Prayer to Release the Treasures of Darkness

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Lord, I repent for myself and my ancestors for coming into agreement with Satan and seeking riches at all costs and lusting after our own glory, wealth and position at the expense of others and future generations.

I repent for myself and my family line for receiving and agreeing with the sounds, words and songs of Satan and asking him to make us rich and famous no matter the cost. I repent for lusting after my own glory on this side of eternity, instead of waiting on God to justly, generously, graciously and extravagantly care for and reward me in this life and the next.

I repent for myself and my family line for manipulating sound and words in order to make us look good and come out on top at all costs. I repent for puffing myself up, instead of seeking to lay down my life for others. I repent for stealing God’s glory, proclaiming myself to be a self made ruler instead rightfully honoring God alone as the only King of all kings.

I repent for myself and my ancestors for wanting to be the center of the universe and having everyone look and pay attention to me, instead of praising, honoring and giving glory to God, the only wise and true King of kings.

I repent for myself and my family line for trading all that we own and cherish, including parents, siblings, spouse and children in order to receive earthly riches, praise and adoration. I repent for sacrificing my children for riches and promotion and leaving them emotionally starved of parental leadership, protective boundaries, hugs, cuddles and affection that only a parent’s love can supply to them. Lord, break the consequences of these actions off of me.

I repent for myself and my family line for passing negative pronouncements, shame, and curses on family and others instead of blessing them. I repent for coming into agreement with the curses and lies of the enemy spoken over me and my family by ungodly leaders, and wolves in sheep’s clothing. I ask you, Lord, to break off of me and my generational line those curses, shame, and victimization. I repent for receiving my identity from man, and what others think of me instead of from you, Lord.

I repent for only seeing me, my needs and wants, instead of seeing You, God, and the needs of others. I repent for lavishly adorning myself while not covering the naked and caring for the homeless.

I repent for not guarding my heart or rightly discerning my emotions and responding in the soul rather than in the spirit. I ask You, God to be King over all that I think and feel. I repent for not asking You to seal and protect me, and to close off entrances to the enemy.

I repent for not honoring Your wisdom, Your creation, Your design at an atomic and sub atomic level, so that Your glory could come forth and Your light could be seen through me before conception and up until now. I repent for not correctly stewarding God’s creation and having godly dominion over the earth instead of greedily abusing God’s resources.

I repent for myself and my generational line for coming into agreement with the spirit of greed and worshipping mammon instead of You. I repent for desiring the power and control that money brings and not submitting to Your control, Father God. I repent for desiring Your blessings, but not wanting to position myself in You to be blessed and a blessing to others.
Lord, I repent of the greed of my ancestors that gave away my inheritance. I repent for their lies, avarice greed, and for stealing from future generations.

I repent and renounce for my ancestors illegally trading future generation’s inheritance and blessing for their own immediate gratification and for not having faith in the King of kings to provide for them. I ask you, Lord, to cancel the obligation that my ancestors put on me to pay back what is owed for future trading in the past.

Lord, break off of me the consequences of my family line trading the blessings of future generations for instant gratification. I appeal to Your justice and Your bloodshed on the cross, and I ask You to declare in Your heavenly court that the agreements are illegal, null and void.

I repent for myself and my ancestors for loving money more than You, Lord, and clinging to the things of this world. I break agreements with the love of money, and let go of the things of this world. I ask you, Lord, to cut off the ungodly strings to wealth.

I pledge my love to You, Jehovah Jireh, and I look to You for provision. I declare that You are the Great I Am and the source of all that I have, all that I am, and all that I am to become. You are my Lord and my Redeemer.

Lord I pray the prayer Abraham Lincoln prayed: “we have forgotten You, Lord. We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us, and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us.” Lord, I repent for pride, self-sufficiency, and not giving thanks for the abundant blessings You have given to me.

I repent and renounce for myself and my ancestors for valuing time and my schedule more than you, Lord. I repent for loving time and the control of time, “me” time, my time, quality time, instead of getting into Your time, God, and asking You to order my day according to Your desire. Please forgive me for allowing time to control me, for not seeking You first, or Your rest and restoration. Lord, please release me from any ungodly time warps or places where I’ve been stuck in time.

Lord, reestablish my generational timeline according to Your Kairos timeline. Please reconcile me to your correct Kairos timeline. Lord, remove me from any ungodly timeline that the enemy has placed me on that may be in the depth.

Lord, please purify my time with your living water. Wash away all the old timelines. Lord, align my inner clock to synchronize with Your heartbeat, sound and movement.

Lord please cleanse the elements of my physical body and the body of Christ. I declare that I will be a living stone properly fitted together in the body of Christ in timeless eternity with You, Lord.

Lord, please return to my DNA, all components that were given away or stolen from my ancestor’s line. Lord, please correctly align the order and sequence of all the components of my DNA. Lord, please restore, the health, wealth, blessing, and favor that should be inherent in my DNA structure. Lord, please reverse the curse on my DNA when Adam sinned and return to me the original blessing that was designed in my family’s DNA. Lord, release all the inherent blessings that were given to my family’s DNA.

Lord, release the components of my DNA that were trapped by the stealing and illegal trading and giving away of my ancestors with the enemy for instant gratification. Lord, reestablish, the vibration of the electrons that connect the elemental parts of my DNA. Reestablish the correct frequency and vibration to the chemical bonds in my DNA.

Lord, please remove me from ungodly places in the heavens, the depth, the length, the width, and the height. Lord, I declare that all the earth belongs to You, and please reestablish the correct grid on the earth, above the earth, and under the earth.

Lord, please unearth the treasures of darkness stolen from my generational line and from the kingdom of God. Lord, please remove the ungodly guardians over the ungodly places in the depths that hold back what belongs to me and to Your kingdom. I declare that all I have and all that is owed to me belong to You, Lord God, and to Your kingdom.

Lord, right now I appeal to Your written word and to the spiritual laws that You have set up in Your kingdom, Your kingdom laws. Where the King’s law rules, there will be a year of Jubilee. Lord, since You honored that law thousands of years ago, I declare there has been multiple jubilees.

Lord right now, in my family line, I lay claim for all jubilees, and I declare that today is my Day of Jubilee. I declare that all ungodly trading of the past by my ancestors, and the debt that I have been paying, to become null and void; it is cancelled and is no more. I ask for a seven-fold return at current market price for all that has been lost, stolen, or given away in my generational line.

Lord, I present this prayer before You in the heavenly court as the prayer of my heart. I ask You to appropriate this prayer to my own personal life. Lord, I ask for Your justice. I ask that You will render this prayer into Your courts as a legal document. Jesus, as my advocate, I ask that You go before the Father, and ask the Father to declare this a “done deal” in my life and in my generational line.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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