November 27, 2012 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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November 27, 2012
These are preliminary notes. We do not submit any of this information as doctrine.
Please personally test these notes biblically.
Word delivered by Jana Green
Learn from me. Know who labor among you. These are from the throne who have the testimony of Jesus. They are fellow servants as are you. you are among the armies of the Lord. For you to know what is coming in days and years. The armies of the Lord are among you. they are relentless and without fear. For His reward is with them and they lack not. No one knows the hour but you can know of these and what they are about. A time of training, preparing for battle. This one rides out, faithful and true. And in righteous He judges and makes war. Expect the new.
Word delivered by Larry Pearson
I believe that the eternal Spirit of God has released an apostolic telescope, apostolic vision, apostolic invasion from heaven to earth. I feel like we’re now on horses, there’s a pioneering spirit being released from the West coast. There’s a land to pioneer. You are pioneering for a healing wave, a healing wave, a spiritual quake, a spiritual quake will crack open, will crack open a geyser of fresh healing waters out of the desert, it will now spring forth . It will come to the East and ricochet back. There will be floods of my Spirit in the center of North America for I am going to awaken a fountain of great wonders and signs. I will give you the vision, Paul. I have now planted a telescope in your eye and you will carry the view, the view from heaven will come through you. I am releasing a builder’s anointing to build fresh foundations and platforms to train up healers, new century healers, new century healers. Yes, the youth will come. Yes, the youth will come. Out of the bellies of these healers, there are scrolls to be read and implemented. New strategies, new inventions, new forms and platforms to bring healing. I’m expanding your vision.
Word delivered after discerning mazzaroth
Come on up to the High Council. There’s a new height, there is a high council in session. Listen with your ear, perceive with your eye because I’ve given fresh vision to see what the Father sees and to become what the Father says. New orders, new blueprints from the High council issued to the other levels of the council will then come to and be manifest on earth. It’s OK to set aside old things. Old things will not function in the high council. Faith in the Holy Spirit’s ability to keep you in the truth is going to become very evident, very evident for He is here to witness to you what is true. Faith in your Heavenly Father’s ability to tell you the truth will be able to dispel
the cloud of fear and deception over the earth. They have drank from the cup of delusion and illusion for too long. There is now a pure water coming to give pure vision to know the Truth and live free from the illusion and delusions, from Leviathan, Jezebel, Baal and Molech. This 3-fold chord of deception will see an axe lay to the root of it. It will fall, it will fall, it will fall and there will be 3 pillars: righteousness, truth and wisdom. These will carry you through to issue the orders and blueprints. Fear shall not come near you for you have overcome great, great trials. The word from the High council awakens higher ranks. It’s time for the higher ranks to touch down and avenge the blood of the Lamb. There will be many towers toppling, towers that have been built by man from their hand. There will come a shift and the high-minded exalted ones will be brought low. This is the hour where humility is predominant and the primary thing. The humble shall inherit a grace for the race in this season. High council, large orders, there will come one voice that will resonate through many. The voice of many waters for one voice through the earth which is Truth. These are strategic gathering, strategic orders. They’re doing bigger things that your finite mind cannot understand for Father has privileged you, honored you, chosen you to partner with His purpose from heaven to earth. These are preparation days. Something’s coming bigger than any move we’ve ever heard of …
That instrument is to navigate and to be able to be positioned for the coming wave so that you will not be taken out. It is that big. An anointing like Issachar to know the times and seasons and positions of your heart to not be taken out by the wave of my greatness and glory and majesty for you are of the day and not of the night.
Larry Pearson –
There has been deliverance on the foundation to be pulled up higher to the High Council; to find your position and place and seat of authority. Have I not said in the word that a great company of deliverers shall come? The dipping of the apostolic will ripple through the rest of the body like shockwaves to topple and remove mixture, the miry clay, broken cisterns, the dry places can now see a blossoming, a watering. Fruitfulness shall come in its season. A new horizon with your vision you will see. I’m crowning your vision to see into the galaxies to watch the Creator.
(I feel like I just dropped into some feels like a restrictive place. Am I coming through a womb or birth canal? (Paul asks the Lord to close the ungodly wormhole from between dimensions and remove us from them. Paul believes the Lord led us to a place to take back from the enemy and he prays. He feels the deliverance happening).

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These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit.

Permission is given to print this prayer in its entirety provided that no changes are made. In addition, please reference Aslan’s Place and on all reproductions. This prayer may not be reproduced in publications without written consent from Aslan’s Place.