January 8, 2013 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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Jana – msg from an angel
Oh wow I’m still vibrating right now –
I just want to say Lord we welcome the Holy Spirit right now and no longer do we want
to hide your presence, and I even this morning Lord, I repent for ignoring you,
Experience is the teacher
That cannot be denied
A hope perceived is a reality believed
Experience is the teacher that’s the key
The teacher’s been ignored
Create a desire for it has the power to create
I’m redefining the gifts, the callings
The signs, wonders it’s not too late
The hope created is a reality
To believe
Beyond normality
You must perceive a created reality
From the paraclete
Learn from him
A hope deferred has made the heart sick
You have not seen you have not believed
But you hold the key to set ‘em free
There are more set in the earth than you first believed
These two they stand here
They declare
They witness
And they stand as men
Not as spirits
They’re qualified from death to life
You must discern x2
Why do you look for the living among the dead?
These two testify he’s alive he’s alive
That’s what was said
He’s in your midst
The kingdom of heaven
Comes from within
Co-create the realm of reality declare his name
Prophesy in hope
Prophesy in the flame
(feels like something else came and I’m done)
Martha’s Vineyard women standing in a circle
If you knew what I knew, you would be celebrating
Do not mourn, but celebrate
You may say to yourself, “what is there to celebrate?”
But I tell you the truth my victory will prevail and there is much to celebrate
You stand in the high places and you proclaim and you send it out
But my word does not return to me void
In heaven there is much celebration
You have stood fast you have prevailed
you have not turned to the right or the left
Tongue of angels (written by Ken)
Linda Lefebvre (line 1)
The power of the Most High is dwelling among you
I am making streams in the wasteland
As I was hearing that I was seeing something like waves over the expanse of the desert
There are fires in my dwelling
Two will become one
the desert expanse is opening opening, opening – that was the soundwave that I was
seeing – I’m just feeling a lot of movement – I feel like in my spirit like I’m sitting at the
end of the 1st line.
Melissa Waldrum (line 2)
(Paul: I’m feeling stars now)
I keep seeing the Aurora Borealis – I keep seeing these wispy, little colors
Job 38:7 – “where were you when the morning stars sang together…”
The desert is being liberated from the Mayan touch (I’m seeing the Midas
touch – it’s like a play on words or something)
It seems like these symbols on Ken’s word are dancing, but they’re dancing into the
Mayan calendar – into a spiraling formation.
Kimberly Lefebvre (middle portion of line 2)
For the eyes of the Lord roam throughout the earth to strengthen those
whose hearts are fully His. Take your portion from My dwelling. And be
Paul: A new song for a new move. A new start.
Jana – angel has just landed
It’s about my people who have been called by my name
You’re beginning to hear from Heaven
You’re beginning to reveal his name
It’s not about what the world is doing or what nation rises against another
Go walking so close in sync on e to another
Connected by light
To know your place
Your perception will position you you’l win the race
If you knew the hope that was stored up for you
No frear would take you your hearts would not faint
But perfect love casts out fear it dissolves hate
You are a shammah Yahweh shammah
The God in his place
In earth as it is in heaven
It’s not too late x2
Humility doesn’t come by our own design
You humble yourself under his hand
He is gentle
He is divine
You are all connected
You all hear his voice
The sound of the earth
It’s your voice
You believe in me believe also in my works
Know there’s more of us than there are of them
And that’s the truth
If you believe in me you’ll believe what I say you will trust as I lead you by the way
I have given to you escapes the ways I’ve planned
And I’ll move you by the shadow of my hand
You will walk and not grow weary you’ll run and not faint
My power is with you
I open the gate
I’ll show you new things
You’ve never seen before
Now listen and listen and listen some more
My love is for you
And I’ll never turn away
But I call you forward into this new day
Much to see much to do
Places to go
but come to me first
For my way to show
And trust me and believe me and hold fast
For the day is coming that I’ll come at last
You’re about to see the fruit of your labor
You’re about to see the multiplication – especially in the youth

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