Prayer from March 2018 for a longer life

Murfreesboro- Exploring Heavenly Places

I renounce the power of Chronos to slow down time and work through fallen thrones to cause decay in my body with the elemental spirits. I declare I will not have a premature death, and there will not be a slowing down in my bodily functions or brain functions. I declare that I will reach the potential of the birthright you have given to me in my scroll. Remove any evil associated with this and all ungodly spiritual beings associated with this. Lord, please disconnect me, my family line, and my descendants from all ungodly time keeping. Lord, please synchronize me to your time. Please cancel all ungodly multiplications, or dividing of time. Lord, please remove all ungodly fractals of time. Please restore the elemental spirits to your correct creative design. Lord, remove all distortions and decaying and fractures of time. Remove death from the equation. Lord, please restore all telomeres to your intended length.

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

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About Paul L. Cox

Paul L. Cox is co-director of Aslan’s Place, a ministry center dedicated to bringing freedom and wholeness to the wounded and captive. It also brings training and equipping to the body of Christ for spiritual warfare. Paul is a graduate of the California Graduate School of Theology where he earned his Doctorate of Ministry degree. As an ordained American Baptist pastor Paul ministered at several churches as senior pastor. He is committed to prayer ministry that brings freedom through generational deliverance. In order to share the revelation and insights the Holy Spirit has imparted, he and his wife, Donna founded Aslan’s Place in 1999. This facility in Apple Valley, California not only serves as an individual ministry center, but also a training and seminar center. Many people are growing in freedom an d the Holy Spirit as a result of ministry at Aslan’s Place. The ministry given is Biblically based and Holy Spirit led. As a result of their heart for the nations, Paul and Donna have also had the privilege of ministering at many of the major ministry centers around the world such as Rivergate Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, Canada, Hope for Munich, Germany and several others worldwide. Aslan’s Place has also participated in several mission outreaches to Argentina. It is Paul's heart to continue to learn from the Holy Spirit and the body of Christ and to share openly what the Spirit is teaching him.