Prayer For Release From the Iniquities of Conquering and Conquered Peoples

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Territorial Conquest Times and Circumstances:
Father, I offer this prayer on behalf of my generational line and myself from before the beginning of time. I renounce and repent for:
  • Having concubines and many wives at the same time; as authorities of a kingdom, city or tribe, having many women at our service for the purposes of our own pride, pleasure, and power
  • Using women as spoils of war, having abducted and raped the concubines, women, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers of men that we defeated; using them as objects of our sexual lust and our lust for power; making them pregnant with our own children and then discarding them as the mothers of our own children as if they were inferior to us because we believed in a supposed superiority of the male conquerors; abusing local or native woman in physical, sexual, sentimental, economic, social, cultural and spiritual ways
  • Seeking the death of men in power and authority in order to take their women as merchandise and violate and/or share them, silencing all who saw it and then not recognizing the children that we had with them
  • Not bringing or allowing our wives from the land of our origin to accompany us on trips of conquest over new territories; seeking sexual and sentimental relations with native or local women while away from our families; starting irregular, parallel families
  • Believing in the superiority of European men; allowing promiscuous lifestyles without respect for the marriage covenant; enjoying privileges that women did not have while believing that men could do whatever they wanted in their family regarding emotional and sexual issues
Church and Political Interests:
On behalf of my generational line and myself from before the beginning of time, I renounce and repent for:
  • Taking on the form of Christianity without adhering to its moral standards and principles; preserving, defending and affirming appearances, even though well-known circumstances clearly disproved them; hiding known family secrets that we were unwilling to confront, much less to heal; complicity in maintaining family unity by giving unwanted advice and engaging in sexual harassment; hiding information in order to control and manipulate and ‘keep the peace’ in marriage
  • Mixing Christian faith with paganism; engaging in a faith that was defined by rituals, syncretism, idolatry, and impregnated with emotions without subjection to truth; absolutes in doctrine but permissiveness in practices that fostered emotions to the imaginary mother, ignoring the Father and His commandments; bringing another gospel that was incomplete, mixed, tainted, distorted, hidden, deceitful, heavy, false, malicious and opportunistic; a gospel without the power to save, heal and restore the spiritual and natural orphan-hood; preventing the manifestation of the Fatherhood of God
  • Pretending as a church to be impotent when it was convenient, thus not limiting the sexual conduct of conquering men in new territories and intentionally ignoring the biblical teachings on the marriage covenant
  • Not knowing or maintaining the personal covenant between the believer and God, choosing to channel that relationship through sacraments and rituals administered by the clergy
  • Being and allowing a church with a militant character; conquering at the point of the sword; mixing all sorts of worldly interests of religious leaders with those of political leaders; being accomplices in the abuse of natives on the part of the conquerors; as a strategy of power, control, domination, business, sustainability, growth, vainglory and security, forcing the conversion of thousands and millions of natives/Indians to receive the teachings of the Spaniards, French, Portuguese, English or Americans; not reading or understanding the Bible, but following traditions, commandments, decrees and human promises that were perpetuated, distorted, changed and/or imposed by religions, priests, bishops, Catholic kings and European Kings.
Male Chauvinism:
On behalf of my generational line and myself from before the beginning of time, I renounce and repent for:
  • Substituting the responsible commitment of a covenant for the falsity of a romantic love; treating the instruments and language of romance as a sport; using imaginative, symbolic and poetic games to access the hearts of young women; using words to gain the favor of improper concessions; pretending to be suffering and lost in love for a woman, using a romantic game to catch her heart; emotional blackmail; asking for concessions of reciprocity at the cost of moral integrity; losing all interest in women while achieving our hunting feat and taking them as prey and victims; luring minors as easy prey to relieve lust and lack of self-control
  • Being lustful men who did not respect their wives with a compulsion to be faithful to our wives, considering them to be inferior and becoming unfaithful, deceitful liars and womanizers
  • Actions of husbands or wives who did not respect the marriage covenant, consequently learning to disrespect other human covenants, whether contracts, constitutions or civil laws; teaching children through our violation of the marriage pact, the model for all other covenants, not to fulfill vows, promises, or covenants; not modeling mutual submission to the marriage pact
  • Covering up our insecurity by exaggerating our courage, putting it to the test by conquering women and flaunting a false virility; letting men become sex addicts, driven to lust and insecurity; ignoring morality and making believe that sex was the only way to prove ourselves as males; confusing masculinity with being a womanizer; identifying sexuality as the only characteristic of manhood and love; being unable to genuinely love with self-surrender and confidence, reducing love to sex; being unwilling to take risks in love; being insecure, avoiding the humiliation of rejection and pretending to be invulnerable; hiding under a false and harmful inscrutability; holding onto distrust and fear of being hurt or discovered
  • Lust and the desire to be valued while using methods of conquest such as flattery, or a suggestion or proposal made indirectly as a joke in case it was rejected, in order to make a love conquest; intoxicating or drugging the victim; employing physical and emotional harassment and/or emotional blackmail
  • Acting as remote parents, demanding husbands, despots, violent and cruel leaders; shouting, imposing threatening behavior, and showing a lack of authority; ruling with arrogance through threats or verbal, emotional and physical abuse
  • Not being the spiritual head of our homes; refusing to govern our passions and serve our families, thus becoming the tail rather than the head of our homes; not exercising our priesthood at home
  • Putting our mothers above our wives, the mothers of our children, often neglecting, mistreating and taking advantage of them
  • Male chauvinism that led to a loss of authority and a state of loneliness away from our own family
On behalf of my generational line and myself from before the beginning of time, I renounce and repent for:
  • Not assuming our role as co-administrators of the marriage covenant to demand fidelity, due repentance and discipline of the unfaithful husband, paving the way for a moral and spiritual restoration; saying, “Men are like that,” in a fatalistic way without heeding what the Bible says; responding to male chauvinism with resigned and servile subordination; allowing a system in which we lived in a frustrated, sad and abused state, and only tolerated husbands, verbalizing obedience but holding resistance and scorn in our hearts
  • Being mothers who taught our daughters to tolerate the infidelity of men; teaching daughters to submit, even to their younger brothers simply because they were male
  • Raising daughters to attract the attention of men; allowing them to be satisfied with or seek the compliments and extravagant lies of men
  • Setting the example for children to grow up under male chauvinism, allowing them to become spoiled and irresponsible at home and causing them to learn through our bad behavior that they had a right to use and abuse their women
  • Conforming to the sexual behavior of men so that we would not be ashamed publicly; demanding only an appearance of decorum and decency rather than maintaining a moral, respectful view of the marriage covenant; accepting this double standard
Love and Emotions:
On behalf of my generational line and myself from before the beginning of time, I renounce and repent for:
  • Not taking seriously the feelings of our wives because our sinful sense of superiority did not let us see it; replacing compassion with pity, thinking that our wives were inferior and believing they cried because they were weak, immature or capricious; despising the emotions of our women, considering them ‘women’s things’ and denying our own emotions that resulted in anger, jealousy and rage
  • Being emotionally incomprehensible, indifferent and unable to offer pure love; confusing the need of each other for weakness and considering it to be risk rather than love; repressing normal emotions, believing that we would become vulnerable to the abuse of others; seeking power and displacing love because of our own insecurity; trying to win love through conquest and imposition
On behalf of my generational line and myself from before the beginning of time, I renounce and repent for:
  • Losing respect for men, and taking away their place of authority when we did not see them governing with justice; weakening men until they lost their position as leaders in the family; resorting to manipulation and dishonesty to compensate for male domination; preventing our husbands from fulfilling their priestly mission in the family
  • Being emotionally needy as mothers and raising our children for our own benefit; emotionally governing our families in order to fulfill our desires; using our children as comfort, emotional support and best friends, thus preventing them from forming independent homes; using the maternal role to improperly influence, compromise and dominate our children and our husbands; giving petty affection in exchange for demanded loyalty, obedience, subjection, and sacrifice of one’s own will
  • Keeping our children as infants all of their life, childish, tied to their mothers and unable to undertake challenges alone; not allowing our children to assume responsibilities in the home; relying on other people to handle our problems and provide solutions; not being responsible ourselves; teaching our daughters to take authority from their husbands
  • As mothers, controlling our daughters in their marriages; as daughters, sacrificing the happiness of our homes to please and pamper our mothers; flattering those who spoil us, and despising those we consider inferior
  • In our homes, creating emotionally harmful relationships that are full of manipulation and dependence; sowing behaviors of injustice, impunity, corruption, infidelity, violence and instability as products of our deception, dissimulation, distrust and insecurity
On behalf of my generational line and myself from before the beginning of time, I renounce and repent for:
  • Competing with our mothers-in-law for the love of our husbands; wanting to hold all power in the family as a result of our victim status under male chauvinism; perpetuating matriarchy; using seduction as a weapon; using secrets as an instrument of power and a currency of blackmail, such as the existence of children and half-siblings out of wedlock, or the degradation and sexual misadventures of relatives
  • Taking advantage and dominating others in their weakness in order to feed our egos; desiring and seeking domination by means of our strong character through blackmail or seduction
  • Teaching the superiority of men over women by misusing biblical passages; bringing misery and sadness to our homes through the unequal treatment of men and women
On behalf of my generational line and myself from before the beginning of time, I renounce and repent for:
  • Creating many, distinct social hierarchies in an attempt to impose racism between foreigners and natives; arguing the superiority of some over others in order to remove individual rights with the aim or pretext of legitimizing legal, physical, social, cultural, economic and spiritual abuse
  • Allowing civic service to be reduced to the use of power for profit; obtaining the illegitimate benefit of friends and allies from a culture with no sense of adhering to covenants
  • Refusing to provide education to our women that would allow them to model the healthy experiences of marriage; as a family, society and culture, affecting and damaging their dignity and identity; identifying with social and cultural expressions that celebrate and reinforce male chauvinism as acceptable and normal, including songs, sayings, compliments, jokes, phrases, and books; honoring and exalting with pride, remarkable men and women of letters who perpetuated their own histories of illicit loves; producing or enjoying music, art and literature that supports male chauvinism and matriarchy; allowing and promoting the debauchery of male chauvinism as it exists in our culture; not supporting our women to confront their husbands with the abuse of male chauvinism; not recognizing and denying our laws in the past that say infidelity by a man could be considered a just penalty toward a woman in marriage
On behalf of my generational line and myself from before the beginning of time, I renounce and repent for:
  • Overemphasizing the virginity of women as their main virtue; punishing a woman victim more than the man who abused her in a sexual assault; exercising undue discretion or an exaggerated/skewed concept of the seriousness of sexual sin, with the consequence of causing sex to be viewed as shameful, unhealthy, harmful and taboo; exalting the virgin Mary as a model of a holy, abstinent family, and as a requirement to serve celibacy, forcefully marking sex as something dirty, suspicious, and a necessary evil; insisting that the virgin Mary persisted a lifelong virgin, offering a sacred family without sex; contradicting the apostle Paul’s biblical teachings on marriage; the confusion of Catholicism that identifies sexual abstinence with holiness, subtly suggesting that sex disqualifies one from serving God; thinking that virtue was a renunciation of sex, not considering or obeying God and His commands
  • Removing sex from the confines of marriage and promoting its pleasure outside of marriage; dividing women into two categories, the marriageable ones and the others; looking for marriage among women of respectable and educated families, but considering that sex was to be enjoyed with the non-marriageable women
  • Marking Mary a semi-divine image, and using this image to conquer the colonies where women were filled with guilt over sex in circumstances of abuse; imposing at the same time, a false image of a woman who never had sex, but who had happiness; trying to make women believe that they could be happy without sex with an unfaithful and lustful husband; using the false image of Mary to subject women to passive behavior toward the infidelity of their husbands; perpetuating the idea that wives should be like the false image of Mary, without the need of pleasure; supporting the idea that having pleasure outside the marriage pact either in secret romances or in acts of prostitution was necessary to maintain the marriage covenant; believing that children came from illicit sex and could not come from a pure and righteous marriage.

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