Power Grid – The Beginning – Crystal Kain-Ross

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Introducing Crystal Kain-Ross
By Barbara Parker

A couple of years ago I received a call from a cousin, Crystal Kain-Ross, who I had not seen or spoken with in almost forty years. She had re-established contact with my sister who advised her to call me because I would “speak her language.” Crystal, a long-distance truck driver who is on the road 26 days out of each month, has little opportunity for fellowship with like-minded, Spirit filled believers, and she was thrilled that she could speak to me about manifestations of the Spirit without being labeled as a crazy person—in fact, she was astounded that anyone would understand what she was saying because her experience thus far had been skepticism on almost every front. She told me that she is a worshipper and the LORD has given her many songs and poems, but little did I realize the extent of what else she has received until the beginning of March when she told me the LORD had finally released her to share the revelation He has been giving over the past several years; and He had impressed upon her that she should give it to me. It seems that Crystal has been hidden away for this time—she is a passionate prayer warrior who has spent her entire life (she is now 56 years old) crying out to God for more of Him; to be as those in the Bible like Enoch or Ezekiel or the Apostle John, who walked with God and experienced amazing heavenly visions and revelation. But, it wasn’t until September 10, 2007, less than four years ago, that God introduced her to that realm of glory in a way that few of us enjoy in this lifetime. Her first experience, related below, has led to more than fifty more encounters, and her earnest desire and prayer is that they will bless those who read them and that God will receive all of the glory.

Experienced by Crystal Kain Ross

He makes my feet like hinds’ feet, And sets me upon my high places.
2 Samuel 22:34 (NASB)

…the Field is the world…
Matt. 13:38 (NASB)

The Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.
Luke 10:2 (NIV)

The Vision begins—the Placement of the Power Grid
It was the middle of the day. I was wide-awake, but suddenly saw a vision before me, as if looking at a hologram movie. Yet at the same time, I was not only looking at it but was in it and experiencing it with all my senses.

Immediately upon entering into prayer, I was up in the heavens, with Jesus. I looked down, and far below me I saw what I knew to be the circle of our planet Earth. It appeared as brilliant blue and was scattered with fluffy clouds; the oceans being distinct from the landmasses.
Then I looked again and saw a massive, huge gossamer patchwork of light coming down from higher above us. It looked like a living quilt of almost transparent light, except that it appeared to be thousands of miles across. It was moving, pulsating and full of much of the Spirit’s activity. Each section of this ‘Grid’ was dotted out with exacting squares in the measurement of what I was told were “Celestial Stadia”.

The living grid-quilt was so incredibly beautiful. It defies my ability to describe. It was obviously something created in heaven, for the Earth and for its benefit. There were mighty angels holding the four corners and point’s in-between, flying with it. As they came past us with the huge lighted gossamer quilt, I heard amazing angel music and accompanying celestial orchestras. The air was thick with a very heavy-yet-light fragrance, infused with much of the Spirit’s power and much joy.
I wondered how power and joy could have a fragrance, but up here in this realm of “heaven” I am discovering that many things have a very distinct and glorious fragrance.
The mighty angels carrying the Power Grid quilt flew past us and down in swift fashion to the Earth. They poised themselves high up above the stratosphere and atmosphere, and when the position was just right, they let go of the corners. And there it laid, poised, ready and seeming to wait—it seemed to float in place momentarily, and then it was anchored with lighted spikes into the air so that it would stay in its place.

I couldn’t conceive of know how the ‘square’ Power Grid quilt would fit the round Earth without overlap, but as it was positioned above, and started to settle down around the circle of the Earth, it suddenly and perfectly became the exact outer dimensions of the outer sphere beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

Jesus began to speak to me about this amazing sight, “This is the power grid which covers the Earth. It has been in place since the time of the creation of Adam, but I have taken you back with Me* in a journey to that time, so that you could see its placement at the beginning.”
I asked, “What do the separate distinct and measured celestial stadia sections mean?”
Jesus answered, “The sections are measured in celestial stadia for purposes of identification, and order. These function much like the boundaries of states in your country. They separate areas of land, much as rivers and seas define the edges and borders of the countries on the earth. Each section is named and numbered, although at this time you do not need to know these details—they are used for the inner functions of the heavenly workers. You, along with many others, have asked Me to reveal the ‘deep and secret things’ and I am giving you, and those who are seeking these deep things, My divine revelations now. These revelations are not for the sake of the acquiring of knowledge only, but are for use in ministry, intercession and effective prayer. Those who minister in these last days need to be informed about the deep and secret workings. I run the inner workings of My kingdom much like the earthly military. There are levels of station and position, both with earthly and celestial ranks. In the higher ranks of earthly ministry, there comes a time when certain inside information is both necessary and vital to the tasks an individual is to perform, and many of those called to work in these final hours must be made privy to the inner workings of my kingdom, and this is given for your protection, knowledge, and ability to perform the tasks at hand. The power grid is a place where heaven and Earth meet and interact—it is not the only place they meet, but it is a very important aspect of the way things function.”

The Interaction of God’s Light on the Earth

Then I looked and saw the power grid in place above the earth, pulsing and undulating beautifully, almost as if it had an internal breath. I suddenly saw shafts of light coming down from above—there were thousands upon thousands of multi-colored rainbows and spectrums of light shafts; each intent on specific targets on earth. As each shaft hit its intended target on earth, it caused an interaction of light, and the light from the interaction was a result of the response to the shaft of heaven’s light hitting it.

Jesus explained, “The shafts of light are sent from Me—they are the part of Me which I give to My creation to bring them to Myself, and to eternal salvation. Those who accept My gift of light and respond will stay lit, and will then reciprocate and volley their response back up to Me, thus interacting with the power grid. Those who do not accept My light do not stay lit, but quickly go out as soon as the light withdraws. The function is much like a wick that is lit with a burning flame; if the wick does not take the flame and react to the fire, it will not, in itself, stay burning once the flame is withdrawn. But if the wick accepts the flame and takes the elements of the light within itself, then it also becomes a little light, and a burning flame. The wick represents the spirit of man; each man has a spirit; each spirit has a will; each will has a destiny; each destiny has a place in history.”
Jesus continued, “Pray that your wick stays burning and constantly flaming, brighter and higher. Pray that you burn so brightly and highly that you in turn light other dry and wet wicks that so desperately need the light of My living truth.”

The Purpose of the Power Grid

Jesus is a wonderful and patient teacher. He teaches me for a while and then, knowing He has given me a lot to ingest, gives me time to absorb it all.
This vision of the power grid continued over several weeks. Some days there is quite a lot to see and learn, and other days, it is a time to think about what has already been shown. One day the LORD told me, “This kind of learning lasts. It is not given in one lump sum, but it is given like a multi-course meal, or a class that goes on for weeks.” A few days later in prayer I was in the Spirit and saw the power grid again; and Jesus began to teach, “The power grid is one of the outward expressions of the interaction between heaven and earth. Anyone spiritually minded and active can discern being part of the power grid. All celestial beings see it and know of its purpose and function. It is designed both as a spiritual barometer and to testify to the glory, that is even now beginning to cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea.”

“….for the Earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD,
as the waters cover the sea. And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek; and his rest shall be glorious.”
Isaiah 11:9b-10

Prayers Shining Bright

We were back up in the celestial heights watching the power grid once more, but instead of that one shaft of light, and its interaction, I saw the whole Mideast of the earth at the present time. There were millions of shafts of light both coming up and meeting in the middle, and many interactions from earthlight interacting with the purer and unobstructed heavenly light. My attention was drawn to another place over the earth, and suddenly we directly over a group of people praying in Cambodia. These were very young people; the average older age was under 25, but most were upper teens and early 20’s. I could not understand what they were saying, but Jesus was my interpreter and told me they were praying for freedom from oppression; for salvation for their race, and for their brothers and sisters all over the World. They were very earnest and very vocal, with many of the faces wet with tears. Then I saw huge golden shafts of light coming up from this prayer meeting to merge with the power grid, creating a much bigger effect than if just one or two had responded to God. It was like comparing the difference between a small fire-cracker’s light, and an atomic bomb, and the repercussions that occurred as this group of people prayed were astronomical! I saw that as the prayers and requests came up, they merged with the power grid and joined with the great responsive fireball lights that were coming down, at great speed, to join their individual lights. As these light forces joined, great light explosions took place. Each joining caused huge ripples of rainbow light to go out and reverberate, not only horizontally over the top of the power grid, but vertically, back down in ripples to the earth; and as I looked up I saw rippling up into the hidden heavens above these massive response lights as well. I saw that the greater the exchange of light, the wider the ripples and more powerful the effect was.

Then I observed a group of a few people praying in the United States. None of them were together physically, but they were in contact and were in one accord; praying or declaring the same things—some of them were separated by not just by hundreds, but by thousands of miles; yet when their prayers went up and joined with the power grid, it was as if there was no distance at all between them. The same exchange of light occurred, and while it didn’t appear at first glance as strong as the light ripples from the Cambodian prayer meeting, as it rose and interacted with the light from God’s response light above, it became of the same power and size as the Cambodian prayer meeting as the individual or small team responses rippled back up to heaven, rippling with the power waves of God’s light.

Keys to My Understanding of the Power Grid

Jesus then gave me twenty main keys to understanding the power grid. In his words,

1) The main purpose of the power grid is to glorify Me and to show to the world, and all principalities, and rulers of all dominions that I am both LORD and King of All.

2) There are no limits to function by a responsive heart.

3) The only limits to interaction are fear, doubt, unbelief and ignorance.

4) The power grid is for the benefit and use of all believers, but only the believers who respond can actively participate in the power grid and its intended purpose.

5) There is no limit to the amount of light any one person can receive in response to My light.

6) The power grid glorifies Me because it shows the interaction of each person’s life as it meets My light, in heaven’s rarified, ether air.

7) The power grid acts as a spiritual barometer of spiritual activity all over the earth.

8) One of the main reasons I am teaching you about the power grid is because your life has been a very lonely existence, and you have felt alone and spiritually isolated in your intercession for quite some time.

9) Being aware of the power grid and how it functions will increase your faith; it will help you to know that no one is ever physically alone, unless they want to be; and no one ever needs to feel un-connected, especially to Me, and to others of like mind.

10) The greater the response to the shafts of My Light, which are Myself, because I am the Light, the greater each individual’s own light becomes.

11) The lesser the response, or lack of it, the lesser My response becomes, although in mercy I will attempt to relight each person’s wick if it has gone out or wavered, and I will do this throughout their entire lifetime.

12) The reason the light appears rainbow colored, and only golden until touched with My Light from above, is that the fullness of the spectrums of design, destiny and the interaction of My Spirit, which are varied and represented by the color variations seen in the prism, are symbolic of the fullness of Myself which comes from interaction with a responsive heart.

13) Any believer with a responsive heart can join in; at will, any time, and without limit; to any others actively responding to Me, and functioning on the power grid. They can request to participate in and join in their response, thereby greatly adding to their own individual response. However, it is of key importance to be of one heart and one mind. For instance, if you are praying alone, and are interceding about raising the tide of righteousness in America, you might ask to “join in the prayers of all others now actively responding and functioning on power grid.”

14) If at any time you are led to intercede for a certain need, area, or country, you can ask Me, and I will show you the power grid at that time over that area. Then you will be privy to inside information and can judge the activity or lack thereof, and be better equipped in prayer.

15) You can also ask Me to show you the shaft of light between the power grid and an individual person. This is helpful to see how much, if any, activity is occurring, and thereby you will be privy to inside information.

16) Each person’s response to My light is reciprocated upwards in their individual tunnel shafts, which house and contain their own expressions. As each person’s expressions and response volley upwards, their response meets with My light on the power grid, and explosions and wonders take place of an eternal nature.

17) Many that you know to be apostles and founders of the faith have left behind shafts of responsive light, some of which are still burning today. This is illustrated by the scripture, “Not one word will return void, but will accomplish the purpose for which I have sent it.” (See Isaiah 55:11) Part of My reason for giving my words in the first place to certain ones who penned the Bible was to encourage and inspire you in your own connections and responses to me. Some of these ‘great ones’ burned so brightly with their responses and declarations, that even though they have passed from death to eternal life, their responses to My light, when they were in their earthly bodies, are still transmitting light and life today.

18) Anyone that is spiritual can enjoy the light still being paraded as a beacon of hope to all who will chose to see.

19) Some will see it by reading the Word itself; but others, among whom you are now included, can look at certain areas of the world where these great ones lived their earthly lives and you can enjoy the light trails they left behind, many of which are still burning brightly.

20) In your present times of intercessory prayer and response, chose to join in the light waves certain champions of My light have left behind. This is both for your inspiration, encouragement, and example.

The Lord then reminded me of how in the past I have been inspired by many of these ‘champion light trails’ others have left. Many times after reading a Psalm, or some other scripture, I have been inspired to receive a melody or song, which was directly inspired from the light trails they have left behind.

Seclusion Breeds Intensity

Then I looked again, and I was up in the high heavens again, looking down on the glorious power grid. I could see pinpricks of light shafts all over the Earth, rising in response to the rainbow-colored shafts of power and love-light God was sending. Some areas were so concentrated with responsive light shafts that I could not discern the difference of one from another. In other sparsely populated areas, there were relatively fewer shafts of light coming down to earth and back up, yet I now observed that some of the greatest and most beautiful and powerful shafts of light burning were in some of the most remote places where there were only one or two people. I asked Jesus about this and He explained, “It is because seclusion breeds intensity. Involvement with other people and jobs involving much activity can hinder spiritual connection, activity and growth. This is why many I called to service were, at some point in their lives, imprisoned or secreted away to be alone so they could concentrate on receiving more of Me and giving in a purer and richer way without as much outside interference.”

The lessons about the power grid will no doubt go on, but for now this is what the Lord has shown me regarding it. If you are reading this, my prayer is that his light and the knowledge of the power grid and its function will bring you closer to Him, and you will be able to be used for His Kingdom and its purposes. May we all fulfill the destiny that is written of us in His holy books. Amen.

And he made a house of high places, and made priests of the lowest of the people,
who were not of the sons of Levi.
1 Kings 12:31 (WBT)

Then said I, Lo I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me,
I delight to do thy will, O my God.
Yea, thy law is within my heart.
Psalms 40:7-8 (KJV)

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