December 1, 2012 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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There are two things. Had a dream about the River of Fire. In the dream I had seen many, many people on horses. There was a spear through line. The spear and the rod is the restoration of that. There were some scrolls and inside of the scrolls were bullets and some were like guns. Saw an island and huge river of Fire. Started flowing pushing garbage out of the way. Saw some house.
Saw scan codes. There is a seeing that the Lord is brining that those who have eyes to see will see. There will be things coming in the spirit that will bring confirmation. Matt 12, the blind seeing.
Go forth for I am with you. the time has come, the time is here for My bride to be set free. Time for the chains to be broken. Time for the captives to come free. Time for rejoicing and worship. Swing your sword and come free. Let freedom reign in My church.
We do not realize who is with us. We are so intimidated by the enemy. we have these words that have not come to past. Unveil their eyes. Give them deeper insights on what is going on.
First Vision / Message
Do you see, Do you see, Do you see? He showed me a map of the world with lights shining in different places. He said these are the outposts of the Lord. Like the outposts lighted on the mountaintops in the Lord of the Rings. These were the outposts waiting faithfully for the call to help.
He then yelled “Activating, Activating, Activating. I am activating the outposts of the Lord for this is the time to prepare for the great and terrible day of the Lord. Be connected.” “Take the vision and RUN with it ~ we will fight for you…do not fear!”
“But you must fight! ~ do not give up even an inch of ground. You are to take ground ~ take the ground! Take the land!” We go before you and watch your back”
Then I heard a great rustling of armour. And clanging of swords on shields.
Second Vision/Message
Equip, equip, equip yourselves for you think you are well equipped but there is more I have for you in the REST. Keep yourselves holy before me and I will download more. You have cried out for more and I will give it to you. The weapons room is open and new weapons of warfare are being released. The key is in the worship…in the praise…in the hands lifted up. Feel the frequencies, see the colors, the light of the Lord will guide you through all of this. Take the weapons and use them…practice, practice, practice.
The following are excerpts from the chat log:
Veto Hunter: Also, I heard marching, and I heard marching orders. I saw an army and this army in rank and file descended down a hill. At the bottom of the hill was a city that was covered in a dark like glass. The army descended into the city to do battle against the darkness that was covering the city.
Veto Hunter: I see a being standing over Israel with a broom sweeping back and forth. He is sweeping dust out of the area of Israel. He is not on the ground but above it.
Christina B Take and eat, take and eat….my word, my truth, my holiness. The Lion of the tribe of Judah is speaking
Christina B : I feel like we are standing behind legions and looking over their wings.
TobiasGermany : Is it about Israel that we and Israel are under the shadow of his wing in this bad time
Stephen uk : yes, when I felt the feathers they were dark purple…
Dawn Bray : It’s like dimensional shift/the Kingdom of God coming to Cancel the assignments of the enemy coming against the commissionings. I saw Malachi and Nehemiah which represent the walls of salvation, the gates of praise and the restoration of family…unity


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