the next time it went like this all way across and literally your’e thinking Ok am I having a stroke? What is this? And when I had this experience two days ago I could feel in my discernment … but actually I put my hand here .. Does anyone see? I can put my hand here .. a gate is still here… a gate ..the gate’s still here.. Tobias can I see you again? I can feel the gate here..

Brian: Hey, give us just a second we’re getting a few things set up. Tobias one moment please.

Paul: Thanks
Paul: So I was on the phone with my friend Rob Gross which I often do when things .. when I’m trying to figure out things and we got the manifold wisdom of God. Now that’s what I was remembering.. Now you go back to Ephesians chapter 10 .. and Rob said one of the meaning of manifold is multi colored

Brian: Ok we have Tobias ready
Paul: Ok Tobias

Tobias: Hi Paul… everybody
Paul: Hello Tobias… so Tobias do you see this gate here? there’s a gate here … this is …I think this is the manifold wisdom of God

Tobias: um I can feel it when you touch it .and it’s… Is it vibrating? I think It’s vibrating.. I can hear that

Paul : It”s vibrating and somehow it’s connected to the ruler. .. so when I put my hand on it I can feel the rulers back here

Tobias: I think it’s vibrating in different uh uh how do you call it?frequencies…

Paul: yes

Tobias : The higher you go… it changes Do you feel that?

Paul: I feel that

Tobias:It’s almost like a harp or something ..or an instrument you tune and while you tune it the frequency changes

Paul: When you look at the word manifold

Partipant: Paul

Paul: Yes

Participant: When I heard you say manifold I thought of the multi color of the convent rainbow with Noah

Tobias: I actually thought of Joseph and his manifold

Paul: Oh yeah the many colored
Participant: many colored

Paul :cloak Oh that could be it.. It looked .. it had a rainbow look to it but I could not tell the precision of the color.. It’s like the view was so small but it was multi color and it went .. it was more colors that the rainbow I think… cause It went … It’s like one sub color I think is what I’m saying.. Brian

Brian : The movie

Paul Oh!

Brian: is called…The Star Trek Generations so that’s the image of the Nexus

Paul: Good… so if you would take that and move it like and put rainbow colors in there …thats what I saw. I didn’t have the …uh … I only saw the actual line. So you see where the line is? It’s a good picture Brian. If you would turn it this way and put rainbow colors in it that’s what I saw

Tobias: May I say something?
Paul: Yeah then we have some pictures.
Tobias: Uh You know that different colors have different frequencies
Paul: Right
Tobias: And maybe that’s what the gate was about changing the colors ..changing the frequencies
Paul: It could be. what I was aware of ,, I was going through deliverance while we were doing because I could feel deliverance taking place .

Ok we’re going to break right here for about …what do you say Brian… five or six minutes?

Paul: Ok during rear break I started doing some research and uh its very very interesting the word manifold. When you look at it in the Greek , it actually means as tied to the first .. there a tie with the word Shepard. iI’s tied with the word beginning, Does that sound familiar ? We were talking about rulers the first to do something.That work arcade or archon .. means first uh … This is the only occurrence of it in ….here in Ephesians 3:10 It’s about the wisdom of God has shown itself to be varied beyond measure in a way that surpass all previous knowledge there of.

But you look down at the word and the word is tied to shepherding uh to beginnings…to the first. So there is something about uh the manifold wisdom being not only varied but first .. uh there’s.. uh remarkable tie to this .

We’ll take questions . Aron are one on the fallen rulers called false hope?
Paul: Ok I feel that when you said that .. when I read that .. So it could be false hope.

Paul: Tobias: It says.. if we are in the mist of a meeting congregation of the Lord and all kind of creatures, spiritual animals that were there in the Garden of Eden are around us with lots of activity they seem to be focused on us ..Tobias also ..Is the mist mixed with the glory?

Paul: Is the mist mixed with the glory? I think so

Paul: Lavone according to the DNA strand gates it’s the next level of gates maybe considered smaller rather than God’s reality not really?

Paul: uh that I’m not sure about.
Paul : Anita I have this song On top of the old Smoky which is consistence to maybe being Appalachia Mountain could we be walking about a large geographic area?

Paul: We could be in the heavenly place where the mist.. the Smokey Mountains there’s a mist that makes it look like smoke.

Paul:Ok we’ll get you on the mike.
Participant: Tobias also referred to Eden again . I keep feeling that as well in regards to the mist and all. I’m not sure how that fit’s in

Paul: actually the mist never watered the ground, or the dew. Oh I think it’s dew. When I said dew it was a stronger hit. Ok I’m trying to do… this is hard to do research while you’re in charge . So this is about the manifold wisdom . I’m trying to do more research than the.. . It means many sided, many varied … the verse manifold .. So the Lord wants us.. let’s read this again… Ok Chapter 3 verse 8 of Ephesians: to me, who am less than the least of all the saints, this grace was given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ, 9 and to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ;10 to the intent that now ( Paul: I wonder if this is us? )the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church (Paul: Look at this . So the church, that’s us are to make known the all varied manifold wisdom of God )to the rulers and powers in the heavenly places, 11 according to the eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord, 12 in whom we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him. 13 Therefore I ask that you do not lose heart (Paul: Oh that would be hope would’t it ?That’s exactly it) you do not loose heat at my tribulations for you, which is your glory.
Paul: Here Paul is saying I am going through what would appear to be hopeless but it’s so that the manifold wisdom of God may be known to the rulers .

Ok… Sarah: Does this topic have to do with soul parts stuck in Sholes Hades? He restores my sole . Paul: I think so.. absolutely

Participant : What I was beginning to see as you were speaking .was. you were talking about the rainbow

Paul: ok you need to put it closer to your mouth

Participant You were talking about the rainbow .. but I saw it as tuning forks and like this we were to come into higher frequencies and to.. to be tuned with heaven and we were .. there were vibrations being created within us when you had those experiences you were coming into uh

Paul: I think your right keep going. I think your right .

Participant: Your coming into that place uh you obtained uh it’s almost like I feel victory in that . .. where it says the God is our victor or victory

Paul: right

Participant: as we enter into that manifold that frequency the frequency

Paul: hold it closer to your mouth

Participant: the frequency of heaven… as we enter into the frequency of heaven the vibrations of that

Paul: You mike needs to be near your mouth again.. I’m sorry

Participant: I’m sorry. then come through us to the earth and the victory is coming through he Lord. And it’s almost like a tuning fork of heaven and we are to come into that. We are being tuned by the Lord and there is deliverance that happens, there’s healing that happens ..that’s what I was getting. That’s what I was seeing as you were

Paul: What you saying is very profound cause remember I said I felt the gate was suspended and needs to be brought down to the earth.

Participant: uh-hum

Paul: oh I think that’s true. Excellent that was a vey excellent insight .
So Lord what do we do next? Brian .. Yes I mentioned that one Brian. Is there another one?

Brian: No that was it I didn’t capture that you mentioned it.
Paul: Yeah so here is the false gate. I think this gate is what I saw . I think that this is the ungodly gate, the ungodly rulers, the gate to hades .. abandon all hope ..this gate is this.. that I saw. I’m wondering .. You want to come here and see if you can see …yeah, what you see… I don’t want to put anything in your mouth so .. you can get the mike there

Participant: Where would you like me to stand?
Paul: Stand here … put your hand here…. tell me what do you see?

Participant: I see a very large angel .. wow…he’s very tall … he has a rainbow over his head.. wow…

Paul: Oh my word
Participant: whoo I got chills… I see the mist at his feet
Paul: This is the Rainbow Angel

Participant:And he has book in his hand .. a very large book
(speaking in tongues) And he is taking his finger and he’s going like this right to left like they would do when reading Hebrew.

Paul: Cause In my…In my … is that a vision… I don’t know… In my vision I saw it moving this way .. It was moving from right to left.
Participant:from right to left
Paul: But it would only go to here …It didn’t transfer to this eye … on the right side and it kept on doing that …. alright… Thank you

Participant:You want this …

Paul: Yes ,You’ve help greatly . See how nicely this works?
When we don’t know what where’re doing. Revelation Chapter 10 … Say Lord I would like to discern the Rainbow angel.. so what I feel … I feel this… It feels like a arch over my head like at Mc Donald’s arch …That’s the way I discern the Rainbow Angel Can you feel that? I can put my hand here and I can feel ..
I think I was seeing the Rainbow Angel. I’m seeing .. a gate …It’s more like I was seeing the gate with the rainbow angel there because that ’s actually what I was seeing the rainbow colors

Participant: Paul could you please expound about the Rainbow Angel for us

Paul: yes, we will do that. Now have I talked about the Rainbow Angel when you’ve been here?

Participant: Yes

Paul: Ok so … ok Revelation chapter 10 … see when she said rainbow .. when she said angle I didn’t bear witness to that. When she said rainbow then I realized .. I feel the Rainbow Angel not like I feel regular angels.. I feel with this arch right here ..

In Revelation chapter 10 I saw still another mighty angel coming down from heaven, clothed with a cloud. And a rainbow was on his head, his face was like the sun, and his feet like pillars of fire. 2 He had a little book open in his hand. And he set his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land, 3 and cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roars. When he cried out, seven thunders uttered their voices. 4 Now when the seven thunders uttered their voices,[ I was about to write; but I heard a voice from heaven saying to me,“Seal up the things which the seven thunders uttered, and do not write them.”5 The angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the land raised up his hand to heaven 6 and swore by Him who lives forever and ever, who created heaven and the things that are in it, the earth and the things that are in it, and the sea and the things that are in it,
(Paul: and this is a key phrase:) that there should be no more delay.
(Paul: Now get that .when the rainbow shows up there is no more delay . )

If you look back at Ezekiel chapter 12… Ezekiel chapter 12 verse 21 .. Ezekiel 12:21 And the word of the Lord came to me, saying, 22 “Son of man, what is this proverb that you people have about the land of Israel, which says, ‘The days are prolonged, and every vision fails’? 23 Tell them therefore, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “I will lay this proverb to rest, and they shall no more use it as a proverb in Israel.”’ But say to them, ‘“The days are at hand, and the fulfillment of every vision. 24 For no more shall there be any false vision or flattering divination within the house of Israel. 25 For I am the Lord. I speak, and the word which I speak will come to pass;

( Paul: and look at this)

it will no more be postponed; for in your days, O rebellious house, I will say the word and perform it,” says the Lord God.’”
26 Again the word of the Lord came to me, saying, 27 “Son of man, look, the house of Israel is saying, ‘The vision that he sees is for many days from now, and he prophesies of times far off.’
28 Therefore

Paul: This is always the thing, isn’t it? So the prophetic word is always fulfilled, got that? It’s always a long way .

Therefore say to them, (Paul: that’s verse 28)’Thus says the Lord God: “None of My words will be postponed any more, but the word which I speak will be done,” says the Lord ’”

Paul: so when the Rainbow Angle shows up .. What’s this? There is no more delay.

(Rev 10) Vs 7 In the days of the sounding of the seventh angle, when he is about to sound, the mystery of God would be finished, as His declared to His servants the prophets 8 Then the voice which I heard from heaven spoke to me again and said, “Go, take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel who stands on the sea and on the earth.”
9 So I went to the angel and said to him, “Give me the little book.”And he said to me, “Take and eat it; and it will make your stomach bitter, but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth.”
10 Then I took the little book out of the angel’s hand and ate it, and it was as sweet as honey in my mouth. But when I had eaten it, my stomach became bitter. 11 And he[ said to me, “You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings.”

So we have the Rainbow Angel here and I think that is part of what I was seeing …with this manifold wisdom .. Lord is this the manifold wisdom gate? I think it is. I think it’s the manifold wisdom gate. Now Lord what are we suppose to do? I get take down the gate. I think it’s a play on words. We’re to take down one gate and bring the other gate down to the earth. What’s your…

The Lord is so cleaver. Ok .. Anyone have any other insight before we pray? Make sure.. I’m feeling the fallen rulers now. Yes.. want to give him the mike? Can you get the..

Participant: I don’t know if this is just me.. But I kind a sense something here around my belt area

Paul: right about here?

Participant: yeah

Paul: Yeah… I feel that too . now this is how I discern Free Masonry

Participant: And then I’ve got this tinging in this …like this a vibration in the other two

Paul: I feel that’s healing..

Participant:In the middle and the ring finger

Paul: well that would be pastoral

Participant: and there’s ….

Paul: And I can not… I can not find this for sure but I believe that there is a tie between the word manifold and shepherd. When I looked at the word in the Greek .. this is very rapidly scanning it… I’ve got to study it more.. See it seems to be tied to shepherding which is also tied to the rulers remember we talked about that in Psalm 23 .
Participant: on the pinkie finger the tip it’s kinda like a shock and then the …

Paul: that’s teacher

Participant: power… like a feeling on the base of the pinkie finger just like this uh

Paul: so I’m wondering … let’s look at the word..uh ..that… back in Ephesians chapter 3…. let’s go back there .. to there again …Ephesians chapter 3 let’s look at the word uh ..the word made know …ok.. let’s see …might be made known ..ok make known .. this says the word common .. uh.. let’s see… let’s look.. It means..uh.. to come to know.. discover… know ..uh.. to make known…
Ok… let”s pray

Father we come to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and we take our position in Christ as a part of your church and we declare Lord Jesus that it is our desire to take our position that the manifold wisdom of God may be known to the rulers. …..That were discerning right now… and Lord we declare the manifold wisdom of God to these rulers that He is the beginning of all wisdom . He is the beginning and the end of all wisdom. He is the Alpha and the Omega of all wisdom and there is only wisdom in Him. So Lord God we now ask that you will take down these ungodly rulers that we are discerning now and Lord what ever area they’re over .. I feel like they may be over the high desert . We ask Lord that you will take these ungodly rulers because they must acknowledge your wisdom, your manifold, multi colored wisdom and Lord we ask too that you will bring down this gate to earth … this gate of hope and wisdom , this gate that seems to be attended by the Rainbow Angel. This gate that seems to be tied to healing. And Lord we ask now that you would open this gate. And we take passion of this gate .

If you go back to … I’ll tell you something else … If you go back to Genesis chapter 22 Lord we’re going to acknowledge our position in Christ through the blessings of Abraham . Chapter 22 verse 15

Then the Angel of the Lord called to Abraham a second time out of heaven, 16 and said: “By Myself I have sworn, says the Lord, because you have done this thing, and have not withheld your son, your only son— 17 blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore; and your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies.

Now if you go over to chapter 24
(Paul:now this is a blessing that is coming on Rebecca ) verse 58.. so chapter 24 verse 58
Then they called Rebekah and said to her, “Will you go with this man?”And she said, “I will go.”
59 So they sent away Rebekah their sister and her nurse, and Abraham’s servant and his men. 60 And they blessed Rebekah and said to her:
“Our sister, may you become
The mother of thousands of ten thousands;
And may your descendants possess
The gates of those who hate them.”

Paul: So we declare Lord God right now that we possess this gate and we ask Lord you would destroy the gates of your enemy and Lord we ask now that you would open the righteous gate that is tied to the rulers…And that Lord that your manifold wisdom might come in this place.

ok get you on the mike. Arron said it is Rainbow Angel holding a book of declaration?

Paul: you know Arron, I’ve never been able to figure out what the angles holding but I wondering if your right . We know that it’s tied to uh all nations, tribes and peoples … declaration… I feel a hit with that that Arron that it could be tied to declarations. I think that’s right … Ok .. on the mike ,.OK . Go ahead first

Participant: I’ve felt evangelism so very strong that when you possess the gates of your enemy you have all the stuff that comes with it…

Paul: Yes
Participant: I felt that very very strong …I was feeling that the whole time .. I’m sorry…I was saying that the whole time that it’s tied.. that once you possess the gates of your enemy you also, get all their goods and that’s the captives the treasures of darkness that God has in store for us for the harvest.

Paul: I uh .. You’re really doing well I think or we all are doing well despite our selves. Last night uh I was remembering, uh that when Donna and I were dating uh that was actually the beginning of the Jesus Movement. Jesus Movement actually started in 67 and that’s when we were dating. And evangelism was very easy then uh thousands and thousands of people came to the kingdom uh that’s when I started … in 68 after we got married. we started working with a youth group at First Baptist Downing and people were being saved all the time. Kids were being saved all the time. And increasing and increase through early 70s, 71,72, 73 particular and uh literally 100’s and 100’s of kids came to the kingdom . We’d have… we’d have these kids come they would recieve Christ and they would go back and they would start evangelizing in their schools and it was so intense that actual the student councils in the junior high would debating Jesus . And one of the schools was very Jewish and there was a lot of ruckus that was going on because evangelism was so very easy . Fishing was very easy. You would throw out an empty hook and people were being saved. And they would go back and they were witnessing and the Jesus movement went all the way to 77 and stopped. And 77 was when I actually left First Baptist Downing and I went to the pastorate and since then, since 77, it seems like uh we have lived , especially I have lived in a Christian world. And the Lord has focused with me in always working with Christians, always trying to help them get free. The Lord has trained me, first of all as a pastor, then in 89 when I first did deliverance and then from 89 to to very recently it’s all been about cleaning up the fish. I believe something has shifted and we’re now attending a church where .. they’re seeing uh .. last Sunday there were like 20 …25 people stood up to be saved and this is like what I saw in the late 60’s and 70’s. And this is not secret-senstive. This is like you are going to go to hell if your’e not saved. And people are standing up and I believe that we’re entering into something new. And I don’t think we are going to see salvations increasing . It’s almost like I’ve gone back to what I want to do the most.. not personal experiences .. in my heart it’s always been I want to evangelize.

It’s like the Lord has brought us so far and I believe what’s happened is that He’s brought us to this point so that what happened in the Jesus Movement will not happen this time . See what happened in the Jesus Movement is that many people were saved but they were not set free. And many were not healed. Now cause we Baptist we believe in the Father, Son and the Holy Bible.
And the Pentecostal and the Charismatic moves that the matured out of that movement especially in the 80’s you had the Vineyard movement you had first of all Calvary Chapel , which has really emphases personal on evangelism but also the gifts . Very rapidly they gave up the gifts and then that went into the Vineyard movement and then the Vineyard Movement had an amazing move of evangelism but also inner healing . They were real forerunners of inner healing and deliverance . And then after those years the Lord has been maturing us in inner healing and deliverance and where you could not find in the 80’s any books about deliverance. ..very few. Now there’s hundreds of them and I believe what’s happening now is that evangelism is going to take place again. That the people who are saved are going to be free so that they can follow Christ totally . You see deliverance purpose is not to be set free it’s to set free so you can be obedient. That’s the key. Uh It’s not to be set free for freedom. That’s important of course. I believe the key is so we can be obedient . See we want to be obedient. I believe all of us want to be obedient . And we want to experience the power but the problem’s been we have been so cluttered. We’ve been so clogged up with generational issues that we have not been able to overcome that. So it’s like we’re always in the process of getting better.. here’s my thought, when do ever we get better? When do we ever get better so that we can live the victorious Christian life? So that then we can evangelize. The Bible says He who wins souls is wise. see .. that’s why I think it’s so important . I really do believe we are moving into a time of evangelizing but these people are in favor of saying now Let me show you how to be set free from all the generational crud, all your personal sin, so that you can take your position in Christ in heavenly places and so that you can possess all the gates of the enemy you are suppose to possess in your family line. And I think all of us have our own gates to possess Some gates are common But I think there’s also those spears we have authority over. I think of you Tobias. I se you ..that .. that there’s so much for you to possess Tobias. I really believe that. There’s so much. And your’e doing such a wonderful job of .. of coming against all that’s has come against your generational line. I believe the Lord is saying Tobias to you, you will be successful. I declare that you. You will be successful. In Jesus name.

Paul: Yes
Participant: I was wondering if any ..if you feel anything in the shoulders on both sides? Here…

Paul: say .. so why don’t you come out here

Participant: un hum
Paul: Let me .. so the gate’s gone. I wonder if we’re suppose to walk through this gate? ok So what are you feeling?

Participant: Like both shoulders ..right here

Paul: so I feel the ruler … his hand here … ruler power.. I feel power… a power here.. ok power… ruler. I feel a power here the powers ok uh you can sit down.

In the Greek there are two words for power. One is dynamos.. and you shall recieve dynamos.. power. I believe powers are in charge of electro magnet fields. Then there’s also exousia which is uh beings that carry we also call those authorities . Beings that carry blessings so I believe that would be exousia . Fallen authorities which carry the power in the negative way, which are curses.

ok Debra; We are the temple tabernacle I think we just prayed that righteous rulers and gates of ourselves out of the righteous gate and Abraham’s promises and blessings for us and our family line. Is’n it interesting Debra .. I don’t know if you were with us at the beginning . Let me see you Debra . We praise God the hurricane did not hit your beautiful islands. But I.. isn’t it interesting we started with the fact of measuring the temple by the bronze man who we believe is Jesus

Debra: Ok

Paul: Hi Debra I hear you but I don’t see you yet

Brian: Debra : You’ll need to start your camera

Debra: Oh I did…Oh I did it
Paul: So as you know the hurricane did turn into a tropical storm just before hitting Hilo and uh all we got on the others island was rain and the other storm gone far to the north and we really do believe that’s because of the prayers of the saints in Hawaii that took authority over the storm …storms… Debra it’s good to see you

Debra: Hi yea..
Paul Is it still cloudy outside?
Debra: Yes very
Paul: very cloudy but I’m sure it’s not freezing cold tho is it?

Debra: No it’s not It’s humid but it’s cooler today than it has been

Paul: Good so tell me what’re getting Debra I think this ties everything together we’ve been getting at the very beginning of the seminar. Were you with us at the very beginning?

Debra: Yes

Paul: yes , I think it ties it together

Debra: When you said where should we go or where were’e going? I felt where God said go to the tabernacle and I did’t get it cause there’s a gate there and all of that. But then after we prayed for the righteous …unrighteous elders or rulers and unrighteous gate to be pulled down and the righteous gate to come in I did feel like .. well I think that was for every person

Paul: Oh

Debra: A tool for us to understand and enter into our Abrahamic blessings and promises. I mean even tho we talk about this a lot .. I still don’t believe a lot of people understand the importance of knowing the power and authority we have in the root uh yeah

Paul: I think your I’m wondering … here’s the gate … It goes all the way to earth . I think where ever you are we can walk through the gate . You want to do that? So why don’t you come

So Lord we walk through this gate …we possess the gate of our enemy and we take possession of this gate. I think it’s hope, and healing,evangelism . Lord we walk through this gate. Where ever you are … you walk through the gate. Remember we are there. You are all not here. So pay attention when you walk through . So you’re at the gate right now. You’re at the gate right now. Your’e at the gate right now. Ok Did anybody see, hear, feel ?
I could feel you all walking through.

Ok Psalm 118 you can sit down if you like. Keith has the Psalm 118:8 19.

Psalm 118: 19 (Paul: Oh this is good )Open to me the gates of righteousness;I will go through them,
And I will praise the Lord.20 This is the gate of the Lord,
Through which the righteous shall enter.

Paul: That is excellent Keith. Keith where do you live? I’m not sure if I’ve seen your name before… on a webinare but could be.

Alright so what I am discerning now is when.. you feel the rulers?It feels very clean. Does anybody see anything in the heavenly places that’s taking place? yes

Participant: uh when you ask first what we felt I felt that before I went through the gate. It was real quite and uh kind of melancholy and it was all black and white. The moment I stepped over the threshold of the gate suddenly there was multi multe fold covenant rainbow colors. Everything stunning colored and I heard glorious music . It wasn’t of the earth realm

Paul: Wow

Participant: I saw the tuning fork.. so we were …as if we were being aligned and then the chime of heaven

Pul: so I’m hearing a sound gate grid but I’m actually hearing the gate I think ….It’s a very very very quite but high pitch sound

Participant: I just saw the gate It is the tuning fork

Paul: Oh it is the tuning fork?

Participant: the left hand ..The tuning fork has two big metal prongs … to the left hand of the metal gate was one side of the tuning fork and the right was the other … wow!

Brian: say Dad,
Paul: yes
Brian: Lavone actually pointed that out earlier . It seems like the gate was a upside down tuning fork..

Paul: Brian would you do the research on Boaz and Jachin? Uh find out where it is. B o a z the pillars .. Someone just emailed me and said they thought there was more with pillars and in Solomon’s temple there were two pillars Boaz and Jachin and we felt like uh they both vibrate … I think… and it’s interesting that in … it all ties together actually . In Masonic you have two pillars Boaz and Jachin. That would be ..that’s why I was feeling the ungodly ….the false… the false gate.

Uh .. Grove City, Ohio, welcome Keith .. ok,Tobias : I see golden mist or fog and there are voices talking in and out of it … I think there are saints around and the Lord discussing with them .

Paul: I actually feel the saints . I feel the saints over here … on the side of my head

Paul: Patti: I felt heavy weight pressing both on my shoulders as we walked through the gate . It was a good godly sense.

Paul: I agree. Debra: Ok I have a verse for this topic 1 Samuel 2… It … Debra what is that ?1 Samuel 2: 8? 5&10? Let’s look at First Samuel… First Samuel 2:8 He raises the poor from the dust
And lifts the beggar from the ash heap,To set them among princes
And make them inherit the throne of glory.

Debra.. I uh …. could you resend that? I’m not quite sure … after 2: 8 what you mean . Is it ..? anyway would you resend that?

Brian: Father
Paul: yes
Brian: First Kings chapter 7 verse 21
Paul: Thanks. First Kings 7 verse 21 (Paul: ahhh you’ll like this.)
1kings 7:21Then he set up the pillars by the vestibule of the temple; he set up the pillar on the right and called its name Jachin, ( Paul: Jachin means he shall establish )
..and set up the pillar on the left and called its name Boaz.

Paul: which means in your youth is strength and there is some sense that …uh your youth is strength is taking about David, King David, and he shall established would be Solomon cause he established the temple . I don’t know. that’s quite debatable but I think that sound right . Ok so there two … how does this work out ? so there’s … see..

Jachin… Boaz this is Boaz… wait a minute ..This feels like Boaz here but it’s on my right . This feels like Jachin …gate here I guess

In his youth is strength and he shall establish . I’m also feeling holiness and justice. Im feeling holiness here …justice here….
holiness and justice . This is justice… which he shall establish justice . And this is in his youth is strength or holiness… there’s something about holiness and justice ..

Ok Tobias I see gold mist… I think we did that one…uh Aron: at one Psalms 1:3 … I think your’e right.
The question is does Psalms 133 : 3 Does it do represent the dew of Hermon? I believe so.

Psalm 133 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is or brethren to dwell together in unity!
2 It is like the precious oil (Paul: so the are the heavenly places)

the precious upon the head,Running down on the beard,
The beard of Aaron,Running down on the edge of his garments.
3 It is like the dew of Hermon,Descending upon the mountains of Zion;For there the Lord commanded the blessing—Life forevermore.

Paul: I might have shared this before, in 1979 I went to Israel. I was on a three week study tour and we left at three-thirty in the morning to we were in Tantur … uh which was in between Jerusalem and Israel…and Bethlehem and we drove back to the Old City to pick up someone and it was like three three thirty or four and there was water running on the streets uh so I said to our tour guide I said did it rain last night ? He said no this is the dew that falls on Jerusalem every day and actually runs like it’s been raining . We’re talking about not just a little. It was a very very heavy dew and actually waters the city. It’s very amazing.

Partipant: Paul

Paul: Yes

Participant: I just want to revisit something quickly before we move on I don’t know if it’s revenant or not

Paul: well

Participant: We were discussing the pillars..
Paul: right
Participant:: Especially with the tuning fork and then Boaz and and Jashin uh what I was reminded of is when the Spirit of the Lord came with great power upon Sampson when he was blinded because of his sin…
Paul: Yes

Participant:By the enemy. He was put between the two pillars
Paul: the two pillars
Participant: And when they were celebrating their false gods and then Samuel pr… I mean ..sorry… Sampson prayed with the Spirit of the Lord coming upon him Lord let me bring this down..

Paul :Yes
Participant: I just got chills… It says if I remember correctly , that he killed more people with his death…

Paul: yes that’s true

Participant:And he was physically blind but in my spirit I sense that’s when he truly saw

Paul: yeah

Participant: but it was those two pillars and I can’t help from wondering if there’s some connection between us bringing down or asking the Lord to bring down the false pillars the sudo or the fake pillars

Paul: I think that’s what we just did

Participant: ok.. but I just remembered that afterwards

Paul : that’s excellent observation

Participant: ok

Paul : excellent observation.. so right now we’re feeling the righteous rulers and there’s a lot of power here … you’re feeling them on your shoulders … there’s another comment..
Participant: when I walked through the fate I felt like this…

Paul: all the way to your mouth

Participant: this flush to the back of my head … right here and it went straight from here to here

Paul: oh that’s the rulers

Participant: like something right here on my heart

Paul: powers.. those are powers

Participant: I still feel this … this kind of like this weight sitting on these shoulders and around the neck around the back of my neck

Paul: yeah … those are rulers … actually that’s where I feel the rulers too all the way back here, very very powerful . Yes

Participant: I think she had an experience. Maybe You want to share?
Paul: Oh you had experience. Share something with us

Participant: when the unrighteous gate was here …I just … my heart , my chest was hurting so much so that’s why I ended up having to lay down. I don’t know what was going on. I just… I just … extreme pressure and…

Paul: and right now .. rulers.I feel the rulers very strongly there’re in your heart . That’s very interesting . you put your hand on your heart. No go out to a neutral place first. For just him… just him ..go do it… ruler ..power… so for you they’re powers.. Is there heart disease in your family line by any chance?

Participant: yes

Paul: I think the Lord’s healing that… I think he’s healing that generational issue . So powers are in charge of electro magnetic fields so I think He’s doing something to correct that. Yeah I can feel deliverance actually now. I threw it out there.

Well Father we thank you for what you’ve done today. Lord I am always astonished at what you do and what you teach us and how you lead us. Holy Spirit I think you for bringing to my memory uh those thing we need to look at today and we give you all the glory. Lord we declare that with out you we literally can do nothing. We praise your name . We love you so much Jesus. Amen

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